Appendix 1: Listing of All Publicly Announced Broadband PlansContents by CompanyAT&T . 2CableOne. 6Cablevision . 7CenturyLink . 8Charter Communication . 9Cincinnati Bell . 10Clearwire . 11Comcast. 13Cox . 14EchoStar Corp. . 15Fairpoint . 16Frontier Communication . 17Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd . 18Hughes Communications Inc. . 19Insight . 20Knology. 21Leap Wireless. 22Mediacom . 23MetroPCS. 24OpenRange . 25Qwest . 26RCN . 27Sprint Nextel . 28T-Mobile . 31Time Warner Cable . 32Verizon . 33ViaSat . 37WildBlue . 38Windstream Communications. 39WISP Industry. 40OPATSCO . 41American Cable Association. 42National Telecommunications Cooperative Association . 43A-1

*) Project not -theNode (FTTN) andFiber-to-thePremises (FTTP)fiber-optic 40Gigabit backbonetechnology;research into 100Gigabit1DSLAnnounced TimelineCurrentDeployment /CoverageFootprintMore than 19million livingunits passedby ouradvanced fibernetwork, withongoingexpansion."22011: pass 30 million livingunits1Wireline totalbroadbandconnections:2008: 15,077;2009E: 15,94831.577millionU-verseconnections in2Q09. Total BBconnection16,945,000.15,548,000wired bbconnections.11,924Kconsumersubscribers in200812 numberincludes DSL &Households:a small2008: 15077Knumber of2009: 15868KWildblue2010: 16614Ksatellite2015: 19147K not verified bycustomers.11ATTDoesn'tinclude Uverse orbusiness DSL.2,108KExpected Deployment/ CoverageStatesFootprintExpected Capital Outlays /Operating ExpendituresExpected BroadbandPerformance / QualityExpected ARPU 17 billion to 18 billion capital expendituresin 2009; two-thirds to extend and enhancebroadband and wireless1"Capital expenditures in the wirelinesegment, which represented 69.4% of ourcapital expenditures, increased 2.5% in 2008,primarily due to the continued deploymentof our U-verse services.6Pass 30 million living units in2011. (see footnote 1) 100percent broadband by 20144Wireline total broadbandconnections:2010E: 16,798,2011E: 17,598,2012E: 17,505,2013E: 17,680,2014E: 17,857,2015E: 18,035,2016E: 18,2163CA, NV, TX, OK, KS,MO, AR, LA, MS, IL,WI, MI, IN, OH, KY,TN, AL, GA, FL, SC,NC, CT 5Wireline capital spending (US m):2008:14,4662008 13,398,2009E: 11,332,2010E: 10,146,2011E: 10,006,2012E: 10,035,2013E: 10,058,2014E: 10,061,2015E: 10,041,2016E: 10,0237Wireline Capex ( bn): 2Q09 (actual): 2.7,2009E: 11.6,2010E: 11.5,2011E: 11.58This is wireline capex, which includes Uverse, DSL, PSTNUp to:18 Mbps downstream91.5 Mbps upstream1012,074K subscribers in 2009,12,154K in 2010. "combined withcontinued expansion of thecompany's DSL footprint"1Uverse DSL Wildbluecombined was 112K net adds for2Q0913CT, MI, OH, IN, IL,WI, MO, AR, KS, OK,TX, CA, NV2009E DSL Net Adds: -111K3DSL net adds:2009E: -246K;2010E: -600K;2011E: -650K8A-2Advertised:Downstream Speed: Upto 6.0 MbpsUpstream Speed: Up to768 Kbps14Not available forU-Verse only.ConsumerBroadbandARPU isexpected to be2009: 39.6115BusinessBroadbandARPU isexpected to be2010: 49.0816

