International Business BuildingPRINCIPLES

Amway Founders’FUNDAMENTALSFreedom Family Hope Reward12

AmwayVALUES PARTNERSHIP – Amway is built on the concept of partnership,beginning with the partnership between our founders. The partnershipthat exists among the founding families, employees and businessowners is our most prized possession. We always try to do what is inthe best long-term interest of our partners, in a manner that increasestrust and confidence. The success of Amway will reward all who havecontributed to its success. INTEGRITY – Integrity is essential to our business success. Wedo what is right, not just whatever “works.” Amway’s success ismeasured not only in economic terms, but by the respect, trust andcredibility we earn. PERSONAL WORTH – We acknowledge the uniqueness created ineach individual. Every person is worthy of respect and deserves fairtreatment and the opportunity to succeed to the fullest extent of hisor her potential.3INTEGRITY ISESSENTIALTO OURBUSINESSSUCCESS ACHIEVEMENT – We are builders and encouragers. We strive forexcellence in all we do. Our focus is on continuous improvement,progress and achievement of individual and group goals. We anticipatechange, respond swiftly to it, take action to get the job done and gainfrom our experiences. We encourage creativity and innovation. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY – Each individual is responsible andaccountable for achieving personal goals, as well as giving100 percent effort in helping achieve corporate or team goals. Byhelping people help themselves, we further the potential for individualand shared success. We also have a responsibility to be good citizensin the communities where we live and work. FREE ENTERPRISE – We are proud advocates of freedom and freeenterprise. Human economic advancement is clearly proven to be bestachieved in a free market economy.4

OverarchingGUIDING PRINCIPLESHONOR,RESPECTAND PROTECTTHE LINE OFSPONSORSHIPWITH INTEGRITY1. GOLDEN RULE – Always abide by the “GoldenRule” as a basic principle of conducting business:“Treat others as you would wish to be treated.”2. PERSONAL INTEGRITY – Conduct yourselfin such a way as to reflect only the higheststandards of integrity and responsibility,because your actions have far-reaching effects –not only on your own business and the businessof your group – but also on the reputation of theAmway business.4. SPONSOR AND PLATINUM RESPONSIBILITIES – Carry out the variousresponsibilities of a sponsor and a Platinum as set forth by Amway Rulesand Policies, including that of mentorship, training and support for theABOs in the LOS.5. BALANCED BUSINESS – Building a balanced business – between widthand depth, between selling and sponsoring, between personal useand servicing downlines and customers, between building locally andinternationally – is in the ABO’s best interest for achieving profitabilityand sustainability.3. LINE OF SPONSORSHIP (LOS) INTEGRITY–Honor, respect and protect the Line of Sponsorshipwith integrity. As a key foundational value uponwhich the Amway business was built, maintainingand safeguarding the LOS with integrity is criticalto business success and sustainable growth forAmway Business Owners (ABOs) and Amway.56

Specific INTERNATIONALBUSINESS Building PrinciplesI. International Sponsoringof a Prospect1. The International Sponsoring ofa prospective ABO is a methodthat enables an ABO from anAmway market to introduce eligibleprospects from another Amwaymarket to join the Amway business,provide them with on-going offshoreservice and support, and as a result,receive associated benefits fromthe Amway Sales and MarketingPlan. International sponsorship is aprimary line of sponsorship just asa personal sponsorship is a primaryline of sponsorship.72. The International Sponsor of a newABO must personally know andintroduce the Amway business tothat new ABO, such that the newABO identifies this sponsor at thetime the new ABO registers withAmway. Any artificial, arbitrary ormanipulative sponsoring behaviors,whether in-market (e.g. improperdepth building) or through improperinternational sponsoring, violatesthis principle and is a detrimentto the fairness and integrity ofthe Amway Sales and MarketingPlan. Amway will monitor and auditthe registration process to ensurethe legitimacy of internationalsponsorship relationships.3. While every prospect must have an in-market sponsorin order to become an ABO, NOT every prospect has tohave an International Sponsor. Only in those instanceswhen a prospect is introduced into the business by theABO from another Amway market should the prospect’sapplication reflect that ABO as their InternationalSponsor. In such cases the in-market sponsor is knownas a Foster Sponsor.4. The Foster Sponsor’s role is to provide ongoingin-market mentorship, motivation, training andsupport for the new ABO in the home market alongwith support from the International Sponsor. TheInternational Sponsor’s role is to provide offshoresupport, encourage the new ABO, stay in touch withthe new ABO on a regular basis, and help to ensurethat the new ABO is working toward building a strongAmway business.5. Amway honors the LOS as established in the signedapplication forms, which are legally binding. It isthe responsibility of those involved in the act ofsponsoring to help a prospect to fully understand theimplications of the sponsorship and the associatedAmway Sales and Marketing Plan benefits to theSponsor/Foster Sponsor/International Sponsor,and to use care to ensure the accuracy of theentered sponsorship information before signing theapplication form. Once an application form is signedand submitted, Amway recognizes and honors thecontractual relationship formed and does not lightlymake changes to that contractual relationship.8

