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Welcome to XFINITY InternetWelcome!You’ve made a great choice — with XFINITY Internet, not only do you get the fastest Internet in the nationaccording to PC Magazine, but also valuable extras that are included in your subscription. You can now beginto enjoy thousands of the best movies and TV shows online, plus you can check your email and voicemailanywhere with XFINITY Connect. Go to to get started.You also get the most comprehensive online protection with the Constant Guard Protection Suite, whichprotects your passwords and usernames, and gives you access to top-rated Norton Security Suite, identitytheft protection, and more — at no extra cost to you.With XFINITY Internet, you get up to 7 Comcast email addresses, so be sure to check your email regularly asthat is where we will send important announcements or updates related to your service.3

Quick Start GuideUsername and PasswordYou received your username and password during the Internet installation process. Keep this informationhandy — you will need it to access some features and benefits that are included with your XFINITY service.Primary UsernameAdditional UsernameAdditional UsernameAdditional UsernameAdditional UsernameAdditional UsernameAdditional [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] — Get the Most from Your XFINITY is where it all comes together. You can get your email, voicemail, TV Listings, online security, photosand music, as well as the lastest news, entertainment and sports all in one place.SearchSECURITY — Stay safe when you areonline and protect your computer. GetNorton Security Suite at no additional cost.TV LISTINGS — Find out what’s on TV,in high definition and On Demand.PHOTO CENTER — Share your photos,create photo cards, books, calendars andother unique gifts.SECURE BACKUP & SHARE — Receive2GB of storage space to protect valuablefiles, like photos, and share from anyInternet connection.Set Your Home Page Open an Internet Explorer window.Click on Tools in the top header.Select Internet Options.Type into the home page address box.On the Go Check email, news, weather and more on your mobile phone. Mobile phone with Internet access required. Direct your mobile phone browser to Looking for an app? Visit Help? Call 1-800-XFINITY. View FAQs on Chat with a representative; visit the support link and access: CHAT4

Safe and SecureConstant Guard from XFINITYOnly XFINITY Internet includes Constant Guard, the most comprehensive suite of online protection offeredby any major Internet Service Provider. It’s a 360 value included at no extra cost.In addition to protecting your passwords and personal information, such as user IDs and credit cards, youcan also enjoy the convenience of secure one-click access to your online accounts! Constant Guard alsoincludes: Norton Security Suite Network Protection Norton Online Family Customer Security Assurance IDENTITY GUARD XFINITY Toolbar Secure Backup & Share DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC)This award-winning security solution includesmust-have software like virus protection, firewall,Parental Controls and much more. Poweredby Norton 360 technology, it is a 160 valueincluded at no additional charge. Download it forup to 7 computers in your household.Use Parental Controls to help keep kids safeonline. Through Norton Online Family, parentscan supervise and control their children’sonline activity as well as limit access to Internetcontent.Identity theft protection, including Lost WalletProtection, unlimited ID recovery services fromthe Identity Theft Assistance Center (ITAC )and financial calculators and tools.2GB free of automatic backup protection in casesomething happens to your PC. By using SecureBackup & Share, your documents, photos andfiles are protected. Your important informationis backed up, protected and easily accessiblewhether you are home or away.Get notified from us if you have a malicious BOTtaking control of your computer. BOTs operatewithout the PC user knowing what is happening.They are designed to steal information like yourbank account, credit card and Social Securitynumbers, as well as usernames and passwordsthat you type online. Our team of trained expertswill automatically notify you if your computer isunder attack.Our team of trained experts is available forsecurity and safety questions or concerns.They can assist customers with issues related toviruses, BOTs, SPAM, phishing attacks and moreso that you can rest assured you and your familyare safe and secure when you are online.Protect yourself against phishing attacks andknow if you are visiting websites that may not besafe. Download the XFINITY Toolbar to give youadditional security and peace of mind.When you browse websites like,DNS is the Internet yellow pages convertingwebsite names to their proper location. Virusesand malicious software can hijack and modifyyour browser address entries. DNSSEC inspectsand insures that those addresses have not beentampered with, assuring you a safe Webbrowsing experience.To learn more about your products and services from XFINITY, please is a registered mark of Symantec Corporation. IDENTITY GUARD and associated logos are trademarks or federally registeredtrademarks of Intersections Inc. ITAC Victim Assistance is a federally registered trademark of ITAC, the Identity Theft Assistance Center, andis used by permission. Constant Guard and associated logos are trademarks or federally registered trademarks of Comcast Corporation.Constant Guard not available with Macintosh systems. For details about Constant Guard for Macintosh, visit

