Heatless Desiccant Air DryersH H S S E R I E S , H H L S E R I E S A N D H H E S E R I E S 4 0 t o 5 4 0 0 s c f m ( 6 8 t o 9 1 7 5 n m 3/ h )

Hankison’s Heatless Desiccant DryersDedicated to ExcellenceTH E H H S, H H L & H H E S E R I E SSince 1948, compressed air users aroundUtilizing twin towers filled with premium grade activated alumina, Hankisonthe world have relied on Hankison to provideHeatless dryers are available with three application specific control systemsinnovative compressed air treatment solutions fordesigned to meet the needs of specific industrial applications with economycritical applications.and performance.Hankison maintains a long standing reputationfor manufacturing products that deliver superiorperformance, time proven reliability and optimalenergy savings.Hankison today is the preferred choice forproviding clean, dry compressed air for the mostIndustries such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, laboratories, hospitals,microelectronics, food packaging, paper, glass and powder painting with lowdew point requirements, utilize heatless desiccant air dryers.Precision Performancechallenging industries.I N D U S T RY- L E A D I N G D E S I G N Consistent outlet pressure dew points Premium grade desiccant beads enhance surface area and have highcrush strengthBased in Charlotte, North Carolina, SPXFLOW is a leading global supplier of highlyengineered flow components, processequipment and turn-key systems, along withthe related aftermarket parts and services, Large flow diffusers ensure even flow distribution through the bed andeliminate channeling Towers are designed to prevent fluidization of the desiccant Up-flow drying allows water and heavy contaminants to drop out ofthe air streaminto the food and beverage, power and en- Simple discharge of contaminantsergy and industrial end markets. SPX FLOW Cleanable stainless steel flow diffusers/support screenshas more than 2 billion in annual revenues Separate fill and drain ports for ease of desiccant replacementand approximately 8,000 employees withoperations in over 35 countries and salesin over 150 countries around the world. Tolearn more about SPX FLOW, please visitour website at www.spxflow.com2 Large desiccant beds ensure 4.8 seconds of contact time

I N T E G R AT E D F I LT R AT I O N Optional pre-filter and after-filter packages, featuring Hankison NGF Series filters, can be pre-installed at the factory Grade SF and Grade HF pre-filters are recommended for -40 F to 38 F (-40 C to 3 C) dew points Grade PF and Grade UF pre-filters are recommended for -100 F (-73 C) dew points Grade PF and Grade CF are the recommended after-filtersP R E C I S I O N AC C U S H I F T S W I TC H I N G VA LV E S Automatically shift to the low pressure side of the circuit to controlprocess flow Position memory ensures drying continues even without power 5 year AccuShift valve replacement warranty1 Three-way pilot operated solenoid valves manage the pilot air flow todirect the purge/repressurization valves Purge pressure adjustment valve Dryer must be protected by properly sized Hankison prefilter. Parts and1labor covered through first year of warranty, parts only in second throughfifth yearsE N G I N E E R E D - TO - O R D E R O P T I O N S High dew point alarm which includes light and voltagefree contacts for remote alarm Dew point monitor, includes digital display, voltage-freecontacts and recorder output Low ambient packages, epoxy paint, severe environmentprotection Oil-free packages with integrated activated carbontowersS A F E T Y B U I LT TO C O D E Pressure vessels are CRN and ASME Certified Heavy-duty mufflers for quiet operation3