*) Project not completedAT&TTechnologyDetailsAnnounced TimelineCurrentDeployment / Expected Deployment/ CoverageStatesCoverageFootprintFootprintbusiness DSLat end of 2008.79.6 millionwirelesssubscribers1920,000 hotspotfootprint27Wireless -- 3GUMTS, HighSpeed PacketAccess (HSPA)7.2850 MHzspectrum testing:4G LTE17 *2009: begin networkupgrades2010: begin LTE trials2011: expected completionof upgrades; begindeploying LTE18"Withapproximately25.6 millionconnections sofar in 2009,AT&T Wi-Ficonnectionsthis year havealreadysurpassed the20 millionconnectionsseen in all of2008."20Wirelesssubscribers:2008: 77,009K;2009E:82,250K21"AT&T’s 3G mobile broadbandnetwork is now available innearly 350 U.S. majormetropolitan areas, with about20 additional metro areasplanned for deployment in2009."22To support its HSPA deployment, AT&T is going ‘hardand heavy’ bringing fiber to cellsites. The company hasapproximately 40% of its cellsites nationally wired with fiberbut these are concentrated inmetro areas that generate closerto 60% of the company’s traffic.The company is targeting 100%of cell sites with HSPA by2H201123"deployment of about 2,100 newcell sites across the country."22Wireless subscribers:2010E: 86,0502011E: 89,6502012E: 93,1502013E: 96,6502014E: 100,1502015E: 103,6502016E: 107,15024Expected Capital Outlays /Operating ExpendituresExpected BroadbandPerformance / QualityExpected ARPUData ARPUPostpaid: 17.72,322010: 18.94 17 billion to 18 billion capital expendituresin 2009; two-thirds to extend and enhancebroadband and wireless27AL, AK, AZ, AR, CA,"We are stepping up CapEx in a number ofCO, CT, DE, DC, FL,areas and probably the number one area isGA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA,in wireless"28KS, KY, LA, MD, MA,"Capital spending (excluding interest duringMI, MN, MS, MO,construction) in our wireless segmentNE, NV, NH, NJ, NY,increased 42.1% in 2008, primarily forNC, OH, OK, OR, PA,network capacity expansion, integration andPR, RI, SC, TN, TX,upgrades to our Universal MobileUT, VA, WA, WV,Telecommunications System/High-Speed25WIPacket Access network, as well as for IT andother support systems for our wireless"Additionally, AT&Tservice."29will expand 3GWireless capital spending (US m): 2008:service to 20 new5,689; 2009E: 6,538; 2010E: 5,625; 2011E:markets this5,875; 2012E: 6,114; 2013E: 6,347; 2014E:26year."6,581; 2015E: 6,815; 2016E: 7,0493Wireless Capex ( bn): 2Q09 (actual): 1.3;2009E: 5.7; 2010E: 5.8; 2011E: 5.78".theoretical peakspeeds of 7.2Mbps.Typical real-worlddownlink and uplinkspeeds experienced bycustomers withupgraded 3G will be lessthan the theoretical peakand will vary based on anumber of factors,including location,device, and overall trafficon the local network at agiven time."30"In 2009, we'll continueto expand and enhanceour 3G wireless network;we plan to begin testingpeak speeds up to 20megabits per second."31Data ARPUPrepaid:2010: 11Error!Bookmark notdefined.2Q09A: 11.5933Total WirelessARPU (includingvoice and data):1Q09: 50.702Q09: 50.1134Total WirelessARPU (includingvoice and data):2009E: 50.57;2010E: 50.66;2011E: 50.66;2012E: 50.66;2013E: 50.66;2014E: 50.66;2015E: 50.66;2016E: 50.6635Total WirelessARPU (includingvoice and data):2Q09A: 50.6033A-3

