L-1 FingerprintReader SolutionsV-Flex 4G 4G – Biometric Performance Redefined with a Flexibleand Powerful Device to Secure any Size PremisesAdvanced Features Large Template Storage Capacity(10,000 in 1:N; 100,000 in 1:1) Single- or Two-Factor Authentication; Optional Integrated Card Reader(Prox, iClass or MIFARE/DESFire)L-1 Identity Solutions delivers the next generationof the Bioscrypt V-Flex fingerprint reader built on our new 4G technology platform thattransforms an access control device into aflexible and smart security appliance throughimproved performance, usability and scalability.The V-Flex 4G is equipped with state-of-theart biometric and multi-factor authentication,powerful on-board processing for rapid andaccurate authentication, sophisticated storage,extensible memory. V-Flex 4G combines reliabilityand performance with new advanced features todeliver a smart security appliance with built-inflexibility to help secure any size premises.The new V-Flex 4G incorporates innovative andpowerful capabilities and is ready for futureexpansion as the security industry continues toevolve. Invest in the most advanced biometricdevice today that is future-ready for tomorrow’sorganizational growth and security industryadvancements. Range of 500 DPI Sensor Options Field Replaceable Sensors Backwards Compatible Remote Device Management IP Connectivity (LAN, WAN, POE)Recess Mounted Easy Administration Flush or Recess Mounted Standalone Door Access Control(SDAC) CapabilitiesRange of 500 dpiSensor OptionsModel Configurations:V-Flex 4G (Base)V- Flex 4G (Prox)V-Flex 4G (Smart)Single-Factor FingerprintAuthenticationIntegrated Prox Card Reader Card Finger Finger OnlyIntegrated Smart Card Reader Finger ContactlessSmart CardsUNMATCHED POWER - take biometric access control to the next level oftruly connected and intelligent security appliancesEFFORTLESS TO USE - intuitive interface and controls for personnel andadministratorsDESIGNED FOR FLEXIBILITY AND SCALE - address different deploymentscenarios, changing business requirements, and future growthINNOVATIONS THAT LOWER COST OF OWNERSHIP - modular design andeasy to maintain

Biometric Performance RedefinedLower Your TotalCost of OwnershipOver the lifespan of the V-Flex 4G devicecustomers can lower the total cost ofownership through: More efficient installation anddeployment Innovations that streamline devicemaintenance Increased hardware reliability Benefit from administration efficiency Backwards compatibilityMaximize YourInvestmentThe V-Flex 4G is backwards compatiblewith the Bioscrypt Veri-Series line offingerprint readers and will work in amixed device environment.The V-Flex 4G unleashes a combination of power, flexibilityand design to address secure access control requirementsof any size, anywhere around the worldMeet Challenging Security Requirements with Flexible Product VariantsThe V-Flex 4G contains superior biometric capabilities for deployment flexibility and delivers cost savings.A variety of models are available to address a wide range of deployment scenarios, from small templaterequirements to scaling up to address 100,000 templates or unlimited users with smart cards.V-Flex 4G (Base)Single-factor Fingerprint AuthenticationExperience the ultimate in convenience. Eliminate the need for PINs or cards to gain accessto secure areas. Reduce administrative and human resource costs while quickly providingemployees with access to restricted areas – it is as simple as the touch of a finger. Single-factor authentication using just your finger Store 10,000 templates for 1:N identification or 100,000 templates for 1:1 verification with anexternal reader Ability to interface with external proximity card or PIN pad readersV-Flex 4G (Prox)Two-factor Authentication Combining Fingerprint and Proximity CardsEliminate any concerns about stolen, loaned or compromised proximity cards. Match anemployee’s fingerprint with an enrolled template that is linked to a proximity card in orderto confirm the identity of the card holder. Integrated prox card reader Two-factor authentication – Who You Are (biometric) used with What You Have (card) Three device authentication modes: (Finger Prox Card), (Finger Prox and Finger-only),or (Finger-only) Store 100,000 templates for 1:1 verification or 10,000 templates for 1:N identificationV-Flex 4G (Smart)Two-factor Authentication Combining Fingerprint and Contactless Smart CardsAddress privacy concerns by giving employees the ability to control their own biometric template.Employees have the security – and peace of mind – of carrying their fingerprint templates with them. Integrated card reader for iClass or MIFARE and DESfire cards Two-factor authentication – Who You Are (biometric) used with What You Have (smart card) 1:1 Verification; template on-card capability provides limitless user base expansionLeverage Existing InfrastructureThe V-Flex 4G is purpose built to work with securityindustry technologies and is backwards compatibleto ease migration costs and effort. Support for all Bioscrypt legacy template formats(Eliminates need for re-enrollment) Integrated with leading access control panels Works with existing BioSDK integrations with PACpartner applications

