Banner AdvertisingLong- and short-term advertising campaignsStrategically placed within and adjacent toour editorial content, banners are the perfectway to promote your products and servicesto the extensive online community that frequents the Dental Tribune website. To ensurethe readability of our website, the number ofadvertisements on the pages is controlled.Banner advertising is especially suitable forbrand marketing and may also be used forshort-term campaigns. Depending on thegoal of your campaign, banner advertisingis designed to help create greater awarenessof your products and services and generatemore clicks through to your corporate websiteor your special campaign site. Direct leadscan easily be tracked, as every banner islinked directly to the website specified by theadvertising partner. Moreover, banners canbe incorporated into a digital campaign orcan be combined with DTI’s print productsas part of a package.Banners can be booked for specific panregional or local landing pages and will bedistributed across all sections respectively.Discounts are available for larger packages,long booking periods and educational marketing campaigns.Banner typesWe offer two different types of banners, namely impression- basedand time-based banners. Banners on all local and pan-regionallanding pages are impression-based, ensuring scalable results. Clients can book impression packages of 5,000, 10,000 or 25,000impressions.Once the booked number of impressions has been reached, thebanner will automatically be removed from the website.Impression-based banner packages include a click report that willbe sent to the client after the booking has fully been executed.While the impression-based model aims for a specific amount ofvisibility, the time-based model is based on a specific booking period.Time-based banners can be booked on a monthly basis—a modelmore suitable for long-term campaigns.Banner formats and sizesThe rectangle, skyscraper and billboard are standard banner options and can be placed anywhere on the website. Rectangle banner621 555 pixels Billboard banner1,980 600 pixels

Banner AdvertisingLong- and short-term advertising campaignsBanner format and sizes Skyscraper vertical621 1,110 pixels Skyscraper horizontal1,300 450 pixels Prime rectangle banner860 483 pixelsSlide-in banners can only be placed within an article. This banner slides by while a reader is scrolling down through an article. Theadvertisement is placed behind the main text and hijacks the page’s scrolling behavior to have the banner scroll by. Once the bannerhas scrolled by, the reader can continue reading the article. This banner type is relatively unobtrusive and is ideal for engaging andinformative campaigns.ADVERTISEMENT Slide-in banner1,800 3,900 pixels (mobile)3,840 1,965 pixels (desktop)

Banner AdvertisingLong- and short-term advertising campaignsBanner sizesA pop-up banner appears by overlaying the webpage the reader is currently looking at. The banner needs to be either closed or clicked in orderfor the reader to continue navigating through the website. This is the most aggressive banner size and is most suitable for exclusive campaigns.An attractive alternative is the wallpaper banner, which stays at the bottom of the page and does not obstruct the view of the reader. Pop-up banner1,920 1,440 pixels Wallpaper bannerupon request

Embedded VideoGreater brand awareness through videosNo other marketing medium can communicate a message as quicklyand effectively as a video. Therefore, Dental Tribune Internationaloffers the inclusion of videos in its email marketing campaigns, aswell as in news articles and product entries at, in order to increase brand awareness among your existing and potential customers—our readers.Your video can be featured in a dedicated article either fully embedded in our web environment or inserted as a YouTube or Vimeo video.Please contact media sales for more information.Embedding of videos is available as part of an e-newsletter bookingor digital campaign.Fully embedded videoFeatured YouTube video

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Once the banner has scrolled by, the reader can continue reading the article. This banner type is relatively unobtrusive and is ideal for engaging and informative campaigns. 1,800 3,900 pixels (mobile) Slide-in banner 3,840 1,965 pixels (desktop) Banner format and sizes AD VE RTISEMENT 860 483 pixels Prime rectangle banner