*) Project not completedAT&TCurrentDeployment /CoverageFootprintTechnologyDetailsAnnounced TimelineLTE (Long TermEvolution)Regarding 4G, AT&T isdeveloping and will begintesting LTE in its labs and in So far nomarket trials next year and it deployment.will begin deployment in2011. 36Expected Deployment/ CoverageStatesFootprintExpected Capital Outlays /Operating ExpendituresExpected BroadbandPerformance / QualityAT&T will be using its 700megahertz and AWS spectrumexclusively for LTE. This spectrumwill cover 100% of the top 200markets and 87% of the U.S.population. 371AT&T to Invest More Than 17 Billion in 2009 to Drive Economic Growth, March 10 2009, 4800&cdvn news&newsarticleid 26597Cities Supporting AT&T 3G/Mobile Broadband, 3g.jsp3AT&T Q2 2009 Earnings Call Transcript, -2009-earnings-call-transcript?page 44Morgan Stanley, AT&T Well-Positioned for 2010, June 18 2009, /dispatch.asp?cCode TRSearch&PRODUCT CODE Banker&a1 rning Info/docs/2Q 09 slide c.pdf6AT&T, Investor Briefing 2nd Quarter 2009, July 23, 2009, Info/docs/2Q 09 IB FINAL.pdf7AT&T Q2 2009 Earnings Call Transcript, -2009-earnings-call-transcript?page 48Argus Analyst Report, ARGUS INSTITUTIONAL PARTNERS - BONNER, JOSEPH, June 10 2009, Estimates12Morgan Stanley13AT&T, Investor Briefing 2nd Quarter 2009, July 23, 2009, Info/docs/2Q 09 IB TRSearch&PRODUCT CODE Banker&a1 Research; Report Number 14979697, droppoints/dispatch.asp?cCode TRSearch&PRODUCT CODE Banker&a1 Research; Report Number 14979697, p.8,11,1917AT&T BACKS 100 PERCENT BROADBAND BY 2014, June 8, 2009, us/public policy/100 Pct Broadband.pdf18AT&T Sees Significant Rise in Wi-Fi Hotspot Connections during Second Quarter, July 28, 2009, 4800&cdvn news&newsarticleid 2697519Complete 2008 AT&T Annual Report, us/annual report/pdfs/2008ATT FullReport.pdf20"AT&T to Deliver 3G Mobile Broadband Speed Boost," AT&T Press Release, May 27, 2009, 4800&cdvn news&newsarticleid 2683521AT&T Q2 2009 Earnings Call Transcript, -2009-earnings-call-transcript?page 422AT&T Sees Significant Rise in Wi-Fi Hotspot Connections during Second Quarter, July 28, 2009, 4800&cdvn news&newsarticleid 2697523Bank of America Merrill Lynch, AT&T: “Bandwidth Anywhere” coming together with 4G, U-verse,” Aug. 18, 2009 at 6.24AT&T Q2 2009 Earnings Call Transcript, -2009-earnings-call-transcript?page rse Update.pdf2A-4Expected ARPU

26AT&T to Invest More Than 17 Billion in 2009 to Drive Economic Growth, March 10 2009, 4800&cdvn news&newsarticleid 26597AT&T to Invest More Than 17 Billion in 2009 to Drive Economic Growth, March 10 2009, 4800&cdvn news&newsarticleid 2659728AT&T INC: Solid 2Q09 Results, iPhone Trends Strong, RBC CAPITAL MARKETS (CANADA) - ATKIN, JONATHAN, ET AL, 24 Jul 2009, Rpt. 1509443929 4800&cdvn news&newsarticleid 2696130AT&T Sees Significant Rise in Wi-Fi Hotspot Connections during Second Quarter, July 28, 2009, 4800&cdvn news&newsarticleid 2697531 4800&cdvn news&newsarticleid 22 state map.pdf33Morgan Stanley Research, Telecom Services, August 31, 2009.34Statement of AT&T Inc. Before the FCC, June 8, 2009, us/public policy/Broadband NOI Comments.pdf35AT&T Q2 2009 Earnings Call Transcript, -2009-earnings-call-transcript?page -q3-2009-earnings-call-transcript?page t-q3-2009-earnings-call-transcript?page -127A-5

