Zero Belly Diet: Lose Up to 16 lbs. in 14 Days! by DavidZinczenko ebookDownload Zero Belly Diet: Lose Up to 16 lbs. in 14 Days! for free, filesize: 8927 kb, currently available for review only hereDescription: But you can turn the odds in your favor.Zero Belly Diet shows you how to deactivate your fat genes, rev up your metabolism, banishbloat, and balance your digestive health, allowing you to easily build lean, strong stomach muscle and strip away unwanted belly fat withoutsacrificing calories or spending hours at the gym. These fat cells act like an invading army, increasing inflammation and putting you at risk fordiabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, heart disease, and cancer. Freedom from bloating, freedom from food deprivation, freedom from weight loss fads,freedom from stress. In just the first 14 days:Bob McMicken, 51, lost 16.3 poundsKyle Cambridge, 28, lost 15 poundsMartha Chesler, 54, lost11 poundsMatt Brunner, 43, lost 14 poundsZero Belly Diet features a week-by-week menu plan, fifty tasty recipes, and a handy shopping list thatleads to a minimum of cooking and plenty of feasting.Best of all, Zero Belly Diet offers something more: freedom. So say goodbye to your paunchand hello to a happier, healthier you! Visceral fat can also can alter your hormone levels, erode muscle tissue, increase your chances of depression,and destroy your sex drive. Nutrition expert David Zinczenko—the New York Times bestselling author of the Abs Diet series, Eat This, Not That!The result: weight loss that is easier, faster, more lasting, and more delicious than you’d ever imagine.You’ll be stunned and inspired by the resultsof an amazing 500-person test panel—men and women who lost weight quickly, and with ease, following the Zero Belly diet. Overcome your fatgenes. And he shows how these foods help heal your digestive system, keeping those gene switches turned off and setting you up for a lifetime ofleanness.Other diets can help you lose weight, but only the Zero Belly diet attacks fat on a genetic level, placing a bull’s-eye on the fat cells thatmatter most: visceral fat, the type of fat ensconced in your belly. He explains how some foods turn our fat genes on—causing seemingly irreversibleweight gain—and uncovers the nine essential power foods that act directly on those switches, turning them to “off” and allowing for easy, rapid,and sustainable weight loss. series, and Eat It to Beat It!—has spent his entire career learning about belly fat—where it comes from and what itdoes to us. Strip away belly fat and finally attain the lean, strong, healthy body you’ve always wanted.With Zero Belly Diet, David Zinczenkoreveals explosive new research that explains the mystery of why some of us stay thin, and why some can’t lose weight no matter how hard we try.NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERZero Belly Diet is the revolutionary new plan to turn off your fat genes and help keep you lean for life! Andwhat he knows is this: There is no greater threat to you and your family—to your health, your happiness, even your financial future.Yes, you can:Change your destiny.In Zero Belly Smoothies, the author recommended Carlsons Fish Oil which comes in lemon flavor---- wow! I make the dressing in advance, too.Yes, I had fatigue and mild headaches for about 24 hours. IE some mornings I have oatmeal, some mornings I have eggs, some mornings I have aZB smoothie of my choice. Anyway, I am not a big fan of the scale but I recently had a physical at the docs office and the number scared me. Ihad to go off coffee since I only like it with half and half and the ZB says no dairy. This is exactly what I wanted to happen and I was skeptical that

it would happen so quickly.The author lays out menu schedules in various forms of detail. I figured I would try the ZB method and tweak it to myown convenience. By tweaking, I mean I am adding things like spirulina, gohji berries, moringa powder, organic collagen peptides to my smoothiesin addition to ingredients suggested in the books; a splash of organic cranberry juice to my water, etc. My weight plus high cholestrol, joint painfrom inflammation, lack of focus and energy, skin problems all caused by emotional eating due to grieving over my husbands death 2.5 years ago.Little things that keep in the spirit of the books but are not mentioned by them.ONE WEEK RESULTS: I decided to take my measurementsinstead of keeping track of weight loss. Same with oatmeal--- I make 4 servings of steel cut Irish oats and take out only what I need each day tomix with almond milk and fruit and nut butter or spices. The past couple of years I have barely