eBOOKTheQ2 DifferenceSince 2004, Q2’s mission has been to build strongercommunities by strengthening their financialinstitutions. This mission has inspired the industry’smost comprehensive and adaptable smart bankingplatform and fueled our efforts to change how theindustry thinks about digital banking.

A Focus on Financial JourneysWe deliver the robust feature set, operational excellence, and seamlessintegrations you need–but we don’t stop there. We combine powerfulproblem solving, open technology, and data-driven insights to build betterexperiences throughout your account holders’ lives. We create the outcomesand engagement that ensure you’ll be an ever-present companion on theirfinancial journeys.We believe when you focus on the account holder journey, you can elevatethe experience, increase efficiency, and drive growth.

It all starts with the feature-rich Q2 Platform , which was purpose-built to increasedigital engagement and create connections and trust with account holders. TheQ2 Platform delivers actionable data-driven insights to help you better anticipatetheir needs and drive more advanced services, strategies, and solutions.But it doesn’t stop there.Q2 Open delivers developer-friendly APIs that makedigital innovation easy and cost effective on or off theplatform. With the technical foundation handled, youcan focus on creating new features and products thatmeet your most important growth goals.Centrix Solutions, a Q2 company, offers tools to makedaily operations easier and more efficient – harnessingadvanced solutions to automate crucial tasks relatedto detecting fraud, managing risk, compliancerequirements, and more.All of our services, strategies, and solutions start withyou, our customers. Our holistic and collaborativeapproach – from design and development todeployment, hosting, and support – ensures betterexperiences for you and your account holders.GET TO KNOWQ2 OPENCENTRIX SOLUTIONS –POWERFUL TOOLSFIND OUTWHAT DRIVES US

The Q2 Platform 650BILLIONQ2 is changing the way people bank, and the way FIs think about digital partnerships–from simple transactions to dynamic account holder journeys. The Q2 Platform, withalmost 11 million users and more than one billion logins annually, has facilitated morethan 650 billion in transactions to date.IN TRANSACTIONSOVER62%OF AMERICANS1stOMNICHANNELAPPROACHOver 62 percent of Americans use the digital channel as their primary method ofbanking, up sharply from 51 percent in 2016.1 What’s more, today’s consumers expectintuitive, data-driven experiences in every facet of their lives, from taxis and takeout tomovies and maps. Those expectations extend to banking, too–and that’s why more than80 percent of FIs believe their business is at risk to innovators.2With the Q2 Platform, community-focused FIs can offer account holders relevantexperiences. It was the first true omnichannel approach to banking, helping FIs meettheir various digital banking needs with a single piece of software.Powered by a team of experienced designers and developers, unparalleled R&Dfunding, and a commitment to customer engagement throughout the softwaredevelopment lifecycle, our platform provides industry-leading technology thatempowers you to focus on your community.HERE’S HO WWe start with a unified user experience (UUX) that creates a seamless digital experience across all devices and isbased on extensive usability testing. Independent research and advisory firm Aité Group awarded Q2 the Best UserExperience in its May 2016 vendor evaluation.3Forget juggling different logins, vendors, and back-office tools; everything is at your fingertips with one simpleplatform. Manage multiple channels – from online and mobile, to text and voice – while replacing multiple legacysystems with a single solution.BAC, Trends in Consumer Mobility Report, 2016PWC, Global FinTech Report, 20173Aite, Group report on U.S. cash management vendors, 201612

MobilityMobile has fast become the de facto channel for account-holder interaction.That reality has redefined consumer expectations, creating an entirely new financialservices landscape.Your account holders expect to bank on their terms from any device – and that’s why the intuitive design of Q2’s singleplatform delivers account holders a consistent experience, no matter where they are. And as young account holdersbecome tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and business owners, they expect strong mobile business banking offerings.A unified, robust mobile experience pays off. Frequent mobile banking users are 40 percent less likely to switch banksthan those who rarely use mobile.4 Q2’s adaptable architecture makes it easy for your FI to scale with offerings like:Person-to-Person PaymentsQ2’s secure, integrated P2PPayments solution gives youraccount holders the abilityto pay anyone in the U.S.directly, from any device – anda majority of the transactionssettle instantly.Account OpeningAttract and retain newconsumer account holdersby giving them the freedomto securely open a checkingor savings account from anydevice at any time, throughour account opening – asimplified and highly intuitiveonline enrollment experience.Financial WellnessEquip your account holderswith an integrated digitalmoney managementexperience they can rely onto manage their financialportfolio and plans onany device.Mobile Remote DepositCaptureA convenient way for youraccount holders to make amobile deposit anywhere atany time, Q2 mRDC is anessential solution to providingyour account holders themobile-first experience theyexpect.On an average day, 29 percent of Americans – and 39 percent ofmillennials – interact with their smartphone more than anything or anyoneelse.5 So serve them where they are. Mobile banking is the gateway togrowth, and Q2 is the mobile platform partner you can trust to exceedaccount holders’ expectations, opening the door to increased marketshare and loyalty.45Bain & Company, Customer Behavior, Experience and Loyalty in Retail Banking report, 2015BAC, Trends in Consumer Mobility Report, 2016

