aGiga-JouleNovember 2018 Announcement Research Promotion Meeting!Topic: MODULAR CHILLER DESIGNPresented by: Peter Fung with Artic Chiller GroupThe Greenville Chapter Meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 13th, 2018 at 11:30 AMPlease RSVP to the Outlook Meeting by Noon on Monday, November 12thLocation: M.T. Anderson Support Center100 Blassingame RdGreenville, SC 29605PLEASE NOTE: We are in Conference Room B, but we will need to enter through main door at the frontand check inProgram Cost includes catered lunch! 15 via website: eeting 15 at door for chapter members, 20 for non-chapter membersEducation Credit: This Seminar qualifies for 1.0 PDH each (including NC PE).If you have any questions, contact: Carson Carpenter at 864.527.0311 or [email protected] Sponsor: Sponsorships available! Contact our Research Promotion officer Will Bailey atw[email protected] for more information on Company Meeting Sponsorships!!!Page 1 of 12

Message from the PresidentJeremy Butdorf – PresidentASHRAE – Greenville [email protected] an engineer is no laughing matter ASHRAE is a global society advancing human well-being throughsustainable technology for the built environment. ASHRAE members focus on building systems, energyefficiency, indoor air quality, refrigeration and sustainability within the industry and write standards,research and publish continuing education to help shape tomorrow’s-built environment. Our friends andfamilies look at engineers as stereotypical nerds.I bring all of this up because our ASHRAE Meetings are important from an industry advancement point ofview but are also important to be among our peers. You’ve heard my spiel on fellowship, so I won’t beat adead horse, but how nice is it to come to a room one day out of the month and be among friends in theindustry, peers who know what it is like day in and day out of the office life, or life outside those doors I heard this before from a fellow ASHRAE member - the optimist sees the glass half full, the pessimist seesthe glass as half empty, but the engineer sees the glass as twice as big as it needs to be. If we apply this toour ASHRAE meetings, is the room half full, half empty, or just too big? Let’s push hard to fill our space!The more members we have, the more opportunities for fellowship and interaction with individuals whomake up our industry!I’ll leave you with this, when it comes to more fellowship at chapter meetings, I take the route ofrenewable energy I look forward to seeing you at our November Chapter Meeting!!!Page 2 of 12

November Chapter Meeting - Presenter SpotlightPresenter: Peter Fung – Artic Chiller GroupProgram: Modular Chiller DesignPeter Fung is the East Region Sales Manager for Arctic ChillerGroup. Peter’s role is the promotion and application of chillers inenvironments of Healthcare, University, Education K-12, DataCenters, Laboratory, Commercial, and High Tech Manufacturingfacilities through the support of mechanical consulting engineers,mechanical contractors and end users.Arctic Chiller Group is a leading manufacturer of high efficiencychillers offering configurable modular chiller design with options forheat recovery, air and water cooled centrifugal chillers using thelatest industry technology in magnetic bearing compressors. This isinnovative compressor technology that does not require lubricatingoil and yields the highest IPLV efficiency rating among centrifugalchillers. Artic manufactures in Toronto, Canada and Newberry, SC ina manufacturing facility that is designed to produce some of theindustry’s highest quality, most durable and best performingproducts.Prior to Arctic, Peter Fung held the position of Eastern RegionalSales Manager for Climate Craft and prior to that, Nortek AirSolutions. He has over 15 years of experience in air handling designwith a focus on DOAS, Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems, with heatand energy recovery heat exchangers.Page 3 of 12

Research PromotionWill BaileyResearch Promotions [email protected] from ASHRAE Research Promotion and we look forwardto seeing you at our November meeting for RP DAY!!! For those ofyou that don’t know me, my name is Will Bailey. Be on thelookout for updated sponsorship levels – the push for our RPCampaign will begin this month! Also, we will be announcing theGolf Tournament dates in the next week or two.I look forward to working with each of you this year, and I hope to see you at our next chaptermeeting!We appreciate your continued support for our local ASHRAE Chapter.YEA - Young Engineers in ASHRAEYEA ChairBrandon [email protected] from Young Engineers in ASHRAE! If you are a newmember and under the age of 35, please come see me at thenext meeting! I look forward to meeting all our youngermembers, both at our meetings and at upcoming social events.I am happy to help with all ASHRAE questions to allow youfurther develop professionally in our industry and tounderstand our organization. If you have any specific needs orsuggestions do not hesitate to let me know and I will do all Ican to see they are addressed.I am looking for ideas for social events and outings for this year. Right now, we are looking intoanother Brewery Tour, a Swamp Rabbits Tour and Hockey Game, as well as a Gun Range Tour. Ifyou have any other events you are interested in, please let me know!Page 4 of 12

Government Affairs CommitteeRodney [email protected] from ASHRAE GAC! Chapter Government Affairs hasgone through some recent changes - The GrassrootsGovernment Advocacy Committee officially changed its nameto the Government Affairs Committee. This name changecame after discussions were held within the Committee andwith ASHRAE leadership. This is a Society-wide change so welook forward to working with the Chapter Government Affairs Committees.Thank you, I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.TreasuryRyan TonnsenTreasurer Greenville [email protected] finances remain stable and we continue to provide a greatmenu during our meetings. We voted during the BOG Meetingto increase the cost of meals for members to help cover therising meal costs – but we will continue to offer qualitylunches. Please continue to support ASHRAE by becoming a“Presenting Sponsors” - if you are interested in being apresenting sponsor, please let me know!Page 5 of 12

MembershipBrandon DillardMembership Promotion Greenville [email protected] ASHRAE Greenville! I am your Membershippromotion chair for the year. Please continue to supportASHRAE by becoming a member if you aren’t currently andalso invite new potential members from your offices orsomeone you work with. If you would like to join, please letme know!!!In efforts to keep you updated, visit us at:WEBSITE: www.ashrae4greenville.comLINKEDIN: &gid 8154388&trk anet ug hmEVENTCALENDR: View ASHRAE Greenville Chapter Meetings calendarPage 6 of 12

ASHRAE Winter ConferenceRegistration is now open so Start Planning for 2019 ASHRAE WinterConference, Jan. 12 – 16 in Atlanta, GAIf you’d like to register now, please click the link nferencePage 7 of 12

2018-2019 ASHRAE Greenville Chapter BoardChapter PresidentJeremy ButdorfChapter President Elect / VPTigue GarickChapter SecretaryAlan KingChapter TreasurerRyan TonnsenChapter Board of GovernorsDevon CortrightChapter Board of GovernorsKarl CountsChapter Board of GovernorsBill KnightChapter Board of GovernorsBrandt H WilliamsChapter Board of GovernorsMyrna DayanChapter Technology Transfer ChairCarson CarpenterChapter Membership PromotionChairBrandon DillardChapter Research Promotion ChairWill BaileyChapter Student Activities ChairDaniel LoweChapter Government AffairsCommittee ChairRodney HintonChapter HistorianAlan KingChapter Honors and AwardsDevon CortrightChapter WebmasterKarl F CountsYEA ChairBrandon GuyPage 8 of 12


The November 2018 issue of the ASHRAE Journal is available nowonline! All of these products can be accessed and request from theASHRAE Website at the link below:ASHRAE JOURNAL ONLINEPage 10 of 12 11 of 12


Peter Fung is the East Region Sales Manager for Arctic Chiller Group. Peter's role is the promotion and application of chillers in environments of Healthcare, University, Education K-12, Data Centers, Laboratory, Commercial, and High Tech Manufacturing facilities through the support of mechanical consulting engineers,