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Providing peace of mindwith liability insuranceAccidents happen.Whether they take place on theroad or at home, you need to protectyourself if the unexpected occurs.That’s why it’s important to have theright amount of liability insurance.Liability insurance covers you forbodily injury and property damagefor which you are responsible. Let’ssay you’re in a car accident, and youinjure another driver and damagetheir vehicle. Liability coverage willhelp cover any medical bills and lostincome the injured driver incurs, aswell as the cost to repair their car.It can even cover legal expenses inthe event you are sued.“Life doesn’t always go accordingto plan,” said Tom Goodale, assistantvice president in Amica’s sales andclient services department. “Havingthe right amount of liability insurancewill help protect you.”To learn more about liabilityand umbrella insurance,visit, or give us acall at 800-242-6422to discuss your options with oneof our representatives.todayAmicaSo how much coverage do youneed? For auto policies, Amicarecommends a split limit of atleast 250,000 per person and 500,000 per accident. Forhomeowners policies, Amicarecommends a personal liabilitylimit of at least 300,000.Car accidents or incidents at homecan quickly exhaust your auto andhome insurance coverage limits.Umbrella insurance sits on top of yourother policies to provide additionalpeace of mind.“Life doesn’t alwaysgo according to plan.Having the right amountof liability insurance willhelp protect you.”– Tom GoodaleUmbrella policies are offered from 1 million to 5 million, and inaddition to liability protection,they provide: Auto liability protectionanywhere in the world Protection against lawsuits forlibel, slander and defamationof character“Everyone has different needs, so it’sa good idea to speak with one of ourrepresentatives about your specificsituation,” Goodale said. “They’ll usea consultative approach to determinethe right coverage to fit your needs.”Liability protection is also availablethrough an umbrella insurance policy.Amica Today is published quarterly for policyholders and friends of Amica MutualInsurance Company and Amica Life. The magazine is also available online at our communities and join the conversation!To stop receiving future print editions or to send comments, please contact Julie Simpson at [email protected] Amica Today, Corporate Communications, PO Box 6008, Providence, RI 02940-6008.2

Share AmicaContinuing our tradition of referralsCustomers have been referringpotential customers to Amica sincewe opened our doors in 1907. Formany years, the only way to become anAmica customer was to be referred byexisting Amica policyholders –often it was a family member orfriend. This may be how you firstbecame a part of our Amica family, too.Although we promote Amica inmany ways, referrals are still oneof our favorite ways to meet newcustomers. That’s why we’ve madeit easier for you to recommendus – through visit the site and follow a feweasy steps to invite your friends andfamily to learn more about Amica.ShareAmica.com3

Keeping you and your family safe on the roadA look at thenewest auto featuresNew cars include many improvedsafety innovations that can protect thelives of drivers as well as safeguardpassengers and pedestrians. Whilesome features are now required, othersare becoming more common and canbe found in many new models.If you’re shopping for a newvehicle, consider these three featuresrecommended by the NationalHighway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA): Automatic EmergencyBraking Systems (AEB)This system detects an impendingforward crash with another vehiclein time to avoid or mitigate the4crash. Drivers are first alerted totake corrective action to avoid thecrash, and if the response is notsufficient to avoid the crash, theAEB system may automaticallyapply the brakes to assist inpreventing or reducing theseverity of a crash. Lane Departure WarningSystemsBy using a camera system, thistechnology warns drivers whenthey unintentionally drift out ofthe lane without a turn signal sothey can steer the vehicle backinto the lane. Rearview Video SystemsThis feature helps drivers seebehind their vehicle to avoidhitting objects in reverse byusing a backup camera.Keeping your carrunning smoothlyRegardless of whether you're shoppingfor a new car, the best way to keepyour current car running smoothly isto keep it maintained.Here are a few basic tips: Under the Hood Change the car’s oil and oil filter,and check the oil level frequently.Please refer to your vehicle usermanual for manufacturerrecommendations on how oftento check the oil and oil filter. Inspect the battery. Make surecables are attached and free ofcorrosion, which can shorten thebattery life.

