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MD NAV Technical Training CurriculumGet in-depth Technical knowledge of MD NAV ERP and make yourself stand ahead of the crowd.Course Objectives: Learn all about NAV ERP in-depth and get hands-on practical training too.Prepare yourself for the related global certification exam and get recognitionApply for leading MNCs and get hired by top industries across the world.Know all NAV fundamentals and Technical concepts that are usually implementedwithin an organization.Course Description:Croma Campus offers the best Microsoft Dynamics NAV Technical Training in Noida withmost experienced professionals. Our Instructors are working in Microsoft Dynamics NAVTechnical and related technologies for years in MNC's.We aware of industry needs and we are offering Microsoft Dynamics NAV Functional Trainingin Noida in more practical way. Our team of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Functional trainersoffers Microsoft Dynamics NAV Technical in Classroom training with best industry practices.We framed our syllabus to match with the real-world requirements for both beginner level to theadvanced level. Our training will be handled in either weekday or weekends programme dependson participants requirements. Further, the course content is prepared keeping latest industrytrends and certification structure in mind.To know more, you can contact our expert team and get more details.Course Content:Module 1: MD NAV Development Environment Basic Objects in Microsoft Dynamics NAVObject Designer FundamentalsTeam Development FeaturesPhysical and the Logical DatabasesLab: Designing and Running an ObjectModule 2: Reports Reports FundamentalsTypes of Report (List and Document Type Report)Triggers of ReportInteractive ReportReport Design ProcessProperties of ReportGrouping and Totalling in ReportReport Changes in Base ReportThe Request Page Design in ReportMatrix Type Report

Put the report on the pageShow the data on page using condition.Creating a List and Document type Report, Matrix Report.Module 3: Tables Table FundamentalsType of Table in NavisionProperties of TableTriggers of Table.Primary and Secondary KeysTable RelationshipsAdd a find in Exiting Table and flow in different table after postingCreating Flow Field and Flow Filter.Retrieving Data by GET FunctionRetrieve the data from different company.Lab: Create a Table and Insert Data using code.Lab: Create field on the table and after posting data should flow differently by propertiesand by code.Module 4: Pages Page Types and CharacteristicsPage TriggersAction Page & Create Button on Page.Insert data in table using page.Special properties of page (like Auto split key, Delayed Insert, Multiple Line Insert, FilterPane on page.)Showing two table data on one page (document type page)Update the data of Line page by Header Page by Code.Lab: Create a Card and a List Page, document type page, Sub-form Page, Role CenterPage.Lab: Permission for opening of page and showing the page.Module 5: Assignment Statements, Data Types, and Dates Assignment StatementsThe Syntax of StatementsRetrieving the system date and timeDetermining the day, month, and year from a given dateUsing the date formula to calculate datesConverting a value to a formatted stringCreating an option variableRelational and Logical ExpressionsConverting a string to another data typeCreating an Array.

Module 6: Conditional statements Conditional Statements and Boolean ExpressionsThe IF StatementThe EXIT StatementThe CASE StatementCompound Statements and CommentsThe Syntax of Compound StatementsCompound Statement by Using Nested IF StatementsThe Syntax of CommentsPractice: Nested IFFor Loop, While LoopRepetitive StatementsThe WITH Statement.Module 7: Conditional Functions Functions and ParametersReview Built-in FunctionsFunction pass by Value, Pass by Reference.Data Manipulation FunctionsWorking with FieldsOther Common CAL FunctionsCreate Custom FunctionsLocal Functions, Variables and the EXIT StatementLearn Import function of Navision (NAV) SETRANGE, SETFILTER, SETCURRENTKEY, GETRANGEMIN,GETRANGEMAX, FINDFIRST, FINDLAST, CALCFIELDS, CALCSUMS,COUNT, RESET, INIT, INSERT, MODIFY, MODIFYALL, DELETE,GETFILTER, GETFILTERS, COPYFILTER, MARK, MARKEDONLY,VALIDATE, TESTFIELD, TRANSFERFIELD, CHANGECOMPANY. Lab: Create Custom FunctionsHow to use Create and use pass by value and pass by reference?Module 8: Debugger How to debug Code?How the set the breakpoints?Handling Run Time Errors?Debug the code user wise problem.Module 9: XML Reports XML Port FundamentalsDesign XML PortsLab: Create an XML Port to Export XML Data

Importing and Exporting Plain TextLab: Create an XML Port to Export Variable TextUsing XML Ports in C/AL Code.Module 10: Roles and Security How to create the new users?Give the permission to user company wise.Assign the Role to the user using user personalization.Filter Group Function for security.Killing the user session.Assign permission to user to open page and process.Permission to block the users, Customer, vendor.Module 11: Code units Code unit FundamentalsDesign Code unitsUse Code unitsExample: Use the designed code unit in different table and page.Module 12: Menu suit How to create Menu SuitHow to Create Menu in Department?How to add customer data in Menu suit?How to create fields in Role Center Page?

Our team of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Functional trainers offers Microsoft Dynamics NAV Technical in Classroom training with best industry practices. We framed our syllabus to match with the real-world requirements for both beginner level to the advanced level. Our training will be handled in either weekday or weekends programme depends