ContentsQuick GuideContents1 Introduction31.1 Purpose of the Manual31.2 Additional Resources31.3 Document and Software Version31.4 Approvals and Certifications31.5 Disposal32 Safety42.1 Safety Symbols42.2 Qualified Personnel42.3 Safety Precautions43 Mechanical Installation3.1 Overview63.2 Motor Coils (195N3110) and RFI 1B Filter (195N3103)73.3 Terminal Cover83.4 IP21 Solution83.5 EMC Filter for Long Motor Cables94 Electrical Installation104.1 Electrical Installation in General104.2 Power Cables104.3 Mains Connection124.4 Motor Connection124.5 Parallel Connection of Motors124.6 Motor Cables134.7 Motor Thermal Protection134.8 Control Cables134.9 Grounding144.10 EMC Emission154.11 Extra Protection154.12 EMC-Correct Electrical Installation164.13 Fuses174.14 RFI Switch (VLT 2880-2882 Only)175 Control Panel Operations5.1 ProgrammingMG28M202618185.1.1 Control Unit185.1.2 Control Keys185.1.3 Manual Initialisation18Danfoss A/S Rev. 2014-03-18 All rights reserved.1

ContentsQuick Guide5.1.4 Display Readout States195.1.5 Menu Mode195.1.6 Quick Menu195.1.7 Hand Auto195.2 Motor Start205.3 Connection Examples205.4 Parameter List206 Troubleshooting6.1 Warning and Alarm Messages7 Specifications25277.1 Mains Supply Data277.1.1 Mains Supply 200-240 V277.1.2 Mains Supply 380-480 V277.2 General Specifications287.3 Special Conditions327.3.1 Aggressive Environments327.3.2 Derating for Ambient Temperature327.3.3 Derating for Low Air Pressure327.3.4 Derating for Running at Low Speeds327.3.5 Derating for Long Motor Cables327.3.6 Derating for High Switch Frequency32Index22533Danfoss A/S Rev. 2014-03-18 All rights reserved.MG28M202

IntroductionQuick Guide1 11 Introduction1.1 Purpose of the Manual1.2 Additional ResourcesThe Quick Guide provides basic information for safe installation and commissioning of the frequency converter.The Quick Guide provides the basic information forinstalling and commissioning the frequency converter.Other resources are available to understand advancedfrequency converter functions and programming:The Quick Guide is intended for use by qualified personnel.Read and follow the Quick Guide to use the frequencyconverter safely and professionally, and pay particularattention to the safety instructions and general warnings.Keep the Quick Guide available with the frequencyconverter. VLT 2800 Design GuideVLT 2800 Filter InstructionBrake Resistor ManualProfibus DP V1 ManualProfibus DP ManualVLT 2800 DeviceNet ManualMetasys N2 ManualModbus RTU ManualPrecise StopWobble FunctionVLT 2800 NEMA 1 Terminal CoveringVLT 2800 LCP Remote-mounting KitProtection against Electrical Hazards1.3 Document and Software VersionEditionRemarksSoftware versionMG28M2Replaces MG28M13.2X1.4 Approvals and CertificationsIllustration 1.1 Installation ExampleFor further examples of installation and detaileddescriptions on functions, refer to the VLT 2800 DesignGuide.VLT is a registered trademark.The frequency converter complies with UL508C thermalmemory retention requirements. For more information,refer to the section Motor Thermal Protection in the DesignGuide.1.5 DisposalDo not dispose of equipment containingelectrical components together withdomestic waste.Collect it separately in accordance withlocal and currently valid legislation.MG28M202Danfoss A/S Rev. 2014-03-18 All rights reserved.3