Safe and SecureConstant Guard Protection SuiteDownload the Constant Guard Protection Suite to safeguard your personal information, like usernames,passwords and credit cards, to encrypt and conceal what you type online. With the Protection Suite, you canworry less about cyber criminals stealing your private information without your knowledge. Even better — itserves as one easy and informative control center on your PC, so you can manage your online security from onesingle place. The Constant Guard Protection Suite gives you one-click access to safety and security productsoffered at no additional cost, such as Norton Security Suite, IDENTITY GUARD and more.To download Constant Guard Protection Suite, visit

Safe and SecureNorton Security SuiteSuperior Protection, Fast Performance Helps protect your computer, without slowing you down. Defend against viruses — Virus protection with security options that blockand remove viruses before they reach your PC. Helps secure and monitor your home network. Finds and fixes problems that slow your computer. Speeds up the computer’s startup time.To find out more, go to and search: NORTONAlso available for Mac users.Download product; image for illustrative purposes only.Norton Online Family Tracks each website that your child visits.Allows you to set limits on time your child spends on the computer.Monitors your children’s Instant Messages.Notifies you if your child performs any inappropriate activity.To find out more, go to and search: PARENTAL CONTROLSNot all features are compatible with Macintosh systems.7

Safe and SecureSecure Backup & ShareWe help provide peace of mind with the easier way to store and share all of your valuable files, like photos,music, video, emails and important documents. As a valued XFINITY Internet customer, you automatically getaccess to 2 gigabytes (GB) of online storage included at no additional cost with your Internet subscription —so you don’t risk losing files, photos or documents if disaster strikes your computer. Sharing your documentsand photos couldn’t be any easier; you can share your files from any Internet connection — even your mobilephone!Quick and Easy Backup Download once, and files can be identified and backed up automatically — for both PC and Mac users. Restore files easily in a few quick steps; save the time and avoid the hassle of burning CDs or using otherexternal storage devices.Secure, Reliable Protection Protect yourself against hackers with advanced encryption technology that helps keep files secure. Copy your valuable files to a secure, reliable location that’s always available to you.Remote Access and Sharing You get your own secure, personalized website for sharing files with family and friends. Remotely access your files using any Internet connection when using a compatible Web-enabledmobile phone.Go to and search: BACKUPSecure Backup & Share is also available for Mac users.8

Connect and CommunicateVisit XFINITY Connect to access your email, voicemail, personal or family calendarand a Universal Address Book.CalendarUse the enhanced calendar to keep track ofimportant dates and events, get remindersfor appointments and share your schedulewith family and friends. Plus, view listings foryour home DVR recordings and add in theschedule for your favorite sports teams andTV shows from any computer with an Internetconnection!VoicemailCheck voicemail online from any computerwith Internet access. Forward voicemailmessages to others through email, receivean email notification when a new voicemailarrives, listen to your messages in any order,review your call history and lots more!Readable VoicemailSwitch on readable voicemail in XFINITYConnect and receive your home voicemailsconverted to text and emailed to any emailaddress you choose.Spam ProtectionAs a Comcast subscriber, you benefit fromadvanced anti-spam filtering and protectionfor all of your email accounts.Extra Features Use Drag and Drop to drag emails fromyour inbox into your folders. Right click on an email for a menu offeatures, including reply, forward anddelete. Mouse over a photo attachment to see apreview of the photo. Type an email address, and Auto Completewill finish it for you if the address is in youraddress book. View your latest Facebook and Twitterfeeds on the XFINITY Connect home page.Quick Access1. Go to Click Connect at the top of the page, or theEmail or Voice button on the black bar on theright-hand side.3. Log in using your Comcast ID and password.EmailGet up to 7 email accounts for you and yourfamily members. Plus, enjoy a huge 10gigabytes of storage for photos, files andother important communications.Additional Email AccountsPrimary account holders can go to xfinity.comand click on My Account. Then follow theeasy steps to Create a Secondary Account.EasyChangeMake changing your email address quickand easy. Transfer your email, contactsand more from other email accounts toyour email. Get started now Address BookCombine your contacts from other emailaccounts, online address books and PCsinto one Universal Address Book. Plus, sende-cards right from your address book.Manilla.comManilla is a new free service thatautomatically retrieves, organizes andstores all of your Comcast bills, other bills,statements and online accounts in one place.Take it on the go —, when necessary, Comcast will send important service-related emailsto your email account.XFINITY Voice is required for Readable Voicemail.9

