StarTalk - Startalk FlashQuick Reference & User Guide

InitializingyourMailboxYou can begin to use Stat-Talk Flash as soon as you initializeyour mailbox.To open and initialize your mailbox, follow these steps:1.Press (Feature1 IF] q q to open your mailbox.2.Press q q q a (the default password) and press !I&or m.3.Choose a password from four to eight digits long thatdoes not start with zero. Enter your new mailboxpassword and press E or q .4.5.Enter your new mailbox password again and press m orE4.At the tone, record your name in the Company Directory.6.Press mPersonalMailboxto end this hession.greetingsYou can record Primary, Alternate or optional Personalizedgreetings. Your Primary Mailbox greeting is for everyday use.Your Alternate Mailbox greeting is for times when you areaway from the office. If your company subscribes to Caller ID,you can record Personalized Mailbox greetings. ForPersonalized Mailbox greetings, you program StarTalk Flash torecognize a specific incoming telephone number. YourPersonalized Mailbox greeting plays to callers from thatnumber.PO888945Issue 2.0Printedin Canada

StarTalkFlash FeatureCodesFeature Codes are used to access the different StarTalk Flashoperations.OperationDefaultLeavea Message71[FJq qlFeatureI [F]OpenMailbox[Feature]rjpgm/Feature]71IF] q a(Feature] IF]Transfer[Feature]F]pgfl1-1IF]Interrupt1-1p-]lg ve Message Feature Code - Use to leave a message in aninitialized StarTalk Flash mailbox.Open Mailbox Feature Code - Use to open your mailbox.StarTalk extension number Feature Code - Use to determinethe StarTalk extension number in order to forward yourNorstar telephone to StarTalk Flash.Transfer Feature Code - Use to transfer a call to a mailbox.Interrupt Feature Code - Use to interrupt a caller listening toyour-Personal Mailbox greeting or leaving a message.

Forwardingyourcalls to StarTalkFlashWhen you are not available to answer your telephone, you canforward your calls directly to StarTalk Flash.1.Press [Feature] lq m !Q . Record the StarTalk Flash DN.2.Press [FeatureI lq3.Enter the StarTalk Flash DN.To cancel call forward:1.Press I[ .orPressmNCELSettingup CallForwardRemotely1.Call the Automated Attendant or your Norstar telephonefrom any tone dial telephone and press B m while thegreeting plays.2.Enter your Mailbox number/password and press a.3.Press q , then press q and then press a .4.Press q to enable or disable Call Forward.5.Replace the handset to end the session.

Frequentlyused dialpadkeysto replay the Star-Talk Flash Options, press W qlto back up the display to the previous display prompt from asingle-line display, press qlto interrupt most voice prompts or enter an option, press qto speak to the Operator, press qlStarTalkFlash featuresFor more information on all the StarTalk Flash features, refer tothe StarTalk Flash Reference Guide. This guide explains thefollowing features in detail:lAutomated AttendantlAlternate languagelCompany DirectorylLeaving a mailbox messagelOff-premise Message NotificationlPersonal Mailbox greetingslReplying to a messagelSending a message using a Croup Listl*Transferring calls to StarTalk Flash

Froman outsidenumber,tone dial telephone,dial your companystelephonewait for StarTalk Flash to answer,then pressFrom1 q ],pr]q qIEnter IIIRedcrySkipBackwardPause/ContinueSkipForwardSkip SaveMessageEraseMessageReplymessagetoReturn tChangePasswordReturn toMainGreetingMenuElrb * ElReplclyEraseAcceptorSend*Onlyapplieswhile messageis playingDeliveryOptions1qfortbeCompanyDirectory1

Learning AboutstarTalkThis Card showsyou how lo startusing StarTalk. It explainsthe FeatureCodes,how lo inilialiieyour mailbox,and explainssome of Ihe featuresthat you can use rightaway.All NorslarlelephonesprovideSlarTalkvoiceprompls. .Onlelephoneswilhdisplaybuttons.lhe voicepromptsare delayedapproximatelyfive seconds.If you don’l see an optionon your telephonedisplay,you canwait br thevoiceprompllo announceIhe addilionaloptions.You can use SlarTalklealuresby pressinglhe displaybuttons or thedialpadbullons on your Nor&r lelephone. This Card showsyou bothbultons.So when you see a bullon likethis: (PLAV)or a button likethis:liEiyou can presseitherone lo aclivateIhe StarTalkfeature.Before YOUBeloreyou start usingSlarTalk,ensureyou have:Start0 initializedyour mailboxCl recordedyour primarygreeting.and your allernalegreeting.ilUsingStarTalk*Norslarand StarTalkare trademarksof NorthernTelecom.

