14-DAY FAT BURN DIET PLANA proven plan to boost your metabolism,balance your hormones and burnfat fast!

index01Welcome to thelean & clean 14-Dayfat loss plan- This diet plan iscarefully designed to05The eating plan- Note to Men10Conclusion020304-- What you’ll be eatingand why- Strength training- Interval cardio0809How and why thisplan worksA simple, sustainable planNo calorie counting!Ease and flexibilityFast, flexible fitness planThe nutrients and micronutrientsyou need to feel greatand lose fat07The meal plan-BreakfastsLunchesDinnersSweet TreatsSnacksThe lean & cleanfat loss planThe workout plan- The strength-training workout- The interval cardio workoutHow the workoutplan is designedAdditionalguidelines for yourfat loss success

1Welcome to the Lean &Clean 14-Day Fat Loss Plan!When used in conjunction with, this nutrition and exercise plan will help youto finally shed excess body fat and to do it quickly, safely and easily.The Western diet is loaded with calories, sugar, processed foods and unhealthy fats that not onlylead to excess body fat, but also cause imbalances in certain hormones and suppress the immunesystem, which just leads to more weight gain and even an inability to lose stored body fat.While you are taking Phen375, you also need to correct the metabolic and hormonal issues thathave led to your weight problem so that you can not only lose the fat but keep it off for good. Youneed to do this without starving yourself or feeling dissatisfied, deprived and fatigued.This diet plan is carefullydesigned to:Be extremely simpleBe very flexibleAccommodate you– No complicated preparations,no exotic orexpensive ingredientsand no tracking or caloriecounting.– You choose which meals youeat each day, to suit yourschedule, your plans and yourpantry.– In most cases, you’re givena choice of a variety of foodsfor each meal so that you canchoose the ones you enjoyand have access to and skipthe ones you don’t.Improve hormonalimbalancesCorrect inflammation andboost your immune system– Rich in fiber, low in sugarand starch and with plenty ofhealthy fats, this eating planwill help correct your cortisol,insulin, leptin and ghrelinlevels so that you can not onlylose fat now but prevent newfat from being stored in thefuture.– A challenged immune systemand the chronic, whole-bodyinflammation it causes, areone of the most significantunderlying causes of excessbody fat. This eating plan givesyou a wide array of antioxidants and other micronutrientseach day that will help fightfree radicals, boost yourimmune system and reduceinflammation.Improve digestivefunction– An impaired digestive systemdue to a poor diet greatlyreduces your ability to absorbnutrients and lose body fat.This plan is high in plant fibersand contains no processedfoods, enabling your digestivesystem to rid itself of built upwastes and toxins and restoreoptimal function.Guide provided by Phen375 diet pills

2All of this is provided in a diet that keeps youfeeling satisfied and energetic, so that you canfeel great while you’re losing the weight.We’ve also created a simple but extremelyeffective exercise plan that can be doneanywhere, with or without a gym, and byanyone at any fitness level. This exercise planis designed to boost your metabolism andhelp you build lean muscle, all in less thanthirty minutes per day.Howand why thisPLAN WORKSIn order to succeed in losing body fat fast,healthfully and without cravings, you needa diet that is not only easy to follow, buteasy to continue following until you’vereached your weight loss goals. You alsoneed an exercise program that can bedone by anyone at any fitness level,without taking up a great deal of timeor requiring a lot of equipment.The Lean & Clean plan is carefullydesigned to address those needsand help you finally succeed atlosing weight and body fat.Guide provided by Phen375 diet pills

