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North Greenville University is a Christ-centered higher education institution committed to promoting,maintaining, and strengthening an environment rooted in the biblical principles of truth, love, andgrace. As a Christian higher education institution, our posture rests upon and arises from teaching,upholding, and advancing ethical standards drawn directly from Scripture. NGU affirms that allmembers of our community are created in the image of God, and therefore, should be treated withdignity and respect. The University does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of any characteristicprotected by applicable federal or state law, including race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, ordisability. NGU respects the inherent worth of each member of the community and does not tolerateany form of harassment.Students, faculty, administrators, and staff are encouraged to report any incidents related to this policyand pursue the matter through the state's civil and/or criminal systems as well as through theUniversity.North Greenville University reserves the right to establish additional policies or modify currentpolicies as needed. Changes are effective immediately. This Student Handbook is not a contract andis subject to change and/or modification without notice.Failure to follow these principles or refusal to cooperate with university officials may result in removalfrom university property and/or dismissal from enrollment. The Student Handbook is produced bythe Office of Campus Ministries and Student Engagement.1



Welcome to North Greenville University!We are honored that you have chosen to be part of this community. We hope that you willmeaningfully connect with other students, faculty, and staff. We invite you to be a part of theprogrammed student activities, campus clubs and organizations, student leadership, and otheropportunities provided to you.The office of Campus Ministries and Student Engagement (CMSE) is committed to providing anenvironment that prioritizes the spiritual growth of every student. We are unapologetically focused onthe task of developing fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. We hope your time at North GreenvilleUniversity will be a transformational experience that will impact the rest of your life.Our standards of conduct are designed to promote a community that is focused on developingtransformational leaders for church and society. The activities of CMSE are built on the core valuesof the institution. We strive to be Christ-centered and biblically faithful, to encourage academicexcellence, and to ensure mission focus. In all things, we desire to deliver services in a professionaland caring manner with a servant's heart.If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to stop by our office located in the TingleStudent Center.Jody JenningsVice President for Campus Ministries& Student Engagement864-977-71214

CAMPUS MINISTRIES &STUDENT ENGAGEMENT STAFFADMINISTRATIVE LEADERSHIPJody JenningsVice President of Campus Ministries and StudentEngagementLocation: Tingle Student Center – CMSE 101Main Office #: 864-977-7121Jared Thomas, Ph.D., LPCAssociate Vice President of Student EngagementLocation: Tingle Student Center – CMSE 126Main Office #: 864-977-7121Justin BrownAssociate Vice President of Campus MinistriesLocation: Tingle Student Center – CMSE 120Main Office #: 864-977-7121Shelli WilburnAssistant to the Vice President of CampusMinistries and Student EngagementLocation: Tingle Student Center – CMSE 101Main Office #: 864-977-7121CAMPUS MINISTRIESConnor GravesDirector of Student MinistriesLocation: Tingle Student Center – CMSE 118Office #: 864-977-7170Joshua GilmoreDirector of Community and Missions OutreachLocation: Tingle Student Center – CMSE 106Office #: 864-977-2915Ruth McWhiteAssistant Director of Women’s MinistriesLocation: Tingle Student Center – CMSE 114Main Office #: 864-977-7121Brett PlylerAssistant Director of Men’s MinistriesLocation: Tingle Student Center – CMSE 114Main Office #: 864-977-7121STUDENT ENGAGEMENTStuart FloydDirector of Individual ServicesLocation: Tingle Student Center – CMSE 124Office #: 864-977-7669Braden HallDirector of Student CommunicationsLocation: Tingle Student Center – CMSE 107Office #: 864-907-9560Brittany HendrixDirector of Campus LifeLocation: Tingle Student Center – CMSE 122Office #: 864-663-1759Atari JarrettDirector of Student AccountabilityLocation: Tingle Student Center – CMSE 116Office #: 864-663-0283Tripp YoungAssistant Director of Men’s HousingLocation: Tingle Student Center – CMSE 100Office #: 864-977-7126HEALTH SERVICESLocation: Wellness Clinic, 111 West CrainDrive, Travelers Rest SC 29690Steve Bielby, ThM, LPCDirector of CounselingOffice #: 864-663-0249Sara Black, MA, LPCPersonal CounselorOffice #: 864-977-2094Helen Neely, RN, CPNClinic Coordinator/Campus NurseOffice #: 864-663-02025