Application Specific DesignsH OW I T WO R K SPhase 1 Moist, filtered compressed air enters the pressurized on-linedesiccant-filled drying Tower 1 through the AccuShift valve (A)Phase 2 Up-flow drying enables the desiccant to strip the air stream ofmoisture. Clean, dry compressed air exits through AccuShift valve(B) to feed the air systemPhase 3 When in regeneration mode, Tower 2 depressurizesto atmosphere through the muffler (C) when the valve(D) opensPhase 4 A portion of dry compressed air (purge air) is diverted before exiting(B) and passes through off-line Tower 2 and exits at valve (D) todesorb the moisture from the desiccant. Once desorbed, valve (D)closes and Tower 2 is repressurizedPhase 5 At tower shift-over, valve (E) will open, causing AccuShift Valves (A & B) to shiftPhase 6 Tower 2 will be placed on-line to dry the bed. Operations will switch and Tower 1 will be regeneratedM ATC H P E R F O R M A N C E BY D E M A N DThree user selectable designs engineered to balance economy and performance.Ideal for applications that operate with a large swing in air demands due to variations in production scheduling or shifts of operation. Someapplications operate at a fraction of the flow of the compressor due to air system efficiency improvements. Some applications operatecontinuously at-or-near full capacity.4

HHS Series Desiccant DryersAU TO M AT I C S E N S AT H E R M E N E R GY S AV I N G SHankison’s HHS Series with patented SensaTherm automaticallymatches purge air to plant air demand. This ensures maximumperformance as the saved energy goes right to your bottom line.When operating at reduced capacity, the on-line drying towerremains active longer, until its full drying capacity is utilized.Desiccant bed temperature changes are constantly monitoredwithin each tower to precisely manage drying times and reducepurge air consumption.SensaTherm also measures the increase in desiccant bedtemperature (heat of adsorption) during the drying stage and thedecrease in desiccant bed temperature (heat of desorption) duringthe regeneration stage. These temperature changes are accurateM a x i m i z e y o u r r e t u r n - o n - i n v e s t m e n t a u t o m a t i c a l l y. H H S S e r i e s w i t hS e n s a Th e r m d e l i v e r s e n e r g y s a v i n g s i n d i r e c t p r o p o r t i o n t o l o a dv a r i a t i o n s f r o m y o u r p l a n t a i r d e m a n d s , m a k i n g i t t h e A u d i t o r ’s C h o i c e .indicators of the moisture load on the dryer. This data is interpretedby microprocessor based controls to determine how long a towerAutomatic Energy Savingsstays on-line during the drying stage.Advantages:E N E R GY S AV I N G S CO NTR O L -95% 741 ,2222,8243,5024,2555,0835,8367,90711,296switch before heat is lost maximizing purge air efficiency nimizing the amount of purge air 2H H S S E R I E S C O N T R O L L E R F E AT U R E S :55%6,6658,47210,50512,76415,25017,50923,72233,888 Choice of three operating 5,184 Switches for On/Off, Alarm and Service reminder reset25%11,108 14,12017,50921,27425,41629,18139,53656,480 Temperature transducers (thermistors) are used as sensingdevices. They are simpler, more reliable and more rugged thancompetitive designs. Sensors require no calibration. The system is based on saving the heat of adsorption, towers Operational LED lights for power-on, tower status, valve status,and tower pressure 1,167 1,418 1,694 1,945 2,636 3,765* A s s u m e s 5 s c f m / H P, 8 , 7 6 0 h o u r s o f o p e r a t i o n p e r y e a r, 0 . 1 0 k W / h Service reminder LED lights for filters and drains, valves anddesiccant. The user selects between a Normal and a SevereFu l l c o m p l e m e n t o fFilter ServiceFu n c t i o n I n d i c a t o r L E D sIndicator LE Dsservice interval Alarm LED for tower switching failure, filter monitor signals,electronic demand drain alarms on filters USB Flash Drive for Data Tracking & Storage: Records; StateChanges, Power Loss, Alarms w/ Timestamp High-visibility Vacuum fluorescent text display communicatesenergy savings, operating mode and service reminders Ethernet communication- Web interface (HTTP)- Modbus (TCP)EthernetC o n t r o l l e r D i s p l a y s E n e r g y S a v i n g s , C y c l e M o d e s , D e w Po i n tS e l e c t i o n , S e r v i c e R e m i n d e r s , a n d Al a r m C o n d i t i o n s5