NeedTOKnow About theFeatureCodesYOUFeatureCodesare only used when you use S&Talk from a Norslardisplaytelephone. A FeatureCode is used to leave a message,open d transfera callto amailbox. There are four frequentlyused FeatureCodes:Leave Messagep%zzi l- jpfOpen €™sIntercom (I l((gmqiiq jNumberTransferFealureCod scan be programmedonlo your Norslartelephoneusingtifz!N - IIIFJ and labelledas ‘Leave Message’and ‘OpenNote: Formore informalionabout programminga FeatureCode memorybutton, referlo the SlarTalkReference Guide, Section 2.Whenyou are away from the office,you can accessSlarTalkusingIhedialpadof any tone dial telephone.The Feature Codes lhat appear In lhls card are StarTalk defaultcodes. FeatureCodesare assignedduringinstallalion.For more informa-lion about FeatureCodes,see yourSystemCoordinator. II your companyis nol usingIhe default FeatureCodes,ask Ihe Coordinatorwhat theSlarTalkFeatureCodesare, and recordthem in Table 1.OperationNew FeatureLeave MessageFeature 9Open MailboxFeature 9CodeStarTalk IntercomNumber‘*Transfer2Feature 9 .-Feature9

Your MailboxBeforeyoucanuseyo rmailbo ,youmu :llllopen your mailboxchange your passwordrecord your name in Ihe Company Direcloryrecord your personal mailbox greeling(s)This is called initializingblitiatizingaMai’box.yourmailbox.To open and inilialiie your mailbox:uFeatun,IHFi/rl1.Press2.Enter Ihe defaull password3.To end the pa&ord.4.The display, or Ihe SlarTalk voice prompt, asks you lo enter your newIpersonal mailbox password.5.Using Ihe dialpad. enter your new mailbox password. Your passwordcan be from 4 lo 8 digits long. but il cannol start end your passworti. press7.Aller you have accepled your password, you are asked lo record yourname in the Company Direclory. Al Ihe lone, record your name.8.To end your recording, press(or 9.To accepl your recording, press(armjiFqFl lp{press((or- oraor You are now ready lo record your personal mailbox greelings. Once yourgreelings are recorded, you have Ihe option 01 selecling eilher your primaryor allernale greeling. II you do nol selecl a greeling. your primary greelingplays aulomalically.To end your SlarTalk session, replace the handsel or pressmNote: lnilializing a mailbox is only done Ihe firs1 lime you open yourmailbox:, A mailbox musl be initialized by ils owner beiore voice messagescan be received.3

Your MailboxGreetingEach mailbox has a primary and allemale greeting recorded by themailbox owner. Afler you have recorded your personal mailbox can choose which greeling you play lo callers reaching your mailbox.RecordingaGreetingTo record your gieelings. you must first open your mailbox using Ihe openMailbox Fealure Code. Once you have opened your mailbox:PressTo select Greeling Options. pressTo record your greeting. pressSelect which greeling you are going lo record.Note: You can choose lo record eilher your primary or allernalemailbox greeling, shown on Ihe display as @ 9 i tin) and (-n LJ 5.To record your greeling. press6.Al the lone, record your greeling. Remember lo speak clearly. al apace that is easy lo undersfand.7.To end your greeling. press8. To accept this recording, pressChoosing aMailboxGreeting(Tfi l .:Ior 111-1C.-o (‘IT)( .okor Ir#-1 or [IAfter the mailbox greeting is recorded, you can choose which greeling youare going lo use. II you do not ChOOSe a mailbox greeling, SlarTalkaulomalically plays your primary greeling. To choose a mailbox greelingyou must open your mailbox using the Open Mailbox Feature Code. Onceyou have opened your mailbox:1.Press(@jiiTior m2.To selecl Greeling Oplions. [email protected])or [email protected] l )or 1124.!&clwhich mailbox greeling your mailbox is going lo use.