PHILOSOPHY OF COMMUNITYNorth Greenville University strives to cultivate and equip transformational leaders for church andsociety. This vision is founded on four core values: Christ-Centered, Biblically Faithful,Academically Excellent, and Mission-Focused . North Greenville University strengthens thedevelopment of transformational leaders for church and society by creating a community thatintentionally emphasizes these core values .As an unapologetically Christian institution, North Greenville University establishes its understandingof community on biblical texts and principles.COMMUNITY IS GOD’S DESIGNOne can look to the creation account to see how God designed mankind to live in community. Godcreated man in His own image, and declared that it was not good for man to be alone (Genesis 1:2627; 2:18). Living in community has been God’s plan from the beginning.COMMUNITY HAS A PURPOSECommunity is not simply living together in the same physical space or geographical area. Instead,community is designed to help its members grow in their understanding of God, others, andthemselves. This idea is displayed in the “each other” language in the New Testament:- Forgive each other (Ephesians 4:32)- Regard each other as more highly than yourself (Philippians 2:3)- Teach each other (Colossians 3:16)- Pray for each other (James 5:16)- Stir each other on toward love and good deeds (Hebrews 10:24)- Encourage each other (1 Thessalonians 5:11)- Serve each other (Philippians 2:5-8)- Bear the burdens of each other (Galatians 6:2)COMMUNITY IS A PROCESSThe North Greenville University community will never be perfect but we seek to embrace that whichwill produce Godly character and reject that which will cause harm to the community. Throughoutthe Bible, God provides clear instructions for interaction within community. The guidelines providedwere not merely behavioral standards but were intended to keep the community’s focus on God.6

COMMUNITY INCLUDES ACCOUNTABILITYAccountability has existed among humanity since creation. A healthy community exists only with clearstandards and a process of accountability. In the creation account, God provided a perfect place forhumanity to live but expected the man and woman to follow His instruction (Genesis 1:27-30).Exodus 20 records the story of Moses receiving the ten commandments. The commandments servedas a standard for how people were to live in community with God and one another (Exodus 20:1-17).The theme of accountability is continued in the New Testament. Jesus instructs the community ofbelievers on how they were to interact with one another and to confront those living outside of theprescribed community standards (Matthew 18). Community without accountability leads to chaos.COMMUNITY LEADS TO TRANSFORMATIONThe intended outcome of community is transformation. God has chosen to use people as Hisinstruments to shape the direction and destiny of others. Living in community at North GreenvilleUniversity is a privilege. In recognition of this privilege, we are accountable to one another and laborto protect every person in our community.INTRODUCTIONEvery North Greenville University student is accountable for knowing and following the policiesincluded in the university's Student Handbook. By enrolling in classes, you agree to adhere to thesepolicies while on and off-campus at all times while identified with the university.In accordance with NGU’s core values to remain Christ-centered and biblically faithful, studentsshould honor biblical standards and authority. Engaging in or supporting conduct or lifestylesinconsistent with Scripture is not permitted. The university reserves the right to deny admittance ordismiss any person who violates these standards. The university may request the withdrawal of anystudent at any time who, in the opinion of the university, does not fit into the spirit of the institution,or has a pattern of nonconformity to university policy. Questions regarding the Student Handbookshould be referred to the Associate Vice President of Student Engagement.UNIVERSAL STUDENT POLICIES & CONDUCTEXPECTATIONSThe university seeks to provide each student with an exceptional education in an authentic Christianenvironment for a successful life of service. Students are expected to maintain behavior that is abovereproach on and off-campus. To assist students in this endeavor and to maintain a community that isChrist-centered and conducive to academic excellence, the university has established beneficialguidelines for the entire student body based on biblical principles. Students must adhere to thesepolicies at all times while identified with the university.7

