Spring* 2023 / Fall 2023 Practical Nursing Certificate (PNC)Admission RequirementsThe information in this document is not designed to be a contractual agreement with an applicant. The program reserves the right to change without noticesuch things as program admission or completion requirements, costs and curriculum as needed and in accordance with Harper College policy.Important DatesSpring 2023 Evening / Weekend PNC Application Dates . May 15, 2022 – September 15, 2022Fall 2023 PNC Application Dates . . . .October 1, 2022 – March 15, 2023*NOTE:The Spring 2023 PNC Program is an evening and weekend program ONLY. Once you start either the fall programor the spring evening/weekend program, you must complete that cohort. You cannot move between programs.To be eligible to submit an application to the Practical Nursing Certificate Program, youmust have successfully taken the NLN exam and have a 2.0 GPA. See details below.Attend an Information Meeting (Optional) Learn more about the nursing career and the Harper College PNC curriculum, admission standards andprogram participation requirements Check the Harper web site ?type Health%20Career%20Info%20Session for themeeting schedule.Submit College Application and Fee If you have not previously applied to the College, this is your first step. This application and fee can be submitted online at SiteLogin?startURL %2Fapply%2FTargetX Portal PB or inperson at the One Stop, Building A, room 250.Submit the (PNC) Program Application with a ValidNational League for Nursing (NLN) Pre-Admission RN Exam Score Report Submit your program application by going to the PNC web page ursing/practical-nursing-admission.phpwithin the time frame indicated above. If you have previously been accepted into the PracticalNursing Certificate Program, you will need Coordinator approval to submit another application. YourHarper College Application must already be on file, you must have participated in a programinformation meeting within the past year, and you must attach a valid copy of your NLN Pre AdmissionRN Exam results showing that all minimums have been satisfied.-1–Requirements Subject to Change

Valid NLN Pre-Admission RN Exam Report – You must satisfy each of the minimum percentile scores:Minimum ScoreNLN Score ReportthComposite: 60percentile or higherVerbal:40thpercentile or higherScience:40thpercentile or higherMath:40thpercentile or higher Once scores are posted, you will want to check the sectionentitled RN Program Applicants to find your results.The Composite, Verbal, Math and Science percentile scoresare listed under the RN Percentile Rank.Information on how to register and prepare for the NLN Pre-Entrance Exam (HPAX-1) can be found onHarper’s Testing webpage: lment.phpThere is a link to register under the bullet: NLN Exam Registration and Payment: www.nlntest.orgNOTE: Choose Harper as your school so results will be sent directly to Harper. Not doing so can delayprocessing of your application.Scores from an NLN Pre-Admission RN Test are valid for three years. (Refer to the chart later in thisdocument for detailed information regarding expiration dates.)Guidelines on how to interpret a NLN score report can be found h/pdf/Interpreting-Your-NLN-Scores.pdfAdditional resources for test preparation not found on Harper’s Testing webpage include: the textbookReview Guide for NLN-RN Pre-Entrance Exam, Third Edition, McGraw-Hill’s NLN PAX-RN Prep app, studyguides for the ACT or SAT including, and YouTube for vocabulary.NLN Scores must be from testing completed after January 1, 2020.Submit Additional DocumentationNote: Official documents are those sent directly from the institution to Harper College.Official High School Transcript OR GED Results – The final high school transcript must have the graduationdate posted; the GED report must show passing scores. Applicants who have completed high school in another country need a document-to-documentevaluation of their high school transcript completed by Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE) or World Education Services (WES) stating U.S. Equivalence: High schooldiploma. This high school transcript requirement can be waived if official documentation is provideddemonstrating completion of the equivalent of a U.S. associate or higher degree.Official College Transcripts – You will need to submit transcripts from other colleges attended if thedocuments show completion of courses you think may fulfill course admission requirements orsupport course work applicable to the Harper College Nursing Program. Foreign college transcripts must first be evaluated by World Education Services ( or EducationalCredential Evaluators, INC ( A copy of the completed course-by-course WES or ECE evaluationmust be submitted to the Harper College One Stop Center, Building A, Room A250. To learn if/how credits from other colleges will transfer to Harper, applicants must have an officialtranscript from each college or university attended sent to the Admissions Processing Office [email protected] upon being admitted to Harper College. Official transcripts will beevaluated as they are received and students will receive an email to their Harper email account whenthey have been evaluated.-2–Requirements Subject to Change

