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CRM Connect - Application User GuideConfidentialityAll information in this document is provided in confidence as per the terms and conditions ofWholesale Hosted Cent rex (WHC) and shall not be published or disclosed wholly or in part to anyother party without B T’s prior permission in writing. These obligations shall not apply to informationwhich is published or becomes known legitimately from some source other than BT.Version ControlThis document is controlled and issued by the B T Wholes ale (B TW) P roduct Manager. Pleaseensure that you have the latest version of this document, existing Communications Providers (CP)can download this from the WHC Document Centre, and new customers should check with theirAccount Managers.Description of changeIssueDateDocument structure createdFinal 1.016th May 2014Updated into new style templateFinal 2.017th March 2015

CRM Connect – Application User GuideConfidentiality . 2Version Control . 2Introduction . 5Overview . 5Audience . 5Application Description . 6Hardware & Software Description. 8Operating System. 8Hardware Requirements . 8Software Requirements. 8Network and Firewall Requirements . 8Provisioning & Configuration. 10Download and Installation . 11Windows Installation . 11Configuration . 13Integration with CRM Software . 14Operating the Feature. 15Feature Interaction . 15Start Using CRM Connect . 15Where Is It? . 15Tray Menu . 16Phone Window . 16Preview Window. 17Making Calls and Call Control. 17Making Calls . 17Call Control. 20More call control . 21Address Books, Contacts and Call History . 22Creating and Searching Contacts . 22Storing contact details when on a call . 23Adding contact details from the Call History window . 23Call History . 23Settings and configuration . 24Telephony settings . 24Interface settings . 24Dialling settings .

CRM Connect – Application User GuideEvents settings . 26Integration settings . 26Troubleshooting. 28Installation . 28Running CRM Connect . 28Login Process. 28Product Support & Fault Handling. 29Application Queries . 29Pricing.

CRM Connect – Application User GuideIntroductionThe following document type describes a current or recently launched WHC Site or Userapplication.An application is used to cont rol existing feat ure, or provide new features to Sites or Us ers. Anapplication is typically downloaded onto a loc al device, whether it be a PC, Smartphone or Tablet.Applications may be inclusive of User feature packs or may be chargeable extras that enable theUser to fulfil or enhance this job role.This User guide will cover off CP Administration, Company/Site Administration and End userAdministration.When WHC launc h new applications or even enhancements, this document type is provided to allCP’s.OverviewCRM Connect is an application for Windows Desktop that integrates leading CRM Applications intothe WHC service. CRM Connect works in conjunction with a User’s phone and CRM soft ware toprovide a productivity enhancing integrated service.The application comes with standard branding and cannot be branded like other WHC applications.AudienceThis document is intended for WHC CP and their order entry and support personnel (CPAdministrator), as it contains elements of provisioning, installation and

CRM Connect – Application User GuideApplication DescriptionCRM Connect enables users to integrate call control into an approved CRM system providing thefollowing functionality: Automatic screen popping of customer files when inbound calls are received Call Control from PC Click-to-dial from CRM fileCRM Connect will work with the following systems:Application NameVersionAct! By Sage2008 - 2013ConnectWiseFrontRange GoldMine5.5 - 8.5Lotus Notes7 - 8.5Maximizer9 - 11MS Access2000 - 2010MS Dynamics CRM3 – 4, 2011MS Dynamics CRM Online (Office 365)N/A (web based)MS Dynamics NAV4-5MS Outlook *2000 - 2010NetSuiteN/A (web based)Sage 50 Accounts (Line 50)2008 – 2010Sage CRMN/A (web based)Salesforce CRMEnterpriseSugar CRM5.0 - 6.0SuperOffice6.1 - 6.3vTigerN/A (web based)ZohoN/A (web based)