Reduce Maintenance Costs Remote device management capabilityRecommendedDeploymentScenarios 500 dpi Optical and Capacitive sensor options to meet varying project requirements Single door access controlThe V-Flex 4G is a communication-ready connected smart device, containing new installation andmaintenance capabilities to help organizations save time and drive down the cost of ownership. Power Over Ethernet (POE), LAN, WAN, RS485 Field replaceable sensor for easy maintenance For secure access through a singleaccess point. Multi-tenant access control Buildings that offer secure accesscontrol to all businesses in thebuilding Enterprise access controlOptical SensorFlush MountTCS1 Capacitive SensorTCS2 Capacitive SensorField Replaceable SensorStreamline System Administration ProcessesSecureAdmin is a powerful enterprise management software that makes administration of theV-Flex 4G quick and simple. Client-server architecture (Centralized data storage and distributed administration) Unlimited device and user groups make it easy to manage large installs User configurable device settings to adapt devices to specific needs Broadcast all or user selected device settings makes initial set up and global changes quickand painless SecureTranslate option (Localization utility for easy partner translation of software)Device Network TreeEnrollment FeedbackLED SettingsSecurAdmin Broadcast Page Enterprise capable to integrateinto large scale access controlenvironments

V-Flex 4GHardware Feature Map 1Front1Field ReplaceableFingerprint Sensor2Blue LED Power Indicator3Card Reader (Prox, iClass,or MIFARE / DESfire)12Back43Wiegand53 General Purpose Inputs3 General Purpose Outputs5Power Over Ethernet (POE)6Power for Device7USB Memory Port (Bottom)467Ordering InformationAll units include wall mounting kit,SecureAdmin software and USBadministrator cable.Desktop stand kit available separately.Kit includes plastic demo stand, 120Vstandard North American power cordand mounting screws.SecureSDK sold separately.Base ModelsSensorProduct CodeV-Flex 4G (S)V-Flex 4G (U1)V-Flex 4G (U2)OpticalTCS1TCS24GFXS4GFXU14GFXU2Prox ModelsSensorProduct CodeV-Flex 4G (S,P)V-Flex 4G (U1,P)V-Flex 4G (U2,P)OpticalTCS1TCS24GFXSP4GFXU1P4GFXU2PiClass ModelsSensorProduct CodeV-Flex 4G (S,H)V-Flex 4G (U1,H)V-Flex 4G Sfire ModelsSensorProduct CodeV-Flex 4G (S,G)V-Flex 4G (U1,G)V-Flex 4G (U2,G)OpticalTCS1TCS24GFXSG4GFXU1G4GFXU2G

V-Flex 4GProduct Specifications DimensionsRecessed Mounted:Length 6.27” (159 mm)Width 3.8” (96 mmDepth 1.89” (48 mm)CommunicationsNetworking Options: LAN, WAN, RS485PC Connection: USB, RS232External MediaUSB memoryFlushed Mounted:Length 6.27” (159 mm)Width 3.8” (96 mm)Depth 2.56” (65 mm)Input / OutputsWiegand (Customizable format up to 254 bits) 3 General Purpose Inputs 3 General Purpose Outputs (Extendable to 6 outputs)Fingerprint Sensor OptionsSecugen Optical, UPEK TCS1, UPEK TCS2 (all 500 dpi)Internal Card Reader OptionsV-Flex 4G (Prox) – integrated reader for proximity cardsV-Flex 4G (Smart) – Integrated card reader for iClass or MIFARE/DESfire cardsTemplate Storage CapacityV-Flex 4G (Base) – Store 10,000 templates for 1:N identification or100,000 templates for 1:1 verification with an external readerV-Flex 4G (Prox) – Store 100,000 templates for 1:1 verification or10,000 templates for 1:N identificationV-Flex 4G (Smart) – Template on-card capability provides limitlessuser base expansionTransaction Log Capacity1 Million transaction logs stored on deviceAuthentication ModesV-Flex 4G (Base) Finger-only single-factor authentication Card or PIN Finger (with an external reader)V-Flex 4G (Prox) Prox Card Finger Prox Card Only Finger OnlyV-Flex 4G (Smart Card) Smart Card FingerThe L-1Enterprise Access [email protected] 444 0496 905 940 7490Template SupportBioscrypt Pattern and MinutiaPower over Ethernet (POE)StandardVoltage12 - 24V DCCurrent Draw500 mA, 0.5 amps @ 12 VDCPower IndicatorLED indicator (Blue)Integrated Door RelayDeadbolt, electromagnetic (EM) lock, door strike, automatic doorMountingRecessed or Flush mount with “Quick Tilt” design & field replaceable sensors foreasy Temperature32 - 140 F (0 - 60 C)Approvals and CertificationsFCC, CE , R&TTE, RoHSAdministration Software OptionsWorks with SecureAdmin software or SecureSDKCopyright 2009, L-1 Identity Solutions, Inc.All rights reserved. The trademarks identifiedherein are the trademarks or registeredtrademarks of L-1 Identity Solutions, Inc.or other third 41 22 849 1051OfficesCanada United States Switzerland

SecureAdmin is a powerful enterprise management software that makes administration of the V-Flex 4G quick and simple. . MIFARE/DESfire Models Sensor Product Code V-Flex 4G (S,G) Optical 4GFXSG V-Flex 4G (U1,G) TCS1 4GFXU1G V-Flex 4G (U2,G) TCS2 4GFXU2G. The L-1 Enterprise Access Division