Southern Campaigns American Revolution Pension Statements and RostersENLISTMENTS, MUSTER ROLLS, AND PAY ROLLS OF GEN. PULASKI’S LEGIONMARCH 1779 TO NOVEMBER 1780Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris. Revised 17 Sep 2016.INTRODUCTIONKazimierz (or Casimir) Pulaski, born in Poland on 4 Mar 1747, is one of the most celebratedfigures of the American Revolutionary War. After arriving at Boston in July 1777 and serving as Gen.Washington’s Aide-de-Camp at the Battle of Brandywine, he quickly won the attention of Congress,which commissioned him a Brigadier General and Commander of the Horse. (See time line below.) On28 March 1778 Congress authorized Pulaski to raise an independent legion – a force comprising bothcavalry and infantry. Pulaski recruited first in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York and then filledout the ranks in Baltimore with many Hessian prisoners and deserters. The present transcription listsmany of the soldiers’ names as recorded in their enlistment oaths, muster rolls, and payrolls, as found beginning with image These rolls encompass thecrucial period from March 1779, when the Legion left Pennsylvania for South Carolina, until after thesiege of Savannah in October 1779, where Pulaski was killed and the Legion depleted.The following table showing the date and place of each roster and the number of troops chroniclethe depletion of the ranks by discharges, desertion and casualties.FIRST TROOP OF LIGHT DRAGOONS (LANCERS)Capt. Jan Zielinsky (Zielinski)19 Mar 1779 York PA27 Jul 1779 Charleston SCCapt. (Peter) Paul Bentalou20 Dec 1779 Charleston SCSECOND TROOP OF LIGHT DRAGOONSCapt. (Peter) Paul Bentalou19 Mar 1779 York PACapt. Jerome Le Brun de Bellecour 17 Dec 1779 Sheldon SCTHIRD TROOP OF LIGHT DRAGOONSCapt. Henry Bedken (Bedkin)19 Mar 1779 York PACapt. ONeill17 Dec 1779 Sheldon SCCAPT. HENRY BEDKEN’S TROOP OF LIGHT DRAGOONSCapt. Henry Bedken13 Dec 1779 Morristown NJ15 Mar 1780 Westfield NJCOMPANY OF GRENADIERS (HEAVY CAVALRY)Capt. James, Chevalier de Segond 19 Mar 1779 York PAFIRST COMPANY OF INFANTRYCapt. Le Brun de Bellecour27 Jul 1779 Charleston SCSECOND COMPANY OF INFANTRYCapt. Le Brun de Bellecour19 Mar 1779 York PACapt. James, Chevalier de Segond 27 Jul 1779 Charleston SCTHIRD COMPANY OF INFANTRYCapt. Frederick Paschke (Pamke) 19 Mar 1779 York PACOMPANY OF LIGHT CHASSEURS (RIFLEMEN)Lt. William Roth19 Mar 1779 York PASUPERNUMERARY COMPANYCapt. Joseph Baldesqui19 Mar 1779 York PA148 (p8)35 (p25)22 (p37)52 (p13)18 (p32)54 (p15)17 (p34)20 (p36)14 (p38)45 (p17)18 (p27)42 (p19)28 (p29)49 (p21)53 (p10)31 (p23)

In these records the spellings of names are particularly difficult. Some are German names writtenin English as they sounded to a Frenchman. Many names appear on more than one roster with differentspellings, and some officers even signed their own names with two different spellings. In doubtful cases Ihave tried to give more likely spellings in brackets. I have also added the number of any pension orbounty-land applications, as well as the letter B to indicate soldiers recruited at Baltimore according to alist published by Spencer (1918).The pages I have transcribed are rearranged chronologically rather than in the sequence found Some pages in the file are not transcribed here because they are redundant. In addition I haveelected not to transcribe the following pages that do not list soldiers’ names:“Account of Money paid Count Pulaskie’s Legion” 7 May 1778 - 4 March 1779“Monies paid Gen’l Count Pulaski on Acc’t of his Legion by the Board of War” 9 May - 22 Oct 1778“A General Account of the Expences Made by General Count Pulaski’s for his Legion” 1778“Cash advanced by the payment of the Board of War & adv’d to Count Pulaski for the use of his Legion”The following two lists suggest that the transcribed rosters may not include all those in theLegion.Pension applicants who apparently served in Pulaski’s Legion but are not on the transcribed rolls:Joseph Bertoulin R802James Blackburn S39197James Busby W2995Paul Louis Celoron X941: Aide-de-Camp of Gen. PulaskiJohn Fulmer (Volmer) R3845James Holland W7800Benjamin Johnson W4467Uriah Odam (Odham) R7810John E. Reinhart R8696John Rock W985John Schrader S41134John William Shobe S38372Jacob Wagner S6320Henry Walker S40624Charles Donnom Warrick W3481Joseph Wood S16583Not on the rolls but on a list of recruits at Baltimore (Spencer 1918):Philip Beatty, Bryan Dallam, John Hooper, Thomas Hoult, Peter Neguire, John Tedford.TIME LINE OF PULASKI’S LEGION1777July BostonCount Kazimierz Pulaski arrives in America11 Sep Brandywine PAAt the battle Pulaski serves as aide-de-camp to Gen Washington15 Sep PhiladelphiaCongress appoints Pulaski Brigadier Gen and Commander of the Horse4 Oct Germantown PAPulaski present at the battle177828 MarCongress authorizes Pulaski to raise a legion after he resigns asCommander of the HorseApril BaltimorePulaski begins recruiting29 Jul BaltimorePulaski reviews completed Legion2