*) Project not eCurrent Deployment /Coverage FootprintExpected Deployment/Coverage FootprintStatesExpected Capital Outlays /Operating ExpendituresExpected BroadbandPerformance / QualityWA, OR, ID, AZ, NM, TX,ND, SD, NE, KS, OK, MN,IA, MI, AR, LA, MS, AL,TN22009E: 100 million3Up to 10Mbps downloadand 1 Mbps upload4End of 2008:CableHomes passed: 1,391,000Basic video subscribers: 699,500Internet subscribers: 372,900Internet available in 100% of homespassedVoIP subscribers: 93,500VoIP available in 95% of homes 180BBB9A87 WPO2008AR.pdfCableOne: Set Your Location, EX Report 2008 Appendix Carrier Data internet.aspx2A-6Expected ARPU

*) Project not lineCurrent Deployment /Coverage FootprintExpected Deployment/Coverage FootprintStatesExpected Capital Outlays /Operating ExpendituresExpected BroadbandPerformance / QualityExpected ARPUARPU per line:approximately 302Cable Capital Expenditures:2Q 2009: 155m2Cable(DOCSIS 3.0)Fiber(Ethernetbased)*Wireless(Optimum WiFi)*100% deployment;launched in New York Metropolitan Areaon May 11;2.5 million data customers1100%NY, NJ, CTnetwork extends more than 3,700 routemiles and is connected to over 3,300buildings6New YorkMetropolitan Area6as of Feb 26: around 1/3 of their serviceareasas of April 2009: LongIsland, Connecticut,Westchester serviceareas, areas in NewJersey (Bergen andPassaic Counties),Duchess Counties1as of July 30: NewYork's Rockland andOrange Counties2very small, as just thegrater NYC area is covered1Total Capital Expenditures:2008: 909m32009E: 874m2010E: 900m2011E: 940m2012E: 970m4Up to:101 Mbps downstream /15 Mbps upstream21H 2009: 36.6 million7Up to:40 Gbps symmetrically1expects to spend aprox 300 millionon Wi-Fi rollout; expects to costaround 70 per customerin 2008 first phase of Wi-Fiinvestment of 68 million3Data ARPU:2008: 38.672009E: 38.062010E: 37.642011E: 37.342012E: 37.147Up to:3 Mbps downstream /1.5 Mbps upstream1"Cablevision Systems Corporation Q1 2009 Earnings Call." 07 May 2009. ipt"Cablevision Systems Corporation Q2 2009 Earnings Call." 30 July 2009. ipt3"Cablevision Systems Corporation Q4 2008 Earnings Call." 26 February 2009. blevision Systems Corp. Reports Q209 Results, Announces MSG Spinoff," Kaufman Bros.,L.P., Todd Mitchell. 31 July 2009.5"Cablevision Systems Corp. Reports Q209 Results, Announces MSG Spinoff," Kaufman Bros.,L.P., Todd Mitchell. 31 July 2009.6"Dave Pistacchio Named President, Optimum Lightpath." Optimum Lightpath Press Release. 28 May 2009. 2009 05 28.shtml7Goldman Sachs, Americas: Communication Services, September 8, 20092A-7High Speed DataARPU(Customers:2.5m and datarevenue of 288min the secondquarter) in2Q09: 385

*) Project not completedCenturyLinkTechnologyDetailsAnnounced TimelineBroadband to 100% of accesslines within three years of July2009DSL /Fiber90% of access lines 768 Kbpsdownstream within three yearsof July 200987% of access lines 1.5 Mbpswithin two years of July 200980% of access lines 3 Mbpswithin three years of July 20091 2Wireless*We’re looking at the rollout ofthe classically commercialequipment which we expect toreally to be about 2012, beforeit’s really at a level we can rollout in a big way.10Current Deployment /Coverage FootprintExpectedDeployment/Coverage FootprintCenturyLink, July 2009:2.1m