Manage Your EntertainmentYour Guide To is the online destination to get the most from your XFINITY subscription.Watch TV OnlineThe world’s greatest collection of On Demand shows and movies is only a click away. XFINITY TV offersthousands of TV shows and movies you want, with the convenience of watching online anytime, anywhere. TV & Movies — Enjoy over 60,000 shows and movies available online. Control your TV — Change the channel or start an On Demand program from your computer.Mobile AppsGet more from your subscription with mobile offerings from XFINITY. The XFINITY TV app and XFINITY Mobile app keep you connected on the go. For more information, check out TV app Watch TV on your iPad , iPhone and iPod touch — Watchyour favorite On Demand shows and movies right on your iPad ,iPhone and iPod touch . Remote Tune — You can change the channel on your TV or tunedirectly to an On Demand program on your TV. Remote DVR Scheduling — Schedule your DVR from whereveryou are. Enhanced Search — Navigate through thousands of TV shows andmovies — even those On Demand. Available devices — iPad , iPhone , iPod touch and Android .XFINITY Mobile app Email and Voicemail — Get your email and XFINITY visual voicemailtogether in one unified inbox on your iPad , iPhone , iPod touch ,Android and BlackBerry devices. Universal Caller ID — Available with iPad , iPhone and iPodtouch . See who’s calling your home number with our new Caller IDfeature. Call Forwarding — Forward your home phone calls to your iPhone ,iPod touch , Android and BlackBerry devices or other numbers. Account Management — Available with iPad , iPhone , iPod touch and Android devices. View your bill summary, make one-timepayments and set up automatic payments. Universal Address Book — Sync your iPad , iPhone , iPod touch ,Android and BlackBerry device contacts with your online UniversalAddress Book.Must have XFINITY TV service. Not all services/features available in all areas or on all devices. Features may vary depending on smartphonedevice. XFINITY DVR service required for DVR features. XFINITY Voice is required for voice-related features.10

Troubleshooting Your Hardware and SoftwareNeed Help With Your Computers or Home Network?We offer multiple installation and support options to help you better enjoy your new XFINITY Internet service.With 4 installation options — Self-Install Kit, On-site Internet Installation, On-site Wireless Network Set-up andRemote Wireless Network Set-up — and 2 support options to choose from, we’ve got you covered.Support Options Core Support — With your XFINITY Internet, you’ll receive support to make sure your XFINITY-providedequipment is running properly and delivering a fast, reliable connection. Your Core Support is included withyour XFINITY Internet service at no extra charge. XFINITY Signature Support — For expanded tech support, we offer XFINITY Signature Support — thefast, easy way to keep your computers, home network and other devices running smoothly day-after-day.With 24/7 live, remote support and plans starting as low as 4.95/mo, Signature Support is your affordablesource for expert tech support and equipment protection.Visit to learn more.How Can We Help?Core SupportXFINITY Signature Support Core SupportXFINITY InternetEnsure XFINITY equipment is working properly and replace if necessaryEnsure Internet connectivity on one wired deviceValidate speed settingsValidate Web browser settingsProvide instructions to set up email and Constant Guard Security SuiteWireless NetworkProvide default network name and password*Present instructions on accessing wireless device’s configuration page andresetting router to default settings*Provide ongoing router/home network supportEstablish security, encryption and firewall settingsEstablish print and file sharingHelp add WiFi devices to your networkComputer PerformanceProvide routine, tech-assisted PC tune-ups and security reviewsProvide operating system and software & hardware troubleshootingProvide technician-assisted virus, malware or spyware removalEquipment ProtectionWarranty protection for computers, laptops & tablet PCsWarranty protection for flat-panel TVsProtection from manufacturer defects, wear & tear and power surgesTo learn more about XFINITY Signature Support, visit* Must have XFINITY-provided wireless device to receive Core Support related to wireless network.11

