General CivilConstruction StandardNo. CGVer.1.1Date: 19 June 2019Ver.1.1This is an electronic ESF document thatis uncontrolled when copied or printedPage 1 of 92

RevisionDescription0.11First draftFirst release1.1Updates to pipeline testing, location of pipe servicesand standard references. Document formattingchangesReleased ByJ de VilliersJ de Villiers –Principal Engineer,StandardsJ de :Version 1.1:Simon Porter – Head of Service Delivery, OperationsJames Eardley - Projects Manager, Infrastructure ConstructionGraham Nairn – Asset specialist, Civil OperationsAndrew Mercer – Site Engineering ManagerVersion 1:Martin Smith – General Manager Strategy and Planning, WatercareGeof Stewart – Manager Asset Strategy, WatercareChris Allen – Wastewater Strategy Manager, WatercareJames Eardley - Projects Manager, WatercareBrian Park – Discipline Engineer Water, WatercareVer.1.1This is an electronic ESF document thatis uncontrolled when copied or printedPage 2 of 92

Summary of changesVersion1.1Section2.; C2.1C2C3C3.1C3.1.5; C3.1.6C3.1.7C3.2C3.3C3.4.1C3.4.2C3.10.1C5.1; C5.2C1110.5, Table A110.5.1 B-6)10.5.1 B-9)All sectionsVer.1.1Description of revisionSelection deleted, serves no purpose to document contentText updates to refer Watercare compliance policyText updates to refer commissioning code of practiceSection updated with Watercare cross-referenced standards anddrawings to be used in conjunction with the construction standard.Minor update of referenced national standards.Text revision to delete text duplicated in referenced standardInclude reference to Watercare HSE standard requirementsMinor updates to section to include dewatering consent considerationsand terminology correctionsSection references included to use manufacturer recommended pipejointing. Minor wording corrections across sectionClarification added on expectations for pipe oval checking by pigging orscanning method – added to QA/QCUpdated text to clarify horizontal and vertical clearances for pipe layingand the allowable tolerances. Note at end of section relocated toprevent misinterpretation.New section to describe tracer wire installation requirementsAdded discovery protocols for tunnelling works, in addition to HSE.Updated reportingSection updated with information to be provided, record keeping andQA requirements for HDDClause expanded to clarify when pipe curving may be accepted forgravity or ducted services.Removed duplication of bend manufacturing. Referred to materialsupply standardMinor working changes to clarify use of CCTV before and after liningapplicationUpdated note. Corrected painting codeNew section describing polymer-type chamber installationsExpanded table to extend testing lengthSection updated to clarify test result interpretationNew hydrostatic pressure test added for testing PE pipeAdded paragraph numbering to improve referenceThis is an electronic ESF document thatis uncontrolled when copied or printedPage 3 of 92

Table of contentsDEFINITIONS . 91.INTRODUCTION . 112.STANDARD DOCUMENTS OVERVIEW. 113.QUALITY CONTROL AND QUALITY ASSURANCE . 124.GENERAL ENGINEERING DOCUMENT SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS . 125.REFERENCED STANDARDS . 136.MATERIALS . 167.HEALTH AND SAFETY . 168.ASSET CAPTURE . 169.CIVIL CONSTRUCTION . 17C1.SITE ROADING . 17C1.1 General . 17C1.2 Paving subgrade preparation . 17C1.3 Subsoil drains . 17C1.4 Basecourse and sub-base. 17C1.5 Asphaltic concrete . 17C1.6 Kerbing . 18C1.7 Stormwater drainage . 18C1.8 QA/QC template . 18C2.EARTHWORKS . 18C2.1 General . 18C2.2 Site preparation . 18C2.3 Geotechnical investigations . 19C2.4 Topsoil stripping. 19C2.5 Stockpiling . 19C2.6 Excavation support and perimeter protection . 19C2.7 Excavation general . 19C2.8 Water in excavations . 19C2.9 Excavation for trenches . 20C2.10 Excavation for structures . 20C2.11 Excavation by hydro-vacuum excavation. 20C2.12 Excavation by explosive blasting. 20C2.13 Excavation material classification . 20C2.14 Backfill and fill in general . 21C2.15 General compaction of backfill . 21C2.16 Backfill material classification . 21C2.17 Surface reinstatement . 22C2.18 Top soil and grass reinstatement . 22C2.19 Surplus material . 22C2.20 Record keeping . 22C2.21 QA/QC template . 22C3.PIPE AND DUCT LAYING . 23C3.1 General Pipeline construction . 23C3.1.1 Position tolerances . 24C3.1.2 Bedding material, pipe surround and compaction . 24Ver.1.1This is an electronic ESF document thatis uncontrolled when copied or printedPage 4 of 92