2 2SafetyQuick Guide2 SafetyWARNING2.1 Safety SymbolsThe following symbols are used in this document:WARNINGIndicates a potentially hazardous situation which couldresult in death or serious injury.CAUTIONIndicates a potentially hazardous situation which couldresult in minor or moderate injury. It may also be usedto alert against unsafe practices.UNINTENDED STARTWhen the frequency converter is connected to AC mains,DC power supply, or load sharing, the motor may start atany time. Unintended start during programming, serviceor repair work can result in death, serious injury, orproperty damage. The motor can start by means of anexternal switch, a serial bus command, an inputreference signal from the LCP or LOP, via remoteoperation using MCT 10 software, or after a cleared faultcondition.To prevent unintended motor start:Disconnect the frequency converter from mains.NOTICE Indicates important information, including situations thatmay result in damage to equipment or property. The frequency converter, motor, and any drivenequipment must be fully wired and assembledwhen the frequency converter is connected toAC mains, DC power supply, or load sharing.2.2 Qualified PersonnelCorrect and reliable transport, storage, installation,operation and maintenance are required for the troublefree and safe operation of the frequency converter. Onlyqualified personnel is allowed to install or operate thisequipment.Press [Off/Reset] on the LCP, beforeprogramming parameters.2.3.1 Discharge TimeWARNINGDISCHARGE TIMEQualified personnel is defined as trained staff, who areauthorised to install, commission, and maintain equipment,systems and circuits in accordance with pertinent laws andregulations. Additionally, the personnel must be familiarwith the instructions and safety measures described in thisdocument.2.3 Safety PrecautionsWARNINGThe frequency converter contains DC-link capacitors,which can remain charged even when the frequencyconverter is not powered. Failure to wait the specifiedtime after power has been removed before performingservice or repair work, can result in death or seriousinjury. Stop motor. Disconnect or lock PM motor.HIGH VOLTAGEFrequency converters contain high voltage whenconnected to AC mains input, DC power supply, or loadsharing. Failure to perform installation, start-up, andmaintenance by qualified personnel can result in deathor serious injury. 4Disconnect AC mains and remote DC-link powersupplies, including battery back-ups, UPS, andDC-link connections to other frequencyconverters.Wait at least 4 minutes for the capacitors todischarge fully, before performing any serviceor repair work.Installation, start-up, and maintenance must beperformed by qualified personnel only.Danfoss A/S Rev. 2014-03-18 All rights reserved.MG28M202

Quick GuideSafetyWARNINGLEAKAGE CURRENT HAZARD2 2Leakage currents exceed 3.5 mA. Failure to ground thefrequency converter properly can result in death orserious injury. Ensure correct grounding of the equipment bya certified electrical installer.WARNINGEQUIPMENT HAZARDContact with rotating shafts and electrical equipmentcan result in death or serious injury. Ensure that only trained and qualifiedpersonnel perform installation, start up, andmaintenance. Ensure that electrical work conforms to nationaland local electrical codes. Follow the procedures in this manual.CAUTIONINTERNAL FAILURE HAZARDAn internal failure in the frequency converter can resultin serious injury, when the frequency converter is notproperly closed. Before applying power, ensure all safety coversare in place and securely fastened.NOTICEHIGH ALTITUDESFor installation at altitudes above 2,000 m, contactDanfoss regarding PELV.NOTICEUse on Isolated MainsFor details about the use of the frequency converter onisolated mains, refer to section RFI Switch in the DesignGuide.Follow the recommendations regarding the installationon IT-mains. Use relevant monitoring devices for ITmains to avoid damage.MG28M202Danfoss A/S Rev. 2014-03-18 All rights reserved.5

3 3Mechanical InstallationQuick Guide3 Mechanical Installation3.1 OverviewVLT 2800 frequency converters allow side-by-side installation on a wall in any position as the units do not requireventilation on the side. Because of the need for cooling,there must be 100 mm free air passage above and belowthe frequency converter.All units with enclosure IP20 must be integrated incabinets and panels. IP20 is not suitable for remotemounting. In some countries, for example in the USA, unitswith enclosure NEMA 1 are approved for remotemounting.NOTICEWith the IP21 solution, all units require a minimum of100 mm air on each side. This means that side-by-sidemounting is NOT allowed.Illustration 3.1 DimensionsIllustration 3.2 Mounting Holes6Danfoss A/S Rev. 2014-03-18 All rights reserved.MG28M202