LiStelliIlgTOMessagesEach lime you open your mailbox, StarTalkplays any Broadcast messages left by your System Coordinator, and intorms you 01 how many olhermessages are in your mailbox. Messages are played beginning wilh anyUrgent messages, lollowed by the lirst message lell in your mailbox.To lislen lo messages, you must open your mailbox using the OpenMailbox Feature Code. Once you have opened your mailbox:1.To lislen lo your new messages, press(PLRY)orTo lislen lo your saved messages, pressBlIE3Your lirsl message slarls to play. While listening lo a message, or after amessage has played, you can:Replay Ihe message:( c )(Z)or111Back up 9 seconds:(z-7)orIijJPause and Conlinue:(sroP)(F]or112-11 to pauseIhenmForward 9 seconds:(,Skip lo Ihe end 01 message: (K)(z)‘Yorormtoconlinuempiqpq

Play the previous message:Forward the message:Skip to the nexl message:Play lime and dale slamp:Save a message:Erase Ihe message:Reply lo the message:Volume’conlrol:Nole: After listening to lhe messages lefl in your mailbox and exilingStarTalk. all messages you do not erase are automatically saved.6

oliicalion,lo a telephonenumberoutsideyourbusinessor to a pager,alertsyouwhen messagesare lell in your mailbox.OH-premiseMessageNotiicalionis enabledin Ihe SlarTalkClassofServicedesignationby your SystemCoordinator.Note: You can directyourmessagenotifcationto any tone dial telephone.Setting UpOff-premiseMessageNotificationTo set up must firstopen yourmailboxusingIhe Gpen MailboxFeatureCode. Onceyou have openedyourmailbox:1. Open Ihe mailboxadmii menu, press(AOnln)or m2. Open Ihe messagenotifcalionmenu, press3. To set up messagenotifcafin, pressll!z3(ADnln)or 4. To selecta line,press(LlnE)or 111Nole: Youcan alsoselectline,pool or inlercom. For more informalion aboul SettingUp OH-premiseMessageNotifcalion,refer to theStarTalkReferenceGuide.-5. Enlera line,pool or IC number,press(7)or II#6. To acceptthe line,pool or IC number,press (7)or li#7. le: Whileyou are enteringa telephonenumber,you can press adialpadnumberto representdialtone recognilionor other telephonenumberoptions. WhenStarTalkis installedwith PBXc: C?nlrexandyou wan1lo accessan outsideline,you must enter the command lorecognizedial tone. For exam le. enter mlo accessan outside4-. to recognizedialtone, press mline,press111 then enter usfollowedby Ihe deslinalionnumber,pressmand any requiredpauses. Eachpause enteredis lour secondslong. For definitionsofPause,RecognizeDialTone and EnterMore Digits.refer to theSlarTalkReference Guide. Glossary.-(or Ir#8. To-endIhe telephonenumber,press9. To acceptlhe telephonenumber,pressco;7or m

10. To accept the destination type telephone, pressmand move to step 12.To change the destination fype to pager, presso,II#Note: The destination type can be either telephone or pager.StarTatk automatically selects telephone. When the pager destinationtype is selected. a pause must be inserted. The number of pausesrequired depends on the pager system being used.For more information about destinalion number DTMF Tone Commands refer to Appendix A. in the StarTalk Reference Guide.11. Jo accept the destination type, presscIY!cloJEtIf the message destination type is a telephone, you must set a slari time.12. Enler the time when Off-premise Message Notilicalion is lo start.Note: This is a lourdiiit field. Any single digit hour and minute mustbe preceded by a zero.13. Press14. Toacceptthestarttime.press15. Enter the time when On-premise Message Notification is to slop.Note: This is a fourdigit iii.Any single digit hour and minule mustbepecededbyazero.16. Press(-xi or 11117. Toaccqtthestoptime.pressI8

I”‘.;.,18. Toaccepl Ihe messagelypeNE ,p?ess (To changethe messagelypelo IJFGEV. press6r aNote: The delaull messagetype is NEW. This meansyou arenoliliedwheneveryou receivea new message. ChangingIhemessagetype changesNEWto URCXNT.Thismeansyou are onlynotifii when you receivean Urgenlrkssage.19. Toacceptlhemessagety end thisStarTalksession,press mOff-premiseMessageNoliliibeginsas soon as lbe starllime isreached. willbeallhedestinaliiphonenumber. YouwiUbecakdwheneveryou receivea message.DisablingOff-premiseMessageNotificationTo musl iii open yourmailboxusingtheOpeoMa&oxFeatureCode. Onceyourmai0oxisopen:1. openthemaiuloxadminmknu,pn?ss(ei)or m2. slenlotheoplbrts.pess4. TodisabkmessagenoyceaQn.presS(FiG)aflig,’ -ofloremireMess;yp Nlsdnlis-r*. 9

