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KWI Showcases Wares at NRFThe BIG ShowAs the industry’s leading trade show, NRF is whereretailers convene to catch up not only on industrydevelopments, but also with each other. KWI wasdelighted to welcome a steady flow of attendees toour (modesty aside) spectacular booth, and to getsome quality face time with many of our valuedclients. Additionally, a highlight of the event wasKWI's excited announcement of the launching of“Store 6x”, the latest POS application release fromNSB, rich with new features such as:Suggestive Selling: POS automatically calculatesthreshold discounts to customers as an incentive toincrease their purchase.Store Dashboard: real-time communication fromhead office to store; KPI’s (key performanceindicators) and store financial goals by day, weekand month inclusive of LY and plan.Improved Inventory Control: visibility into storebound shipments from warehouse as well as otherstores.Time and Attendance: differentiate between shiftin/out and meal/break in/out; allow all clock edits tobe performed at POS.Line Busting: using a remote hand-held device,store associates can scan items, review inventoryand process customer transactions anywhere in thestore via wireless networking. A great convenienceappreciated by retailers and customers alike!

The show, which ran January 13-16 at New York’sJavits Center, attracted thousands of retailerslooking to upgrade their knowledge with qualityeducation and an exciting Expo Hall. The event wasthemed “Retail’s BIG Show” and it truly was filledwith many big ideas. If you’ve never attended theNRF conference, we suggest you put it on yourcalendar for 2009. There’s no better way to stay ontop of retail trends.Celebrating Success at The Four SeasonsOnce again, it was our great pleasure to treat ourclients at the NRF to an unforgettable culinaryexperience. This year’s Annual KWI Client Dinner, a4-star gourmet event, was celebrated on January14th at the legendary Four Seasons restaurant. “Wechose The Four Seasons,” said KWI president SamKliger, “because they are renowned not only for finefood but also, like us, for exceptional service.”The dinner was enhanced with a presentation byMotorola executive John Rommel on RFID – RadioFrequency Identification. This technology offers astate-of-the-art solution to what Rommel called “apain in the supply chain” problems with out-ofstocks and inventory control that cause retailers tolose 69 billion annually. A vast improvement overbar code technology, RFID is totally automated, hardto counterfeit, and can read hundreds of tagssimultaneously.For more information, please contact Dan Markowitzat: [email protected] or (516) 621-2400, ext. 305.

KWI Delivers with a New E-Mail Functionthat’s “Just the Ticket”Writing e-mails to KWI just got more productive.From now on, each of your e-mails sent to"[email protected]" or "[email protected]" willcreate a ticket in our FootPrints tracking system(KWI RITS). Every one of these e-mails willautomatically yield a reply which includes a ticketnumber. These tickets will be worked by ourtechnicians and ensure that problems sent to us viae-mail are tracked and resolved on a timely basis.So how does it work? Effortlessly. Send an e-mailrequest for assistance to Help Desk or ApplicationSupport, and automatically receive a replycontaining your unique ticket number. To check onthe status of any ticketed query, simply accessFootPrints at is also now available via KWI Back Officeby selecting Files Human Resources/System Help Desk Log (or App Support Log). If you need toestablish a FootPrints account, contact your KWIClient Representative.Please be sure to update your e-mail contact lists toreserve use of [email protected] [email protected] for issue notification.For more information, please contact Jean Nelson at:[email protected] or (516) 621-2400, ext. 313.

