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COME, YE CHILDREN, HEARKEN UNTO ME: I WILLTEACH YOU THE FEAR OF THE LORD.(PSALM 34:11, NKJV)Scripture has identified God calling children toserve and to go on His mission. Do you remember Samuel? When he was just a child serving inthe temple under Priest Eli, God called him to bea great prophet of his time. God chose David tobe the future king of Israel. He empowered himto defeat Goliath even when it seemed impossiblefor just a young boy. How about Josiah? He wasonly eight years old when he began to reign in Judah. The Bible said that the Hebrew nation neverhad a king quite like him (2 Kings 23:25). ConsiderEllen White, a sickly girl with little education andbarely out of her teens, yet God called her to theprophetic ministry.Children and teens are never too young to be involved in the mission of the church. Like Isaiah,they are ready to answer, “Here am I, Send me.”Many are willing to say, “I Will Go!” I Will Go to tell our friends of Jesus’ love I Will Go to preach, teach, and sharewhat we know2 I Will Go to raise money for the needyand the poor I Will Go to help those in the neighborhood I Will Go to sing and cheer up thelonely and discouraged onesIt is time for our church to strategize howto train and involve our children and youngpeople in the mission for the church. Ellen G.White points out that “in their early years children may be useful in God’s work. . . He desiresthem to be His little missionaries, denying theirown inclinations and desires for selfish pleasureto do service for Him; and this service is just asacceptable to God as is the service of grownup children” (Adventist Home, pp. 486, 487).Again, Ellen White reminds the church that“We have an army of youth today who cando much if they are properly directed and encouraged. We want our children to believe thetruth. We want them to be blessed of God. Wewant them to act a part in well-organized plansfor helping other youth. Let all be so trainedthat they may rightly represent the truth, givingthe reason of the hope that is within them, andhonoring God in any branch of the work wherethey are qualified to labor” (General Conference Daily Bulletin, January 29, 1893, p. 24).Let’s come alongside ourchildren and teens andtogether We Will Go on God’smission. Lift the PAUSE buttonnow and involve them in themission of the church.Linda Mei Lin KohGC Children’s Ministries Director

pandemicCHILDREN’S MINISTRIESCOVID-19 has indeed changed our wayof life in 2020. When it was declareda world pandemic, countries beganto impose lockdowns immediately. Schools,shops, restaurants, churches, stadiums,cinemas, offices, and many other facilitieswere closed by mandates from state orfederal governments. With kids staying homeand parents working from home, life becamemore stressful as well as challenging.IN THE MIDST OF THECan the pandemic stop our ministry to children?Absolutely not! Can we still nurture their faith eventhough we don’t meet them in person at church? Canwe stay connected with our children and teens fromSabbath school? Definitely! Our Children’s Ministriesdirectors at the divisions started to work immediatelywith their union and conference counterparts to meetthis challenge. Creativity blossomed as leaders beganto think outside of the box, resulting in wonderfulvirtual programs for children and teens.3

AND SAID, ‘TRULY I SAY TO YOU, UNLESS YOU ARE CONVERTED ANDBECOME LIKE CHILDREN, YOU WILL NOT ENTER THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN.’(MATTHEW 18:3, NKJV)4 Sabbath School Family worship ideas Daily devotional Puppet programs Prayer animations andactivities—100 Days ofPrayers; 10 Days of Prayer;Week of Prayer Vacation Bible School Videos on helping childrendeal with COVID-19 Learning fun crafts Digital evangelism Story hour Games nightFor training children’s leadersand teachers, division and uniondirectors organized virtual webinars and leadership certificationtraining on zoom. Leaders werealso connected through advisories and other zoom meetings.Thank God for giving our leadersbrilliant ideas and a continuedpassion for children and teens.

TSevenhe year 2020 started out with many plansand resolutions for personal life goals andchildren’s ministries. In the midst of all theseplans, Covid-19, came and uprooted everythingthat we all thought we knew. There has been fearand uncertainty. Many churches had to find waysto be creative online leaving children’s ministriesleaders to scramble on having resources to teachchildren. Children had to quarantine with their families and resort to virtual school, Sabbath schoolincluding vacation bible school and have been affected mentally, emotionally, and physically. Howwill the pandemic affect children’s ministries? Hereare 7 trends to expect in Children’s Ministries for2021.URGENT NEEDChildren’s ministry ismore important nowthan ever. Though wehear a lot about our senior citizens right now,our children are silentlysuffering in ways we didnot imagine a couple ofyears ago. After months of closed schools andstay-at-home orders, today’s kids feel unprecedented mental and spiritual suffocation. They feelisolated, abandoned, and hopeless. They desperately need the hope and love that is found in Jesusand his people.HIGH DEMANDThough some churches have lost a focuson children since COVID, families withchildren have felt a heightened desire for supportTRENDS TO EXPECT INCHILDREN’S MINISTRIES 2021from their churches. Many parents have steppedup to bolster their spiritual guidance for their kids,but they’re exhausted. They want help. They wantthe quality, energetic, child-friendly, Jesus-centered touch that a good children’s ministry brings.IN-PERSON EXPERIENCEParents, and society in general, areshowing a growing acceptance—anddemand—for in-person learning for children. Meanwhile the deficits of confining childrenare mounting. Everyone from psychologists to theCenters for Disease Control confirm that in-personlearning is much better for children, and it can beconducted safely. So, it’s time for Sunday schoolsand vacation Bible schools to do what’s best forkids, while following recommended safety protocols.KID’S SAFETYEven as the vaccines arerolling out, health officials advise that thepopulation needs tocontinue to take precautions. For many monthsto come, we can expectto see mask-wearing, social distancing, and frequent hand-washing. Eventhough last year some people predicted that children will never comply with these safety measures,kids generally adapted very well. In fact, childrenoften complied better than many adults. So, prepared children’s ministries will stock hand cleanerand kid-sized masks, and will adapt activities toenhance social distancing.5

