Goulburn Valley Engineering TimesNewsletter of the Goulburn Valley Group of Engineers AustraliaAugust 2008Volume16CHAIR’S PIECEA few times this year, the committee of the GV Group of Engineers Australia tried to sit back andtake a breather, but again another opportunity for an event would materialise and it would bepromptly added to our list which, when combined, formed a stream of successful and wellattended events.As a result, it has been a fantastic year to be part of the committee or an active member of ourgroup as we have hosted a large number and a wide range of events. Our sponsors have againsupported our committee by providing staff, venues and sites for our members to visit and hearabout.The water debate has now progressed to action on the ground, with the modernisation of theirrigation system in our region well underway. Our group has and will continue to offer speakersand site visits to keep our members informed about this historic project.At our inaugural sponsor’s breakfast, members of our committee learned that the theme ofinforming members about the modernisation project should continue and that our efforts topromote engineering as a career locally are being appreciated. This breakfast was an excellentinitiative as it provided positive feedback from our sponsors as well as new ideas and themes toinvestigate and feature into the future. This event is to become an annual event.The committee manned a stand at the Careers Day Out 2008 and provided a speaker to thecareer forums. Our group also promoted local engineering opportunities and supported JaneO’Brien, Migration Coordinator for the City of Greater Shepparton, through a joint presentation atthe Engineering Career Expo in Melbourne this year. Our group will continue to remain active inpromoting engineering and the great career opportunities that exist in the local region.The committee believes that our activities also play an important role in aiding the integration ofoverseas engineers into our community through increasing their understanding and knowledge oflocal issues and providing opportunities to meet and network with other engineering professionals.Our group will continue to promote this region as a destination for overseas engineers and toprovide an important local professional development service.I would like to thank all members who attended and participated in our events this year. We gain alot of enjoyment and satisfaction from seeing large numbers at our events and we hope you willcontinue to support and enjoy our events in the coming year.Steve NashChairPage 1 of 10

EVENTS OVER THE PAST12 MONTHS2007 Annual General MeetingLast years AGM was attended by 90people at the Olive Grove Restaurant on20 August 2007. The AGM was attendedMr Geoff Robinson, Chairman of theVictorian Division of EA and PeterGodfreys, Victoria’s representative on EANational Council.Following on from our previous year’sentertainment of an acrobatic group, wewitnessed a performance by a magician,Cath Jamieson – Women of Deception.Many a calculating mind was challengedin working out how her bizarre tricks werecomposed, although some of her acts didnot sit well with the relaxed atmosphereof the evening. Another entertainmentselection that did not quite work asplanned – but again, did create a lot ofheated discussion during and after herperformance – so possibly a winneranyway.So, we have again returned to aprofessional comedian for entertainment.Steve NashEnvironmental FlowsGeoff Earl (GBCMA)A lunch seminar was held at PinesCountry Club Function on 17 August 2007where Geoff Earl of Goulburn BrokenCatchment Management Authority gavean overview of the planning forenvironmental flows in the GoulburnBroken Catchment.As volumes of water become available toachieve environmental outcomes, thewater needs to be actively planned andmanaged to maximise the benefitsachieved. This requires a mix ofPage 2 of 10environmentalscienceandwaterresource engineering disciplines. Geoffgave some examples of environmentalflows that had been released in recentyears and some of the engineering issuesthat needed to be addressed.Julie MurrellCareer TransitionSteve PilcherSteve Pilcher generously donated histime to present two seminars on careertransition, at Mulones. The seminarswere highly interactive and coveredaspects of a professional’s career,focusing particularly those aged between30 and 44 years of age. Topics included: Career trendsConsultingv’scontracting;private v’s public v’s tertiary;Goulburn Valley v’s Melbourne v’selsewhere Stages of one’s personal growth Ten career options SWOT analysis Career goals – short, medium &long termCareer/life milestones for today’sprofessionals Steve presented some very practical toolsforassessingcareerdirection,challenging us to think about issues wemay not have otherwise considered. Thetwo sessions were thought provoking andencouraging that change is achievable.Feedback from the session includedcomments such as “Steve is an engagingpresenter, affable and connects with theaudience. Good body language and voicecontrol”, “Could listen for hours!”.Approximately 40 people attended thesessions.Jane Waser