15 SepPulaski informs Washington that the Legion is ready5 Oct Little Egg Harbor NJ British under Capt. Patrick Ferguson attack Pulaski’s sleeping men. Col.Baron de Boze and about 50 others killed.Nov Minisink Valley NJ Pulaski’s Legion patrolling against Indians until Feb 177917792 FebCongress attaches Pulaski’s Legion to Southern Department19 Mar York PAPulaski’s Legion present with 374 troops (pp 7-24)11 May near Charleston SC Pulaski’s Legion defeated at Old Race Track by British at start ofPrevost’s siege. Col. Michael Kowats and others killed.13 May Charleston SCPrevost abandons siege1 Jun near Rantowles SC Skirmish at 13-Mile House20 Jun Stono Ferry SCLegion at the battle22 Jun Wappoo Cut SCLegion supports attempted landing27 Jul CharlestonLegion present with only 81 troops (pp 25-30)19 Sep Ogeechee Ferry GA Skirmish with Loyalist militia of Lt Col Daniel McGirth24 Sep Savannah GAStart of siege by Americans and French9 Oct SavannahPulaski mortally wounded in assault on Spring Hill Redoubt11 Oct aboard the WaspPulaski dies. Lt Col Charles Frederic Bedaulx succeeds to command19 Oct SavannahSiege abandoned30 Nov Sheldon SCLegion encamped with Gen. Benjamin Lincoln with 35 troops (pp 3135)13 Dec Morristown NJCapt Bedken with 20 light dragoons20 Dec CharlestonRemnant of 22 troops under Capt Bentalou (p37)1780Feb CharlestonGen Henry Clinton encircling the city; Legion at Bacon’s Bridge23 FebCongress formally attaches remnant of Legion to Armand’s Legion26 Feb James Island SCLegion now under Maj Peter Vernier skirmishes at Oohey River5 Mar Stono River SCSkirmish at Mathew’s Ferry26 Mar Rantowles Bridge SC Legion with Lt Col William Washington skirmishes with Tarleton14 Apr Moncks Corner SC Legion with Washington surprised by Tarleton at night. Vernier killed.3 May Santee River SCLegion with Col Anthony Walton White at Leneud’s Ferry12 May CharlestonCity surrenders while remnant of Legion is outsideJul Hillsborough NCRemnants of Pulaski’s Legion now under Col. Charles Armand16 Aug near Camden SCRemnants of Legion under Armand in Battle of CamdenREFERENCESBoatner, Mark M. Encyclopedia of the American Revolution. 1994. Mechanicsburg PA: Stackpole.Fredriksen, John C. Revolutionary War Almanac. 2006. New York: Facts of File.O’Kelley, Patrick. Nothing but Blood and Slaughter. Vols 1 and 2. 2004. Booklocker.comParker, John C. Parker’s Guide to the Revolutionary War in South Carolina. 2013. West ConshohockenPA: Infinity. (Also Spencer, Richard Henry. 1918. Pulaski’s Legion. Maryland Hist. Mag. 0spen#page/214/mode/2up3