C3.1.3 Pipe laying in embankment . 24C3.1.4 Pipelines through structures . 25C3.1.5 Parallel pipeline separation . 25C3.1.6 Vertical separation from other services . 25C3.1.7 Trace wire installation . 25C3.1.8 QA/QC template . 26C3.2 Pipe jacking, boring or tunnelling and shaft sinking . 27C3.2.1 General . 27C3.2.2 Jacking pits, headings and shafts . 29C3.2.3 Installations under roads or other facilities. 29C3.2.4 Over excavation and grouting . 29C3.2.5 Pipe jacking . 29C3.2.6 Micro-tunnelling . 29C3.2.7 Reinstatement of jacking pits . 29C3.2.8 Record keeping . 30C3.2.9 QA/QC template . 30C3.3 Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) . 30C3.3.1 Calculations . 31C3.3.2 Construction plan . 31C3.3.3 Tracking systems . 32C3.3.4 Drilling fluids and cuttings management plan . 32C3.3.5 Contingency plans . 32C3.3.6 Grouting . 32C3.3.7 Record keeping . 32C3.3.8 QA/QC template . 33C3.4 Installation of polyethylene pipe . 34C3.4.1 Pipe curving . 34C3.4.2 Pipe bends and fittings . 35C3.4.3 Pipe jointing . 35C3.4.4 Equipment . 36C3.4.4 QA/QC templates . 38C3.5 Repair of polyethylene pipe . 40C3.6 Installation of welded steel pipelines . 40C3.6.1 Pipe bends and other assemblies . 40C3.6.2 Pipe joints . 40C3.6.3 Corrosion protection . 41C3.6.4 Concrete lined steel pipe - Wastewater specific requirements. 42C3.6.5 QA/QC templates . 42C3.7 Installation of PVC pipelines . 42C3.7.1 Pipe Joints . 42C3.7.2 QA/QC template . 43C3.8 Installation of Ductile Iron (DI) pipe. 43C3.8.1 Pipe Joints . 43C3.8.4 Pipe deflection with spigot joints . 43C3.7.2 QA/QC template . 44C3.9 Concrete and Ceramic pipes (Wastewater only) . 45C3.9.1 General . 45C3.9.2 Cutting of pipes . 45C3.9.3 Pipe Laying . 45C3.9.4 Laying on a curve . 45C3.9.5 Rubber ring joints . 45C3.9.6 Mechanical joints . 45C3.9.7 Repair . 45C3.9.8 QA/QC Template . 46C3.10 Pipe structural lining . 46C3.10.1 General . 46Ver.1.1This is an electronic ESF document thatis uncontrolled when copied or printedPage 5 of 92

C3.10.2 Access . 46C3.10.3 Pipeline cleaning . 46C3.10.4 CCTV requirements . 46C3.10.5 Pipe repairs . 47C3.10.6 Polymer lining methods . 47C3.10.7 Cement and mortar in-situ lining methods . 47C3.10.8 Record keeping . 47C3.10.9 QA/QC Template . 48C3.11 Pipelines brought into service . 48C4.CONCRETE . 49C4.1 Construction of reinforced concrete structures . 49C4.1.1 Reinforcement. 49C4.1.2 Construction joints . 50C4.1.3 Contraction joints . 50C4.1.4 Slump tolerance . 51C4.1.5 Vibration. 51C4.1.6 Surface finish . 51C4.1.7 Penetrations through structures . 51C4.1.8 Records. 51C4.1.9 QA/QC template . 52C4.2 Construction of enclosed chambers, manholes and small structures . 52C4.2.1 General . 52C4.2.1 Foundation . 53C4.2.2 Roof slab, lids and access . 53C4.2.3 Infiltration performance . 53C4.2.4 QA/QC template . 53C4.4 Shotcreting . 53C4.4.1 General . 53C4.4.2 Preparation and trial . 53C4.4.3 Placement of shotcrete . 54C4.4.4 Finishing . 54C4.4 5 Joints . 54C4.4.6 QA/QC template . 54C4.5 Formwork . 55C4.6 Concrete defect repairs . 55C4.6.1 Patch repairs . 55C4.6.2 Crack repairs . 55C4.6.3 QA/QC template . 55C4.7 Rehabilitation of wastewater pipe and structures with cement mortar . 56C4.7.1 General . 56C4.7.2 Surface preparation. 56C4.7.3 Mortar application . 56C4.7.4 Record keeping . 56C4.7.5 QA/QC Template . 56C5.PAINTING. 57C5.1 General . 57C5.2 Painting of pipes, equipment and structures. 57C5.2.1 External pipe painting . 58C5.2.2 Internal pipe painting . 58C5.2.3 Painting of buildings . 58C5.3 Field touch-up painting . 62C5.4 Protection of work and adjacent equipment . 62C5.5 Valve box cover paint colours . 62C5.6 Painting equipment . 62C5.7 QA/QC template . 63Ver.1.1This is an electronic ESF document thatis uncontrolled when copied or printedPage 6 of 92

C6.DEMOLITION AND ABANDONMENT . 64C6.1 General . 64C6.2 Existing work and damage . 64C6.3 Protection of people, property and environment . 64C6.4 Removal of material . 64C6.5 QA/QC template . 64C7.MASONRY. 64C7.1 Workmanship. 64C7.2 Materials handling and block types . 65C7.3 Laying of masonry . 65C7.4 Clean-out ports . 65C7.5 Control joints . 65C7.6 Reinforcement . 66C7.7 Filling cores .

General Civil . Construction Standard . No. CG . Ver.1.1 . Date: 19 June 2019 . Ver.1.1 This is an electronic ESF document that is uncontrolled when copied or printed Page 2 of 92 Revision Description Released By Date 0.1 First draft J de Villiers 8/10/2015 1 First release J de Villiers -