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Presentation Points of Interests Overview of Static and Mobile MappingLiDAR Technology Work Flows and Processes General Applications Q&A

Static Scanning Basics Higher Density Tripod Mounted 360 FOV Millimeter Accuracy Safe Work Zone – Remotely Collected Data Photos and LiDAR simultaneously

Mobile Mapping Basics Improve efficiency by capturing the most possible data at traffic speeds in a single passFully synchronize and georeference the data from multiplesensors – Timing is CriticalCapture data that is relevant for GIS and SurveyapplicationsExtract intelligent information by automated means to thefullest extent possibleEfficiently manage terabytes of data Get it to a level that the client is comfortable Value Added Data Safe Work Zone – NO ONE IN THE ROADWAY!

LiDARLiDAR is a laser technology used to create georeferencedmodels of the surrounding environment.

Terrestrial Static Scanning

Concrete Floor Flatness

Wind Tunnel Asbuilts

High Performance Concrete

Trimble MX8 2 - VQ 250 Riegl Lasers6 – 5 megapixel cameras1 - Applanix POS LV420 IMU2 – Trimble GNSS GPS Receivers1 – DMI unit

2 –Vertical Actuator 1 – Linear ActuatorInternal Vehicle Storage 4 – 2 Terabyte Removable Hard Drives

Office SystemRecommended Min Computer SpecsIntel Quad-Core 3.00ghz6 GB Ram1-2TB Min 7200 RPM HDDQuadro 4000 2GB GraphicsOur System:Quad Core 3.0 overclocked to 3.8 12 GB RamVelociraptor 600 GB 10,000 RPMQuadro 4000 Tesla Card(6 GB VRAM)

Mobile Data Capture General WorkflowOffice -Office ProcessingField Mobile DataCaptureGeospatialDeliverables

Typical Survey Project WorkflowOFFICEFIELDControl /TargetNetworkLayoutGPS orTraditionalSurveysMobile nixPOSPacPoint t AnalystSpatial ImagingCADExport

GPS Pre-Plan Traffic Sun Angles for photo quality Scan Runs Start-up and Stop Areas

Typical Control Layout

Actual Survey!

General Applications Data Asset Extraction Sign / Pole Inventory Infrastructure Inventory Bridge Clearances Lane Markings Pavement DTM Details Hydroplane Detection Roadway Cross Sections Asbuilt – Existing Condition Airport Surveys

Application: Data/Asset Extraction

Application: Pole Detection

Application: Sign Clearances

Application: Bridge Clearances

Application: Bridge Clearances

Application: Bridge Deck Thickness

Application: Pavement DTM/Conditions

Application: Pavement Cross Sections

Application: Pavement Cross Sections

Application: Tunnels

Collection View

Collection Rates

CAD or GIS ProductMicroStationAutoCADArcGISCATIATIN or DTM surfacesContoursCross SectionsDatabasesShapefilesStandard Forms

What would you like it to be?It’s a function of GPS, Control, Weather, Pavement surface,Height/thickness of foliageThe MX8 – with Max control 1 cm (0.04’)Control at 4-5000’ spacing – 2 cm (0.08’)Post Processed – RTN/VRS or Local Static Base 5 – 7 cmGIS – CORS 1M

ESP Associates, P.A. . Recommended Min Computer Specs . Intel Quad-Core 3.00ghz . 6 GB Ram . 1-2TB Min 7200 RPM HDD. Quadro 4000 2GB Graphics . Our System: Quad Core 3.0 overclocked to 3.8 . 12 GB Ram. Velociraptor 600 GB 10,000 RPM. Quadro 4000 Tesla Card (6 GB VRAM)