Mechanical InstallationSize mmQuick GuideAaBbCDEøaøbFøc2001917560168754.5844.5S2 - 200-240 V ACVLT 2803-2815D2 - 200-240 V ACVLT 2803-28152001917560168754.5844.5VLT 2822*267.52579070168865.5114.55.5VLT 2840*267.5257140120168865.5114.55.5VLT 2822267.5257140120168865.5114.55.5VLT 28405054902001202447.757.256.51386.5VLT 2822267.52579070168865.5114.55.5VLT 2840267.5257140120168865.5114.55.5VLT 2805-28152001917560168754.5844.5VLT 2822-2840267.52579070168865.5114.55.5VLT 2855-2875267.5257140120168865.5114.55.5VLT 2880-28825054902001202447.757.256.51386.53 3PD2 - 200-240 V ACT2 - 200-240 V ACT4 - 380-480 V ACTable 3.1 DimensionsInstallation Procedures1.Drill holes in accordance with the measurements given in Table 3.1. Note the difference in unit voltages.2.Retighten all 4 screws.3.Fit the decoupling plate to the power cables and the ground screw (terminal 95).3.2 Motor Coils (195N3110) and RFI 1B Filter (195N3103)Illustration 3.3 Motor Coils (195N3110)Illustration 3.4 RFI 1B Filter (195N3103)MG28M202Danfoss A/S Rev. 2014-03-18 All rights reserved.7

Mechanical InstallationQuick Guide3.4 IP21 Solution3.3 Terminal CoverIllustration 3.5 shows the dimensions for NEMA 1 terminalcovers for VLT 2803-2875.Dimension 'a' depends on the unit type.3 3Illustration 3.7 IP21 SolutionTypeCodenumberABCVLT 2803-2815, 200-240 VVLT 2805-2815, 380-480 V195N2118 4780170VLT 2822, 200-240 VVLT 2822-2840, 380-480 V195N2119 4795170VLT 2840, 200-240 VVLT 2822, PD2VLT 2855-2875, 380-480 V195N2120 47145170VLT 2880-2882, 380-480 VVLT 2840, PD2195N2126 47205245Illustration 3.5 Terminal Cover DimensionsTable 3.2 DimensionsIllustration 3.6 NEMA 1 Terminal CoverIllustration 3.8 Dimensions for IP 218Danfoss A/S Rev. 2014-03-18 All rights reserved.MG28M202

Mechanical InstallationQuick Guide3.5 EMC Filter for Long Motor Cables3 3Illustration 3.9 Filter N140506257120162412Table 3.3 Filter DimensionsMG28M202Danfoss A/S Rev. 2014-03-18 All rights reserved.9

4 4Electrical InstallationQuick Guide4 Electrical Installation4.1 Electrical Installation in GeneralNOTICEAll cabling must comply with national and localregulations on cable cross-sections and ambienttemperature. Copper conductors required, (60-75 arialunicode ms C) recommended.Terminal tightening torques are described below:VLTTerminalsTorque(Nm)2803-2875Power mains brakeGround0.5-0.62-32880-2882,2840 PD2Power mains brakeGround1.2-1.52-3Torque,ControlCables (Nm)0.22-0.254.2 Power CablesNOTICEThe power terminals can be removed.Illustration 4.2 VLT 2803-2815, 200-240 VVLT 2805-2815, 380-480 VConnect mains to the mains terminals of the frequencyconverter, i.e. L1, L2 and L3 and the ground connection toterminal 95.Illustration 4.1 Terminals10Danfoss A/S Rev. 2014-03-18 All rights reserved.MG28M202

Electrical InstallationQuick Guide4 4Illustration 4.5 VLT 2840, 200-240 V, PD2VLT 2880-2882, 380-480 VIllustration 4.3 VLT 2822, 200-240 VVLT 2822-2840, 380-480 VIllustration 4.6 Electrical Connections VLT 2880-2882 and 2840PD2Fit screened/armoured cable from the motor to the motorterminals of the frequency converter, i.e. U, V, W. Thescreen ends in a screen connector.Illustration 4.4 VLT 2840, 200-240 VVLT 2822, 200-240 V - PD2VLT 2855-2875, 380-480 VMG28M202Danfoss A/S Rev. 2014-03-18 All rights reserved.11

