Acterna HST-3000Option for the T-BERD DS3Continued explosive growth indemand for bandwidth hungryapplications and services is drivingincreased deployment of DS3 intoday’s network – both as a transporttechnology and as a service offering.This growth has led to an increasedneed for test solutions that ensure theproper installation and maintenanceof DS3 service. Technicians whoformerly were only responsible for T1and lower speed service installationand maintenance are now beingtasked to take on DS3 testingresponsibilities. This, coupled withtoday’s smaller workforces andreduced budgets for equipment andtraining, presents a real challenge toservice providers who must ensurethat the service provisioning andtrouble correction is done right thefirst time out.The combo DS1/DS3 ServicesInterface Module (SIM) Option addsDS3 testing capability to the widearray of test applications supportedby the HST-3000 and provides apowerful and versatile solution fortesting DS3. Hand-held, rugged andeasy-to-use, the HST-3000 is ideal forfield use. Its modular design providesa scalable, all-in-one solution fortesting multiple technologies.The HST-3000 ensures optimal DS3network performance by performingend-to-end BER testing andmeasuring frequency and signallevels on the circuit under test.Technicians can quickly qualifynetworks for accurate multiplexedoperation by performing BERtesting on one or all DS1 channelstransmitted by a DS3 multiplexer.The HST-3000 DS3 option comesstandard with dual DS3 receivers forbi-directional monitoring.Additionally, the option includesdual transmit and receive DS1interfaces to provide an all-in-oneapplication based approach to testingboth the DS3 interface as well as theT1 tributary.The HST-3000 boasts automatedsetups and advanced features thatensure consistent adherence toservice provider methods andprocedures. Each HST-3000 is built toorder and can easily be fieldupgraded with new modules andsoftware as application andtechnology needs change.Highlights– Reduce DS3 circuit testing time byusing dual receivers forbi-directional monitoring, allowingfor timely trouble isolation andcorrection.– Seamlessly transition from testingthe DS3 interface to testing at the T1tributary without swapping modulesor test sets via the standard dualtransmit and receive DS1 interface.– Verify multiplexed operation byperforming BER testing on one or all28 DS1 channels within the DS3.– Accurately measure frequency andsignal level to ensure optimal DS3circuit performance.– Compact, lightweight and scalabletool ideal for the needs of the fieldtechnician today

Service InstallationT1 TestingThe HST-3000 provides comprehensive DS3 testingcapability to ensure the circuit is functioning properly beforehand-off to the customer. Evaluation of BER test results,frequency and signal level helps identify potential sourcesof problems such as faulty or loose cable crimps, improperline build out, excessive coaxial cable length andmis-optioned or faulty network equipment.During DS3 installation or maintenance, it is often necessaryto test at the T1 tributary level. The HST-3000 DS3 Optioncomes standard with dual transmit and receive DS1interfaces. This enables the user to switch from DS3 to DS1physical layer testing without changing instruments orswapping modules – enabling timely and thorough testingof the T1 circuit to verify proper multiplexed operation.The HST-3000 enables simplified testing with the full rangeof T-BERD test patterns and capabilities for both multiplexedand unchannelized DS3 circuits with M13 or C-Bit framing.Testing can be performed to a loop at the far-end crossconnect panel or straightaway with another test set locatedat the far-end to sectionalize potential problems. For