ACADEMIC POLICIESA full description of the university’s academic policies can be found in the University Catalog. To viewthe university’s policies on Academic Integrity, please click here.ALCOHOL & OTHER DRUGSSubstance use and abuse are harmful to students’ health and well-being and their effects are known tobe long-term. Excessive abuse can lead to violent behavior and medical emergencies. The abuse ofalcohol and the use of illegal drugs by members of the North Greenville University community isincompatible with the core values of our institution to provide a Christ-Centered environment. Incompliance with this value and the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989,the university has established the following alcohol and other drugs policy:Selling, furnishing, or providing alcohol to any person under the age of 21 is illegal. The possessionof alcohol by anyone under 21 years of age is illegal. The possession, sale, manufacture, or distributionof any controlled substance is illegal under both state and federal laws. Violators are subject to criminalprosecution, disciplinary action, fines, imprisonment, and university sanction. In addition, possessionand consumption of any alcoholic substance or container by students is prohibited – regardless of age– by the university. Possession and usage of all illegal drugs or controlled substances by students isprohibited, including any drug-related paraphernalia. This includes the use of medicinal marijuana,which is illegal in the state of South Carolina. The university maintains a zero-tolerance policy towardsthese items and substances.In order to prevent, detect, and identify illegal or prohibited substances the university maintains theright to search residence hall rooms, classroom buildings or other university structures, personalvehicles, and personal belongings if the university deems it necessary. Outside law enforcement, gatechecks, personal observation, drug-detecting K-9’s, and breathalyzer equipment may be employed todetermine whether or not a student is under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. The universitywill use drug testing methods such as urine or hair sample tests when considered necessary. Tests maybe given on any North Greenville campus or at a medical/testing facility. Any positive result will beconsidered a violation of this policy. Violations of law and policy by students may result in referral forcriminal prosecution and university sanctions will be imposed.Attempting to obtain, use, possess, distribute, or sell any potentially harmful or illegal drug or drugrelated paraphernalia (including vaping equipment) is prohibited. Anyone involved in the sale ordistribution of drugs on or off-campus may be subject to criminal prosecution, disciplinary action,fines, imprisonment, and university sanction.The university offers students prevention, early intervention, and support services through nondisciplinary confidential counseling and Christ-based addiction support through the Office of StudentHealth. Residential community leaders also receive alcohol and drug awareness training. If youdiscover someone is excessively intoxicated, unconscious, or in need of emergency assistance, pleasedial 864-977-777 on campus, or 911 off-campus.8

ALTERNATIVE TRANSPORTATIONBicycles, skateboards, longboards, kick scooters, roller blades, etc. are allowed on the universitycampus. Owners and operators must abide by the following policies:- Bicycles may not be stored in any stairwell, hallway, or common room in any campus buildingwithout the permission of residence life staff.- Skateboards, push scooters, etc. may not be ridden on brick-paver sidewalks, on painted orsealed sidewalk areas, inside buildings, or other areas as posted.- The right of way on any sidewalk and walkway always goes to the pedestrian. Riders shouldalways use proper caution and respect for others while riding on campus. When riding in aroadway or parking lot, riders should yield to any vehicle and use extreme caution.Motorcycles and mopeds must be street legal and registered with Campus Safety and Security.Motorcycles and mopeds are not allowed inside any campus buildings. They must be parked in aparking space when not being driven. Segways and hoverboards are not allowed on campus.NON-RESIDENTIAL AREAS HOURSNon-residential buildings will be closed beginning at midnight Sunday–Thursday, and 1:00 AM onFriday and Saturday. All resident students should be in their residence halls and all commuter studentsshould be off-campus at these times. Students may leave and return to campus at any time.CONDUCT & COOPERATIONStudents should conduct themselves courteously and rationally at all times. Students’ rights topeacefully assemble, without interfering with normal campus operations, malicious intent, or damageto persons or property, are protected. Further, students should not obstruct the free movements ofother persons around campus, interfere with the use of university facilities, or materially restrict thenormal operation of the university. Disruptive behavior, disorderly or obscene conduct, and offensiveactions or conduct are prohibited on university property or functions of the university off-site.Students must not ignore the university’s request for orderly conduct. Students are encouraged tomaintain an orderly and well-behaved community of excellence.Students agree to always cooperate with any properly identified university official. Inquiries made byuniversity officials and representatives should be answered immediately and truthfully. Intentionallyavoiding gate checks, ignoring requests to stop their vehicles, or participating in other actions thatavoid university officials is prohibited. Students may not purposefully give a false report to anyuniversity official, either in person or by any other method, or cause a false fire alarm at any time.DINING SERVICESAll dining services policies can be found online at NGU Campus Dish.DRESS CODEThe university dress code is intended to promote an atmosphere of excellence that emphasizes9