4 4Electrical InstallationQuick Guide4.3 Mains ConnectionNOTICENOTICEIn motors without phase insulation paper, an LC filtershould be fitted on the output of the frequencyconverter.At 1 x 220-240 V, the neutral wire must be attached toterminal N (L2) and the phase wire must be connected toterminal L1 (L1).No.No.N(L2)N95L1(L1)L1(L3)Mains voltage 1 x 220-240 VGround connectionTable 4.1 Mains Connection for 1 x 220-240 VNo.No.N(L2)L295L1(L1)L1(L3)Mains voltage 3 x 220-240 VL3Ground connectionTable 4.2 Mains Connection for 3 x 220-240 VNo.No.91L19592L293L3Mains voltage 3 x 380-480 VGround connectionTable 4.3 Mains Connection for 3 x 380-480 VNOTICECheck that the mains voltage fits the mains voltage ofthe frequency converter, which can be seen from thenameplate.CAUTION400-V units with RFI-filters may not be connected tomains supplies in which the voltage between phase andground is more than 300 V. For the IT mains and thedelta ground, the mains voltage can exceed 300 Vbetween phase and ground. Units with type code R5 (ITmains) can be connected to mains supplies with up to400 V between phase and ground.See chapter 7.2 General Specifications for correctdimensioning of cable cross-section. See also the sectionGalvanic isolation in the VLT 2800 Design Guide for furtherdetails.Illustration 4.7 Motor ConnectionThe factory setting is for clockwise rotation.The direction of rotation can be changed by switching 2phases on the motor terminals.4.5 Parallel Connection of MotorsThe frequency converter is able to control several motorsconnected in parallel.Consult the Design Guide for further information.NOTICEEnsure that the total cable length is appropriate. See thechapter 4.10.1 EMC Emission to learn about therelationship between cable length and EMC emission.4.4 Motor ConnectionNOTICEConnect the motor to terminals 96, 97, 98. Connect groundto terminal 99.Parameter 107 Automatic motor adaption, AMT cannot beused when motors are connected in parallel. Parameter101 Torque characteristic must be set to Special motorcharacteristics [8] when motors are connected in parallel.See chapter 7.2 General Specifications for correctdimensioning of cable cross-section.All types of 3-phase asynchronous standard motors can beconnected to a frequency converter. Normally, smallmotors are star-connected (230/400 V, Δ/Y).12Danfoss A/S Rev. 2014-03-18 All rights reserved.MG28M202

Electrical InstallationQuick Guide4.6 Motor Cables4.7 Motor Thermal ProtectionSee chapter 7.2 General Specifications for correctdimensioning of motor cable cross-section and length. Seechapter 4.10.1 EMC Emission for relationship betweenlength and EMC emission.Always comply with national and local regulations oncable cross-section.The electronic thermal relay in the frequency converter hasreceived the UL-approval for single motor protection,when parameter 128 Motor thermal protection has been setfor ETR Trip and parameter 105 Motor current, IM, N has beenprogrammed to the rated motor current (see motornameplate).4.8 Control CablesNOTICEIf an unscreened/unarmoured cable is used, some EMCrequirements are not complied with. Refer tochapter 4.10.1 EMC Emission for more details.To comply with the EMC specifications regarding emission,the motor cable must be screened/armoured, unlessotherwise stated for the RFI filter in question. It isimportant to keep the motor cable as short as possible soas to reduce the noise level and leakage currents to aminimum. Connect the motor cable screen to the metalcabinet of the frequency converter and to the metalcabinet of the motor. Make the screen connections withthe biggest possible surface area (cable clamp). This isenabled by different installation devices in differentfrequency converters. Avoid mounting with twisted screenends (pigtails), since these spoil the screening effect athigh frequencies. If it is necessary to break the screen toinstall a motor isolator or motor relay, the screen must becontinued at the lowest possible HF impedance.4 4Remove the front cover underneath the control panel.Place a jumper between terminals 12 and 27.Control cables must be screened/armoured. The screenmust be connected to the frequency converter chassis witha clamp. Normally, the screen must also be connected tothe chassis of the controlling unit (use the instructions forthe unit in question). In connection with very long controlcables and analog signals, in rare cases depending on theinstallation, 50/60 Hz ground loops may occur because ofnoise transmitted from mains supply cables. In thisconnection, it may be necessary to break the screen andpossibly insert a 100 nF capacitor between the screen andthe chassis.See section Grounding of Screened/Armoured control cablesin the Design Guide for the correct termination of controlcables.Illustration 4.8 Control Cable ConnectionMG28M202Danfoss A/S Rev. 2014-03-18 All rights reserved.13