ENLISTMENTSWe do hereby Voluntarily Inlist ourselves as Soldiers in the Independent Legion Commanded by Gen’l.Count Pulaski, to serve One year from the time the said Corps is Compleated, as Witness our hands this8th Day of June 1778Wm. Porter May 14 1778 deserter [William Porter]Alex’r M. Muller [Alexander M. Muller]Stephen FosterMich’l Marten [Michael Marten]Joseph DawsonAlex’r Campbell [Alexander Campbell]Hugh McDanielThomas HornAdam CrouseSam’l Fowler [Samuel Fowler]Hezekiah PattersonBenj’n hisXmark Mud [Benjamin Mud]Randolph Horskins hisXmarkWill’m hisXmark Higdon [William Higdon]John Williams hisXmarkJames Brown hisXMark absentRobt Johnson desrtee [Robert Johnson]This is to Certify that the above naimd men was Inlisted by me.E Welch [?] LtWe do hereby Voluntarily enlist ourselves in the Indepen[dent] Legion Commanded by Gen’l. CountPulaski in the service of the United States, to serve for the Term of One Year after said Corps isCompleated as Witness Our Hands this 18th[?] Day of June 1778John Mehawry hisXmarkJesse ChivrelBennett McClellandI do Certify that I enlisted the above[William Palmer] Lt.4

We do hereby Voluntarily enlist ourselves in the Independent Legion Commanded in Chief by Gen’l.Count Pulaski for one year from the time the said Corps shall be Compleated as Witness our hands this27th Day of June 1778Richard CalbortBenjamin Greenn hisXmarkRobert ThralkillSylvester Gatton hisXmarkJohn Baptis MilesLuke Gooseten hisXmarkJames Murray hisXmarkJohn Shaw hisXmarkJosiah Johnston hisXmarkI do Certify that I enlisted the above[William Palmer] LtWe do hereby Voluntarily enlist ourselves in the Independent Legion, commanded in Chief by Gen’l.Count Pulaski; to Serve for One Year from the time the said Corps shall be compleetAs Witness Our hands this 30th Day of July 1778,or the Date affix’d to our Names.adam James Present[in different handwriting] DesertedJohn Bengram hisXmarkThis is to Certify that I enlisted the aboveWill’m Palmer [William Palmer] Lt5

This is to Certify that the following Soldiers belonging to the Independent Legion, Commanded in Chiefby Gen’l. Count Pulaski has taken the Oath, to be true & faithful to the free & Independent States ofAmerica, the same to defend to the utmost of their power against all enemies whatsoever, before me atWillmington [sic: Wilmington] this 12th Day of August 1778[John Lea]Andrew McCownTimothey hisXmark Mcnamera [Timothy McNamara]Jacob Lanzenbough hisXMarkDavid Mitchellfranses Pabane [Francis Pabane]Johan Kurtzman [in German]Dan hisXmark McCarty [Daniel McCarty]adam farrarGeorge Meyerfrancis BarbanyJohn Daniel ShermanHenry Shra[illegible] [Henry Shrader?]John almerothabsent Cristian DancerJohn Dayly HisXmarkJohn Smith hisXmark6

[The following 17 pages are in one book. “Dolar” refers to the Spanish Milled Dollar, which was common hard currency.]1./ Payments Made to the Staff of Gen’l Pulaski’s LegionNamesdead &desert’dRankcommencement of PayTime ofServicemonthsPay permonthdolarswholepaydolarsdaysDe Kowats [Michael Kovats; Mical Dekovatch]Baron de BozeBedaulx [Charles Frederic Bedaulx]Julius Montfort [Julius de Montfort]le Brun de bellecourJoseph BaldesquiPaskee [Frederick Paschke]Samuel Sulivans [Samuel Sullivan]P’t [promoted] as Capt[John] SeydelinBellevile [Nicholas Belleville R728]John TexierFred Sander [Frederick Sanders]Sunn [Frederick Sunn]Godfried Leopold18 April10181113¾ 11197.1 may7115805.10 January122d’to200.Resign’d18 April81390759.30 d’to10124240.510 may92225243.29 April61590.29 october42d’to61.d’to d’tod’tod’to70284.5adjutant23 April10815154.Surgeon4 d’to690540.d’to11 Octob’r428d’to444.Surg mate1 April1150550.d’to1 may10500.Rid[ing] master 1 April1133a366.5Total of the payments made to the Staff above mention’d.6735.We do Here by Certiffy that the pay Roll above mentiond is true and Exact amounting to the sum of six thousands seven hundred and Thirty FiveDolars which has been paid by Capt. Baldesqui pay master to said Legion to the persons above mentioned York town [York PA]March the 19th 1779C. BedaulxBaldesquiC Pulaski Gn’l.Lt. Col.Capt. & pay master.deadColonelLieut cold’tomajoraid Camppay masterQ Masterd’to7


