Bergami Hall Triple LayoutBed:Guide7’ ¼” x 3’ 2”Dear Triple Resident,Welcome to UNH andthe beginning of an amazingyear of new friends, enhancedlearning, and different socialexperiences and above allelse, triple the fun. Living in atriple can present somechallenges to Room Set-up.This guide can serve as aresource to a possible roomlay-out that works. And don’tjust go with the guide, try usingit as a tool to truly personalizeyour space! We hope you findit useful!-TAP (Triple AdvisoryProgram)Closet: 2’ x 2’ 1”Desk: 3’ 6¼” x 2’Dresser: 2’ 7½” x 1’ 7” Side Notes! Ethernet jacks are located on the leftand right wall however cable jacksare only on one side. Purchasing along cord will enable you to put a TVvirtually anywhere. Try not to block access to the A/Cpanel The diagram for the most part isdrawn to scale, however, the pictureon the left gives you a great idea ofhow the layout will look.

Layout 1 Most Rooms in Bergmi Hall are already set up likethis when you move in. It’s a great set up forestablishing 3 distinct areas for studying.

Layout 2 This layout is great for entertainment. The dresseragainst the wall is located right where the cable jackis so the dresser would be a great place to put atelevision.

Layout 3 It might look kind of cramped, however this set up isvery cozy for three people. There is plenty of openfloor space and the hallway leading to the doors isclear.

Layout 4 This layout is very similar to the previous layoutexcept the beds are switched and a closet is moved.This setup also allows for three distinct areas of theroom, great for separation.

Layout 5 Leaving the closets in the hallway section of the roomis a great way to save space for the middle. Also, itallows for a television to be placed up there which isgreat for saving space on top of the desks anddressers

Layout 6 This layout is also good for entertainment becauseonce again, there is a dresser placed near the cablejack on the side of the room with the A/C Unit. Greatfor everyone to be watching TV, or movies, or playingvideo games at once.

Bergami Hall Triple Layout Guide Dear Triple Resident, Welcome to UNH and the beginning of an amazing year of new friends, enhanced learning, and different social experiences and above all else, triple the fun. Living in a triple can present some challenges to Room Set-up. This guide can serve as a resource to a possible room lay-out that works.