HHL Series & HHE Series Desiccant DryersHHL SERIESSelectable Purge Economizer SavingsHHL Series provides user selectable energy savings with tailored dryingcycles designed to match your peak air demands.Reducing the amount of time the dryer spends purging in theregeneration cycle can save energy. Eight settings (0% to 70% in 10%increments) are furnished for users to lower the purge to match reducedair loads on the dryer. Each energy saving setting has an LED light whichwill illuminate when it is selected. Simply flip the switch to select thedesired energy saving setting.In addition, this state-of-the-art controller offers four pressure dewpoint settings to further tune your savings and adapt the system to yourPu r g e E c o n o m i z e r l e t s y o u a l i g n y o u r p u r g e c o s t s w i t h y o u ra i r d e m a n d s t o o p t i m i z e y o u r r e t u r n - o n - i n v e s t m e n t . Ta i l o r H H Lenvironment.Series dryers to take full advantage of air system efficiencyimprovements driven by air audit strategies.H H L C O N T R O L L E R F E AT U R E S : Choice of four fixed cycle operating modes corresponding to ISOFu l l C o m p l e m e n t o fFilter ServiceFu n c t i o n I n d i c a t o r L E D sIndicator LE Ds8573.1 Air Quality Classes Choice of eight Purge Economizer Energy Savings settings Switches for On/Off, Alarm and Service reminder reset Operational LED lights for power-on, tower status, valve status, andtower pressure Alarm LED for valve switching failure RS-232 communications port is standard Service reminder LED lights for filters and drains, valves and desiccantD e w Po i n t S e l e c t o rServicePu r g e E c o n o m i z e rI SO 8573.1 ClassesReminder LE DEnergy SavingsHHE SERIESBasic Fixed Control - One fixed cycle mode corresponding to ISO 8573.1 Air Quality Class 2Hankison’s HHE Series is engineered to address the need for raw performance and value. This traditional design uses a simple timerto alternate the flow between the two towers filled with premium grade desiccant. These are designed to deliver maximum value toapplications that operate at-or-near full capacity.Automatic time controlled bed regeneration cycles offer consistent performance and economy of purchase. While the on-line tower is dryingthe air stream, the off-line tower purges a fixed amount of compressed air to dry the bed and prepares it for the next drying cycle.H H E C O N T R O L L E R F E AT U R E S : Control Panel overlay with LED’s indicating: Power On Left Tower Drying Right Tower Drying6