s I.” ChangingOffvemiseMessageNotifkationTo changeOtt-premiseMessageNotification,you must firstopen yourmailboxusingthe OpenMailboxFeatureCode. Onceyou have openedyour mailbox.1. Open the mailboxadmin menu, press(flDllln)or m(ADnln)or @ J2. Open the messagenotitiitiin menu, press3. To changemessagenotification,press(LlnE)4. To selecta line,pressNote: You can also selectline, pool or intercom.5. PressmI youdo not wish to changethe line,press (armor or a6. Enterthe new line number.7. To end the line number,press(OK)or 1#8. To acceptthe line number,press(XT)0rlijIf9. Press(CHnGarmIt you do not wish to changethe destinationtelephone(X&i)number, pressor II#10. EnterIhe new destinationtelephonenumber.Note: Whileyou are enteringa telephone number,you can pressadialpadnumberto represenlpause,dial tone recognitionor othertelephonenumbersequenceoptions.11: To end the telephonenumber,press(OK-)or II#-12. To acceptthe telephonenumber,press(OKorll#;r13. To change the destinationtype,press(chicorNote: The deslinaliontype can be eithertelephoneor pager.StarTalkautomaticallyselectstelephone.10

14. To acceptthe destinationtype,press(15. To changethe start time,press(CHnG)-II you do not wishto changethe time, press wor mornor ti16. Enterthe timewhen Off-premiseMessageNotitiiationis lo start.Note: Thisis a lour-digittield. Anysingledigit hour and minute mustbe precededby a zero.17. Press(Al()or 111(or 16. To acceptthe starttime, press(OK)or II#19. To changethe stop lime,press(CHWG)or 1111II you do nol wishto changeIhe time, press (e)Or prJ20. Enterthe lime when OH-premiseMessageNoliticalionis to slop.Note: This is a fourdigit lield. Any singledigilhour and minute mustbe precededby a zero.21. Press(arm22. To acceptthe sloptime, press(orII#23. To change Ihe messagetype,press(CHRC)or m24. To acceptthe messagetype, press(arm.-To end lhis SlarTatksession,press m

b?aVillgaMessageMessageDeliveryOptionsYou can leave a message direclly in any Slarlalk mailbox, as long as lhalmailbox has been initialized by lhe mailbox owner. To leave a message,you can use the Leave Message Fealure or Ihe Open Mailbox Feature.StarTalk provides you wilh four message delivery oplions. which are:Certilied(EG)or mThis. delivery oplion sends you nolilicalion that your message has beenreceived and read.Urgent(URCLII) or pJThis delivery oplion marks Ihe message,and plays it belore playing olher messages lelt in your mailbox.Privale(PRIU)or lEEIThis delivery option prevenls a niess3gelrom being forwarded lo anolher mailbox.Normal, (SEIID)or 0This delivery oplion sends a message loa mailbox. Normal messages areplayed in Ihe order in which lhey arereceived, and can be lonvardcd lo othermailboxes.Alter you have recorded your mailbox message, press 1wlo accessdelivery oplions. To use one of Ihe delivery oplions, press Ihe approprialcdelivery option number.Note: When leaving a’message. you can press 1mSlarTalk voice prompls in the alternate language.12lo lislen lo

To leave a mailbox Ihe mailbox number or Group Lisl number.Nole: I you do not know the mailbox number, press (OIRor1ato use the Company Directory. For details about Group Lislnumbers, see your System Coordinator.3.Once you have entered the mailbox number, the display shows themailbox owner’s name.4.To leave your message, press5.Al the sound of Ihe lone, record your message. Remember lo speakclearly, al a pace that is easy to undersland.6.To end your recording, press()armNole: Afler you have recorded your message, you can replay themessage or record Ihe message again.7.For delivery oplions. press8.To send your message, press((SEHDorp-JarmYou can also replace Ihe handsel lo send your message. When youreplace Ihc handset lo send your message, Ihe message is sent using theNORMAL delivery option.‘Y13

