SAMPLE PLAN-O-GRAM: DISPLAY ASHELF ONESHELF THREE52505 Flannery Large Ceramic Vase14.25"h x 8.5"d26518 Tractor Dimensional Wall Décor23.5"h x 31.5"w x 1"60292 Chester Metal Clock14"h x 14.5"w x 5"52507 Flannery Ceramic Garden Stool19"h x 13.5"d73383-3 Darby Metal Canisters –Set of 3 7.5-9-11"h x 4.5"d84840-3 Maurer GalvanizedPlanters – Set of 3 8-9-9.5"h x11-13.5-17.5"w x 10.75-14.75-18.25"95727-3 Farmhouse Lidded Canisters –Set of 3 9.25-11.25-13.25"h x 5"wSHELF TWO20677 Porch Wall Décor31.5"h x 9.5"w x 1.5"d30014 Galvanized Spinning Caddy20"h x 20"d35441-2 Cyprus Flocked DecorativeLemons – Set of 2 5.5"h x 3.5"w x3.5"d47609-3 Peterson Metal PedestalTrays – Set of 37-7.5-8.25"h x 10-10-8"w x 5-8-10"71727-2 Tabari Wood Trays with JuteHandle – Set of 21.5-1.75"h x 14.75-19.5"w x 10-14"88702 Farm Living Caddy9.75"h x 12.25"w x 9"90342 Green Three Tier Decorative TrayServer 26.25"h x 14.25"d


SAMPLE PLAN-O-GRAM: DISPLAY BSHELF ONESHELF THREE17283 Kathie Bike8.5"h x 12"w x 3.5"12859-3 Jack’s Cast Iron Jacks –Set of 3 5"h x 5"w x 5"56370 Singleton Garden Bird17.5"h x 12"w x 11.5"A0423588 Farmstead Ceramic and MetalLadybugs – Ast 4 2"h x 3.25"w x 3"d69230-3 Wise Owls – Set of 36.5-6.5-6.25"h x 3.25-4-4.25"w x 3.75"65456 Lorren Galvanized Organizer20h x 8.25"w x 6.75"84507 Boccioni Large Recycled Glass Jug22"h x 14.5"d69265-3 Cohen Ceramic Hands –Set of 3 10.5-10.5-11"h x 2.5"w x 3"SHELF TWO76004 Calista Short Bowl with MetalHandles 14.5"h x 10.5"w x 6"17142 Fenton Table Clock16.5"h x 14"w x 4"SHELF FOUR20438-3 Hedgehog Statuaries – Set of 311.25-6.75"h x 5.75-3.75"w17346-3 Savannah Decorative Containers –Set of 3 11-13.25-16.5"h x 7-9-11"d73327-3 Addison Ceramic Canisters –Set of 3 7-8-9.5"h x 4.25"50294-2 Parson Roosters – Set of 210-11.25"h x 4-3.5"w x 9-10.75"95727-3 Farmhouse Lidded Canisters –Set of 3 9.25-11.25-13.25"h x 5"w76002 Calista Tall Pitcher with Metal Handle15"h x 12"w x 7.5"ZA0411472 Louise Table Clocks – Ast 411"h x 8.25"w x 1.75" Note: Split on shelvestwo, three and four.84508 Boccioni Small Recycled Glass Jug16.5"h x 11"d


SAMPLE PLAN-O-GRAM: DISPLAY CSHELF ONESHELF THREE18353 Westville Clock16h x 22"w x 3.75"11524 Winchester Faux Wood Box with Lid6.5"h x 10"w x 7"26828 Hattie Small Lantern24h x 9"w 9"42369-2 Norris Magnifying Glass – Set of 24.5-4"h x 12-9"w x 4-4"65346-3 Demi Galvanized Spheres – Set of 36-8-12"d11527-2 Winchester Round Trays – Set of 25.25-5"h x 21.25-18"dSHELF TWOZA0410272 Aquatic Hourglasses – Ast 47"h x 2.75"d11525 Winchester Deer Lantern12"h x 7.25"w x 7.25"11542-2 Winchester Vintage Art Trays –Set of 2 2.75-2"h x 24-20"w x 15.75-12"11546 Winchester Large Jug16h x 6.25"dA0317148 Grayson Beer Plaques withOpener – Ast 315.75"h x 4.25-4.75"w x 3-3.25"53071-2 Joseph Deer Bookends – Set of 211.5"h x 6.5"w x 13"88710 Mabrey Galvanized Desk Clock10.75"h x 11.5"w x 6"SHELF FOUR18349-2 Winthorp Glass and Wood Boxes –Set of 2 6-6.75"h x 13-16"w x 9-11.5"28909-2 Colestock Lanterns – Set of 216-13"h x 9-8"d42333-2 Zelinia Wood and MetalLanterns – Set of 2 19.5-27"h x 7.25-9.75"d


SAMPLE PLAN-O-GRAM: DISPLAY DSHELF ONESHELF THREE29304 Sprout Metal Wall Décor17.75"h x 38.75"w x 2.5"48223-6 Veggie Art Glass Garden Stakes –Set of 6 9.5-14"h x 2.5-9.5"w x 1.5-2.5"d40315 Ritter Ceramic Stacked Farm Animals14.25"h x 3"w x 8.75"50311 Parker Large Lidded Dish14"h x 19.5"w x 5.5"17119 Orman Tray with Jars6"h x 22"w x 5"50312 Parker Small Lidded Dish10"h x 15"w x 4.5"50297-2 Quinn Roosters – Set of 26.5-8.25"h x 5-5.75"w x 3"60253 TY Berry Patch Hand-paintedLarge Pitcher 12"h x 13.75"w x 9"SHELF TWO88701 Vineyard Wine Caddy12.75"h x 12.25"w x 8.25"A0423334 Whimsy Veggie Wall Décors Ast 4 15.75"h x 15.75"w x .75"Z17201-3A2 Ernie Enamel Buckets – Set of 3and Ast 2 (7.5-8.5-10"h x 7-8.25-9.5"d)44261 Farm Fresh Dairy Container19"h x 17"w x 12.25"A0647938 Crocker Glass Rolling Pin – Ast 616.75"h x 2"d88665-3 Dairy Barn Decorative LiddedContainers – Set of 3 8-9.5-12"h x 4.5-6-6"dZ17224-3 Prairie Planters – Set of 36-6.75-7.5"h x 13.5-16-18.5"w x 5.5-6.75-7.5"

SAMPLE PLANOGRAM: DISPLAY C. SAMPLE PLAN-O-GRAM: DISPLAY C SHELF ONE 18353 Westville Clock 16h x 22"w x 3.75" 26828 Hattie Small Lantern 24h x 9"w 9" 65346-3 Demi Galvanized Spheres - Set of 3 6-8-12"d SHELF TWO 11525 Winchester Deer Lantern 12"h x 7.25"w x 7.25"