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CRM Connect – Application User GuideHardware & Software DescriptionIn order to successfully install and use this application, the following installation and licensingrequirements should be met:Operating SystemThis application needs to be deployed on a Microsoft Windows PlatformHardware RequirementsThe hardware requirements for the Microsoft Windows platform include 1 GHz Pentium-class processor 1 GB Memory 500MB free hard drive space Operating System:-Windows XP Professional SP3 (Not Recommended and Unsupported)-Windows Server 2003 and 2008 (Not Recommended and Unsupported)-Windows Vista (Not Recommended and Unsupported)-Windows 7 (Recommended and Supported)-32 bit and 64 bit versions SVGA display Keyboard and mouse Network adapter connected to a TCP/IP network IBM-PC or 100% compatibleSoftware RequirementsDuring installation of CRM Connect, as well as installing the CRM application, the following thirdparty software will be installed: Microsoft .Net 2.0Network and Firewall RequirementsYou may need to allow outbound access for the following on your

CRM Connect – Application User GuideProtocolDestinationDestination 9.62.385.119.62.4TCP 2208In addition to the above you may need to allow communication bet ween the CRM Connect clientand the CRM s erver(s), but the communication details vary from installation to installation; ask yoursystem administrator for these details if you need

CRM Connect – Application User GuideProvisioning & ConfigurationThe CRM Connect application is an Add-On that is provided to a User already on the plat form andassigned a Functional Fixed or Mobile User license.When creating a User in Business Zone, be sure to tick CRM Connect Add-On and then completethe order. If this is not done on the initial Provide, then a Modify order can be placed to add this ata later date.Once this license pack has been ordered from the Business Zones Ordering port al, the applicationdownload will appear in the Application section of the Business Portal as per the image

CRM Connect – Application User GuideDownload and InstallationOnce you have provisioned the A dd-On and the User has received their welcome email, they cannow download the application from the Business Portal.Windows InstallationLog in to an administrator-level user account on the Windows workstation that CRM Connect needsto be installed onto. To begin installing CRM Connect, double-click the ‘CRMConnect.exe’ file and click theInstall

CRM Connect – Application User Guide The installation will proc eed and any third-party software that is required will also beinstalled at this time; follow any onscreen instructions displayed by the third-partysoftware. Once CRM Connect and any third -party soft ware have finished installing, click theFinish button to close the

CRM Connect – Application User GuideConfigurationThe Welcome Email sent to End Users will guide them to navigate to the Business Portal todownload the application and obtain their Username. Please not e this Username is t he same for allApplications, but is different to the Business Portal credentials. The username can be seen in theApplications tab as shown below:The password for all applications is not sent to the Us er and needs to be set in the B usiness Port alby navigating to My Account.Select Password to Change box, then click on Application, enter password and then select Save. Once the installation has finished, CRM Connect presents you with the ‘Telephony’configuration screen where you need to provide your CRM Connect user

CRM Connect – Application User Guide Enter the username and password into the appropriate text boxes. Select your local area code from the ‘Area code’ dropdown box Select the most appropriate option based on your method of use. Click the Save button to store your settings and close the window.If you disabled anti-virus/security software before starting the installation, enable it again now.Now that CRM Connect has been installed and the initial configuration is complet e, it’s time tointegrate with your chosen CRM. See the ‘CRM Connect Integration Guide’ for your CRMapplication, available on the Document Centre.Integration with CRM SoftwarePlease see the appropriate CRM Connect Integration Guides for information on how to integrat ewith the chosen CRM software, available on the Document

CRM Connect – Application User GuideOperating the FeatureIn addition to this guide, there are individual Quick Reference Guides for each of the CRMapplications, each of which can be downloaded from the Document Centre.Feature InteractionCRM Connect integrat es with a whole host of calling features, all of which are covered off in therelevant section headings below.Start Using CRM ConnectWhere Is It?CRM Connect is designed to be discrete. Always running and providing useful information as youneed it, yet at the same time not annoying and int erfering when you’re trying to work. So, most ofthe time, CRM Connect sits silently in your tray menu, waiting for you to click on it or waiting forcalls to be made or received.Note: In Windows 7, some tray icons become hidden and expressly have to be shown. Thesesettings are stored in the ‘Notification Area Icons’ part of the Windows Control Panel.If you right-click on the CRM Connect icon, which is a green circle (or red if you’re on a call) and thetray menu should