Program PrerequisitesMust be completed by the end of the semester in which the deadline fallsIllinois CNA Registry You must provide proof of your having passed the Illinois State CNA registry exam and have currentregistry status (within the past 2 years) and/or actively employed under the Employment Verificationsection on the registry. Go to to print a copy of your registry fromthe Illinois Department of Public Health web site. If you are not current according to the above criteria, please contact the Nursing Department at:[email protected]. If you are enrolled in a CNA course, you must be on the Illinois Department of Public Health CNARegistry before the program begins as follows:o Spring applicants must be on the registry by November 1sto Fall applicants must be on the registry by July 1stHarper Grade Point Average Current or previously enrolled Harper students must have a minimum 2.0 grade point average at thetime of application to the Nursing Program. If your GPA is below a 2.0, your application cannot beprocessed.English Composition - ENG 101 at Harper College, or the equivalent from another college (as determined bythe Harper College transcript evaluation). Must be completed with a grade of C or better; There is no expiration date on the English course requirementHuman Anatomy - BIO 260 (previously 160) at Harper College, or the equivalent from another college (asdetermined by the Harper College transcript evaluation). Must be completed with a grade of C or better. There is a five-year time limit on the Human Anatomy course requirement. Refer to the chart followingthis section for details on expiration dates.Introduction to Psychology - PSY 101 at Harper College, or the equivalent from another college (asdetermined by the Harper College transcript evaluation). Must be completed with a grade of C or better. There is no expiration date on the psychology course requirement-3–Requirements Subject to Change

Math Assessment – Demonstrate competency in Harper’s Intermediate Algebra or higher level math withone of the testing or course options listed below; there is no time limit for any of the following foradmission:Note: Testing rules apply for math course registrationPlease check with the Credentials Analyst for transfer credit eligibility if you are not satisfying the mathrequirement at HarperMath Testing Options ALEKS Math Placement Test Score of 46 or higher For those who took COMPASS Algebra PlacementTest – must have scored of 53 or higher SAT Math Score of 530 or higher (from testingcompleted after March 2016) Math GPA Placement Waiver as determined bythe Testing Office ACT Math Score of 22 or higher Passing Score on the MTH 080 Final Exam(applicable to those who tested while attendingone of Harper’s partner high schools)Math Course Options Completion of Harper’s MTH 080 or higher levelmath (or equivalent transfer course) with a gradeof “C” or better Aligned High School Math 080 with a C or betterRe-entry Permission – If you were previously enrolled in either of Harper’s nursing programs (PracticalNursing Certificate or RN associate degree), departmental permission is required for re-entry. Withoutthis department approval, your file is incomplete.The following table lists the time limits in place for 2023:BIO 260 (160) – HUMAN ANATOMYMust be completed after January 1, 2018NLN TEST SCORES*Must be completed after January 1, 2020BIO 261** (161) – HUMAN PHYSIOLOGYMust be completed after January 1, 2018*National League for Nursing Entrance Exam Results**BIO 261 (161) This course is not required for admission; however,If taken, it must meet the 5-year time limitAdmission DecisionsNOTE: Although satisfaction of admission requirements will result in an admission decision, itdoes not guarantee acceptance. Ranking scores will be calculated based on a point system with a maximum of 70 points. You cancalculate your ranking score based on the following chart. (No points will be added to an admissionscore for coursework completed after the priority deadline.)FactorNLN CompositeRN Percentile0 points60 – 69NLN VerbalRN PercentileBIO 260 (was 160)BIO 261* (was 161)40 – 495 points10 points70 – 7915 points80 – 8920 points90 – 9950 – 6970 – 8990 – 99BACCA or B*BIO 261 (previously 161) – Human Physiology - is not required for admission; however, the PNC applicant who hascompeted this course with a C or better within the five-year time limit and before admission decisions are made will earnadditional points as indicated above.*If you have taken and/or withdrew from BIO 260 (previously 160) and/or BIO 261 (previously 161) more than two (2) timesbefore earning a C or better within the 5-year time limit, points will not be given toward the admission score.-4–Requirements Subject to Change