circuitswith C-Bit framing, the HST-3000 can send DS3 FEAC loopcommands and report FEAC alarms. For multiplexed DS3testing, BERT patterns can be inserted on a single channel orall 28 DS1 channels within the DS3. Other standard featuresinclude error insertion, to verify continuity, and alarmgeneration, to verify proper network provisioning.Service MaintenanceEasy-to-read results menus allow technicians to viewphysical layer measurements, BERT results, parityerrors, FEBEs and alarm conditions. Additionally, thesummary screen provides a rapid assessment of overalltest performance.It is often necessary to perform in-service monitoring of aDS3 circuit during routine maintenance or troubleshootingoperations. The HST-3000 DS3 Option comes standard withdual DS3 receivers for bi-directional monitoring. This allowsthe user quick and non-intrusive identification andsectionalization of potential problems. Results from bothreceivers (primary and secondary) are easily viewable on thesame screen.The HST-3000 also provides the capability to drop out asingle DS1 from the DS3 for analysis. If it becomesnecessary to conduct intrusive testing to isolate and correcta problem, the full range of out-of-service testing, describedearlier, is e 1: DS1/DS3 TestingCSU/DSU2

Test the Copper, Test the Service,Improve the ProcessAs an optional capability, the HST-3000 can be configured toinclude a robust suite of testing features for verification andtroubleshooting of the copper facilities. Equipped with thisoption, the HST-3000 can quickly troubleshoot the localloop for line impairments that degrade or impair DS1performance. The user can quickly identify and correct cableimpairments including: shorts, grounds, opens, crosses,bridged taps, wet sections and other high resistive faults.These impairments are easy to locate with the HST-3000’sadvanced time domain reflectometer (TDR), precision digitalvolt/ohm meter (DVOM) and an accurate resistive faultlocator (RFL) to pinpoint troubles prior to circuit installation.The HST-3000 can also transmit the full range widebandtones to confirm that noise and loss meet acceptablecriteria. Copper test features are optimized for useanywhere on the local loop – at the NID, crossbox, pedestal,main distribution frame or anywhere a technician might gainaccess to the local loop to locate the source of trouble.Figure 2. DS3 Interface ResultsAs previously mentioned, the HST-3000 DS3 Optionprovides the complete range of both DS1 and DS3 physicallayer circuit testing. Building on these capabilities, theHST-3000 can also be equipped with options that supportISDN Primary Rate (PRI) testing as well as PCM Signaling andTIMS testing for verification of digital voice service on a T1line. With all these features, the HST-3000 can easily scaleto address the full breadth and depth of testingrequirements from qualification of the copper pair throughvoice and data service verification.The HST-3000 offers pre-programmed tests and customizedscripts that simplify testing and ensure consistentadherence to standard test procedures. Thesecustomizations help eliminate mistakes caused by impropertest configurations or incorrect methodologies.Acterna’s TechComplete software (optional customized)allows the HST-3000 to improve turn-up and maintenanceprocesses. This is done by operating with service provider’sdispatch and closeout report systems to offload stored testresults for later trend analysis and coaching reports. Withthese features, the HST-3000 can reduce repeat rates andfailures and improve overall process efficiency.Figure 3. DS3 LED results3