2./ Payments Made to the First troop of Gen’l Count Pulaski’s Legion [Last column in Dollars.Shillings.Pence, with 7 Shillings and six Pence tothe Dollar, and 12 Pence to the Shilling.]Namesdead &desert’dRankcommencement of pay9Time ofmonthsServicedaysPay per monthdolarsWhole Paydolars

Zielenski [Jan Zielinsky]Geo Elhom [Augustus Christian George Elholm]Joseph Conne [Joseph Cone S12567]EarnstierCrist Counils [Christopher Counils]Gaspard FranksJohn GeorgeSimon HallerJust Shaffer [Justus Shaffer]Rich. Chenney [Richard Cheyney S40823]Henry Bush [R1531]Bazil WheelerThommas Aplegate [Thomas Applegate]James GleenIsaac RawlinsJohn MooreHugh Philips [Hugh Phillips S21923]Wm Dunn [William Dunn S35273]John Leuland [John Leland S36039]John HooperJoseph Aplegate [Joseph Applegate W1354]Elias HowellEdward HowellJames MurrayCharles HilterChr. Phil. Hauff [Christian Philip Hauff]Michael Rippel [Michael Ripple ��tod’toHorsse ��tod’tod’tod’tod’tod’to18 April1 may1 marchd’to1 April10 d’to11 may20 march10 April18 d’to2 d’to6 d’to7 d’to18 march2 April1 April8 d’to6 d’to2 may2 April28 d’to13 d’to13 d’to8 d’to1 may18 march13 ’tod’to730.2. 6336.5180. 141.2.1190.2. 190.95.2. 191.2.1141.5.89.5. 590.2. 182.7.1141.2.1184.1. 388.2. 688.2. 639.5. 583.2. 695.2. 188.2. 63445.1. 8Pay perMonthwholepaydolars3./ Payments Made to the First troop Hard by Mentioned ContinuedNamesdead &desert’dRankcommencement ofpayTime ofServicemonthsdays10

Philip Frederikprivate7 April10248a90.Andreas Fitcherdesertd’to1 d’to5d’to41.5.Andreas Oatmand’to2 d’to1029d’to91.2.11Mich. Earmiller [Michael Earmiller]d’to4 d’to1027d’to90.6. 3Crist Dilleman [Christian Dillemand’to28 march113d’to92.3. 3Wm Farrenshild [William Farnshild S34838]d’to18 d’to1113d’to95.2. 1Aug. Arrens [Augustus Arrens]d’tod’to d’to1113d’to95.2. 1Charl. Shierre [Charles Shierre]d’to2 April1029d’to91.2.11John Shenelardd’to1 may10d’to83.2. 6Nich. Missan [Nicholas Missan]d’to8 April1023d’to89.5. 5John Harrashd’to1 d’to11d’to91.5.Godf. Horsse [Godfried Horsse]d’to2 d’to1029d’to91.2.11Henry Rimmer [Henry Ramer W9615]d’to21 march1110d’to94.3. 4Peter dilld’to5 April1026d’to90.4. 2Henry Raabd’to22 d’to109d’to85.6. 3Henry Lageld’to2 may929d’to83.0. 5Peter Thielyd’to26 April105d’to84.5. 5Joseph Erwaind’to2 d’to1029d’to91.2.11Robt. James [Robert James]d’to8 d’to1023d’to89.5. 5Rog. Wrenn [Roger Wrenn]d’to20 march1111d’to94.5. 5Honnore Lozard [Honore Lozard]desertd’to1 April1029d’to91.2.11Total of the payment made to the First troop above Mentioned.5275.3. 9We do Hereby Certiffy that the pay Roll Hrd by and above mentioned is true and Exact amounting to the sum of Five thousands Two HundredSeventy Five dolars Three Shilings & nine pence which sum has been paid by Capt. Baldesqui pay master to the Legion york town march the 19th1779.11