CRM Connect – Application User GuideTray MenuQuick dial box: Type a number here and pressEnter to make an immediate phone callRecent menu: Quickly see recently diallednumbers, and click to redial themConfiguration: Contains options to change youruser experience, and configure CRM packagesto integrate withExit: Use this to unload the softwarePhone WindowThe most obvious place to start is the Phone window (pictured below). Click on that option in thetray menu, or in future you can simply double click on the tray icon and the window will be shown.Let’s have a look at the main parts of the Phone window:Contact information: The nameand telephone number of theremote person.Actions: Us e these buttons tointeract with the current call andcontact.Call information: Otherinformation about the current call.At the start, you’re likely to use the Phone window if you want to control calls or show contacts.After you’ve used the software for a while, though, you’ll probably prefer t o use the Preview windowit can be more convenient and less

CRM Connect – Application User GuidePreview WindowMake a call in to your extension again and the Preview window should appear. It contains much ofthe information from the main Phone window, but in a much more compact format. Plus it willdisappear shortly after a call connects. Let’s review the main parts of the window:Close button: Use t his to make the Preview windowdisappear more immediately.Contact information: The telephone number and nameof the other party.Call control actions: Use these to interact with the call.Using some of these will display the main Phonewindow.Like the Phone window, the actions at the bottom of the preview window adapt to the state of thecall. The example picture shows the actions that are available when a connected call is in progress.To conserve space, the text is only shown for the first two actions. The rest are depicted by theiricons only.Please note that i f you also have a Toolbar then the Toolbar preview window may double upwith the CRM Connect preview window. You can configure the appropriate notifications foreither application. See Troubleshooting section 9.5 for further details.Making Calls and Call ControlMaking CallsWhen you make calls, where do you get the numbers from? Let’s look at some

CRM Connect – Application User GuideIf this is the case then you shouldFrom a pieceof paperthink about storing the person’sname in your CRM System and thennext time, you can find them moreeasily and dial the number usingCRM Connect.Alternatively, you could right click on theCRM Connect tray icon and then enter thenumber in the text box at the top. You caneven use the backspace key if you type itwrong.Or, if you happen to have the Phone window open, then just start typing anumber on your keyboard. CRM Connect will understand that you want tomake a call and s witch to the “Make call” screen. Press the Enter keywhen you’ve finished typing to make the call.Someone youspoke torecentlyIf you spoke to them using the phone that CRM Connect is connected tothen the call should be in your call history. At the main menu, press thecall history button and you will get a list of your calls in reverse date order.If you see the caller in this list, then click on their telephone number tomake a call to them directly from this screen.Alternatively, if the personwas one of the last tenpeople that you spok e to, then they will be in your “Rec ent” list. You canget to the Recent list from either the CRM Connect tray icon or from theMake call screen.Note: these Recent numbers are stored on your PC not on the

CRM Connect – Application User GuideYou can configure CRM Connect to search your web pages (InternetFrom a webpageExplorer only) for telephone numbers todial. It won’t find all of them, unfortunately,but it is good at phone directory searc hesbecause it is optimized to understand thiskind of page. To turn this functionality on, you need to go to theConfiguration main menu option and then go into Dialling settings. Hereyou can turn on “Web Page Dialling”. When on this will allow you to clickto-dial recognised telephone numbers directly from Internet Explorer.From yourCRM SoftwarePlease see the CRM Connect Integration Guide for your chosen CRMFrom anotherapplicationClipboardapplication for how to configure and dial from your CRM system.dialingcan be turned on in theConfiguration General Dialling settings page.When on, CRM Connect will keep an eye on theclipboard and if you copy something to it that lookslike a telephone number then a bubble will appear from the tray icon thatasks you if you want to call the number.When using this method of dialling, you may want to help CRM Connectknow what a valid number is by entering a minimum and maximum lengthand possibly a prefix that numbers must start with. This can be done inthe Dialling settings