4 4Electrical InstallationNo.Quick GuideFunction01-03 Relay outputs 01-03 can be used for indicating statusand alarms/warnings.1224 V DC voltage supply.18-33 Digital inputs.4.9 GroundingComply with the following at installation: Safety grouding: The frequency converter has ahigh leakage current and must be groundedproperly for safety. Follow all local safetyregulations. High frequency grounding: Keep groundingconnections as short as possible.20, 55 Common frame for input and output terminals.42Analog output for displaying frequency, reference,current or torque.461)Digital output for displaying status, warnings or alarms,as well as frequency output.50 10 V DC supply voltage for potentiometer or thermistor.53Analogue voltage input 0-10 V DC.60Analogue current input 0/4-20 mA.671) 5 V DC supply voltage to Profibus.68,RS-485, Serial communication.691)701)Frame for terminals 67, 68 and 69. Normally, thisterminal is not to be used.Connect all grounding systems to ensure the lowestpossible conductor impedance. The lowest possibleconductor impedance is achieved by keeping theconductor as short as possible and by grounding with thegreatest possible surface area. If multiple frequencyconverters are installed in a cabinet, use the metal cabinetbackplate as a joint ground reference plate. Fit thefrequency converters to the backplate at the lowestpossible impedance.Table 4.4 Control Signals1) The terminals are not valid for DeviceNet. See the DeviceNetmanual for further details.To achieve low impedance, connect the frequencyconverter to the backplate with the frequency converterfastening bolts. The backplate must be free from paint.See parameter 323 Relay output for programming of relayoutput.No.01-02 1-2 make (NO - Normally Open)01-03 1-3 break (NC - Normally Closed)Table 4.5 Relay ContactsNOTICEThe cable jacket for the relay must cover the first row ofcontrol card terminals - otherwise the galvanic isolation(PELV) cannot be maintained. Max. cable diameter: 4mm.14Danfoss A/S Rev. 2014-03-18 All rights reserved.MG28M202

Electrical InstallationQuick Guide4.10 EMC EmissionThe following system results are achieved on a system consisting of a VLT 2800 frequency converter with screened/armoured control cable, control box with potentiometer, screened/armoured motor cable and screened/armoured brakecable as well as an LCP2 with cable.VLT 2803-2875EmissionIndustrial environmentEN 55011 class 1ACable-borneRadiated150 kHz-30 MHz30 MHz-1 GHzSet-upResidential, commercial and light industryEN 55011 class 1BCable-borneRadiated150 kHz-30 MHz30 MHz-1 GHz4 43 x 480 V version with 1A RFIfilterYesYesNoNo25 m screened/25 m screened/armouredarmoured3 x 480 V version with 1A RFIYesYesNoNofilter (R5: For IT mains)5 m screened/armoured 5 m screened/armoured1 x 200 V version with 1A RFIYesYesYesNo40 m screened/40 m screened/armoured 15 m screened/armouredfilter1)armoured3 x 200 V version with 1A RFIYesYesYesNofilter (R4: For use with RCD)20 m screened/20 m screened/armoured 7 m screened/armouredarmoured3 x 480 V version with 1A 1BYesYesYesNoRFI filter50 m screened/50 m screened/armoured 25 m screened/armouredarmoured1 x 200 V version with 1A 1BYesYesYesNo100 m screened/100 m screened/40 m screened/armouredRFI filter1)armouredarmouredVLT 2880-2882EmissionIndustrial environmentResidential, commerce and light industryEN 55011 class 1AEN 55011 class 1BSet-upCable-borneRadiatedCable-borneRadiated150 kHz-30 MHz30 MHz-1 GHz150 kHz-30 MHz30 MHz-1GHz3 x 480 V version with 1B RFIfilterYes50 mYes50 mYes50 mNoTable 4.6 EMC Emission Compliance1) For VLT 2822-2840 3 x 200-240 V, the same values apply as for the 480 V version with 1A RFI filter. EN 55011: EmissionLimits and methods of measurement of radio disturbance characteristics of industrial, scientific and medical (ISM)high-frequency equipment.-Class 1A: Equipment used in an industrial environment.-Class 1B: Equipment used in areas with a public supply network (residential, commerce and lightindustry.4.11 Extra ProtectionIf no RFI filter is mounted, or a CI contactor is used formains connection, no time delay is required.RCD (Residual Current Device) relays, RCD relays, ELCBs(Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker), multiple protectivegrounding or grounding can be used as extra protection,provided that local safety regulations are complied with.3-phase VLT frequency converters require an RCD type B. Ifan RFI filter is mounted in the frequency converter, andeither the switch of the RCD or a manually operated switchis used to connect the frequency converter to the mainsvoltage, a time delay of minimum 40 ms is required (RCDtype B).MG28M202Single-phase VLT frequency converters require an RCD typeA. There is no particular need for a time delay whether RFIfilters are mounted or not.See application note Protection against Electrical Hazardsfor further information on ELCBs.Danfoss A/S Rev. 2014-03-18 All rights reserved.15