4./ Payments Made to the Company of Chasseurs [light cavalry] of Gen’l Pulaski’s LegionNamesWm Roth [William Roth]Wm Loos [William Loos]Alex Grant [Alexander Grant]John BohmConrad CroneJacques ElegertJohn Hen Lusker [John Henry Lusker]And dearing [Andrew Dearing]John ShrodeHenry Jordan [R5763]Peter BrachCrist hillfsondenger [Christian Hillfsondenger]Conrad hilfsondeng. [Conrad Hilfsondenger]Joseph dawsonDavid ShraderJohn Geo Shrader [John George Shrader]Adam YammerAndreas BumbackPhilip Wallas [Philip Wallace]Samuel hamiltonJohn HarlanFrederick disiusWm Johnson [William Johnson]Bernard EnderlingJohn Geo. umback [John George Umback]Jacob Rammdead &desert’ddeaddeaddeserteddeadRankcommencement of �tod’tod’tod’tod’tod’tod’to20 April2 d’to21 march26 d’to28 april1 may10 Apr8 d’to6 d’to6 June1 April2 d’to21 d’to3 may2 d’to3 June3 April2 may13 d’to12 April2 may1 June9 April3 June3 d’to8 Aprild’tod’tod’to12Time 810Pay permonthwholepay43a 447.4.15 166.3. .5. 5d’to90.2. 1d’to73.4. 7d’to91.5d’to91. .10d’to85. .10d’to32.5.10d’to83. . 5d’to74.3. 4d’to91. .10d’to83. . 5d’to30.d’to86. .10d’to83. . 5d’to75.d’to39.3. 4d’to74.3. 4d’to74.3. 42389.5. 5Dol. 2599.4.

5./ Payments Made to the Company Hard by Mentioned ContinuedNamesdead &desert’dRankcommencement of payTime ofServicemonthsPay permonthwholepaydolarsdaysJacob EngelmanJacob Dieutrichdaniel Shmith [Daniel Smith]Andreas Shults [Andreas Schultz]Petter ultrick [Peter Ultrick]Wm Lett [William Lett]John Hen Shneyder [John Henry Snyder]Wm Hern [William Hern]Joseph ColartCristoffle moore [Christopher Moore]Peter Shnyder [Peter Snyder]John Mart BrownMart. Crawnier [Martin Crawnier]John CraogeJohn HiltsymerJohn KrutcherJohn Woolf Engelhope [John Engelhaupt W2776]Gaspard morcumJustus WitteCristoff. Sattler [Christopher Sattler]John Geo. Hoppé [John George Hoppe]John HuntsmanLeonard HeydellCarles Rinné [Charles Rinne]Henry HolsommerJohn Englishant Francois [Anthony �tod’tod’tod’tod’tod’to133 April10285 June8263 d’to8286 April102520 d’to10112 may3291 April112 June8291 June96 d’to82516 march111514 d’to111720 Jully71120 d’to7111 June36 d’to8252 April10292 d’to10293 June82818 march11134 April10278 d’to10235 may92615 march11165 April10262 d’to10295 June826Total of the payement above mentioned8a91. .10d’to73.6. 8d’to74.3. 4d’to90.2. 1d’to86.2.11d’to32.3. 9d’to91.5.d’to74.5. 5d’to75.d’to73.4. 7d’to95.6. ’to73.4. 7d’to91. .d’to91. .d’to74.3. 4d’to95.4. 1d’to90.4. 2d’to89.5. 5d’to82.1. 8d’to96. .10d’to90.2. 1d’to91. .10d’to73.6. 8Dolars 11732.7. 4

We do Hereby Certiffy that the pay Roll hard by and above mentioned is true and Exact amounting to the sum of four thousand seven hundredThirty Two dolars, seven shillings and four pence which sum has been paid by Capt. Baldesqui[continued next page]14

to the persons mentioned in said pay Roll. York town march the 19th 1779.C Pulaski Gn’lCaptn Zielinsky15C. BedaulxLt. Col’l.BaldesquiCapt. & pay master

6./ Payments Made to the Second troop of General Count Pulaski’s LegionNamesdead &desertedRank16commencement of payTime ofmonthsServicedaysPay permonthwholepay

Peter Bentalou [Paul Bentalou]Beaulieu [Louis de Beaulieu BLWt640-200]d’toJohn Peter miller [possibly Peter Miller S41876]Wm. Jordan [William Jordan]John Carny [John Carney]Nath. Fanton [Nathaniel Fanton]Rich. Laird [Richard Laird W8078]John WoodRobt Wilkerson [Robert Wilkerson]Thommas Bond [Thomas Bond B]deadHugh Fitspatrick [Hugh Fitzpatrick]Frederick RuggerJohn Cain [B]Patrick ShortJohn CraigJohn BergenerBenjamin SmartJohn JonesHugh McdanielJacob FrantzeitsdesertDaniel BarkalowJohn ComptonJoseph Coward [S34255]Wm. Reynolds [William Reynolds]Samuel JohnsonWm. Gittleing [William Gitling]Leonnard Branson [Leonard Branson]Edward SmithRich. Benham [Richard Benham]Joseph Height [Joseph Hite]Andrews McCowin [Andrew McCown]7./ Payments made to the troops Hard by Mentioned tod’to1720 April1 June1 Octob3 April1 march2 Sep15 march20 April1 d’to1 d’to8 d’to8 march2 April11 April21 May21 d’to1 April16 d’to13 d’to2 may6 April14 may2 d’to14 march14 April1 may2 April1 June1 April14 d’to20 June21 d’tod’tod’tod’tod’tod’to725.5.40. .216.5.164. .180. .164.3. 9115.2. 6103. 598.1. 591.2.1190.6. 377.5.1077.5.1091.5.87.3. 988.2. 683. . 539.7. 679.5. 583. . 596.2.1188. . 583.2. 591.2.1175. .91.5.88. . 569.5. 594. .10