CRM Connect – Application User GuideCall ControlLet’s take a moment to review the items on the Call screen in the Phone window:Contact information: The nameandtelephonenumberoftheremote person.Page left/right: Use these to switchbetween c alls when you have morethan one call in progress.Call actions: Use these buttons tointeract with the current call.Call information: Other informationabout the current call.As you can see, the Phone window allows you to interact with the current call in a number of ways.One of the most common ways is to click on the New contact or Edit contact button to apply a nameto the person you are speaking to. This is covered in a later section, Address books.It is also common to use this screen to perform a trans fer of the current call to anot her extension oruser. To do this you must be Connected to the call (as opposed to it being on Hold or Ringing).When you are Connected, then the Actions list looks like the above example. To transfer a call youdo NOT press the Hold button. The Hold button has a different purpose (more about his later).Instead you either press the Consult or Transfer button. You choose the button according towhether you want to speak to the other person (Consult) or not (Transfer)

CRM Connect – Application User GuideYou are then presented wit h a screen like the Make call screen, but with the word Consult orTrans fer at the top. Your call is not on hold at this stage yet, but when you are ready, type thenumber to transfer to (or choose one of the dialling options) and if you are Consulting then theoriginal call will be put on Hold pending trans fer (the pending t rans fer bit is important). If you aretransferring then the call will be put straight through.More call controlWe’ve seen what you can do with a connected call. Can you interact with other calls? Yes,when a call is ringing, you can choose to answer t he call or Deflect it (trans fer it withoutanswering it) to another extension. Deflecting a call is done a manner similar to trans ferringcalls. Click the Deflect button, type a number to deflect the call to and click Deflect again.Deflecting calls is not just used to avoid work. If you are already on the phone and someone elsephones you, then you can use Deflect productively to move the call to a colleague who can tell thecaller to wait for you to become available.You can also put calls on hold. Depending on your telephone system configuration, this means thatthe other person should hear music. When you are ready to talk to them again, use the Unholdbutton. Remember, the Hold button is not for transferring calls. It is purely to pause the call. If youwant to transfer a call that is on hold, then first you will have to take the call off hold

CRM Connect – Application User GuideAddress Books, Contacts and Call HistoryCreating and Searching ContactsThe Address book window is accessed from the Address book item on the main menu or tray menuicon. Go ahead and open it, let’s start by adding a new entry.At the top of the window, press the New Cont act button.This will present you with a blank Contact window. Enter aname, company and phone number in the relevant boxes.All of the boxes from the Contact window, including theNotes box at the bottom, can be searched. You can alsointeract with some of the boxes to make a call, send anemail, etc.You may be wondering what the Type box is for at the top ofthe page. This is used to change the format of the Contactwindow. Different “types” have different templates. Pick theone that best represents the contact entry that you arecreating.When you’re finished press the Save button and we’llsearch for your new entry.Back at the main Address book window; enter searchcriteria to find your entry. Most of the time, you can find theresults that you want by entering text in the search box andpressing Go. However, if you get too many results back,you may want to consider further restricting your search byusing the Advanced section.Namesand telephonenumbers area searched using the original Search box, butin the Advanced section you can filter by address fieldssuch as town or postal code (Where) or other fields (What)as well.Press the Search button and after a short delay you’ll be presented wit h a list of results. From thisscreen you can click on the telephone number of a cont act to dial them, or click on their name toedit or view their contact