Flexible and Rugged DesignThe HST’s rugged, weather resistant design and long batterylife are ideally suited for use in the field. Its modularityallows for field upgrades to support new testingrequirements. Standard Ethernet, USB and serialconnections offer flexibility to easily download softwareand offload captured test data.Easily configurable, the HST-3000 can be used by differenttechnicians with different responsibilities to perform a widenumber of tests. The HST-3000 is easily upgradeable withtechnologies and advanced options that support thechanging needs of service installers.Service InterfaceModule (SIM)Flexible, modular platformmakes technology upgradesor hardware changes easyHST-3000 Handheld Services TesterActual Size: 9.5 x 4.5 x 2.75 inWeight: 2.7 lb with battery4

Technical SpecificationsInterfacesDS3 (Single Tx/Dual Rx)BNCDS1 (Dual Tx/Rx)Bantam Jacks10/100 BT Ethernet jack8-pin modularSerial portDB9 female via cable (DCE)USB HostUSB DeviceDS3 SpecificationsOperating ModesTerminate and MonitorReceiver (Input) SpecificationsFrequency44,736Mbps 300 ppmImpedanceNominal 75 Ohms at 22MHz(unbalanced to ground)RangeTERM: 0 to 12 dB cable loss at 22 MHzDSXMON: -20dB loss plus 0 to 9 dB ofcable loss from high signal of 22 MHzJitter ToleranceTransmitter (Output) SpecificationsFrequency44,736 Mbps 50 ppmImpedanceNominal 75 Ohms unbalancedto groundTimingInternal ClockRecovered (from network) ClockPulse (High)Nominal 1.2VpPulse (DSX)Nominal 0.6 VpPulse (Low)Nominal 0.3 Vp with 75 OhmsPulse Shape Per T1.102 (1993) & ITU-T G.703Output JitterPer T1.102 (1993)TestsBERT, MonitorFramingAuto, Unframed, M13, C-bitLine CodingB3ZSError/Alarm TypesLogic, BPV, Parity,Frame, AIS, RAILoopback CodesNIU, CSU, HDSL,MSS, user defined and repeaterFEAC Loop CodesNIU, DS3 line, DS1 lineFrequency & Level MeasurementsFrequencyRange: 44,736 350 ppmAccuracy: 3ppm, 1ppm/yearResolution: 4 HzLevel VpRange: 0.0 V to 1.99 VAccuracy: ( .02V/ 10%)Resolution: 0.01 VDS1 SpecificationsOperating ModesTerminate, Monitor, Drop& Insert, Loopback, (Full T1 and Fractional)FramingUnframed, D4/SF, ESFLine CodingAMI, B8ZSInput ImpedanceBRIDGE 1000 OhmsTERM 100 Ohms 5%DSX-MON 100 Ohms 5%Receive LevelBRIDGE 0 to -20.0 dBdsxTERM 6 to -35.0 dBdsxDSX-MON 6 to -24.0 dBdsxTiming SourcesInternal ClockRecovered (from network) ClockLine Build Out Level0, 7.5, 15.0, and 22.5 dBof cable loss at 722 kHzError InsertionLogic, BPV, FramePhysical specificationsSize (H x W x D)9.5 x 4.5 x 2.75 inWeight2.7 lb with batteryOperating temperature22 F to 122 FStorage temperature–40 F to 150 FBattery life10 hrs. typical usageCharging time7 hours from fulldischarge to full chargeOperating humidity10% to 80% relativehumidityStorage humidity10% to 95% relativehumidityDisplay1/4 VGA monochrome transflective,3.8-in diagonal (readable in direct sunlight)GeneralRuggednessSurvives 3-ft drop toconcrete on all sidesWater-resistanceSplashproof: may beused in heavy rainLanguageEnglishKeypadTypical 12-button keyboard5

Ordering informationBase unitsHST-3000CHST-3000C base with copper testingRequires the purchase of a SIM– see separate listing forHST3000-CAR or HST3000-CU(Ethernet and serial ports included)HST-3000 HST-3000 base without copper testingRequires the purchase of a SIM– see separate listing forHST-3000-CAR or HST-3000-AR(Ethernet and serial ports included)SIMS (Modules)DDS SIMHST-3000-4WLLDual T/R/G interface forcopper testing and 4 wire local loopinterface and T1 DDS software optionHST-3000-T1Dual Tx/Rx bantam T1interface and T1 software optionHST-3000-CT1Dual T/R/G interface for copperTesting and Dual Tx/Rx bantam T1Interface and T1 software optionHST-3000-T3Dual Tx/Rx bantam T1 interface,and dual Rx, single Tx BNC DS3 interfaceand DS3 software optionHST-3000-BRIU-MON and U Interface with To LT and To NTand ISDN BRI software optionWorldwideHeadquartersRegional SalesHeadquartersOne