II. Multiple Business in Another Amway Market1. Effective January 1, 2015, in orderto establish a Multiple Business inanother market, an ABO must be atleast at Qualified Platinum level inan Amway market. An ABO residingoutside of his/her home marketmay be exempt from the QualifiedPlatinum requirement if the ABO canprovide proof of residency and/or hasan immediate family member in thetarget market and is eligible to ownand operate an Amway business in thetarget international market. EffectiveJune 1, 2016, the Multiple BusinessCertificate test is no longer required,however, the Multiple BusinessTraining is strongly recommended.92. Where applicable, ABOs can alsointernationally sponsor their “MultipleBusinesses” (also known as SecondBusinesses or #2 Businesses).Through a Multiple Business, aneligible ABO registers an Amwaybusiness of his/her own in aforeign Amway market and, throughinternational sponsoring, links thatbusiness back to one of his/herexisting Amway businesses. As anowner of a Multiple Business, theABO must in signing and submittingan application in the foreign marketmeet all of the local requirements,under local laws and local AmwayRules and Policies, for owning anAmway business. The ABO must alsofulfill the roles and responsibilitiesof an ABO and a sponsor, includingproviding day-to-day mentorship,training, motivation and service to thecustomers and downline groups in thetarget market.3. Even if an ABO is eligible to register, itis not necessarily in the best interestof all ABOs, especially new ABOs,to establish a Multiple Business ina foreign market. Establishing andoperating a Multiple Business isusually more costly, more challenging,and more complicated culturally andlinguistically than building an Amwaybusiness in one’s home market. Thesame amount of effort spent on aMultiple Business tends to yield lessreturn than on a home business. Andthe Amway Sales Plan by design offersmore awards & rewards to domesticAmway business builders to encouragefocus on the home market first. ABOscan begin to maximize their Sales andMarketing Plan benefits from MultipleBusinesses when they build theirhome businesses to at least EmeraldBonus Recipient (EBR) level.4. When an ABO operates a MultipleBusiness(es), it is inadvisable forthat ABO to serve as both the FosterSponsor and the International Sponsorto a new ABO in the foreign market.5. While Amway does not mandate theduplication of an LOS in all markets,before establishing a MultipleBusiness, ABOs should check withtheir uplines to find out if the LOShas business operations in the targetcountry. If so, ABOs are stronglyencouraged to follow the original home-market LOS as much as possible. Thishelps preserve LOS harmony and canprovide guidance and assistance to anABO considering starting a business ina foreign market.6. Generally, an ABO may own, havean interest in, be a signatory on orbe listed as a designee on only onedistributorship in a market.III. InternationalCross-line SolicitationSubject to rules regarding solicitation,ABOs shall not solicit other ABOs’downlines to register under themin other markets. This is a violationof Amway’s Rules of Conduct andis prohibited. While ABOs are notrequired to join the same LOS in allmarkets, for the sake of promotingLOS harmony and consistency inbusiness building philosophy, ABOswho conduct business overseas arestrongly encouraged to follow theiroriginal LOS in their home market asmuch as possible.HELP PRESERVELOS HARMONY10

Amway business. 5. Amway honors the LOS as established in the signed application forms, which are legally binding. It is the responsibility of those involved in the act of sponsoring to help a prospect to fully understand the implications of the sponsorship and the associated Amway Sales and Marketing Plan beneits to the