31 October 2018Portugal9M'18 Earnings Presentation

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Please refer to thequarterly financial Report for further details of the APMs and Non-IFRS Measures used, including its definition or a reconciliation between any applicable management indicators and the financial datapresented in the consolidated financial statements prepared under IFR, see Section 26 of the Documento de Registro de Acciones for Banco Santander filed with the CNMV on July 4, 2017 (available on theWeb page of the CNMV and at Banco Santander and Item 3A of the Annual Report on Form 20-F for the year ended December 31, 2016, filed with the U.S. Securitiesand Exchange Commission on March 31, 2017 (the “Form 20-F”). For a discussion of the accounting principles used in translation of foreign currency-denominated assets and liabilities to euros, see note 2(a)to our consolidated financial statements on Form 20-F and to our consolidated financial statements available on the CNMV’s website ( and on Banco Santander’s website (

Index1.Macroeconomic environment and financial system2.Strategy and business3.Results4.Appendix3

Macroeconomic environmentand financial system01

Macroeconomic environmentSustained growth dynamics with declining unemployment Fiscal Balance (% of GDP)Annual GDP Growth (real, %) (e)-0.5-0.32019 (e)2020 (e)-2.0201620172018 (e)2019 (e)2020 (e)2016Unemployment Rate (%, annual average)Annual inflation rate (%) (e)2019 (e)2020 (e)Source: Statistics Portugal, Ministry of Finance, Santander Portugal forecasts and estimates201620172018 (e)2019 (e)2020 (e)5

Macroeconomic environment based on improved competitiveness and deleveragingInvestment dynamics (total economy)Consumer 6.314.715.015.315.5Retail sales (YoY) -1.4Consumer 8Q3'1836.941.915.715.5Q1'18Q2'18Investment rate (%GDP)Savings rate (%GDP)Q1'17Q2'17Q3'17Q4'17Deleveraging dynamicsTradable sector 110499Exports (%GDP)28.217.716.911496942019 (e)2020 (e)Credit to households (%GDP)Imports (%GDP)Public debt (%GDP)2000-0920172018 (e)2019 (e)2020 (e)Source: Statistics Portugal, Ministry of Finance, Santander Portugal forecasts and estimates201620172018 (e)6

Financial system: Loan and deposit evolutionLoan growth is flatteningTotal loans (EUR bn)218.7216.6216.2215.7215.4 High indebtedness is the main constraint for the privatesector credit growthYoY(%)-1.9-1.4-1.0-1.7-2.7 Banks continue “cleaning” their balance sheets fromimpaired assetsSep-17Dec-17Mar-18Jun-18Aug-18Total deposits (EUR cated resources into Government retail debt andcorporates financed their investments with own funds0.7Sep-17Dec-17Mar-18 Deposits hovered around high levels, as householdsJun-18Aug-18Source: Statistics Portugal, Ministry of Finance, Santander Portugal forecasts and estimates7

Strategy andbusiness02

Our FranchiseSantander Totta is the first privately owned bank in Portugal, by loansSTRATEGIC PRIORITIESConclusion of the operational and technologicalintegration of Banco Popular PortugalKEY DATAContinue gaining profitable market shareYoY Var.Gross loans137,093-2.1%Deposits137,141 8.2%364 15.3%RoTE211.6%-11bpsEfficiency ratio47.5%-137bpsLoans’ market share318.3% 7bpsDeposits’ market share315.8% 77bpsLoyal customers4736 8.2%Digital customers4691 25.4%Branches667-5.4%6,910-0.8%Attributable profit1Continue transformation of the Bank to simplify it,bring it closer to customers and make it more efficient9M’18Improve efficiency and cost of creditEmployees(1)(2)(3)(4)EUR mnUnderlying RoTEAs of Aug/2018 (last available). Local criteria. YTD variationsThousands9

CustomersDynamic growth in the most valuable customer segmentsLoyal individuals (k)689644 7% The number of loyal customers continues to grow, underpinned bythe 1 2 3 strategy Sep-17Sep-18Loyal companies (k)4836 30% while the focus on corporates was reflected in the increase incustomers, aligned with strong market share in new loansSep-17Sep-18Digital customers (k) 25%691551 The number of digital customers continued to grow, as we increasethe digital functionalities available to household as well as corporatecustomers (CrediSimples, mutual funds, new corporate mobile app)Sep-17Sep-1810