Milestone Center CourtGermantown, Maryland20876-7100USANorth AmericaOne Milestone Center CourtGermantown, Maryland20876-7100USAToll Free: 1 866 ACTERNAToll Free: 1 866 228 3762Tel: 1 301 353 1560 x 2850Fax: 1 301 353 9216Acterna is present in morethan 80 countries. To findyour local sales office go to:www.acterna.comSoftware t leadsTDR software optionRFA/RFL software optionWB tones/TIMS softwareoptionVT100 option (Includescable and software option)Scripted testing softwareoptionWeb browser softwareoptionVF (PCM) signaling software optionVF (PCM) TIMS softwareoptionT1 DDS software optionISDN PRI software optionPOTS - 5 ft. banana plugsto alligator clips,T1 - bantam to bantam, bantam to 310 WecoCharger AdapterAC/DC battery charger/adapter120 VAC (50/60 Hz) input;12 VDC (1 A) outputSoft CoverForm fitting nylon glove for test set and leadsCarrying CaseHeavy duty, nylon casefor test set, extra SIMs, accessories and cablesBatteryLithium ion41084T1 repeater power supply43141repeater power supply multiplexer44116HDSL doubler power supply44527HDSL remote access shelfRepeater extenderLatin AmericaActerna do Brasil Ltda.Av. Eng. Luis Carlos Berrini936 9th Floor04571-000 São PauloSP-BrazilTel: 55 11 5503 3800Fax: 55 11 5505 1598Asia PacificActerna Hong Kong Ltd.Room 902, 9th FloorBank of East AsiaHarbour View Centre56 Gloucester RoadWanchai, Hong KongTel: 852 2892 0990Fax: 852 2892 0770Western EuropeArbachtalstrasse 672800 Eningen u.A.GermanyTel: 49 7121 86 2222Fax: 49 7121 86 1222Eastern Europe,Middle East & AfricaElisabethstrasse 362500 BadenAustriaTel: 43 2252 85 521 0Fax: 43 2252 80 727Acterna AdvantageSM – adding valuewith global services and solutionsFrom basic instrument support for your fieldtechnicians to management of complex,company-wide initiatives, Acterna’s serviceprofessionals are committed to helping youmaximize your return on investment. Whateveryour needs – product support, systemmanagement, education solutions, tailoredtest & measurement solutions or refurbishedequipment – we offer programs that will giveyou the competitive edge. To learn more abouthow Acterna can help your business be moresuccessful, visit the services section on yourlocal web page at is the world’s largest provider ofcommunications test solutions fortelecommunications and cable networkoperators. A trusted communications testpartner for more than eight decades, Acternaoffers an unmatched portfolio of awardwinning instruments, systems, software andservices that help its customers reduce networkcosts while improving performance andreliability. Headquartered in Germantown,Maryland, USA – with European andAsia-Pacific operations based in Eningen,Germany and Hong Kong – Acterna servesnearly every major communications serviceprovider and equipment manufacturer aroundthe world through a skilled sales andsupport organization in 31 countries. Copyright 2003Acterna, LLC.All rights reserved.Note: Specifications,terms and conditionsare subject to changewithout notice.Acterna, CommunicationsTest and ManagementSolutions, and its logo aretrademarks of Acterna,LLC. All other trademarksand registered trademarksare the property of theirrespective owners. MajorActerna operations sitesare IS0 9001 registered.1st Neopalimovskiy Per.15/7 (4th floor)RF 119121 MoscowRussiaTel: 7 095 248 2508Fax: 7 095 248 4189HSTBRI/DS/ACC/11-03/AE/PDFONLY

& Insert, Loopback, (Full T1 and Fractional) Framing Unframed, D4/SF, ESF Line Coding AMI, B8ZS Input Impedance BRIDGE 1000 Ohms TERM 100 Ohms 5% DSX-MON 100 Ohms 5% Receive Level BRIDGE 0 to -20.0 dBdsx TERM 6 to -35.0 dBdsx DSX-MON 6 to -24.0 dBdsx Timing Sources Internal Clock Recovered (from network) Clock Line Build Out Level 0, 7.5, 15.0, and 22.5 dB of cable loss at 722 kHz .