ForwardingCallsWhen you are not available lo answer your phone, you can forward yourNorslar lelephone direclly to StarTalk. Once you have lorwarded yourlelephone, StarTalk answers your incoming calls and lransfers lhemdirectly inlo your mailbox.Belore you can forward your calls lo StarTalk, you must know Ihe SlarTalklnlercom Number. II you do nol know SlarTalk’s lnlercom Number:The number lhal appears on your Norslar display is the StarTalk IntercomNumber.To Forward your calls lo SlarTalk:2.Thedisplayshows:3.Enler the SlarTalk Intercom Number.[ Forwardto:-------.---1All calls lo your telephone will now be answered by SlarTalk.Cancelling CallForwardTo cancel Call Forward, use one of Ihe melhods presenled here:3.14. [email protected])

Transferringa Call To aMailboxAnytimea callerwantslo leavea messagein a StarTalkmailbox,you caneasilytransferthe callerfrom your Norstartelephone. You can transferacallto any mailboxregisteredand initiatiiedwith StarTatk.To transfera callto a mailboxbornyour Norstartelephone:1. Press fzziqpq((gNvlpqNote: Do no! press hold.2. Enterthe mailboxnumberor use the CompanyDirectory.3.PressI(Ri;l or replacethe handset.Transferring a You can translera mailboxownerto the Open MailboxFeature. Formailboxownerscan be transterredlo their mailboxlo changeMailbox Owner * example,greetingsor retrievemessages.To transfera mailboxowner to StarTalkTO Stat-Talktrom your Norstarlelephone:or FlFflf[1. Press Gm)Note: The call is put on holdautomaticatly.Do nol press hold.2. EnterStarTalk’sIntercomNumber.3. Pressmor-replacethe handset.15

Assigningthe TargetAttendantThe Target Attendant is assigned lo answer a telephone when the callerreaches a mailbox. and presses (0) to speak with the operator. You canassign any valii extension as the Target Attendant. To change from theoperator to the Target Attendant once YOU have opened your exte&n 5.-Press(gulr)ormor.C.The Target Attendant is now changed from Ihe StarTalk Operator to yourpe-operator.UShJ the TheStarTatkCompanyDireCtDryCompany Directory is a tist of mailbox owners who have beenenabted by the System Cwrdinator to appear in the Company Directory.&mbershii in the D&tory is established by mailbox owners when theyinitialize their maitboxes. You can tind any inilialized mailbox by searchingthe Company Directory You can use the DirerMy when the:Norstar disptay shows: cr*OrStarTatk voice prompt announces: Press 111”‘1 to use the Directory,When using the Directory. enter the first lour letters of a mailbox owner’stasl name using the dialpad of any tone dial telephone. II you are using theDirectory from your Norstar telephone. the name of the mailbox owner-. .appears on the display. To accept the mailbox owner. press c--. o 2or 111The maitbox owner’s name is announced or appears on the display. If youdo not want the person who is announced, press [n’ix r-) or [uto hear the next matching name.Note: II you are trying lo find a mailbox owner with less than tour letters inthe last name, for example Fry, press- the buttons on the dialpad that spellthe entire IaSl name, and press c&K2or n

QuickUse Ihe programmable buttons on your Norslar lelephone forSlarlalk’s lnlercom Number. This will allow you to quickly and easilylorward your calls directly into your SlarTalk mailbox.lReferenceTipsOther Features.Whenever you. - are. .-unsure of StarTalk’s lnlercom Number, pressI\F ., ;, : 1 l e-jl[e ll[s The SlarTalk Intercom Number willappear on your Norslar display.II you gel losl using one of Ihe SlarTalk oplions, press laloreplay Ihe option list. When a Norslar one or two line display is beingused, pressing lubacks up Ihe display lo the previous displayprompl.To use StarTalk horn a single line display telephone, call StarTalk’sintercom Number and follow the voice prompts.To save lime, you can interrupt most prompls by pressing 10Ofsclecling a SlarTalk option. You cannot inlerrupt prompts that areinforming you of an error.For more inlormalion on other SlarTalk lealures. refer lo the StarTalkReference Guide. This Guide explains such lealures as:Aulomaled AtlendanfGroup LislsForwarding a MessagePasswords.Company Directory Name l&ILanguage SelectionGeneral Delivery MailboxEnvelope lnlormalionSelecting Mailbox Greelings

1. Call the Automated Attendant or your Norstar telephone from any tone dial telephone and press B m while the greeting plays. 2. Enter your Mailbox number/password and press a. 3. Press q , then press q and then press a . 4. Press q to enable or disable Call Forward. 5. Replace the handset to end the session.