The Comcast Customer GuaranteeThe Comcast Customer GuaranteeSince 1963, Comcast has been dreaming big. We bring exciting products and unparalleled choice tocustomers across America with our video, high-speed Internet, phone and online services. We push theboundaries of innovation and creativity because we want to exceed our customer’s expectations. We arecommitted to providing Comcast customers with a consistently superior customer experience. If for anyreason something goes wrong, we will work to resolve the issue quickly and as professionally as we can.We make the following guarantees to our customers: We will give you a 30-day, money-back guarantee, on our video, voice or high-speed services.If you’re not satisfied with your video, voice or high-speed service and wish to cancel for any reason, you cando so in the first 30 days and get your money back. Simply return all equipment in good working order andwe’ll refund the monthly recurring fee for your first 30 days of service and any charges you paid for standardinstallation. We will always be on time within your appointment window or we’ll credit you 20 or give you afree premium channel for three months. As a courtesy, we will call you before we arrive at your home.And if we fail to arrive for a scheduled visit during the appointment window, we will credit you 20 or giveyou a free premium channel for three months.* We will resolve routine issues in one visit or we’ll credit you 20 or give you a free premiumchannel for three months. After the first visit to your home, if we do not satisfactorily completeinstallation or can’t resolve a routine issue, we will credit you 20 or give you a free premium channel forthree months. Additionally, we won’t charge you for a service visit that results from a Comcast equipmentor network problem.* We will treat you and your home with courtesy and respect. Our technicians will display theirComcast identification clearly when they arrive at your home. They will be trained and equipped tocomplete the job on the first visit. Our Customer Account Executives (CAEs) will be courteous andknowledgeable when you contact us. We’re here for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions at your convenience. You cancontact us regarding any service-related issue by calling 1-800-XFINITY or in any of the following ways: Online via Ask Comcast Live Chat online with a Comcast technician Online Community Forum Send us an email and receive a response within 24 hours We will offer easy-to-understand packages and provide you with a clear bill. Our packages aredesigned to be straightforward. A call or visit to our website makes it easy to find a package that’s right foryou. We aim for the same clarity with our bills. You can view your monthly statement and service detailsanytime by visiting We will continually offer the best and most video choices. We’re working hard to bring morechoices to our customers instantaneously by using the full power of our advanced private fiber networkand decades of television experience. We will use On Demand to bring you dramatically more contentchoices, including more movies, more sports, more kids programs, more network TV shows and more HDthan anyone else.Every Comcast employee is dedicated to meeting the commitments above and to exceedingyour expectations. We are working very hard to serve our customers better and listencarefully to their feedback. If you have any thoughts or ideas about this Guaranteeor about your experience with us, we invite you to share your feedback with us byvisiting* 25 credit provided in Comcast systems in Illinois.12

How to Read Your BillYour Comcast Bill and Paperless Options withReceiving Your BillEach month, you will receive a bill for your XFINITY service(s). All customers are billed for services receivedand payments are due on the date indicated on your bill. You can also choose to go paperless with Comcast’sEcobill process by simply going to and signing up.Understanding Your BillView the diagram below to view the key features of your Comcast bill.Understanding Your Payment Options Go to to set up a recurring payment from your bank account. Or choose from otherone-time payment options, all without paper or stamps! Use your bank or credit union’s website to pay your bill directly from your bank account. In many cases, youcan also view your Comcast bill summary from your bank’s website. Mail your payment using the pre-addressed return envelope or bring your payment into our office.Please remit your payments before the due date. Payments received after this date are subject to a latepayment fee. Visit for 24/7 online support or call 1-800-XFINITY.11 “One-Stop-Shop” BoxImportant information, such as your account number, amountdue and date due.2 Contact Us2354Chat and email support are available 24/7.3 Monthly Statement SummaryYour payments and new charges.64 New Charges SummaryA breakdown of your new charges for the current billing period.5 News From Comcast7Important information about your account, products andservices.6 Savings InformationIf you are taking advantage of our promotions and discounts,we will show you how much you are saving.7 Payment CouponSimply tear it off and mail it in with your check or money order.Or go to and sign up for automatic payments.898 Service DetailsDetails of all new charges for the current billing period.9 Partial Month Charges and CreditsIf you add, change or remove a service during your billing cycle,any partial month charges or credits are here, along with abrief description of what changed.Actual bill may vary slightly.13