Asset ManagementTom Carpenter, GHD - CharlotteEngland, Chiefly Business SchoolThis was a joint presentation by GHD andthe Chifley Business School held at thePines Country Club Function Room on 9November 2007 on the VocationalGraduate Certificate in Physical AssetManagement.The lunchtime seminar was hosted byGeoff Pettifer of GHD with a presentationby Tom Carpenter GHD and CharlotteEngland of Chfiley Business School. Theaim of the presentation was to gainenough participants from the local regionso that the course could be held locallyand have a regional theme to the course.It is a work based course that wasattended by 20 people.Steve NashRisk and ReliabilityGaye FrancisA lunch time seminar was held atMulones Reception Centre on 16November 2007 where a presentationwas made by Gaye Francis, Director ofRisk & Reliability Associates, R2A. Thetheme of the presentation was on amethod for satisfying technical duediligence requirements and the SILprovisionsofAS(IEC)61508simultaneously for both statutory (OHSlegislation) and common law criteria inAustralia. The seminar was attended by25 people.Steve Nash2007 Christmas PartyThe annual Christmas party was held atthe Longleat Winery on the 29 November2007 and was attended by around 30people, including partners and families. Abus was organised to ferry revellers toPage 3 of 10and from Shepparton via Tatura for theevent.SamBirrell again provided theentertainment for the evening, whileeveryone munched on the cheese andbickies and sampled the very nice wines.A gourmet BBQ dinner and sweets werealso provided, which was again wellreceived.Steve Nash2007 Christmas PartyRiverland Oil SeedsDaryl Haines, Operations SupervisorLloyd Payne, Building SurveyorRiverland Oilseeds Site inspection washeld on the 27th February 2008. DarylHanes,OperationsSupervisorofRiverland Oilseed Processors, was ourtour of the site. We were shown the entireprocess from Canola seed to Canola oiland Canola meal and everything inbetween. It was very interesting to look atthe machinery and the amount ofautomationandalarmsystemsincorporated in the process. Each motorand process has sensors and alarms toallow full monitoring of the system andenables the operator to detect a fault, orpossible fault in the system very early.This minimises losses and excessive workbecause if there is a failure and amachine becomes clogged then itbecomes a very manual operation todismantle the machine and remove the

unprocessed material before it sets hard,not to mention time consuming.RecentlyRiverlandOilseedshaveconstructed a large meal shed some3,250 square metres of floor area andover 41,000 cubic metres in volume. Thisbuilding is outside the standardmaximum size as stipulated by thebuilding regulations without incorporatinga sprinkler system. The project requiredan engineering solution to determine it scompliance with the performance basedaspects of the building regulations and anassessment by the CFA regarding thenature of the material to be housed in thebuilding. It was determined by practicaltesting at the CFA testing facility that theCanola meal was non-combustible, in factit proved very effective in putting the fireout. Based upon these findings and theengineering report a performance basedsolution permitted the building to beconstructed with a fire fighting serviceconsisting of hydrants, hose reels andportable fire extinguishers.The site inspection was concluded with ameal at the Shamrock Hotel inNumurkah.Lloyd PayneDesalination PlantsNick Kelleher, GCDAJulie Murrell, BluewaterThis was a joint presentation by NickKelleher on his experiences at the GoldCoast Desalination Alliance (GCDA) andJulie Murrell on her experiences at theSydney Desalination Plant being designedand built by the Bluewater consortium.The presentations provided an overviewof the design of the 125 Ml/day GoldCoast Desalination Plant and the 250ML/day Sydney Desalination plants. Thedifferent contractual arrangements andconstruction methodologies weredetailed.This was a lunch presentation held at thePines Country Club on the 7 March 2008.The presentation was attended by 54people.Julie MurrellHow to Engineer a Wealthy FutureMike HallHow to Engineer a wealthy Future was anafter work seminar held at Mulones onthe 9th April 2008. Mr Mike Hall, Directorof Wealth Management Division ofMaxwell Brown & Mountjoy was our guestspeaker.The seminar was well attended witharound 35 people attending from all agesand engineering disciplines. It was verypoignant for Mike to discuss the role ofSuperannuation as the figures were notlooking so well. His main message inrelation to Super was to think of the longterm. There will always be ups and downsbut history shows that over the long termthere has been a steady growth of assetsand wealth.Riverland Oil Seeds Site VisitPage 4 of 10