CRM Connect – Application User GuideStoring contact details when on a callIf you’ve made or received an external call using the P hone window yet, you’ve probably noticedthat when CRM Connect doesn’t know who the otherparty is that you’re speaking to, then it will show a townor location name instead.It does this in an effort to be helpful, but if you really wantto help y ours elf, then you’ll add a name to the c ontact forfuture use.How do you do t his? You press the New contact buttonon the right hand side of the screen.You can then store the caller’s details for future use.Adding contact details from the Call History windowYou may find it easier to add a contact’s name a nd other details after the call has ended. To do this,go into your Call History and click on where thename would appear (it will be a location name inbrackets instead). When you do this, the Createcontact window will appear like before and you can edit and save the details.Call HistoryThe Call History window is accessed from the CallHistory item on the Main menu or from the tray iconmenu. As well as reviewing recent activity you candial someone from here by clicking on t heir telephonenumber and you can access their contact record hereby clicking on their name (we saw this in the abovesection). It’s good practice to store the names ofpeople when you speak to them, especially if you’relikely to speak to them again.By default, the Call History screen returns the fifty most recent calls. The next fifty can be accessedby pressing the page right button in the bottom right of the window.Also, to aid readability you can hide and show individual days from your history by pressing theexpand/collapse button to the left of the

CRM Connect – Application User GuideSettings and configurationThe Settings menu cont ains many optionsthat you can change to improve your useCRM Connect.Let’s take a look at some of the more commonones.If you select the Configuration menu item fromthe tray menu then you are given a page withoptions on the left hand side.Telephony settingsWhen you first install Connect, it takes you through an installation phase where you need to tell ityour Username and Password.When it does this, it presents the Telephony settings page of the Configuration window, so you mayhave seen these before. If your Username and/or Password change then you will need to updatethe details.Next is your area code which is used to recognize local phone numbers.The last choice, “method of use”, is useful when several people share the same PC. Read the twochoices and select which one best fits your mode of working.Interface settingsThe Interface page allows you to change settingsrelating to the look and feel of the soft ware, includingactions that happen when calls take place.To have the software start automatically when you logon to Windows, put a tick in the tickbox. The settingwill take effect next time you log on to Windows.Language packs are available for the software tochange the language of the user interface. By default,the soft ware will attempt to automatically select thelanguage to use based on the language setting of youroperating system. However, you can change

CRM Connect – Application User Guidelanguage used by selecting from the Language dropdown list. If your language is not in the list,contact your reseller to find out when it will be availabl e. Any changes you make to the languagewill take effect next time you start the software.By default, many of the software’s windows have a “skin” to make them look nice. If you find thatyou don’t like the “skinned” windows, perhaps for accessibility reasons, you can turn them off byselecting “No skin” from the Phone window dropdown. The next time you load the software, thewindows will all be standard Windows-style windows using the theme from your operating system.The next section on the Interface page allows you to choose a sound to have your computer playwhen your phone is ringing and/or you have a call waiting.This can help you to uniquely identify that it is your phone that is ringing and not a colleague’s. Youcan also tick the box to have your computer’s sound automatically muted whenever a call is inprogress, which is useful if you listen to music or Internet radio while you work, giving you a moreprofessional appearance.The last section of the Interface page has buttons you can press to quickly and securely clear thehistory of contact history, recent numbers (as shown in the Recent list), and which hints thesoftware has shown you (clearing hint history allows the software to show you the hints again).Dialling settingsThis page allows you to turn on and off dialling from allthe different types of application that the soft waresupports. As a review, the different methods of diallingare: Clipboard dialling (where you copy a telephonenumber to the clipboard and the software detects it),Web page dialling (where the software automaticallyscans web pages in Internet Explorer and convertsanything that looks like a telephone number into aclickable hyperlink and adds new buttons next totelephone number fields that you have told it about) andApplication dialling (where the soft ware adds new Dialbuttons to applications that you have told it about).Please note that Microsoft Word and Excel dialling via SmartTags are not available in Office2010The last section on this page allows you to define what telephone numbers look like, to help thesoftware more accurately determine whether a string of numbers it sees in a webpage or on theclipboard is really a telephone number or not. You can tell the software the minimum and maximumlength of telephone numbers (anything outside the range will be disregarded as not a real

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can download this from the WHC Document Centre, and new customers should check with their . CRM Connect is an application for Windows Desktop that integrates leading CRM Applications into the WHC service. CRM Connect works in conjunction with a User's phone and CRM software to . Zoho N/A (web based) 7 CRM Connect - Application User .