had the energy to walk my dog let alone all the rest.I suspect that its true that if you are on a stricter diet your body goes into starvation mode and holds onto fat but on the ZBD plan youre neverreally deprived so even if you overindulge a couple of meals of non-plan-approved food your metabolism at this point is on high rev and will burn itoff quicker. Im really pleased with the results so far.Here are my numbers (total inches lost so far):5 Waist6.5 Bust4 Hips1.75 Arm4.5 Thigh3Knee What intrigued me was the author claims you can lose weight quickly and that this is actually good for you (unlike what was previouslythought). My joints stopped hurting so much and I have been able to do a lot more physically without pain than I have in a few years. Im psyched!Adds a lemon zing to a green smoothie and has absolutely no fish taste at all.Anyway, I found the kindle cloud edition maybe not so easy to jumpback and forth or copy recipes to print out. All else was ZB.End of Week 33/4 off my waist (for a total of 3.5 in 3 weeks.)1 off my bust1/4 offmy hips0 off my arm3/4 off my thigh1/2 off my kneeThis appears to be a slow down or a reminder to up the exercise portion of my program. I livealone so I put single portions of fish, chicken, turkey burgers in ziplocs and freeze them to take out when needed. Havent stepped up my exerciseplan yet. So I agree with the reviewer who said buying a hardcopy might be better as a handbook to guide you and keep in the kitchen.I will try topost back again in a month or so to give you more results. Its expensive but so worth it! I bought both Zero Belly Diet and Zero Belly Smoothies inthe Kindle versions. However my cheat was to have a filet mignon and some red potatoes cooked in butter not olive oil, and a tiny scoop of keylime coconut ice cream. Thanks David Zinczenko for giving me the tools I need to get this done!WEEK TWO:Weather here in Maine has beenraining a lot this week so I was not able to swim or hike EVERY day (my primary exercise) but still here are my results:Waist-- 1.25 off (bringingmy two week total to 2.75 off on ZB program!)Hips-- down 3/4 (total loss of 2.25 in two weeks)Bust-- down 1 (total loss of 4 back fat sofar)Thighs-- down half inch (total loss of 2 )Knees-- down half inch (total loss of 2)Im thinking these are still good results even without working outdaily. Im working in a 1-2.5 mile hike on forest trail at least 5 days per week. If that is not motivating, I dont know what is!I went off coffeecompletely and replaced it with organic matcha green tea powder form to make tea or to add in smoothies. For me that would be going from a size16 to a size 8 or 10. I cook lentils and put them in an airtight container in the fridge. My review is getting too long. You can either follow therecipes to the letter, or, you can figure out your own meal plan and go by the charts as to how many smoothie drinks you want to have. I haveseveral different fresh fruits I bought and cut up and put in freezer ready to go into smoothies. Wow! Ill check back in at the end of another monthand let you know how Im doing.UPDATE WEEK 10:I admit to some boredom creeping in. I had some serious cheating the past week but keptthe smoothies and overall diet plan going and was surprised that my progress to lose inches continued. So in a way, cheating is good for you.Anyway I felt like I was detoxing the first 3 or 4 days and fell asleep at 8PM two nights in a row (unusual for me). Im also thinking that Improbably taking in too many calories as I when I make a smoothie there is always more left in the blender (and of course, I drink it). Day 6, I didseveral hours of yard work plus swam half a mile in a lake and still had energy to walk my dog for a mile! Its been one week exactly today and Ihave lost 1.5 off my waist, my hips, my thighs, and my knees and 3 off my bust (mostly back fat I think). I knew I wouldnt stick to the plan unless Ihad variety. I realized I had to do something and I finally got serious. These two books make it easy to go shop and plan in advance with a Prepday. Im hoping I can drop 50 lb total by end of year. Then midweek I began to notice that my energy levels shifted way way up and I could stayup til midnight if I wanted to. In addition I must confess I took advantage of the one cheat meal this week and had 3 glasses of wine (not on thesame night!) overall for the week.Hardcover: 336 pagesPublisher: Ballantine Books; 1 edition (December 30, 2014)Language: EnglishISBN-10: 0345547950ISBN-13: 978-0345547958Product Dimensions:6.4 x 1.2 x 9.6 inchesISBN10 0345547950ISBN13 978-0345547Download here

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