broadband customers440,000 video subscribers7.5m access lines in 33states2StatesEmbarq:FL, IN, KS, MN,MO, NE, NV, NJ,NC, OH, OR, PA,SC, TN, TX, VA,WA, WYEmbarq18 states5.9m access lines1.4m broadbandsubscribersEnd 2008: 88% of accesslines were broadbandenabled3CenturyTel25 states2m access lines630,000 broadbandsubscribers4CenturyTel:AL, AR, CO, GA,ID, IA, KS, LA, MI,MN, MS, MO,MT, NM, NC,OH, OK, OR, TN,TX, WA, WI, WY4wireless broadbandoverlay networkcoveringapproximately 53% ofits local exchangeareas in the West,Midwest and South11Expected Capital Outlays /Operating ExpendituresCapital expenditures:2Q 2009: 85.3m2H 2009E: 525 - 575m5Total operating expenses:2009E: 5.5m2010E: 5.2m2011E: 4.9m2012E: 4.8mExpected Broadband Performance/ Quality"At year-end 2008. 57 percent ofour broadband-enabled lines werecapable of speeds up to 10 Mbps."3High-speed data transmissioncapabilities from 3 Mbps up to 1Gbps8Expected ARPUTHIS IS TOTALARPU, calculated2Q09A: 108.463Q09E: 88.064Q09E: 87.75YEAR: 92.691Q10E: 88.272Q10E: 88.803Q10E: 89.354Q10E: 89.92YEAR: 89.019Operating expenses, cost ofservices and products:2009E: 2.3m2010E: 2.2m2011E: 2.1m2012E: 1.9m6Free cash flow, cap-ex:2009E: 921m2010E: 807m2011E: 778m71FCC: Memorandum Opinion and Order, In the Matter of Applications Filed for the Transfer of Control of Embarq Corporation to CenturyTel, Inc., WC Docket No. 08-238, June 2009, public/attachmatch/FCC-09-54A1.doc, pp. 31f.2EMBARQ CORP - TERMINATING COVERAGE, OPPENHEIMER AND CO - HORAN, TIMOTHY, ET AL, 07-Jul-2009 Rpt. 150305283CenturyLink, Inc. - SWOT Analysis," DATAMONITOR - Company Research - Datamonitor Independent Research, 12 Aug 2009, Rpt. 152109074 public/attachmatch/FCC-09-54A1.doc5Tony Davis, Century Link Press Release: CenturyLink Reports Second Quarter 2009 Earnings, 6 August 2009, 112635&p irol-newsArticle Print&ID 1317840&highlight %22.6CenturyTel: Higher Synergies but Footprint Still Relatively Riskier, MORGAN STANLEY - FLANNERY, SIMON, ET AL7CenturyLink: Reiterate Outperform; Focus on DSL/Bundling and Integration, August 7, 2009, Oppenheimer8CenturyTel Expands Metro Ethernet Offering to Meet High-Bandwidth, High-Speed Business Demands, August 21 2008, 112635&p irol-newsArticle Print&ID 897801&highlight 9CenturyTel Inc: Raising PT to 34 Following Solid 2Q Results, RBC CAPITAL MARKETS (CANADA): COLEMAN, DAVID, ET AL, Rpt. e icle id 22584A-8

*) Project not completedCharter CommunicationTechnologyDetailsAnnounced TimelineCurrent Deployment /Coverage FootprintExpected Deployment/ CoverageStatesFootprintExpected Capital Outlays /Operating ExpendituresExpected BroadbandPerformance /QualityExpected ARPUtotal ARPU:Q3 2008: 108.273Q1 2009: 110.324Q2 2009: 113.295DOCSIS 3.0*Lauch in February,20091St. Louis Metropolitan areaSt. Louis Metropolitanarea111Capital Expenditure (notincluding cost of newmodems and provisioning): 8-10 per 09-03-16?utm medium rss&utm source rss&cmp-id tml?c 112298&p irol-newsArticle Print&ID 1285681&highlight spx?Feed BW&Date 20090806&ID 10236577&Symbol ?c 112298&p irol-newsArticle Print&ID 1285681&highlight 2A-9Up to 60 MbpsDownload1HSI ARPU (includesDOCSIS 3.0 andolder tech.):Q3 2008: 40.25Q1 2009: 41.26Q2 2009: 41.416