Meet The Field Team!Name: Augusto “Gus” CastanoPosition: Regional Loss Prevention ManagerJoined the KWI team: October 2007Credentials: Degree in Criminal Justice fromUniversity of Houston. 10 years retail LossPrevention experience as Investigator and Managerwith J.C.Penney, Foley’s, and Macy’s.Most interested in - at work: Investigations andinterviewsMost interested in – at play: Spending time with myfamily and friends; traveling.Most memorable experience: Meeting my wifeFavorite movie: Shawshank RedemptionName: Janice McCortPosition: Sales ManagerJoined the KWI team: March 2004Credentials: Joined The Zellman Group, LLC in Marchof 2004 as the West Coast Regional Loss PreventionManager. Moved to NC in 2007 and became theSales Manager. Prior to Zellman, spent 20 years atMay Dept. Stores, with roles as Director of RiskManagement and Asst. Director of Loss Prevention.Also worked 2 years as Director of Internal

Investigations at Hecht’s, as well as several years indirect sales.Most interested in - at work: Investigations andinterviews are the most exciting. However,providing our clients with LP resources and solutionsthat are high quality and more than they expect isthe most rewarding.Most interested in – at play: Hanging out with myfamily.Personal motto: “Count your blessings.”Most memorable experience: Two weeks touringNorthern and Southern Ireland in the fall of 1997Favorite movie: Steel MagnoliasFavorite book: the five people you meet in heavenMost prized possession: My cat, Felicity, and my dog,LouisName: Kimberlee WooPosition: Director of Loss Prevention-West CoastJoined the KWI team: June 2007Credentials: Majored in Administration of Justice atSan Jose State University. Ten years in the lossprevention field, including positions as field auditor,regional loss prevention manager and senior lossprevention manager. Certified in Basic WZinterviewing and interrogation and advanceinterviewing and interrogation techniques. C.F.I(Certified Forensic Investigator).Most interested in - at work: Interviewing subjects tofind out what makes them do what they do.Most interested in – at play: Spending time with myanimals, hanging out with my friends.Personal motto: “Minds are like parachutes -

they only function when open.”-Thomas DewarMost memorable experience: Bungee jumping off ofa 100 foot bridge in Napa back before it was a “coolsport.”Favorite movie: Harry PotterFavorite book: The Memory Keeper’s Daughter – KimEdwardsMost prized possession: My dog

KWI and Steiner Sports Team Up for Retail Power!Steiner Sports Marketing, founded by sportsmarketing guru Brandon Steiner, is the largestcompany of its kind in America. Its inventory ofsports memorabilia and collectibles includes morethan 10,000 items. The company currently maintainsrelationships with over 5,000 professional athletes oftoday and yesteryear from virtually every sport.Once a one-man shop, Steiner Sports has grown intoa booming, 100-plus employee, 50 millionenterprise with both online and brick-and-mortarchannels.Avid fans can find everything from photos to jerseysand hats, balls and bats, pucks, helmets and displaymaterials. The incredible inventory includes a stellarcollection of valuable autographed items andexclusive relationships with top sports legends likeDerek Jeter, Joe Torre, Martin Brodeur, Tiki Barberand many, many more. New current and vintageitems are constantly appearing, creating excitementonline and in Steiner’s five New York metropolitanarea stores.The operation also encompasses “Last Licks” – anexpression referring to the last attempt at bat. Thiscleverly named ice cream and sports memorabiliaoutlet is heaven on earth for sports fans. It’s theonly place where you can walk in for two scoops ofmint chocolate chip and walk out with a sports itemautographed by one of the top pros. In addition toserving up “the scoop” on refreshment and players,this unique chain is a great spot to throw a party.Business at both concepts is further enhanced bybook signings and other star athlete appearances.

So what’s Steiner’s latest exciting acquisition?They’ve signed on KWI as technology partner. Theymade the switch when business growth demanded aTier One solutions provider. KWI is proud to becomea member of this exceptional team lineup and welook forward to many winning retail seasons ahead.For more information, please contact Dan Markowitzat: [email protected] or (516) 621-2400, ext. 305.

