FootPrintsStudent Service Desk User Guide(Revision Date: 1/6/2014)Table of ContentsStudent Service Desk User Guide. 1Introduction . 1Log-in to the Student Service Desk . 2Viewing Tickets for your Institution . 3Returning to the Homepage . 4Changing the Ticket Order . 5Searching for a Ticket. 5Creating a Custom Search . 5Knowledge Base . 6Reports . 6Pre-Defined Reports. 6Custom Reports. 7Contacting Support . 7IntroductionThe Connecticut State College and Universities (ConnSCU) Board of Regents (BOR) Office of InformationTechnology (OIT) is providing the students of the ConnSCU member institutions with a comprehensivemulti-channel support center in the use of Blackboard Learn and related applications.The BOR OIT utilizes the FootPrints Ticketing system to process all incidents and requests from students.There is a monthly report that is emailed to each of the ConnSCU institution contacts, which providesinformation on the Student Support tickets for the institution. It is a monthly report that runs on thefirst day of the month and provides both ticket summary information and a listing of the tickets from theprevious month.Support Center1

There is a lot more information that is contained within a ticket, such as Contact Info, Browser Info,Ticket Categorization and all Descriptions that relate to the ticket. To view all of this information, youneed to go into the ticket by logging into the FootPrints Service Desk system.This document provides the instructions on how to log into the FootPrints Student Service Desk toaccess your institution’s tickets and other information on how to use the FootPrints system.Log-in to the Student Service Desk1. Launch a browser and go to http://servicedesk.ct.edu2. At the login screen please put in your normal network logon credentials.Here is a list of example User Names for each esexNaugutuckSupport CenterExample User Name Name Name Name Name @wcsu.local BannerID BannerID BannerID BannerID BannerID BannerID BannerID @nvcc.commnet.edu2

NorthwesternNorwalkQuinnebaugThree-RiversTunxis BannerID BannerID BannerID BannerID BannerID @txcc.commnet.edu3. You will be taken to the Home screen. If you already use the ServiceDesk website then you willbe taken to your primary workspace (see 3a). Otherwise, you will be taken directly to theStudent Service Desk workspace.a. If you already use FootPrints ( at your institution, then you’llneed to use the drop down in the top right hand corner to switch to the Student ServiceDesk workspace.Viewing Tickets for your InstitutionOnce logging into the Student Service Desk, you will be taken directly to ALL tickets for your institution.Support Center3

To view the details (Contact Info, Browser Info, Ticket Categorization and all Descriptions) of any ticket,just click on the Subject. To change pages, simply select the directional arrow located on the top right ofthe list of tickets.Note: If you’re accessing the Student Service Desk from an emailed report, then you’ll be taken directly to the TicketDetails page which should provide you with Contact Info, Browser Info, Ticket Categorization and all Descriptionsthat relate to that ticket.Returning to the HomepageAt any time, you can click the Home button and then select ‘College/University Requests’ from the dropdown to return to the ‘College/University Requests’ page. To view the details (Contact Info, BrowserInfo, Ticket Categorization and all Descriptions) of any ticket, just click on the Subject.Support Center4

NOTE: This view provides you 20 tickets per page with the oldest ticket first.Changing the Ticket OrderThe tickets appear in the list in ascending order. This means that the oldest ticket is the first ticket in thelist. To see the last ticket, scroll through the pages of tickets or select the arrow next to the columnheader and chose the ‘Sort Descending’ option. This will change the order, so the newest tickets willappear at the top of the list.Searching for a TicketTo search for a ticket, you can simply enter in akeyword in the search box at the top of the screen andclick the search button. When searching for a number or userID, it’s best to include it in quotes. Forinstance, I would use “860” to search for any ticket that has an 860.Creating a Custom Search1. Click on the Advanced button under the search box which will take you to a page that will letyou build your Advanced Search.2. Select the criteria you want on the Ticket Criteria page.3. Check the “Include requests made by members of your College/University” box.4. Switch to the Run tab and select the GO button.Support Center5

Knowledge BaseYou can access the Knowledge Base (KB) for the Student Service Desk after you have signed in to theStudent Service Desk workspace.To view the details of KB article, just click on Subject. At any time, you can enter a keyword in to thesearch box to find KB articles with specific phrases.ReportsThere are two types of reports, which can be run at any time. There are Pre-Defined Reports andCustom Reports. It should be known that each time a report is run it returns the latest data that thecustomer is allowed to access (either his or her own tickets or those of the College / University).Pre-Defined ReportsA Pre-Defined Report is a report that has been developed by an administrator and put in place formultiple customers to utilize. To access these reports, select the reports button from the top toolbarthen choose your Pre-Defined report from the drop down. Once you’ve selected the Pre-Defined Reportyou want to run, click “GO” to run the report.Support Center6

Custom ReportsThe Custom Reports feature allows you to create custom reports based on any combination of criteria,with many formatting options. Formatting options include headings, columns, sorting, and color graphs.Single and two-level metrics based on any fields can be included. Report output can be exported toanother application (such as Excel). It is important to note; regardless of which custom report you choseto create, make sure to select the ‘Include Requests made by members of your College / University’seen on the Ticket Criteria tab. For help on Custom Reports, use the Help button seen on the right of thereport page. Once you select the style of the report, click the Go button to configure the criteria for yourreport.Contacting SupportIf you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the BOR IT Support Center: Email: [email protected]: 860.723.0111Support Center7

There is a lot more information that is contained within a ticket, such Contact Info, Browser Info, as Ticket Categorization and all Descriptions that relate to the ticket To view all of this information, you . need to go into the ticket by logging into the FootPrints Service Desk system.File Size: 364KBPage Count: 7