Namesdead &desert’dRankcommencement of payTime ofmonthsServicedaysPay permonthwholepayBenj. Farman [Benjamin Farman]private10 April10218a89.1. 3Humphrey Mountd’to8 d’to1023d’to89.5. 5Daniel Erwain [Daniel Erwin]d’to9 d’to1022d’to89.4. 4Joseph Kook [Joseph Cook]d’to14 d’to1017d’to88.5.Ch. McMahan [Charles McMachon S34983]d’to16 d’to1016d’to87.3. 9Samuel Richardsd’to2 may929d’to83.5.Crist Clauffligel [Christopher Klaufligel]d’to30 march111d’to91.7. 1James Halldesertd’to2 April429d’to45.1. 4Henry Shaupd’to21 d’to1010d’to86. .10Edward Donneley [B]d’to18 d’to1013d’to87.7. 1Joseph Galé [probably Joseph Gale S34895]d’to8 d’to1028d’to89.5. 5Ebbneszer Riggins [Ebenezer Riggins]d’tod’to d’to1023d’to89.5. 5Joseph Hallend’to18 d’to1013d’to87.5. 5Alex. Greham [Alexander Graham]d’to1 may10d’to83.2. 6Lewis Bartece saign [Lewis Bertece, Sr]d’to23 mars58d’to43.6. 8Isaac Andrews [S33964]d’to7 may924d’to81.5.Jacob Collinsd’to6 July725d’to65.2. 1John Graffeth [John Griffith]d’to1 april11d’to91.5.Thommas Moore [Thomas Moore]d’to16 d’to1015d’to87.3. 9James Cannond’to5 June826d’to73.6. 8Barth Mcdonough [Bartholomew McDonough]desertd’to19 mars1112d’to95. .dTotal of the payment made to the 2 troop above Mention’dDolars 5428.4. 6We do Here by Certiffy that the pay roll Hard by & above mentioned is true and Exact amounting to the sum of five thousand four HundredTwenty Eight dolars four Shillings & Six pences which sum Has been paid by Capt Baldesqui pay master to the Legion to the men mentionedwithin said pay Roll York town march the 19th 1779.C Pulaski Gn’lC. BedaulxBaldesquiLt. Col’l.Capt & paymasterBentalou Capt18

8./ Payments Made to the third troop of General Count Pulaski’s LegionNamesdead &desert’d19Rankcommencement of payTime ofmonthsServicedaysPay permonthwholepay

Henry Bedkins [Henry Bedkin; Henry Bedken][William] WelchHenry de EissickWm. Gittling [William Gitling]John Geo Blakenburg [John George Blakenberg]Franc Shremaker [Francis Shremaker]Jas Clitsky [James Clitsky]Mart muller [Martin Miller S41875]Simon HallerJosep Fach [Joseph Fog (Fogg) S41545]John Meyer [John Meyers R7543]Wm. Corn [William Corn W3131]Geo. Wm. Henry Mayers [George William Henry Mayers]Wm. Mayers [William Mayers]John ShafferJohn ShaupCrist Fasell [Christopher Fasell]John SpechesGeo Walker [George Walker]Detruck LemanGeo. mayers [George Meyer]Petter Luck [Peter Luck]Philip WagnerHenry ReinhardJacob LanzenbackJerem. Hoppé [Jeremiah Hoppe]John Cris Shupport [John Christopher Shupport]John HermanAug. Buckmiller [Augustine Buckmiller]Crist Nebel [Christopher Nebel]Jacob Waggonner [Jacob ertdeaddead2021 April15 d’to20 march20 April2 June4 april2 June3 may2 april10 march28 d’to6 April18 may8 d’to13 April3 June3 may3 April27 d’to2 June9 d’to3 d’to13 march2 may2 June8 April6 d’to5 d’to26 march5 April2 9292325265262970 723.2. 643a 456.4.1580.3. 9d’to 155.3. 9d’to 134.3. 9d’to 163.3. 91029.5.d’to99.2. 6d’to 109.5.d’to 117. .d’to 111. .8a90.2. 1d’to79.4. 3d’to81.2.11d’to88.2. 6d’to74.3. 4d’to82.5.10d’to91. .10d’to84.3. 4d’to74.5. 5d’to72.5.10d’to74.3. 4d’to96.5.d’to82.7.11d’to74.5. 5d’to39.5. 5d’to90.2. 1d’to90.4. 2d’to93. . 5d’to90.4. 2d’to91.2.11Dolars3824.6. 2