Mike discussed the concept of creatingpersonal wealth and stressed to theyounger members of the audience thatsaving a nest egg by putting a little awayeach week is not necessarily the mosteffective way of saving. As like anyhousehold there are numerous pressureson the income of the house, mortgage,power, gas, water, rates, phone, car,holiday, etc He indicated that after all ofthese things us minimum the buy or thebargain of the week then there may besomething to put into that savingaccount. So the solution to this is tochange the priority, that is borrowingmoney, put yourself into debt and thenthis will make it the first payment priorityand thus ensure the saving component ismaintained. This eliminates the pressureat the end of the chain as if there s anymoney left then it really is available tospend on that bargain of the week,however this hardly is ever the case andas such you automatically become morefrugal with your spendable moneyknowing that your asset building bypaying of your loan or mortgage first.Daren presented on the alliance whichhas been established to help G-MWdeliveraround 275millionofmodernisation works over the next twoyears. The alliance is made up of G-MW,Transfield Services (Australia), SinclairKnight Merz, Comdain Civil Constructions,URS and Plum Communications.Thetheme of the presentation was on thealliance arrangement and the proposedworks program.The seminar wasattended by 52 people.Julie MurrellTestarossa Tomato GreenhousePeter Leahy, PlanrightAndrew Douglas, Grower ManagerA site visit was held at the TestarossaTomato Greenhouse on the Midlandhighway on 29 May 2008. The site visitallowed those that attended to enteranother world of 20 long tomato plantsand cucumber plants suspended from theceiling.The message of the night was “super forthe long term” and “the best way to savewas go into debt”.Peter Leahy of Planright hosted the eventand gave and overview of the design ofthe complex fully imported from theNetherlands. Grower Manager, AndrewDouglas showed visitors around the 4.2hectare hothouse complex which is usedfor growing hydroponic tomatoes of thehighest quality. The tour included accessto the growing areas, recycling watersystem and the boiler room. The site visitwas attended by 42 people.Lloyd PayneJulie MurrellMany other aspects were briefly touchedon such as tax effective investment,which depends on your specificcircumstances and that is where a goodadvisor can help.Future FlowDaren Nabbs, Alliance ManagerA lunch time seminar was held at thePines Country Club on 16 May 2008where a presentation was made by DarenNabbs, Alliance Manager for theFutureFlow Alliance.Page 5 of 10

statistics relating to usage and operatingcosts of the complex. Followed by aninspection of the recent buildingextensions and a walk through the poolplant room. The site visit was attendedby 21 people.Jane WaserTestarossa Tomato GreenhouseSponsors BreakfastMalones CaféOver 28 representatives of varioussponsors attended a free breakfast atMulones Reception Centre on June 122008 to thank them their continuedsupport and to provide an opportunity todiscuss the role and focus of our groupinto the future.The breakfast provided a relaxed start tothe day and members of the GV Groupcommittee sat with the sponsors tocollect their ideas for future events andthemes that our group could facilitateover the next 12 months.Channel Plastic LiningJohn HarveyA site visit was held to inspect a sectionof channel that was being lined with aHDPE plastic lining. The site visit wasfollowed by a presentation and diner atthe Royal Mail Hotel in Mooroopna.John Harvey, Project Manager of theChannel Remediation Section of theFuture Flow Alliance gave visitors anoverview of construction methods toinstall the HDPE plastic lining.Thefollowing presentation detailed the trialsand tribulation of the channel plasticlining to date. The site visit was attendedby 19 people.Julie MurrellThe feedback and attendance wereexcellent for this inaugural event and assuch, it is planned to make this an annualevent on our calendar.Steve NashAquamoves Master PlanTony Tranter (COGS)An after work site visit was conducted atthe Aquamoves complex on 9 July 2008.The complex is owned and operated bythe Greater Shepparton City Council.The purpose of the visit was to discussthe upcoming future development of theoutdoor area including a splash park andbeach area.Tony Tranter, ManagerAquatic Services, also discussed thePage 6 of 10Plastic Lining Site Visit