*) Project not completedCincinnati BellTechnologyDetailsAnnouncedTimelineZoomTown HighSpeed DSL235,000 DSL subscribersas of 2Q 091Cincinnati Bell Wirelessended the year 2007with 571,000 wirelesssubscribers.6Wireless - 3G MobileZoomtownFiber To TheHome (FTTH) –Fioptics*Current Deployment /Coverage FootprintLaunched in2009Expected Deployment/Coverage FootprintCincinnati and Dayton area2Cincinnati and Dayton area2StatesCincinnati andDayton area1Expected Capital Outlays /Operating ExpendituresFor entire company: 2008: 230.9 million / 2009e: 230 million3Q209: Capex came in at 48.5M, representing16.0% of sales, and slightly higher than theestimate of 15.0%. We note that the company didnot give any color on how capex would trend forthe balance of 2009.4Expected BroadbandPerformance / QualityHousehold ARPU forcustomers in specialUp to 5Mbps downloadacquisition and retentionspeed and up to 768Kbpsprogram (70,000upload speed.5subscribers) as of Q209: 112.001Cincinnati andDayton area1for entire company: 2008: 230.9 million / 2009e: 230 million3Q209: Capex came in at 48.5M, representing16.0% of sales, and slightly higher than ourestimate of 15.0%. We note that the company didnot give any color on how capex would trend forthe balance of 2009.43G approx. 1 to 2megabits2Cincinnati andDayton area1for entire company: 2008: 230.9 million / 2009e: 230 million3The Company spent 14.7 million in 2008 for fibernetwork capital expenditures to provide all theseservices.310Mb, 20Mb and 30Mbservice ayfilinginfo.aspx?FilingID 6726478-93850-107396&type sect&dcn D98-6630-42A9-B8F1-5C2A866655E2 droppoints/dispatch.asp?cCode TRSearch&PRODUCT CODE Banker&a1 ternet/zoomtown high p?source newsletter7 support/product support/fioptics/high speed internet/2A-10Expected ARPUPostpaid data ARPU (incl.Voice) was1Q09: 9.552Q08: 9.87 1reflecting higher smartphone subscribers (8,000activations in 2Q09 withpenetration of thepostpaid base at 15%).4

*) Project not completedClearwireTechnologyDetailsWireless -CLEAR 4Gservice: WiMAX*AnnouncedTimeline2009: launchCLEAR 4G servicein 10 additionalmarkets; 30mPOPs across 25markets byYE200912010: 80 markets,120 millioncovered POPs1 2"(30 millionWiMAX) buildtarget by yearend”3Current Deployment /Coverage Footprint511,000 total subscribers4Covered POPs:2008: 16,800; 2009E: 42,0007".we have launched twoadditional markets, expandingthe nation’s first 4G service to8 million POPs. By year-end,our service area is expected tocover more than 40 millionpeople, of which 30 millionwill be served by 4G.4G services in Baltimore,Portland, Atlanta and LasVegas."Chicago, Dallas andPhiladelphia are expected tolaunch 4Q. Charlotte, Seattleand Honolulu are expected tobe converted to WiMAX in4Q."3Announced plans for our 4Gnetwork to cover over 30million people in more than 25markets by the end of thisyear.This will bring Clearwire's totalnetwork coverage in bothlegacy and 4G markets to over40 million people. "46m POPs with its 4G WiMaxservice as of 2Q091Expected Deployment/ Coverage FootprintStatesOver 40 million subscribers by the end of2009Error! Bookmark not defined.up to 120 million subscribers by the end of 20102"We