9./ Payment of the third troop Hard by mentioned Continued.Namesdead &desert’dRankcommencement of payTime ofServicemonthsPay permonthdolarswholepaydolarsdaysLudov. Spore [Ludowick Spore]John Le Blank [John Le Blanc]Joseph Sneyder [Joseph Snyder]Henry FunkJacob Davisson [Jacob Davison S34299]Wm. Compton [William Compton]Henry BodwinJoseph CooperaxGeorge Taillor [George Taylor]Henry LynchJohn GilbertWm. Hamilton [William Hamilton]Edward Donnelay [Edward Donneley B]Adam Longer [possibly Adam Lugar W8066]Thomm. Langely [Thomas Langlee R20394]Joseph Felits [Joseph Follet]Wm. Husk [William Husk]Louis PaulRobt Job [Robert Job W7899]Nich. Rylland [Nicholas N. Ryland S38346]Charl. Darmon [Charles Dunnom R20361 B]James SteenJames Wilsonprivate2 April10298a91.2.11d’to1 may10d’to83.2. 6desertd’to14 April417d’to38. . 5d’to18 d’to1013d’to86.7. 1d’to4 may927d’to82.3. 9d’to2 d’to929d’to83. . 5d’to1 June9d’to75. .d’to3 may928d’to82.5.10d’to4 April1027d’to90.6. 3d’to2 may929d’to83. . 5d’to11 April1020d’to88.6.10d’to19 march1112d’to95. .d’to14 April1027d’to90.6. 3d’to2 June829d’to74.5. 5d’to27 d’to84d’to67.3. 4desertd’to3 may328d’to32.5.10d’to31 March111d’to91.7. 1d’to9 June822d’to72.3. 4d’to1 april11d’to91.3. 4d’to29 march112d’to91.5.d’to10 may921d’to92.1. 8d’to6 June825d’to83.6. 3d’to20 march1111d’to94.5. 5Total of the payment made to the third troop above mentioned.5671.6. 9We do Here by Certiffy that the pay Roll Hard by and above mentioned is true & Exact amounting to the sum of five thousand Six hundredSeventy onedolars, six Shilings and nine pences which sum Has been paid by Capt Baldesqui pay masterto the Legion tothe men mentioned in said Pay Roll York town march the 19th 1779.C Pulaski Gn’alC. BedaulxBaldesquiH Bedken Capt.Lt. Col’l.Capt & pay master21


10./ Payments Made to the Company of Grenadiers [heavy cavalry] of General Pulaski’s LegionNamesdead &desert’dRankcommencement of PayTime ofServicemonthsPay permonthdolarswholepaydolarsdaysde Segond [James, Chevalier de Segond BLWt65-300]Horlevan asd’toPeter FranksJohn HealThimothe Mcnamarra [Timothy McNamara]Crist Franks [Christopher Franks]Oswalo Kesselback [Oswald Kesselbach Dis PA]Andreas Rougé [Andreas Rouge]Joseph WatsonJohn Knap Shnyder [John Knap Snyder]Samuel SpanksWm. Rolph [William Rolph B]Daniel mayerJohn WilliamsDavid mitchel [David Mitchell]John Mahony [John Mahoney]Wm Emery [William Emory S34811]Samuel Emery [Samuel Emory]Henry WigginsThom Pope [Thomas Pope]Just. Reading [Justine Reading]John Geo. Backer [John George Backer]Geo. Shnabel [George Schnabel]Conrad VicemanMath. Moses [Mathew Moses]John KikeHenry Horn [S5535]Robert sert2322 April1 June1 novemb2 April2 d’to2 June3 d’to28 march18 may27 march9 may2 April2 d’to7 may6 June2 d’to6 april26 march27 d’to24 d’to13 April31 march28 d’to28 d’to3 June5 April4 June2 April12 ’tod’tod’tod’tod’tod’tod’to726. .50. .173.2. 6164.3. 9109. 692.3. 978.4. 792.5.1081. .1091.2.1141.2.1181.5.73.4. 574.2.1140.2. 193. . 592.6.1043.4. 788.5. 691.7. 192.3. 942.3. 974.3. 490.4. 274.1. 391.2.1188.4. 7

