Instruction ManualforPortable HydrostaticPneumatic Test PumpRead and understand this manual prior to installing,operating, or servicing this equipment.Effective Date: November 2019

General Guidelines he owner must comply exclusively with these operating instructions and the authorized use of this piece of equipment. ShouldTproblems arise that cannot be solved using these operating instructions, please contact Dixon . We will be happy to providefurther assistance. I f any modification work is performed on the product by the owner themselves, Dixon shall no longer be considered themanufacturer of the device. In such cases, all components must be subjected to a new certification process for any applicablecertifications that the equipment holds. Unless agreed to in writing by Dixon, liability, warranties, and guarantees shallimmediately be deemed null and void as soon as you: Perform modifications/conversion work on the product. Use the product for unauthorized purposes. Remove or disable safety elements. Process products whose material, form, and size do not correspond exactly to the description provided. Make alterations to the original state of the device. The operating instructions are regarded as part of the product. The operating and maintenance personnel must always be able to access the operating instructions. The safety instructions provided in the operating instructions must be observed. The operating instructions shall be valid for the entirety of the device's lifespan. The operating instructions must be maintained and updated as necessary. The operating instructions must be passed on to any subsequent owners or operators of the 888.226.4673Pneumatic Test Pump Manual IOM

Safety InformationThe following signs may be used in this manual. To avoid serious injury and/or possible damage to equipment, pay attention to thesemessages. Hazards or unsafe practices could result in severe personal injury or death.DANGER is used in the most extreme cases.Indicates hazards or unsafe practices which could result in minor or moderate injury. May also beused to alert against an unsafe operating or maintenance practice.Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in death orserious injury.Use only replacement parts and devices recommended by the manufacturer to maintain the integrity of the equipment. Make surethe parts are properly matched to the series, model, serial number, and revision level of the equipment.Safety labels are placed on equipment where appropriate. Do not remove any labeling from any piece of equipment. Replace anylabel that is missing.DO NOT modify any Dixon product. Non-factory modifications could create hazardous conditions and void all warranties. DO NOTattempt to use a Dixon product in any application that exceeds the product rating.Safety Precautions When used indoors, the pressure relief valve on the pump must be connected to a drain or water collection tank This pump is designed to test rubber hose Dixon does not recommend the use of this pump for any other application A dequate steps should be taken to protect property and personnel in the event of failure during a test. These steps shouldinclude, but are not limited to the following:1.Only trained personnel should conduct hydrostatic testing.2.Personnel conducting and witnessing the test must use safety glasses or shields.3.All personnel should be perpendicular to the test sample and at least 15' away.4.Place test sample in a protective enclosure.5.Restrain both ends of the test sample to prevent hose from whipping in case of a failure.6.If testing is done outside of a protective enclosure, restrict the movement of the couplings by the use of sandbags orother means.7.Use only water as a test fluid. All incidental connections, intermediate hose, and piping should be rated at 2000 PSI minimum Before removing or adjusting any part of the pumping system or test sample, the following precautions should be exercised:1.Shut off pump air supply.2.Shut off pump water supply.3.Release pressure inside the test sample.Pneumatic Test Pump Manual 888.226.46733

Technical SpecificationsMaterials: Pump: aluminum Plunger: hard coated aluminum Pressure gauge: 0 – 2000 PSI, center mount, liquid filledSpecifications: Haskel model 4B-14-D3 air over hydraulic pump Air Chief ¼" industrial series plug quick connect air connection Quick connect garden hose coupler for water supply line ½" x 15' intermediate hose with brass straight-thru quick couplers both ends ½" brass straight-thru nipple on pressure outlet Test caps, test plugs, and pressure relief valves are available; visit for part numbers Output pressure: 1500 PSI at 100 PSI inlet air pressure 5.5 GPM fill rate (at 60 PSI inlet water pressure)Recommendations: Use a coalescing filter: Oil or air tool lubricant will damage the seals of the pump very quickly. The coalescing filter, installed infront of the supplied modular air filter/regulator, will prevent oils from entering the air dome of the pump. Coalescing filters areavailable from Dixon. Visit for part numbers. Use a 5 to 10 micron water filter: Particulate matter, present in all water supplies, will damage the check valves and hydraulicseals very quickly. These filters (cartridge type) can be purchased from a variety of plumbing supply 888.226.4673Pneumatic Test Pump Manual IOM

