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Learn more about Download and Export Information in Commercial Advantage.ContentsOverview . 3Downloading an Exported File . 7Download Fields . 8Download and Export Information User Guide2

OverviewThe Download function allows the user to download balance and transaction data in BankAdministration Institute (BAI), comma-separated values (CSV), CS Basic Export (a basic commaseparated format), Quicken/QuickBooks (OFX), and SWIFT MT940/MT942 format. The user must havepermission to download data in the appropriate format.Bank account and transaction information can also be downloaded in CSV format from the BankAccount Summary screen or transaction list view with the export function.There are two steps to downloading balance and transaction data. First, submit an export request. Afterthe system processes the request, download the exported data from the Downloads screen. The entryof different fields is required for each of the different export types. These differences are detailed in theinstructions that follow.Note: BAI files contain historical balance values. Such values cannot be stored for accounts enabledfor Real Time - Posted Transactions. Therefore, these accounts will not be available for BAI export. Tolearn more about Real Time - Posted Transactions, the user can contact an administrator.To submit an export request:1. From the Reporting menu, select Download.2. Click on Export.Download and Export Information User Guide3

3. From the Export Type drop-down, select the type of file to export.4. Accept the default file name OR enter a new file name for the exported file.5. If BAI is selected as the export type from the BAI Data Export list, select Prior Day or CurrentDay.6. If selected BAI, CSV, or TSV as the export type, Select the content to export from the Output Content drop-down: Transactions Only,Balances and Transactions, or Balances Only. For CSV and TSV export types, check the Exclude Header box to exclude the headerfrom the exported file.7. Use the calendar iconto select a date or date range for the exported data: Last 7 Days. Last 30 Days l Last 60 Days l Last 90 Days. Month to date. Quarter to date. Year to day.Download and Export Information User Guide4

Today (This is the default selection. If the user does not have access to current-dayaccounts/transactions, select Prior day.).Prior day.Last Month.Custom Range: select the first day of the range; the last available day will be the enddate of the range.8. Click on the Optional Fields link. The section expands to include additional criteria for the dataneeded to export.Note: Complete the necessary fields and any optional fields. See Download Fields for anexplanation of the fields.Download and Export Information User Guide5

9. Click Create Export.10. A pop-up may appear to display a similar message as the one below.11. The export request is listed on the Download screen. The Status column - lists the progress of the request. The status will change toComplete once the export has finished. The Message column - displays if the file was created successfully.Download and Export Information User Guide6

Downloading an Exported File1. On the Download screen, download the item from the list by: Clicking the dropdown arrow next to View, then clicking Download.OR Select View from the Actions menu to see details of the export. Click Download.2. Follow the browser instructions to open or save the file.Download and Export Information User Guide7

Download FieldsThe following table describes fields that may appear on the Export Data screen. These fields allow theuser to further filter the data to export.FieldExplanationDateThe date or range of dates for the data to export.Account DetailsDetails about the account. The default setting is blank (optional).This results in all available accounts being selected for export.Account GroupA name of a group of accounts to return data for. The defaultsetting is blank (optional). This results in all available accountsbeing selected for export.Debit/CreditExport either debit or credit transactions.Transaction TypeThe types of transaction data to download.BAI Transaction CodeThe BAI code associated with the data to download.SWIFT Transaction codeThe SWIFT code associated with the data to download.Status/Transaction StatusThe status of the download.Transaction AmountThe amount of the transaction.Bank ReferenceBank reference information.Customer ReferenceCustomer reference information.Download and Export Information User Guide8

Download and Export Information User Guide 7 . Downloading an Exported File . 1. On the Download screen, download the item from the list by: Clicking the dropdown arrow next to View, then clicking Download. OR Select View from the Actions menu to see details of the export. Click Download. 2.