EVENTS SUMMARYEvent2007 AGMShepparton WTP TourEnvironmental FlowCareer TransitionAsset ManagementRisk and ReliabilityChristmas PartyGolf/Lawn BowlsRiverland Oil SeedsDesalination PlantsWealth SeminarFuture FlowTomato GreenhouseSponsors BreakfastAquamoves Master PlanChannel Plastic LiningTotal for the yearAttendees9050361420252629954355242282119550The committee wishes to extend itssincere thanks to not only those that havetaken time to present but also those whohave attended. We look forward to yourongoing interest.The committee is always on the lookoutfor interesting events so please pass yourideas on.YOUNG ENGINEERS EVENTSYoung Engineers Golf/Bowls EveningMooroopna Golf ClubTo kick off the New Year, we held a Golfand Lawn Bowls evening for YoungEngineers in Mooroopna with 29 inattendance.The majority of people opted for thelonger and probably more frustratingwalkaroundthegolfcourse.Unfortunately for golf ball manufacturers,the dams were dry but as it turned out,we discovered it was still possible to losehalf a dozen balls in nine holes.Page 7 of 10For the lawn bowlers, most of us didn’trealize there were different size andweight bowls, so as engineers we spentthe next few hours in serious debatetrying to decipher which ones would havean advantage.The end result was that even in perfectweather, none of us were very good athitting a little white ball, regardless ofwhat sport we played. Eventually, we allgot the chance to sit down and swap afew stories at the BBQ afterwards.Ashley TriggerGolf/Bowls EveningCOMMUNITY CONTRIBUTIONSMaths/Science AwardsEngineers from Overseas and MathsScience Awards 15 November 2007,Eastbank, Shepparton.A very successful joint function was heldat the Eastbank Centre to profilepotential future engineers as well asengineers who have recently immigratedto Australia to work. This theme had beenused the previous year successfully andagain proved work well.The main problem next year will be tofind another speaker who could matchthe energy and world travel experiencesthat David Barraclough presented on thisevening. His opening words about hearingas a child the stories of cannibalism from

a surveying team returning from anexpedition around a camp fire in southernAfrica – is a very unique way to start adream of a career as an engineer – but itcertainly captivated the minds of thosewho witnessed the presentation. He thencontinued to track how engineering hadlead him around the world, throughvarious jobs, to his current destination atTatura.spoke about the current and futureopportunities in the region.The Maths Science Awards were againpresented by the Federal Member forMurray, Dr Sharman Stone to the bestfive Maths/Science students in theGoulburn Valley. The awards included a 200 book voucher and a copy of“Pompei”, a story where a water engineeris the hero. The Award winners includedDanny Muldeary, Lachlan Stammers,Brad Nardella, Scott Glossop and XavierSnell.Careers Day Out - SheppartonThe presenters focused on regionalopportunitiesincludinggraduateprograms, scholarship schemes andunique employment roles that exist. Theyalso presented the positive aspects of thelifestyle in the local region.Steve NashThe GV Group of Engineers Australiamanned an information booth at theCareers Day Out in Shepparton on 14 and15 May 2008 and also participated in thestudent panel sessions, promotingengineering as a career and the manyopportunities that exist within the localregion.Jacinta O’Connor was also the winner ofthe “Hannam” award for the leadingfemale secondary student, which issponsored by Graeme Pollard.Steve NashEngineering Expo - MelbourneThe GV Group of Engineers Australia ran aseminar promoting the Goulburn MurrayRegion as a land of opportunity forengineers during a break out session ofEngineers Careers Expo in Melbourne on17 April 2008. Vic Division was ecstaticwith the response to the expo which wasvisited by over 2000 tertiary and highschool students as well as experiencedengineers looking at career change.The presentation was convened by RyanHeil with the speakers including JaneO’Brien, Migration coordinator, who spokeof the support available, Craig Doubleday,who provided a young engineersperspective, and David Barraclough, whoPage 8 of 10The information booth was visitedfrequently by students, until the free pensran out, and at the panel sessions, therewere more questions for the young lawyerthan the engineer – so we will have tolook at brightening up our speaker –maybe some props and a colourful shirtmay have helped and a couple of funnyjokes.Steven Nash