2.1A Simple, Sustainable PlanThe Lean & Clean Weight Loss Plan gives youplenty to eat, with a wide variety of healthy,inexpensive and readily-available foods. There’sno need to shop for exotic, hard-to-find ingredients and there are no complicated, time-consuming recipes to follow.Many weight loss plans are so strict and demandingthat they become a part-time job in themselves.You are far too busy to write down everything youeat, count every gram of protein or fat or evencalculate calories. You’ve probably tried those typesof diets, only to become frustrated and quit beforeyou’ve reached your fat-loss goals. With this diet,you do not even have to count the calories you eat.No calorie counting!For decades, diet books and magazines have toldus that losing weight and shedding fat is all amatter of mathematics; that you need to keep yourcalories down to a magic number in order to loseweight. But numerous recent studies have shownthat even the stress of counting calories can raiseyour cortisol levels and not only keep you fromlosing the fat you have now, but stimulate yourbody to add more fat, especially around yourabdomen.Cortisol is a stress hormone whose primary job is tostore calories as fat in the abdominal area. Whenhigh levels of cortisol are present in the bloodstream, fat loss is virtually impossible, no matterhow much you cut your calorie intake. In fact,cutting your calories too low will actually raise yourcortisol levels. So will skipping meals or doing toomuch strenuous exercise. Not only will you not becounting calories, but this plan has you eating threemain meals and several snacks per day, which notonly keeps your metabolism running but preventsthe hunger that causes fatigue and excess cortisolsecretion. (In the guidelines section, we’ll give yousome additional ways to reduce your cortisollevels.)Guide provided by Phen375 diet pills

2.2Ease and FlexibilityNo diet or exercise plan will work for you if youcan’t stick with it. Diets that contain foods you can’tget or won’t eat are doomed to failure. When you’reon a diet that strictly dictates every food you putinto your mouth at every meal, something as simpleas an invitation to dinner out, a strong dislike forasparagus or an unexpected late night at work cancompletely derail you.With our eating plan, you choose which meals youeat on which days and which foods you include inthat meal. If you’re planning to have lunch at arestaurant, you can choose one of the lunch optionsthat are easily adapted to dining out. If you don’thave much time to cook, you can choose one of thecold or especially quick meal options. Don’t likeasparagus? No asparagus required! You chooseyour meals based on your schedule, your tastes andyour mood. This means that you have a diet youcan stick with until you reach your goals.Fast, Flexibility Fitness PlanOne of the most common reasons that people fail toreach their weight loss goals is that they don’t feelthey have time to exercise or they spend too muchtime doing the wrong kind of exercise. You don’tneed to spend an hour or more every day workingout in order to lose fat.In fact, if you’ve been spending long hours on thetreadmill or elliptical machine, stop. That type ofexercise may burn a few calories, but it will not helpyou burn fat. It’s really only effective at maintainingyour current cardiovascular fitness level. It will notboost your metabolism or help you shed poundsfast.No matter how busy you are, you canfind time for thirty minutes of exercise.In fact, thirty minutes of strength and interval training each day will get you to your goals much fasterthan an hour or more in the gym every day. What’smore, you’ll also be building lean muscle. Addinglean muscle to your body while you’re losing fatmeans that you’ll be able to eat more and that yourbody will look firm, sleek and defined when you’velost your weight, instead of flabby and soft.Our exercise plan consists of 20 minutes of strengthtraining and 10 minutes of interval cardio six daysper week. That’s it. Our interval training plan givesyou several choices in what type of cardio you doand you don’t even need to stick with the same typeof exercise every day – feel free to switch back andforth between cardio routines as your mood andschedule suit you.The Nutrients and MicronutrientsYou Need to Feel Great and Lose FatThe Lean & Clean eating plan is carefully designedto give you a wide variety of antioxidants and othermicronutrients that will reduce boost your immunesystem, reduce inflammation and restore digestivehealth so that you can lose fat quickly and efficiently. You will also be getting all of the lean protein,fiber, healthy fats and energy-giving carbs you needto be satisfied and energetic as you’re losingweight.You will not be hungry or fatigued, which is socommon with other eating plans and causes manypeople to drop their weight loss plans almost beforethey’ve begun.Our eating plan and additional guidelines correctproblems with your immune system, hormonalsystem and digestive system so that you can loseweight now and prevent weight gain in the future.Guide provided by Phen375 diet pills