All files will be reviewed by the Admissions Selection Committee as soon as possible following theprogram deadline.A “final” minimum admission score will be determined, and those applicants whose ranking scores areat or above that minimum will be considered.Admission cannot be guaranteed, and will depend upon ranking score, residency and number of seatsavailable.- If there are more applicants who meet the minimum score than space available, the following willfactor into the admission decision process: Permanent residents and residents of community college districts which do not offer a Practical NursingCertificate program and whose college districts are members of the CAREER consortium, who have satisfiedthe minimum admission score and applied by the application deadline will receive priority consideration inthe Standard Admission process. Residency is determined by the Registrar’s Office; the address on record with the Collegewill be used by the admission selection committee when they determine admission decisions.Working in district does not constitute residency for limited enrollment selection purposes. Provided a program is open past the published deadline, any qualified applicant who submits anapplication after that date will be considered after all qualified applicants who applied by deadline.Applications will continue to be accepted until the program is closed. Check the web site forinformation on the application status. Depending on the number of qualified applicants eligible for admission when admission decisionsare made, it is possible that contingency offers may be extended to applicants who are in the process ofcompleting an admission requirement (except for the NLN percentile minimums, which must besatisfied in order to submit a program application). When/If contingency offers are extended, thecontingent requirement(s) must be satisfied within the semester in which the deadline falls. If thecontingency is not met, the offer will be rescinded. It is not possible to predict the lowest ranking score an applicant will need in order to be acceptedthrough the Standard Admission process. However, NLN scores in the 80’s and 90’s and A’s and B’s inbiology course work make applicants more competitive in the selection process. Although satisfactionof minimum admission requirements will result in an admission decision, it does not guaranteeacceptance.Important Admission Notes It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure all requirements are met and all documentation is on file.Academic admission requirements must be met by the end of the semester in which the deadline falls.Accepted applicants must be 18 years of age before the program starts.All correspondence regarding your limited enrollment application will be emailed to the address givenon your application, or according to your email address on record with the College. Additionalcorrespondence from the program coordinator will be sent to the email address you have provided. Itis your responsibility to see that your address information is current. To update your addresses (and/orphone number), you will need to contact the One Stop Center, Building A, Room A250. (The address onrecord with the College as of the program deadline will be used by the admission selection committeewhen they determine admission decisions.)Applicants should be aware that it may take up to three weeks for the College to receive transcript(s)from the sending institution(s). Official transcripts will be evaluated as they are received and studentswill receive an email to their Harper email account when they have been evaluated. Results can beviewed online through the student portal. Transcript evaluations may take 2–3 weeks toprocess. Questions about transcript evaluations can be sent to [email protected] not accepted into the program who wish to be considered for a future term must reapply.-5–Requirements Subject to Change

Once your program application has been processed, you will be able to monitor your limitedenrollment file online. Go to and log into your My Harper Student Portal; limitedenrollment information can be found under the Registration and Records section.Qualified applicants not selected will be placed on a temporary wait list and identified as alternates.Alternate lists do not carry over from one application cycle to the next; therefore, alternates who arenot admitted to a program will need to submit a new program application for a future program start.It is very important that you make financial aid preparations well in advance of any deadlines so thatyou know exactly what resources are available to you.HARPER COLLEGE RESOURCESOfficeHealth Careers DivisionOffice Limited EnrollmentProgramsAdmissions OutreachAcademic Advising andCounseling [email protected] X, Room [email protected] C, Room C103New Students:Building C, Room g/cnso/index.phpPrevious or currently enrolled at Harper Building I, Room g/index.phpAccess and DisabilityServicesAssessment and TestingBusiness Office/PaymentinformationHarper Book StoreOne Stop ew.phpBuilding I, Room pBuilding A, Room ex.phpBuilding A, Room phpBuilding L, Room [email protected] A, Room 47.925.6275847.925.6710Transfer credit Registrar’s [email protected] A, Room 213847.925.6500Harper College is committed to the policy that all persons shall have equal access to its programs, facilities, and employment without regard to race, color,creed, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, disability, public assistance status, veteran status, or sexual orientation. Link to full officialstatement: handbook/eos.php4/2022-6–Requirements Subject to Change

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