Public Tour and BBQShepparton Water Treatment PlantTwo different groups tour the SheppartonWater Treatment Plant in Welsford St.The plant, which services more than50,000 people and a number of majorindustries, has a total treatment capacityof 110 ML per day.Around 20 people attended the 30minute tours, which also included a freeBBQ.2009/2009 COMMITTEESteve Nash (Chair)Julie Murrell (Secretary)Dean Delahunty (Treasurer)Lloyd Payne (Events Coordinator)Jane WaserRyan HeilBen RossDavid SouthcombeYi HeYao ChenDamien DakinAshley TriggerCORPORATE SPONSORSHIPGV GROUP ONLINEEmailMembers and potential members withinour area can register to have emailcopies of all mail-outs sent to them. Ifyou would like to be on the list, pleaseemail Lloyd Payne at:[email protected] to the Goulburn Valley Groupwebsite is available through the VictoriaDivision COMMITTEEIn the last 12 months, the committee haswelcomed Ben Ross, Julie Murrell, RyanHeil, Chris Massey and Dean Delahunty.The other continuing members are:Steve NashJamie GuthrieRoss TitchmarshJane WaserLloyd PayneAshley TriggerPage 9 of 10The GV Group relies on the generoussupport of our sponsors. Without them,the development of the local engineeringnetwork would be significantly moredifficult.The GV Group committee would like toextend its sincere thanks to our Corporatesponsors. The committee’s thanks arealso extended to Engineers AustraliaVictoria Division for their ongoing support.If you would like more information aboutcorporate sponsorship, please contactany of the committee members.

TREASURER’S REPORT 2007/08A number of changes to the GV Group accounts have been implemented since the outgoingtreasurer, Mark Banting, handed over the reigns in October 2007. The group now utilises VictoriaDivisions banking and accounting facilities and most payments are now made via corporate creditcards. These new processes will ensure that our budget remains in balance and that financialauditing is maintained to a consistent level.The approved contribution from Victoria Division in 2007/08 of 7,750 represented an increaseover the previous year’s contribution of 4,654. The actual contribution in 2007/08 was less thanthe approved contribution due to lower costs for the year. The committee has resolved to addressthis shortfall in expenditure through an improved schedule of key-note speaker events. It isexpected that the requested budget contribution for 2008/09, similar to that approved for2007/08, will be approved by Victoria Division in the coming weeks.Dean DelahuntyGeneral Ledger for 2007-2008 Financial YearIncomeIncomeExpenditureBalanceEvent attendances 7,539.00Sponsorship 7,539.00Student prizes 250.00Bank interest 15.13Total 15,504.13Events expenses- 18,714.30Student prizes- 1,350.00Bank charges- 60.00Write-offs- 550.00Total- 20,674.30Vic Division contribution- 5,125.30(NOTE: Above figures subject to Vic Division confirmation)GV Group bank accountOpening balance 3,385.73Closing balance 3,340.86Page 10 of 10

England, Chiefly Business School This was a joint presentation by GHD and the Chifley Business School held at the Pines Country Club Function Room on 9 November 2007 on the Vocational Graduate Certificate in Physical Asset Management. The lunchtime semina