dolars 3114.3. 424

11./ Payement Made to the Company Hard by mentioned ContinuedNamesdead &desert’dRankWm. Mcpherson [William McPherson]Peter TeemJames Hellyer [James Hillier]Johannes SackJohn Geof. Borger [John Geofrey Borger]Conrad Hoppé [Conrad Hoppe]Carl RozenGeo. Wells [George Wells]Daniel McCartyFran. Pavin [Francis Pabane]John MontgomeryPaul Hen Brenetius [Paul Henry Brenetius]Patrick JoyerAbrah. Clark [Abraham Clark]Frans Lichlitner [Frans Lichleitner]John McnunemanIsaac Andrews [S33964]commencement of payTime ofmonthsServicedaysPay permonthwholepayprivate16 April10158a87.3. 9d’to1 august7d’to60.2. 1d’to4 April1027d’to90.1. 3d’to1 may10d’to83.2. 6d’to22 April1029d’to91.2.11d’to18 may913d’to78.4. 7d’to3 June828d’to74.3. 4d’to6 April1025d’to90.2. 1d’to9 June822d’to72.5.10d’to6 d’to826d’to74.3. 2d’to7 august624d’to56.5.desertd’to4 April427d’to40.6. 3d’to11 d’to1020d’to88.6.10d’to7 June824d’to73.2. 6d’to3 April1028d’to91. .10d’to1 d’to11d’to91.5.d’to1 Octob5d’to41.5.Total of the pay out made to company above mentioned dol. 4402.7. 9I do Here by Certiffy that the pay Roll Hard by and above mentioned is true & exact amounting to the sum of four thousand four Hundred Twopounds [sic] seven shillings & nine pence which sum Has been paid by Capt. Baldesqui pay master to the Legion York town march the 19th 177925

12./ Payment made to the Second Company of Inffantry of Gen’l. PulaskiNamesdead &desert’dRank26commencement of PayTime ofmonthsServicedaysPay permonthwholepay

Le Brun de Bellecourt [Le Brun de Bellecour][Charles ?; named lined through]Detroye [Francis De Troy]John Colins [John Collins B]Wm. Frazer [William Frazer]John AdamsThom. Hinds [Thomas Hinds]Jacob BingalWm. Weissel [William Weissel]Jacques VenialJoseph Smith [B]Jacob HuntzingerPhil. Huntzingerad [Philip Huntzingerad]Francis MitchelsonRobert HookBenj. Prior [Benjamin Prior B]Israel StreamThom. Brown [Thomas Brown]Francis BrannonJohn BrannonJohn DavisJames LoughmanGeo. Connert [George Connert]Geo. Richardson [George Richardson]Math Johnston [Mathew Johnston]John JordanWm. Herlihy [William Herlihy B]Samuel SpeicerRoger Owings [B]Michel Moore [Michael Moore]dennis d’tod’to2730 April20 d’to1 June13 April2 d’to25 march1 June28 march4 June2 d’to3 April4 June14 Jully1 June6 April27 June14 April25 d’to2 June3 d’to23 march6 may7 d’to7 d’to27 June6 may24 mars13 April2 d’to8 may8 1118296327292827172541762928825242442771829232370 702.2. 643 447.4.d’to 390. .15 159. .10 109.5.d’to 112. .d’to90. .d’to 111. .d’to[sic74.1. 3]74.5. 5d’to41. .10d’to74.1. 3d’to63. . 5d’to75. .d’to90.2. 1d’to67.5.10d’to88. . 5d’to85. .d’to74.5. 5d’to74.3. 4d’to93.6. 8d’to31.6. 7d’to81.5.d’to81.5.d’to67.5.10d’to82.3. 9d’to93.4. 7d’to38.2. rs 3829.3.11

13./ Payment made to the Company Hard by mentioned ContinuedNamesLudovick Stuben [Ludowick Stuben]Geo. Reinlander [George Rheinlander]James RawleAlexa

23 Feb Congress formally attaches remnant of Legion to Armand's Legion 26 Feb James Island SC Legion now under Maj Peter Vernier skirmishes at Oohey River 5 Mar Stono River SC Skirmish at Mathew's Ferry 26 Mar Rantowles Bridge SC Legion with Lt Col William Washington skirmishes with Tarleton