Product SpecificationsI N L E T F LOW @100 PS I( 6 . 7 BA R )D I M E N S ION SHWI N LET / OUTLETC O N N E CT I O N SDWE IG HT1 M O D E LSCFMN M 3/ HINMMINMMINMMINLB SH H S / H H L/ H H E-404068461,16832813328131” N PT365H H S / H H L/ H H E-6060102611,54932813328131” N PT445H H S / H H L/ H H E-9090153781,98132813328131” N PT575H H S / H H L/ H H E-115115195541,372441,118389651” N PT685H H S / H H L/ H H E-165165280541,372441,118389651” N PT685H H S / H H L/ H H E-260260442721,829491,245389652” N PT1,010H H S / H H L/ H H E-370370629631,600551,397389652” N PT1,215H H S / H H L/ H H E-450450765711,803551,397389652” N PT1,350H H S / H H L/ H H E-5905901,0021012,565501,270531,3462” N PT1,473H H S / H H L/ H H E-7507501,2741092,769511,295481,2193 ” A N S I F LG .2,134H H S / H H L/ H H E-9309301.5801132,870561,422561,4223 ” A N S I F LG .2,414H H S / H H L/ H H E-11301,1301,9201132,870591,499561,4223 ” A N S I F LG .2,875H H S / H H L/ H H E-13501,3502,2941182,997601,524561,4223 ” A N S I F LG .3,722H H S / H H L/ H H E-15501,5502,6341132,870661,676561,4223 ” A N S I F LG .4,167H H S / H H L/ H H E-21002,1003,5681162,946731,854561,4224 ” A N S I F LG .4,417H H S / H H L/ H H E-30003,0005,0971223,099781,981651,6514 ” A N S I F LG .9,010H H S / H H L/ H H E-410024,1006,9661243,150932,362882,2356 ” A N S I F LG .9,900H H S / H H L/ H H E-540025,4009,1751263,2001022,591922,3376 ” A N S I F LG .12,000Maximum Working Pressure: 150 psi (10.5 bar) standard, 250 psi (17.6 bar) optional. Units with higher Maximum Working Pressures are available.Minimum Operating Pressure: 150 psi (10.5 bar) units - 60 psi (4.2 bar), 250 psi (17.6 bar) - 120 psi (8.4 bar)Maximum Inlet Air or Ambient Air Temperature: 120ºF (49ºC)Pressure Drop at Rated Flow: Less than 5 psi (0.35 bar)Available Voltages: HHE - 100-120V/1ph/50-60Hz, HHL/HHS - 100-240V/1ph/50-60Hz and 12-24 VDC, NEMA 4 Standard Pressure Drop at Rated Flow: Less than 5psi (0.35 bar)Dimensions and weights are for reference only. Request certified drawings for construction purposes.1 BSP and DIN flanges available2 Supplied with Premium Quality Butterfly Switching ValvesFour Dew Point Options per ISO 8573-1 Air Quality StandardsSpecifying a pressure dew point is notI S O 8 5 7 3 - 1 Q UA L I T Y C L A S Ssimple work for an engineer. 20º819738º3º610730Heatless dryer designs allow you toHHS SERIES4 min. fixedDemand or 10min. fixedDemand or 16min. fixed-and meet the following ISO 8573-1HHL SERIES4 min. fixed10 min. fixed16 min. fixed24 min fixedHHE SERIES-10 min. fixed--D EW POI NTR E MAI N I NGMOI STU R EºFºCppmwmg/m3optimize performance and dew pointsin the field to adapt to your environmentClasses of air quality.7

HHS, HHL &HHE Series40 to 5400 scfm( 6 8 t o 9 1 7 5 n m 3/ h )Inlet FlowTable 1Inlet flow capacities are established in accordance with CAGIPR E SSU R EM U LT I P L I E RPS IBA R604.130.65704.830.74805.520.83than 100 psi (6.7 bar), multiply inlet flow at 100 psi (6.7 bar)906.210.91from Product Specifications by the corresponding multiplier1006.891.00in Table 241.52(Compressed Air and Gas Institute) standard ADF-200: Inletair pressure 100 psi (6.7 bar), inlet temperature saturatedat 100 F (38 C). To determine inlet flow at pressures otherS PX F LOW4647 SW 40th AvenueOcala, Florida 34474-5788 U.S.A.P: (724) 745-1555F: (724) 745-6040E: sonSPX FLOW, Inc. reserves the right to incorporate our latest design and material changes without notice or obligation.Design features, materials of construction and dimensional data, as described in this bulletin, are provided for your information only and should not be relied upon unless confirmedin writing. Please contact your local sales representative for product availability in your region. For more information visit green “ ” and “ ” are trademarks of SPX FLOW, Inc.HK HH Series USVersion: 07/2018COPYRIGHT 2018 SPX FLOW INC.

7 product specifications model inlet flow @ 100 psi (6.7 bar) dimensions inlet / outlet connections 1 weight h w d scfm nm 3/h in mm in mm in mm in lbs hhs/hhl/hhe-40 40 68 46 1,168 32 813 32 813 1" npt 365 hhs/hhl/hhe-60 60 102 61 1,549 32 813 32 813 1" npt 445 hhs/hhl/hhe-90 90 153 78 1,981 32 813 32 813 1" npt 575 hhs/hhl/hhe-115 115 195 54 1,372 44 1,118 38 965 1" npt 685