Electrical InstallationQuick Guide4.12 EMC-Correct Electrical InstallationGeneral points to observe to ensure EMC-correct electricalinstallation.4 4 Use only screened/armoured motor cables andscreened/armoured control cables. Connect the screen to ground at both ends. Avoid installation with twisted screen ends(pigtails), since this ruins the screening effect athigh frequencies. Use cable clamps instead.screws to the metal cabinet of the frequencyconverter. Use starwashers and galvanically conductiveinstallation plates. Do not use unscreened/unarmoured motor cablesin the installation cabinets.Illustration 4.9 shows EMC-correct electrical installation, inwhich the frequency converter has been fitted in an installation cabinet and connected to a PLC.It is important to ensure good electrical contactfrom the installation plate through the installationIllustration 4.9 Example of an EMC-correct Electrical Installation16Danfoss A/S Rev. 2014-03-18 All rights reserved.MG28M202

Electrical InstallationQuick Guide4.13 FusesBranch circuit protectionTo protect the installation against electrical and fire hazard,all branch circuits in an installation, switch gear, machinesetc., must be short-circuited and overcurrent protectedaccording to national/international regulations.Short circuit protectionDanfoss recommends using the fuses mentioned inTable 4.7 to protect service personnel and equipment incase of an internal failure in the unit or short-circuit onDC-link. The frequency converter provides full short-circuitprotection in case of a short circuit on the motor or brakeoutput.Overcurrent protectionProvide overload protection to avoid overheating of thecables in the installation. Overcurrent protection mustalways be carried out according to national regulations.Fuses must be designed for protection in a circuit capableof supplying a maximum of 100,000 Arms (symmetrical),480 V maximum.NonIf UL/cUL is not to be complied with, Danfoss recommendsusing the fuses mentioned in Table 4.7, which ensurescompliance with EN50178/IEC61800-5-1.In case of malfunction, not following the fuse recommendation may result in damage to the frequency converter.Alternative fuses 380-500 V drivesVLT 2800BussmannE52273BussmannE4273Bussmann Bussmann BussmannE4273E4273E4273Bussmann SIBAE4273E180276Little Fuse 505014006-050KLS-R50-A6K-50RAlternative Fuses 200-240 V KLS-R25ATM-R20A6K-25RTable 4.7 Prefuses for UL/cUL4.14 RFI Switch (VLT 2880-2882 Only)Mains supply isolated from earthIf the frequency converter is supplied from an isolatedmains source ( IT mains) or TT/TN-S mains with groundedleg, the RFI switch is recommended to be turned off (OFF).For further reference, see IEC 364-3. If optimum EMCperformance is needed, parallel motors are connected orthe motor cable length is above 25 m, set the switch inON position.In OFF position, the internal RFI capacities (filter capacitors)between the chassis and the intermediate circuit are cutoff to avoid damage to the intermediate circuit and toreduce the ground capacity currents (according to IEC61800-3).Also refer to the application note VLT on IT mains. It isimportant to use isolation monitors that are capable foruse together with power electronics (IEC 61557-8).MG28M202NOTICEThe RFI switch is not to be operated with mainsconnected to the unit. Check that the mains supply hasbeen disconnected before operating the RFI switch.The RFI switch disconnects the capacitors galvanicallyfrom ground.Remove the switch Mk9, placed next to terminal 96, todisconnect the RFI-filter.Danfoss A/S Rev. 2014-03-18 All rights reserved.174 4