StrategyRetail and digital servicesThe Bank sponsored theAgroglobal fair promotingseveral debates aimed atreflection on the agriculturalsector and closer proximity toits customers and partners400,000World 1 2 3 accounts276,000252,000InsuranceprotectionThe Bank sponsoredthe EuropeanInnovation Academy(EIA), promotingentrepreneurship inyoung peopleSantander Totta launched theSIM account, a simpler, moreeconomic and digital account,aimed at customers at thebeginning of their active life orwith lower incomeIn order to attract universitystudents, the Bank launchedthe enrollment campaignaimed at helping themthrough the entirebureaucratic processThe Bank made available theimmediate transfer servicewhich allows that in any banktransfer the funds becomeavailable in the recipient'saccount within 10 secondsIn October, Moody’supgraded BST LT debt anddeposits rating to Baa3/P-3and Baa2/P-2, respectivelySantander launched a campaign tohighlight its investment in corporatesocial responsibility with special focus onthree areas: social welfare, volunteeringand training. In the last 5 years, the Bankdedicated EUR 32.5 million to supportsociety in Portugal11

Total loans performanceLoans to individuals continued to increase, while total loans declined due toloan portfolio sales in the corporate sectorTotal loans (EUR bn)37.937.537.437.137.1Sep-18YoY (%)QoQ (%)21.7 1.3 0.619.3 1.6 0.51.6 3.3 0.6Corporates12.7-9.4-0.8Other(*)2.7 10.0-0.0Total37.1-2.1 0.1Loans to Corporates (**)17.2-5.4-0.7Total Loans (**)41.6-1.1 0.0Individualsfrom which:MortgageConsumer creditSep-17Dec-17Mar-18Jun-18Sep-18(*) Includes Government, Institutional and other sectors(**) includes commercial paper12

Total funding performanceTotal customer funds stable from the previous quarter, but increasing YTDTotal customer funds (EUR bn)42.743.243.445.345.3Sep-18YoY (%)QoQ (%)Demand14.7 10.5-1.0Time and Savings18.5 1.5 0.433.3 5.3-0.23.9 41.2 4.0Deposits & financial insurance37.1 8.2 0.2Securities placedInvestment funds and other4.3-10.4-0.53.8 7.0-2.345.3 6.0-0.1Total DepositsFinancial insuranceTotal Customer FundsSep-17Dec-17Mar-18Jun-18Sep-1813


Net interest incomeNII impacted by lower yield on loansNet interest income (EUR mn)218221222213Yield on loans 8Q3'18Cost of deposits (%)Q3'17Q4'17Q1'18Q2'18Q3'181NIM 0.18%0.15%Official interest rate 2 (%)0.000.00(1) Group criteria(2) Quarter averageQ3'17Q4'17Q1'18Q2'18Q3'1815

Fee incomeNet fee income grew slightly in the quarter due to the evolution of credit cards,insurance and mutual fundsNet fee income (EUR mn)93929891929M'189M'17YoY (%) QoQ (%)Credit6264-3.2-4.8Credit cards6662 6.3 2.3Mutual funds1815 23.2 0.8Insurance7470 5.3 3.2Other6056 7.1-0.5Total281268 4.8 0.2Note: “Other” includes BaPop commissionsQ3'17Q4'17Q1'18Q2'18Q3'1816

Gross incomeQuarterly evolution in gross income affected by the decrease in gains onfinancial transactionsGross income (EUR mn)3453303413463239M'189M'17Net interest income646566 14.2-1.1Net Fees281268 4.8 0.2Subtotal927834 11.2-0.7Gains/losses on financial transactions6374-14.6-84.1Other206 218.1 132.31,010914 10.5-6.9Gross incomeQ3'17Q4'17Q1'18Q2'18YoY (%) QoQ (%)Q3'1817

Operating expensesEfficiency continued to improve YoYOperating expenses (EUR mn)1661671589M'189M'17YoY (%) QoQ (%)Personnel costs and admin.expenses449418 7.5-4.8Depreciation andamortisation3129 6.2-2.9Total480447 7.4-4.747.5%48.9%6677056,9106,967165157Efficiency ratio(with amortisations)Number of branchesNumber of employeesQ3'17Q4'17Q1'18Q2'18Q3'1818