This Month’s Short CutsTime-saving tips and ideas that are right on themoney – from the staff of KWI.1. KWI Merchant Services Tip of the Month from David Drucker and Phyllis GriccoAvoid Higher Rates for Credit Card ProcessingCredit card downgrading is common in everyspecialty retail business. A downgrade simply meansthat you are being charged a rate increase becausethe type of card your customer is using has a higherprocessing cost or because a transaction wasprocessed incorrectly by you, the merchant. As aresult, the transaction is downgraded from thepreferred rate. Here are the criteria for each level ofprocessing:Qualified Rate: Standard consumer credit card is usedCard is swiped accurately and data properlyobtainedThe customer’s signature is capturedThe transaction is “Batched” or “Settled” within24 hoursMid-Qualified Rate:

The card info is manually entered or “keyed”and all (AVS Address Verification) info entered The consumer uses a Rewards cardTransactions are not settled/batched within 24hoursNon-Qualified: Card is manually entered with no (AVS) infoenteredThe consumer uses a Corporate, Governmentor International cardAuthorization code is manually keyed in toyour processing terminalTransactions are not settled/batched within 48hoursAs you can see, when transaction informationbecomes less reliable and timely, the transactionrate becomes higher. Next month, we will provide afew simple methods that you can use to help preventdowngrades.For more information regarding downgrades, pleasecontact David Drucker at: [email protected] or(516) 621-2400, ext. 720.back to top2. LP Tip of the Month from Stuart Levineand Kimberly BloomstonHow to Shrink Your ShrinkA recent survey from 32 countries released in TheSecurity Magazine shows that global retail shrinkcost retailers 98.6 billion last year. The surveyfound that in the United States, Canada andAustralia, employee theft is reported as the largestarea of loss. Controlling this loss can be achieved byfollowing a few simple guidelines:

Complete bag checks. Consistent bag checkson all employees will send the right message.The goal is deterrence!Monitor trash disposal. Utilize clear bagsand collapse all boxes. Bag the trash at nightand take it out in the morning. Have the trashchecked by a separate individual, no matterwho takes it out.Hire the right people. Train managers onproper interviewing techniques in order to hiretrustworthy and well-balanced individuals.Conduct background checks on each applicant.Track employee purchases. Keep anEmployee Purchase Log that monitorspurchases made by each employee. When anemployee comes to work wearing product,verify purchase by reviewing the log.Analyze POS transactions. Look for trends.Keep an eye out for transactions that appearfraudulent by monitoring excessive activity bystore and associate.Audit receipts for compliance. Verify thatassociates are properly trained on registerfunctions. Audit the receipts for compliance onsignatures, original receipts and reasons.Thesesimple actions can go a long way to protectingyour identity.You can protect your business from employee theftby verifying that these practices are in place andholding each manager accountable.For more information, please contact Kimberly Bloomstonat: [email protected] or (516) 625-0006,ext. 406.back to top3. CRM Tip of the Month from Claude Johnsonand Jubin Thomas

Competing with yourself these days?There is a confusing phenomena going on these daysin retail: the bitter competition within a retail chain.Apparently, ‘brick and mortar’ stores are run by onedivision and ‘e-commerce’ by another, ‘catalog’another and so forth. None of the divisions share anyinformation, each trying to outdo the other forcustomer supremacy.Do you really think the customer cares for any ofthis? What can be done? Well, first you have to getthe heads of all channels to agree that sharing is nota sign of weakness; in fact it can create advantagesfor each division.Sharing information will not change the buyingpatterns of all the customers but will significantlyimprove the company’s total sales for thosecustomers where sharing occurs. Our research forone client showed that a customer who shops anadditional channel is worth on average 1,213 more!Start by defining the customer’s trade area. Forcustomers who are avid buyers on the website, letthem know the locations of stores near them wherethey can do business as well. Or, if a brick andmortar customer does not live in a primary zip code,send them a message directing them to the website.So in honor of Valentine’s Day – we ask that youshare the "information" love.If you have any questions about your CRM strategyor if you would like to discuss multi-channelstrategies, please contact KWI-CRM at: [email protected] or (516) 621-2400, ext. 367.

that’s “Just the Ticket” Writing e-mails to KWI just got more productive. From now on, each of your e-mails sent to "[email protected]" or "[email protected]" will create a ticket in our FootPrints tracking system (KWI RITS). Every one of these e-mails will automatically yield