Control Panel OperationsQuick Guide5 Control Panel Operations5.1.2 Control Keys5.1 Programming5.1.1 Control UnitOn the front of the frequency converter there is a controlpanel divided into 4 sections.5 51.6-digit LED display.2.Keys for changing parameters and shifting displayfunction.3.Indicator lights.4.Keys for local operation.WarningyellowAlarmredTrip lockedyellow and redTable 5.1 LED Indication[QUICK MENU] allows access to the parameters used forthe Quick menu.The [QUICK MENU] key is also used if a change to aparameter value is not to be implemented.[CHANGE DATA] is used for changing a setting.If the display shows 3 dots at the right, the parametervalue has more than 3 digits. To see the value, press[CHANGE DATA]The [CHANGE DATA] key is also used for confirming achange of parameter settings.[ ]/[-]are used for selecting parameters and for changingparameter values.These keys are also used in Display mode for selecting thedisplay of an operating value.The [QUICK MENU] and [ ] keys must be pressed at thesame time to give access to all parameters. See Menumode.[STOP/RESET] is used for stopping the connected motor orfor resetting the frequency converter after a trip.Can be selected as [1] Active or [0] Not active via parameter014 Local stop/reset. In Display mode, the display flashes ifthe stop function is activated.NOTICEIf the [STOP/RESET] key is set to[0] Not active inparameter 014 Local stop/reset, and there is no stopcommand via the digital inputs or serial communication,the motor can only be stopped by disconnecting themains voltage to the frequency converter.Illustration 5.1 Control PanelAll data is shown in a 6-digit LED display capable ofshowing one item of operating data continuously duringnormal operation. As a supplement to the display, thereare 3 indicator lights for indication of mains connection(ON), warning (WARNING) and alarm (ALARM). Most of thefrequency converter's parameter set-ups can be changedimmediately via the control panel, unless this function hasbeen programmed as [1] Locked via parameter 018 Lock fordata changes.18[START] is used for starting the frequency converter. It isalways active, but the [START] key cannot override a stopcommand.5.1.3 Manual InitialisationDisconnect mains voltage. Press [QUICK MENU]/[ ]/[CHANGE DATA] while simultaneously reconnecting themains voltage. Release the keys; the frequency converter isnow programmed for the factory setting.Danfoss A/S Rev. 2014-03-18 All rights reserved.MG28M202

Control Panel OperationsQuick Guide5.1.4 Display Readout States5.1.7 Hand AutoIn normal operation, one item of operating data can bedisplayed continuously at the operator's own choice. Pressthe [ /-] keys to select the following options in Displaymode:During normal operation the frequency converter is inAuto mode, where the reference signal is given externally,analog or digital via the control terminals. However, inHand mode, it is possible to give the reference signallocally via the control panel. Output frequency [Hz]On the control terminals, the following control signalsremain active when Hand mode is activated:Output current [A]Output voltage [V]Intermediate circuit voltage [V]Hand Start (LCP2)Quick Stop InverseOutput power [kW]Off Stop (LCP2)Stop InverseAuto Start (LCP2)ReversingResetDC brake inverseCoasting Stop InverseSetup Select LSBReset and Coast Stop InverseSetup Select MSBThermistorJogPrecise Stop InverseStop Comm. Via SerialComm.Scaled output frequency fout x p0085.1.5 Menu ModeTo enter the Menu mode, press [QUICK MENU] and [ ] atthe same time.In Menu mode, most of the frequency converterparameters can be changed. Scroll through the parametersusing the [ /-] keys. While scrolling in the Menu modeproceeds, the parameter number flashes.5.1.6 Quick MenuPress the [QUICK MENU] key to access the 12 mostimportant parameters of the frequency converter. Afterprogramming, the frequency converter is in most casesready for operation. When the [QUICK MENU] key isactivated in Display mode, the Quick Menu starts. Scrollthrough the Quick Menu use the [ /-] keys to scrollthrough the Quick Menu. Change data values by firstpressing [CHANGE DATA] and then changing theparameter value with the [ /-] keys.The Quick Menu parameters are shown inchapter 5.4 Parameter List.5 5Precise Stop/StartSwitching between Auto- and Hand ModeBy pressing the [Change Data] in Display mode, the displayindicates the mode of the frequency

operation using MCT 10 software, or after a cleared fault condition. To prevent unintended motor start: Disconnect the frequency converter from mains. Press [Off/Reset] on the LCP, before programming parameters. The frequency converter, motor, and any driven equipment must be fully wired and assembled when the frequency converter is .