Procedure for Hydrostatic Testingusing Portable Pneumatic Test Pump (PTP)It is important to know the parameters of the test being conducted. Follow recommendations of hose manufacturer, the Associationfor Rubber Products Manufacturers' (ARPM), OSHA, or other regulatory bodies guidelines for specific test parameters. The testshould be carefully monitored and all results recorded. Dixon recommends the following sequence for a successful test:1.Determine the test pressure of the assembly to be tested.2.Make sure that the test caps, or test plugs, and all connections are tight on the test sample.3.Connect the air supply line, the water supply line, and the intermediate hose to the test pump.4.Connect one end of the test sample to the intermediate hose. The connection between test sample and intermediate hose shouldbe tight.5.Connect the bleed-off valve to the other end of the test sample.6.Open the bleed-off valve on the test sample.7.Close the pressure relief valve (see 1 on drawing and parts list) on the pump.8.Open the water inlet valve (see 2 on drawing and parts list) on the pump.9.Fill test sample with water. Vent all air from test sample by keeping the bleed-off valve elevated until a solid stream of water (nobubbles) is coming out of the bleed-off valve.Do not turn off water supply once test sample has been filled with water.10. T urn air regulator knob (see 3 on drawing and parts list) counterclockwise to the fully closed position.11. Turn on the air supply valve (see 4 on drawing and parts list).12. T urn the air regulator knob (see 3 on drawing and parts list) clockwise until desired test pressure is shown on the liquid-filledpressure gauge (see 5 on drawing and parts list).13. Hold test pressure until test duration requirement is met.14. Turn off air supply valve (see 4 on drawing and parts list).15. T urn the air regulator knob (see 3 on drawing and parts list) counterclockwise until it is in the fully closed (off) position.16. Close water inlet valve (see 2 on drawing and parts list).17. O pen pressure relief valve (see 1 on drawing and parts list) slowly to release pressure inside test sample.18. Disconnect test sample from intermediate hose.19. Drain water from test sample.When relieving the pressure and draining the test sample, many gallons of water may bereleased on the floor or ground. Use all precautions necessary to ensure that no one slipsor falls as a result of this water being on the floor or ground.Pneumatic Test Pump Manual 888.226.46735 888.226.4673Pneumatic Test Pump Manual IOM

Parts ListItemMaterialQty1IBV50½" ball valvecarbon steel12BBV75¾" ball valvebrass1CB6-04Mfilter SC4450-2000 PSI ¼" center mount L. F. gauge---163700808C½" hex nipplebrass27B-8-4FPCR½" crossbrass18E4M4-B½" E-series straight thru nipplebrass193040808C½" 90 street elbowbrass1103701212C¾" hex nipplebrass1113730804C¼" x ½" hex bushingbrass112DCP2103¼" x ⅜" Air Chief plugbrass1133730806C⅜" x ½" hex bushingbrass114SE9050SS½" 90 street elbowstainless steel14B-14Haskel pump---1315Part #DescriptionES50-MCmuffler---116GPA-95-037modular pipe insert adapter---117GPA-95-292modular sleeve---2MTBmounting boards (personnel conducting and witnessing thetest must use safety glassed or shields)---11955HAC24blue carriage rack---1204EF4-B½" E-series straight thru couplerbrass221GH6638Gates Matchmate Plus hose---1FW25¼" flat washers---8LW25¼" lock washers---4MB2550¼" - 20 x ½" bolts---4MB4150¼" - 20 x 1½" square head male---4MN4¼" machine nut---823LOGODixon logo sticker---1241660830C½" x 3" long pipe nipplebrass1253041212C¾" 90 street elbowbrass1265041212CFGHT x ¾" MNPTbrass1500QCFgarden hose female quick couplerbrass1500QCMgarden hose male quick coupler plugbrass128TTA50½" x 260" thread tape---129PTPMANUPTP pump manual---1182227Pneumatic Test Pump Manual 888.226.46737

Hydrostatic Test ReportEngineer Report No.Subject:Pressure(PSIG)Time(Minutes)Comments"A" End"B" EndRemarks:Test conducted by:Test approved by:8Date:VICE PRESIDENT OF 888.226.4673Pneumatic Test Pump Manual IOM

Holedall Type Permanently Attached Coupling Test ReportEngineer Report No.Subject:Hose:Working Pressure:Test Pressure:Burst Pressure:"A" End"B" EndHose OD (free)Hose OD (over stem)StemFerruleDieMulcoramPusherForce (PSI)Reduce LengthHose Wall (free)Hose OD reducedStem Mean ODHose Wall ReducedReductionRemarks:Coupled by:Approved by:Date:VICE PRESIDENT OF ENGINEERINGPneumatic Test Pump Manual 888.226.46739

Industrial Band Type/Clamp Type Coupling Test ReportEngineer Report No.Subject:Hose:Working Pressure:Test Pressure:Burst Pressure:"A" End"B" EndHose OD (free)Hose OD (over stem)STEM:Shank diameterSerrationsDiameter over collarDiameter of grooveInsertionLubricantCLAMP:Bolts torquedRemarks:Coupled by:Approved by:10Date:VICE PRESIDENT OF 888.226.4673Pneumatic Test Pump Manual IOM

AccessoriesCam & Groove Test CapsSizeIron / SteelPart m & Groove Test PlugsSizeIron / SteelPart male NPT Test CapsSizeIron / SteelPart 0TCMale NPT Test PlugsSizeIron / SteelPart #1"1½"2"3"4"100TP150TP200TP300TP400TPBleed-off ValvePart #IBV50BOVPneumatic Test Pump Manual 888.226.467311

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3. Connect the air supply line, the water supply line, and the intermediate hose to the test pump. 4. Connect one end of the test sample to the intermediate hose. The connection between test sample and intermediate hose should be tight. 5. Connect the bleed-off valve to the other end of the test sample. 6. Open the bleed-off valve on the test .