Frequently Asked QuestionsHow can I set my home page to your Internet Explorer browser is open, select the Tools drop-down menu and select Internet Options. Inthe home page address box, type and then click OK to accept.How many email addresses come with my subscription?You are able to create up to seven email addresses associated with your account. To add an email address, signin at under your Primary Account. Select the My Account link on the home page. In theEmail Settings table, select Create Additional Email Accounts.What should I do if I misplaced my Comcast username or password?If you do not remember or have lost your Comcast username and password, please contact 1-800-XFINITY.If you forgot your password, go to and simply enter your Comcast ID oremail address and it will start the password reset process.Where can I find online help with my XFINITY Internet service?For questions with your XFINITY Internet service, please visit the Learning Center under Top Questions To chat with a customer service representative for assistance, call 1-800-XFINITY.What is the difference between and can visit to purchase or learn more about XFINITY products and services. You canalso manage your account online. In addition, provides general company information, includinginvestor information, diversity, community involvement, career information and customer support.Customers can visit to check their email and voicemail or find out what’s on TV. In addition to findingthe latest news and videos, customers will find access to movies, games and online photo sharing.What is a One-Click Fix?One-Click Fixes are designed to perform many common tasks with just one click. Tasks that involve a seriesof steps, such as clearing your history or clearing temporary Internet files, can now be performed quickly andeasily. The first time you run a One-Click Fix, you may be prompted to download and install Web controls. Thisprogram is a very small download and will only need to be installed once.How do I increase the speed of my connection?Contact Comcast at 1-800-XFINITY or go online to to find out which high-speed Internet option isbest for you.What should I do if I am having trouble connecting to the Internet?First, check your power and connections to make sure any power strips connected to your equipment are onand that you have not lost power to your computer. Test to be sure your coax cable is tightly connected bothto your cable wall outlet and computer. Also, check to make sure your Ethernet cable is secured to both yourcomputer and your cable modem.Second, “power cycle” your cable modem. This is a simple reset of your modem that often will restoreconnectivity. To perform a power cycle, unplug your cable modem from the electrical outlet. You can unplug itfrom the wall or the back of the modem, but be sure to leave it unplugged for 2 minutes; after 2 minutes, plugthe power cord back into the modem. Wait for the modem to regain connection (this may take up to 5 minutes).Ensure that the cable lights on the modem are steady and then test the connection by trying several sites on theWeb. If you have an eMTA (if you have XFINITY Voice service, you will have this unique cable modem), you canperform the same function by using the Reset button located on the back of the unit. Using a pen, paper clip orother pointed object, press the Reset button until you see the lights go off on the front of the unit. Release theReset button and wait for the unit to cycle. Follow the same steps above to check connectivity.Third, check for network issues. If you have a router or network device connected to your modem, tryconnecting the Ethernet cable directly to your computer instead of to the network equipment. If this restoresyour connection, the issue is likely with your router or configuration.Finally, restart your computer. If this does not restore your service, call us at 1-800-XFINITY and a technicianwill assist you.14

Internet ConnectionConnect & Power Up1. Connect the coax cable from your cable wall outlet to the Cable In/RF In connection on the back of yourmodem. You only need one coax cable for this setup, so select the one which best suits your needs.2. Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet connection on your computer and plug the other endinto the Ethernet connection on the back of your modem.Is your connection different? Information for alternate connections is available in this section of your UserGuide.3. Plug the power cord into the back of your modem, then into an electrical outlet. If your modem has a Powerbutton, turn it on.4. Before proceeding, wait for the online connection light on the front of your modem to stop flashing and remainsolid. This light may be labeled Online, Sync, Cable or Ready. This process may take up to 10 minutes.5. Do you have other kits to set up? If so, do that now. If not, go to page 17 to activate your service.1Cable Wall OutletCoax CableCable In/RF In2ComputerEthernet CableEthernet3Electrical OutletPower CordPowerBack of Modem15

Internet ConnectionAlternate Connection Using a Splitter1. Unplug all of your devices from the electrical outlet.2. Locate the coax cable coming from your cable wall outlet and disconnect it from the back of your existingdevice.3. Connect the coax cable from your cable wall outlet to the single-connector side of the two-way splitter.4. Connect one end of the 3-ft. coax cable to one port on the double-connector side of the splitter and connectthe other end to the Cable In/RF In connection on the back of your existing device.5. Connect one end of the 20-ft. coax cable to the other port on the double-connector side of the splitter andconnect the other end to the Cable In/RF In connection on the back of your new device.6. Make sure all connections are secure.7. Plug all of your devices into an electrical outlet.Existing DeviceCoax Cable4Cable In/RF InSplitter3Cable Wall OutletCoax CableCoax Cable5Cable In/RF InNew Device16

Internet ActivationActivateDo you have other kits to set up? If so, do that now and then begin activation.1. Have your Activation Information on hand. You can find this in your red XFINITY folder.2. Go online and you will automatically be connected to the XFINITY Activation Web page.3. Follow the instructions on the displayed screens.Or, if you would like to activate your new XFINITY Internet service using your phone, please ion17

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Constant Guard from XFINITY Only XFINITY Internet includes Constant Guard, the most comprehensive suite of online protection offered by any major Internet Service Provider. It's a 360 value included at no extra cost. In addition to protecting your passwords and personal information, such as user IDs and credit cards, you