Net operating income after loan-loss provisions (LLP)The cost of credit remained lowLLP and cost of credit (EUR mn, %)370.10%Cost ofcredit0.04%0.08%0.03%11QoQ (%)Net Operating Income530467 13.4-8.9LLPs2022-10.8-510445 14.6-14.9NPL ratio7.4%8.4%NPL coverage ratio53.4%56.1%after LLPsNet LLP-10Q1'18YoY (%)Net Op. Income0Q4'179M'170.10%8Q3'179M'18Q2'18Q3'1819

Attributable profit9M’18 PBT boosted by improved efficiency and lower cost of creditUnderlying attributable profit (EUR mn)1271191149M'189M'17YoY (%) QoQ (%)Underlying profit before taxes492407 21.1 4.8Tax on profit14689 64.3-6.5Underlying consolidated profit346318 9.0 10.8Underlying attributable profit to the Group344316 8.9 10.9Net capital gains and provisions (*)200--100.0Attributable profit to the Group364316 3114Effective tax rateAttributable profit (EUR mn1)80119127(*) Provisions and restructuring costs associated with inorganic operations, net of tax impacts20

Concluding remarksImproving business and results in the context of sustained economic growthMarketEnvironment&FinancialSystem Economic activity continued to evolve at a positive pace, led by exports and investment. GDPis expected to grow around 2% in 2018 and 2019 The fiscal deficit narrowed to 0.7% of GDP in Q2'18, aligned with the annual target of 0.7% Loan dynamics continue to be affected by NPL management With the full integration of Banco Popular Portugal we will continue to focus on strengtheningStrategy&Businessour position in the SME market, particularly small businesses Digital transformation continues at a fast pace with constant deliveries helped byinvestment through new agile culture Sound capital and liquidity base Improving underlying profit, with better efficiency and low cost of creditResults Conclusion of Banco Popular integration (IT&OP integration concluded on 14 Oct.) Stabilisation of the loan book, considering the management of credit from Popular21


AppendixBalance sheetEUR million30-Sep-18 30-Sep-17Loans and advances to customersCash, central banks and credit institutionsDebt securitieso/w: designated at fair value through equityOther financial assetsOther assetsTotal assetsCustomer depositsCentral banks and credit institutionsDebt securities issuedOther financial liabilitiesOther liabilitiesTotal liabilitiesTotal equityOther managed and marketed customer fundsMutual fundsPension fundsManaged 64281587.03.22.534.323

AppendixIncome statementEUR million9M'18Net interest incomeNet feesGains (losses) on financial transactionsOther operating incomeGross incomeOperating expensesGeneral administrative expensesPersonnelOther general administrative expensesDepreciation and amortisationNet operating incomeNet loan-loss provisionsOther incomeUnderlying profit before taxesTax on profitUnderlying profit from continuing operationsNet profit from discontinued operationsUnderlying consolidated profitMinority interestsUnderlying attributable profit to the GroupNet capital gains and provisionsAttributable profit to the 020.38.9—15.324

AppendixIncome statementEUR millionQ1'17Net interest incomeNet feesGains (losses) on financial transactionsOther operating incomeGross incomeOperating expensesGeneral administrative expensesPersonnelOther general administrative expensesDepreciation and amortisationNet operating incomeNet loan-loss provisionsOther incomeUnderlying profit before taxesTax on profitUnderlying profit from continuing operationsNet profit from discontinued operationsUnderlying consolidated profitMinority interestsUnderlying attributable profit to the GroupNet capital gains and provisionsAttributable profit to the 114—11425

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9 Santander Totta is the first privately owned bank in Portugal, by loans Our Franchise STRATEGIC PRIORITIES KEY DATA 9M'18 YoY Var. Attributable profit1 364 15.3% RoTE2 11.6% -11bps Efficiency ratio 47.5% -137bps Loans' market share3 18.3% 7bps Deposits' market share3 15.8% 77bps Loyal customers4 736 8.2% Digital customers4 691 25.4%