3The Lean &Clean Fat Loss PlanIn this section, we’ll cover what foods you’ll be eating and why, give you some guidelinesfor following the eating plan, share some additional tips to help you speed your fat loss andlay out the eating plan for you.What you’ll be Eating and WhyThis plan is based on a foundation of fresh, whole, unprocessed, readily-available foods. It’s designed to give you avery balanced diet with all of the protein, healthy carbs andhealthy fats you need, plus a wide variety of antioxidants,vitamins and minerals. Here are the main foods that willmake up your daily diet and why they’re so essential to yoursuccess.You need some healthy fats in your diet in order to lose theunhealthy fat stored on your body. Our eating plan focuseson getting enough of the right fats, especially Omega-3 fattyacids and healthy plant-based fats, to keep you healthy andsatisfied. Some of these fats will come from lean meats,seafood and dairy. You may also use olive or coconut oil forcooking and enjoy nuts, seed and avocados.Fish and seafood are excellent, lean sources ofprotein. You may enjoy shellfish such as shrimp, prawns,crab and lobster, mollusks such as clams, oysters, musselsand scallops and lots of delicious fresh fish. These foods areloaded with important B-vitamins as well as Omega-3 fats.In order to get the most Omega-3s, your fish need to becold-water, wild-caught fish such as mackerel, cod, haddock, salmon, sardines and others. Fish and seafood can bepan-sautéed, baked, broiled, steamed or raw.No frying, breading or addition of creamy sauces should beused with your seafood. Instead, use olive oil, seasoning,herbs and lemon juice to give your seafood all of the flavorit needs.Guide provided by Phen375 diet pills

3.1Lean meats are an important source of protein, VitaminB-12, healthy saturated fats and iron. However, you will notbe relying on it as heavily with the typical Western diet. Youmay have leaner cuts of beef, pork and game meat, trimmedof most visible fat. Whenever possible, choose wild or organically-raised, pasture-fed meats. These are free of antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides and other toxins that have hampered your immune system and digestive tract. Yes, thesechoices are more expensive, but since you’ll be eating lessmeat, you can spend just a bit more.Again, choose organically-raised or wild varieties as muchas is possible. You may have light or dark meat, but removethe skin before eating (you may cook the meat with the skinon to keep it moist). Choose from chicken, turkey, CornishGame hens, duck, goose, partridge or any other bird youenjoy.Dairy foods are a limited, but delicious and important partof the eating plan. Choose organic whenever possible. Whilehard and most soft cheeses are off-limits due to fat content,you may enjoy cottage cheese, mozzarella and Neufchatelcheeses. You can also have low-fat (1-2%) milk and plain orvanilla Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt has twice the protein ofregular yogurt (14g per cup) and usually far less sugar. Donot choose fat-free varieties of yogurt, milk or cheese, butlow-fat. Remember, you do need some fat in your diet!Guide provided by Phen375 diet pills

3.2Fresh vegetables are the building blocks of yourdaily diet. You’ll be eating dark, leafy greens fortheir fiber and antioxidant content, richly-coloredvegetables for a variety of phytonutrients andchoices that are especially rich in fiber and vitamins C and B. Vitamin C reduces the perceivedeffects of stress (lowering your cortisol levels),boosts your immune system and reduces freeradicals and the inflammation they cause. Vitamin C is also what your body uses to create acompound called l-carnitine, which transportsstored fat back to your liver so that it can beburned as energy. For these reasons, you mayhave unlimited vegetables throughout the day,but you must eat at least the amounts statedin the daily eating plan. Vegetables may beraw, steamed, baked, sautéed in olive oil ortossed in olive oil and seasoning and roastedin the oven. Do not boil vegetables, as theywill lose most of their vitamin content andfiber. You may use olive oil, vinegar, red winevinegar, mustard, lemon or lime juice, herbsand seasonings to add flavor, but do not usebutter or packaged salad dressings. The onlyvegetables you may not have are corn andwhite potatoes, which are too high in starchand stimulate a sharp increase in your insulinand blood sugar levels.Like vegetables, fresh fruits are an important source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber. They’re also a greatway to satisfy your sweet tooth. Because it’s important tokeep your blood sugar and insulin levels steady and within ahealthy range, the majority of the fruits you’ll be eating willbe low-glycemic choices such as apples, pears, berries andmelon.Higher-sugar fruits are allowed, but will be e

lean & clean 14-Day fat loss plan - This diet plan is carefully designed to 02 How and why this plan works - A simple, sustainable plan - No calorie counting! - Ease and flexibility - Fast, flexible fitness plan - The nutrients and micronutrients you need to feel great and lose fat 03 The lean & clean fat loss plan - What you’ll be eating and why 04