have increased our network build scheduleand now expect the company to cover 80 millionPOPs by the end of 2010 versus the company’starget of up to 120 million POPs. We note that toreach our estimate of 120 million POPs by the endof 2012, we estimate an approximate 3.4 billionfunding gap."3Covered POPs:2010E: 75,000, 2011E: 120,000, 2012E: 135,000,2013E: 150,000, 2014E: 165,000, 2015E: 180,000,2016E: 185,0007"As you may know, we tend to group our 4Gmarket expansion into two categories -conversion markets, where we operate preWiMAX services, and the new markets. .we willcomplete our first 10 conversion markets onSeptember 1st. These include Boise, Idaho,[Bellingham], Washington, and eight Texascommunities. In the fourth quarter, we plan toconvert Charlotte, Seattle, Honolulu, and Maui.In addition to the conversions on track to launchnew markets this year, including Chicago, DallasFort Worth, and Philadelphia. And as I hopeyou’ve read, we have announced plans to add SanAntonio and Austin, Texas, [Milledgeville],Georgia, Raleigh and Greensborough, NorthCarolina, and Salem, Oregon. All of these newmarkets are progressing towards a fourth quarterlaunch.Some of the markets slated for 2010 include NewYork, Boston, Washington, D.C., Houston, and theSan Francisco Bay area, among many others.A-11CA, NV,GA, MD,OR, IL,NC, TX,HI, PA,WA, NY,MA, DC,CA, ID,WA, TX5Expected Capital Outlays /Operating Expenditures 1.5 to 1.9 billion for the fullyear 2009; "The ultimate scopeand timing of Clearwire’snetwork build-out will largely bedriven by the Company’s marketby market success and theavailability of additional capital."6CapEx Estimates: 974 mil, 2009E, 1,120 mil,2010E, 610 mil, 2011E, 610mil, 2012E, 355 mil, 2013E, 355 mil, 2014E, 355 mil,2015E, 355 mil, 2016E3CapEx Estimates: 925 mil, 2009E, 851 mil,2010E, 1,190 mil, 2011E, 648mil, 2012E, 728 mil, 2013E, 763 mil, 2014E, 818 mil,2015E, 668 mil, 2016E7Expected BroadbandPerformance /QualityExpected ARPUexpecting ARPU tobe generallysustained at currentlevels over 200920106 39.47 as of Q22009Download: 3 to 6mbps, with burstsover 10 mbps8Current: "Up to 2.0Mb download/256kupload speeds"9 39.50: 3Q 2009Estimate 39.54: 4Q 2009Estimate 39.57: 2010E; 39.88: 2011E; 40.12: 2012E; 40.32: 2013E; 40.52: 2014E; 40.73: 2015E; 40.93: 2016E 3 38.95: 2009E; 39.62: 2010E; 37.55: 2011E; 37.58: 2012E; 37.04: 2013E; 36.76: 2014E; 36.64: 2015E; 36.61: 2016E;7

1Merrill Lynch Report Sept. 2009 214419&p irol-newsArticle&ID oenix.zhtml?c 214419&p irol-newsArticle&ID 1315679&highlight q2-2009-earnings-call-transcript?page 25 areas.php6Clearwire Corporation: Mobile WiMAX Uptake Ramping; More Disclosure on 2009 Build Projections, Morgan Stanley7Clearwire Introduces CLEAR(TM) 4G Mobile Internet Service to Las Vegas, Clearwire Press Release, 214419&p irol-newsArticle&ID 1309444&highlight 8Clearwire Reports Second Quarter 2009 Result

ATT 11 3 11,924K consumer subscribers in 2008 12 number includes DSL & a small number of Wildblue satellite customers. Doesn't include U-verse or business DSL. 2,108K 12,074K subscribers in 2009, 12,154K in 2010. "combined with continued expansion of the company's DSL footprint"1 Uverse DSL