SEE THAT YOU DO NOT DESPISE ONE OF THESE LITTLE ONES.FOR I TELL YOU THAT IN HEAVEN THEIR ANGELS ALWAYS SEETHE FACE OF MY FATHER WHO IS IN HEAVEN.(MATTHEW 18:10, NKJV)FASTER RETURNThe kids will come backto your children’s ministries. And they’ll returnfaster than the adults willreturn to church services.Researchers report thatbetween 25 and 50 percent of former church-going adults will not returnafter the pandemic passes. Over the past yearthey’ve formed different weekend habits that willbecome indelible. But as children return to schooland re-connect with their friends and teachers,they will also yearn to return to your children’sministries. And their parents will expect churchesto follow the example of the local schools. As theyfind comfort in sending their kids to school, theywill do likewise with church.GROWING NUMBERSSince the beginning of the pandemic,some churches have closed altogether.Some have curtailed their children’s ministries.And some will continue to resist restoring criticalprograms, such as children’s ministry. This will causethose churches’ families to look elsewhere for thekids’ best interests. They’ll migrate to the churchesthat are ready to meet their kids’ needs. This willlead to growing participation at the churches thatopen their doors. So, a proactive church that offersVBS every year may see increased attendance thissummer if other churches in the community holdback.UN-CROWDINGThe COVID quarantinementality has elevatedthe desire and need forhuman interaction, fellowship, and participation. Passively sitting andwatching others has lostits patina. And wedging into a crowd to passively watch the person atthe microphone has really lost favor during thesecontagious times. Plus, kids today want to be noticed, named, and known, according to research.If you’re primarily a spectator show, expect steadydecline. Churches and children’s ministries thatrely on stage performances will weaken. Handson, participatory experiences will reign, along withbreaking crowds into smaller relational groups.Even children’s ministries that continue to offer online sessions will need to incorporate active, participatory, relational, hands-on elements.In the midst of this ongoing Covid-19 pandemic,the Bible reminds us to, “Be joyful in hope, patientin affliction, faithful in prayer.” (Romans 12:12). “Ihave told you these things, so that in me you mayhave peace. In this world you will have trouble. Buttake heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:3)While we navigate through the uncertainty of thispandemic, God will provide the resources to continue empowering, and equipping children alongwith their families in this “new” normal.Adapted by Tanya -2021childrens-ministry/ (viewed on 11th February 2021).

witnessingAccording to David Boyd of AGKidMin, duringthis COVID-19 crisis, kids are stuck at home. Onegood thing about this crisis is that many peoplefor the first time are considering heaven, hell, andtheir own mortality. This is the perfect time forkids who have all this time at home to find ways totell the world about Jesus. Here are a few ways:Online Cards: Kids can use the online card companies and send cards to their relatives andfriends and leave a message about God lovingIDEASFROMhomethem. There are several online sites from wherethese cards can be sent inexpensively or free. Kidswould also love opening an animated card fromtheir Sabbath School teacher or children’s leadersshowing they are missed.Make a Homemade Card and Take a Picture: Kidscan make a homemade card for their loved ones,take a picture of it, and text or email it to theirloved ones. The card can have a message on itabout God’s love for them.7

COME, YE CHILDREN, HEARKEN UNTO ME: I WILLTEACH YOU THE FEAR OF THE LORD.(PSALM 34:11, NKJV)Phone Call: Kids can call their friends and lovedones, and as part of the call, they can ask if theyknow Jesus as their Savior. Often a child’s question can get through the tough skin of someone’sheart.Chalk Art: Kids are drawing gospel messages andverses on their sidewalks. As people walk by, theycan’t help but read these messages depositedthere by a child.Facebook Post: Kids can share their testimonyand post it on their parent’s Facebook page, withapproval of the parent.Facebook Prayer: Kids can record themselvespraying for Iran or Italy or China or America. Itcould perhaps be posted it in such a way thatmaybe people in those countries who are searching will come across “a child praying for Iran,” etc.Facebook Object Lessons: Kids can record themselves teaching with an object lesson, sharing theirfaith in a creative way, and posted it on Facebookfor people to find.Missionary Emails: Have kids send emails to missionaries and have kids of missionaries to tell themthey are praying for them as they serve overseas,Letters: Kids could write letters and mail them toloved ones. These letters should invite loved onesto know Christ while sharing love, concern, andprayers for their health.Nursing Homes: Almost every city has a nursinghome. Right now, these people cannot receiveany visitors, and many are getting lonely. Havekids make cards or write letters to the people ina nursing home and mail it. They can also shareabout Jesus and how much God loves them. Theresidents will enjoy receiving some encouragingmail.There are so many great ideas to allow kids toshare their faith from home. Keep your kids sharing their faith.Adapted from article by David Boyd fromAGKidmin, April 9, 20208

PRINCIPLES OF MINISTRY FORLeadersThe foundation of ministry is character.The nature of ministry is service.The motive for ministry is love.The measure of ministry is sacrifice.The authority of ministry is submission.The purpose of ministry is the glory of God.The tools of ministry are the Word and prayer.The privilege of ministry is growth.The power of ministry is the Holy Spirit.The model for ministry is Jesus Christ.By Larry G. Hess9



5 T he year 2020 started out with many plans and resolutions for personal life goals and children's ministries. In the midst of all these plans, Covid-19, came and uprooted everything