Maintain antifreeze, transmission,brake and power steering fluids,and check your driveway orparking spot for possible leaks. Check hoses and belts. Replacethem if they’re leaking or cracked. Exterior Inspect the tire treads by placing apenny in the tread. If you see thetop of Lincoln’s head, your treadsare shallow and worn and shouldbe replaced. Make sure headlights, brake lightsand turn signals are all workingproperly. Keep the recommended amountof pressure in the tires, includingthe spare tire.Looking for a contractor?Amica’sContractorConnectioncan help – even ifyou don’t havea claim!One of the many benefits of being an Amica customer is using our consumerservices program, Contractor Connection*, to find a trusted, top-qualitycontractor.And here’s something you may not know: this valuable service is available toyou at any time! If you’re looking to make home improvements, you can counton our network of expert contractors to deliver on your vision.With Contractor Connection, you’ll receive:To learn more about how to keepyour vehicle safe and dependable,visit our YouTube channel and check outour video on basic car maintenance.Remember.If you’re considering a newcar, our representatives canassist you in getting a quotefor auto insurance.Give us a call anytime at800-242-6422. High-quality remodeling – Contractor Connection delivers superiorremodeling projects for kitchens, bathrooms and more. Professionals you can trust – All contractors go through a rigorouscredentialing process to ensure they are financially stable, licensedand insured. Quality assurance – Contractors are strictly managed and monitored forwork quality, timeliness and fair estimates. First-rate warranty – ContractorConnection is the best at whatthey do, and they stand behindtheir work with a three-yearworkmanship warranty.Best of all, Contractor Connectionis easy to use. Simply sumer/Amica/Why-Ustoday to get started!If you have additional questions, please [email protected] or call our Customer ServiceDepartment at (866) 838-6840, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Eastern time.*Please know that you always have a choice of who repairs your home. Your use of these particular consumerservices programs is completely voluntary.5

Do you have enoughlife insuranceprotection?It’s important to have the right coverageMany Americans say they haveenough life insurance coveragefrom their employer or union1 – andthis is why they haven’t purchasedadditional coverage. In someinstances, this may be enough, butmost of the time it is not. It is alsoimportant to keep in mind thatthis coverage may end or becometoo expensive to keep if there is ajob change.Having an individual policy canhelp ensure that enough coverage isin place regardless of employment.There are several options, so you canchoose what works best for you andyour loved ones.Making sure you have the properamount of life insurance helps toensure your family is adequatelyprotected should you pass away.income that you will need. This is agood starting point, but may not fullyreflect your lifestyle, family dynamic,goals or future needs.Here are a few findings fromthe 2016 Amica Life FinancialPeace of Mind Survey:We recommend considering yourfinancial goals and what or who youwant to help protect. With this inmind, Amica Life’s new, easy-to-usecalculator on AmicaLifeLessons.comprovides a customized estimate ofyour life insurance needs. 84 percent of surveyrespondents indicated thathaving adequate lifeinsurance is importantto their financial peaceof mind.1 However, only 13 percentof respondents claimed to bevery knowledgeable aboutlife insurance.1If you’re unsure aboutthe right amount of lifeinsurance for you, you’renot alone.One rule of thumb is tohave coverage that is equalto seven to ten times yourincome. This guidelinehelps you estimate theamount of replacement6In just a few simple steps, you canestimate the right amount of lifeinsurance for your personal situation,and get one step closer to financialpeace of mind. Check out page 7 formore details.As always, one of our representativeswould be glad to assist withanswering your questions about lifeinsurance at any time – whether youalready have a policy in place orare looking for coverage. We can bereached at 800-234-5433, or you canvisit foradditional information.2016 Amica Life Financial Peace of Mind Survey1

Our easy-to-use life needs calculatorAmica Life’s needs calculator provides apersonalized estimate of your lifeinsurance needs. The calculatorfocuses on four areas: Future expenses – These includefinal expenses, emergency funds,the cost of child care andeducational expenses that you’llwant to help cover for your familyin the event of your passing. Debt – This includes mortgages,student loans, credit card andother debts you may owe. It’simportant to think about this partof your financial picture so you canhelp avoid having your loved onestake on the financial burden ofyour debt. Replacement income – In thiscategory, you’ll consider how longyou will need to help support yourloved ones financially if most or alltheir debts are paid, since you’veaccounted for these debts in yourother calculations. Think of it as stillbeing there for them so they canlearn to readjust financially. Current assets and other lifeinsurance – Your current assetsand existing life insurancecoverage play a significant role indetermining the total amount ofcoverage that’s right for you.With this information you can beginto identify how much coverage youshould have to help protect the peoplewho are most important to you.Try out our needs calculator

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or Amica Today, Corporate Communications, PO Box 6008, Providence, RI 02940-6008. Amica Today is published quarterly for policyholders and friends of Amica Mutual today Insurance Company and Amica Life. The magazine is also available online at Amica Car accidents or incidents at home can quickly exhaust your auto and