academics and Christ-centered behavior. Cultivating transformational leaders includes teachingappropriate dress for a variety of occasions. Students are expected to present themselves in a wellgroomed, educated, and mature manner when appearing in public. Students’ attire should be modest,appropriate to the occasion, and consistent with their legal gender as recognized by their state-issuedbirth certificate.Campus Attire*:- Clothing, hats, or jewelry that display profanity, suggestive phrases, alcohol, tobacco, drugadvertisements, or other inappropriate phrases or symbols should not be worn on campus.- Hats or other head coverings may be worn at events inside Turner Chapel, classrooms, oradministrative offices only at the discretion of professors or university administrators. Studentsmust remove hats if requested by a university official.- Body/Facial piercings are allowed for all students. Degree programs, university teams, andcampus organizations may prohibit body and facial piercing while representing the university.Students are responsible for adhering to the policies of any group, club, program, or organizationwith which they hold membership.- All undergarments should not be visible, either by sheerness or cut of outer garments.- Tank tops can be worn as long as brassiere straps are covered. Spaghetti straps are not allowed.Shirts must be worn at all times when outside of the residence halls. Shirts must cover torsos atall times while in public, and may not be transparent in any way.- Dresses/skirts should be properly fitted and modest. Dress/skirt length should be mid-thigh –both inseam and outseam.- Pants/shorts should be worn at waist level. Shorts must be properly fitted, modest, and with alength of at least mid-thigh – both inseam and outseam. Pants/Shorts must also not have anyholes above mid-thigh. Athletic shorts that resemble undergarments are not allowed. Yoga, tightlegging, or jegging style pants should be worn with a shirt or covering that is mid-thigh in length.Pajama-type clothing/pants are not allowed outside the residence halls. Excessively baggy pantsand clothing are not permitted.- Footwear is required outside of residence halls. Students will not be allowed to enter office oracademic buildings without appropriate footwear.- Students' attire should be modest, appropriate to the occasion, and consistent with theirbiological gender as recognized at the time of birth by their state-issued birth certificate.Residence Hall Attire:University staff and tour groups may have reason to visit residence halls at any time. Students shouldremain in proper attire when using hallways, stairwells, or rooms with the door open.*Events, groups, organizations, or programs may require specific or additional dress requirements.Students are responsible for adhering to these added requirements.10

FALSIFICATION OF RECORDSAltering, counterfeiting, or forging any record, form, or document used by the university is prohibited.Knowingly providing false information to any university official is also prohibited.FIRE SAFETYOnly authorized personnel may touch or work on fire safety equipment when in a non-emergencystate. Tampering with fire safety equipment is prohibited. Fire alarms will only be pulled in the eventof a fire emergency or authorized test.Students may not be responsible for any unauthorized fire in or on university property. Possessingany incendiary device (including fireworks) while on campus is prohibited. The sale, sharing, or use ofany of these devices while on campus is also prohibited. Fireworks will only be used when formallyauthorized and qualified personnel are present and managing the use of the fireworks.GRIEVANCESStudents with concerns, complaints, or grievances may submit any question or concern to the NGUStudent Advocate by completing the Student Advocacy Form. All submissions are confidential andwill be sent directly to the Student Advocate. The Student Advocate for North Greenville Universityis Dr. Jared Thomas, Associate Vice President of Student Engagement. Issues of an academic natureshould be addressed following the guidelines stated in the NGU Catalog. If your concern is related tosexual harassment or discrimination, please review the university’s policies regarding Title IX, andsubmit your concerns as directed.HAZING AND BULLYINGHazing can be identified as, but not limited to, any situation where any individual or group knowinglyrequires a student or other person at the university to perform any act, on or off-campus, for thepurpose of induction,

Assistant Director of Men's Housing . Location: Tingle Student Center - CMSE 100 . Office #: 864-977-7126. HEALTH SERVICES . Location: Wellness Clinic, 111 West Crain Drive, Travelers Rest SC 29690 . Steve Bielby, ThM, LPC . Director of Counseling . Office #: 864-663-0249 . Sara Black, MA, LPC . Personal Counselor . Office #: 864-977-2094 . Helen Neely , RN, CPN . Clinic Coordinator/Campus .