Business BankingQ2’s user-first approach to design and development doesn’t just apply to ourconsumer offering. Thanks to the Unified User Experience of the Q2 Platform,our business banking solutions offer the same modern, intuitive experiencethat consumers enjoy.And because we design solutions with mobility in mind, our mobile business banking isn’t a watered-down versionof our offering. It’s a feature-rich solution with functionality to support your largest commercial accounts.BUSINESS BANKING TO MEET YOUR GROWTH NEEDSEnhanced EntitlementsWe’ve replaced the complex grids associated with entitlements elsewhere with asimplified single-rule layout. This makes it easier than ever to manage entitlementsfor accounts, subsidiaries, levels, locations, and more.Advanced PaymentsQ2 has reimagined the initiation and approval processes for payments to be fast,simple, and repeatable–while retaining all of the functionality your account holdersrequire, including:Advanced Wires (single, recurring, domestic, and international) Real-time funds verification prior to submission Multi-currency wires Full wire reporting (incoming and outgoing) Batch file uploads Wire alertsAdvanced ACH (full ACH origination) ACH credit and debit origination (single and recurring) ACH file import and payment State and federal tax payments Debit and credit account history alerts Real-time funds verification prior to submissionInformation Reporting:We’ve made it easy for your corporate accounts to harness their data. Our businessbanking solution makes it easy to generate standard reports and quickly build customreports to fit their needs. Reports available include Balance and Activity StatementReports, Cash Position Reports, Activity Reports, Entitlements Reports, and more.

Compliance and SecurityWhen it comes to choosing a digital banking provider, compliance and security areas critical as a feature-rich platform.Q2 has a dedicated compliance staff with significant experience in direct banking compliance management, whichmeans your FI can spend less time on vendor management and more time focused on account holder experiences. Wecan help your institution stay on top of regulatory changes, and even offer advisory services that can assist your FI withcompliance projects.IN ADDITION TO THIS EXPERTISE, WE ALSO OFFER A SUITE OF SOLUTIONS FROM CENTRIX, A Q2COMPANY, THAT CAN HELP YOUR FI MANAGE RISK AND OPTIMIZE OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCYCentrixPIQSThe Centrix Payments I.Q. System(CentrixPIQS ) mitigates risk byhelping FIs manage, report, andbetter understand ACH activity.PIQS automates the collection ofACH data, summarizes activity,and generates comprehensive riskassessments. With a robust andhighly customizable validation rulesengine, PIQS offers an additionallayer of security while makingcompliance easier.CentrixDTSTo help you maintain Reg Ecompliance, the Centrix DisputeTracking System (CentrixDTS )automates and simplifies theadministration of account holderdisputed transactions. Fromeasier front-line dispute intake toautomatic transaction posting andletter creation, CentrixDTS is a fullfeatured case management solution,designed to replace traditionalpaper-based dispute tracking,improving efficiency and enhancingrecord keeping.Centrix Exact/TMSCentrix Exact/TMS is acomprehensive transactionmanagement system that offerscheck and ACH positive pay, aswell as account reconciliation,reporting, and the validation ofpayee names. By automatingthe processes and notificationssurrounding an FI’s ACH and checkworkflows, Exact/TMS greatlystreamlines fraud detection forcommercial customers.But our dedication to security doesn’t stop with these fraud detection and risk management solutions. We deliver amultilayered approach to security, built natively into the Q2 Platform. Because the security landscape is always changing,with new threats and cybercriminals emerging seemingly overnight, the Q2 Secure suite of solutions offers proactive,always-on controls.A SOPHISTICATED AND SEAMLESSAPPROACH TO SECURITYLEARN HOW A “DEFENSE IN DEPTH”MILITARY APPROACH TO SECURITY COULDBENEFIT YOUR INSTITUTION

Q2 PatrolQ2’s multilayered, real-time security solutions minimizeAnd Patrol goes beyond mitigating risk. A Patrol reportexposure points and prevent fraud and other attemptsallows FIs to review details for specific users over aat cybercrime. With smart security solutions from logincertain period of time, helping you know your customersto transaction, Q2 helps defend your institution at everybetter. View details about critical logins includinglayer of the application. Q2 Patrol , for instance, providessession ID, timestamp, IP address, geolocation details,an intelligent authentication layer by leveraging userand whether a session was flagged as suspicious.behavior to identify potentially suspect sessions.Patrol analyzes comprehensive behavioral criteriaSTOP ONLINE FRAUDBEFORE IT HAPPENSrelated to the user’s login, prompting the user foradditional authentication prior to them completingspecific high-risk events. An endpoint model considersthe user’s device details, browser, and operatingsystem, as well as the software installed on the device.This external check is key: In 2016, for 79 percentof companies that experienced fraud via their owncorporate/commercial cards, the fraud was perpetratedby an unknown external party.66AFP, Payments Fraud and Control Survey, 2017Q2’s compliance expertise, combined withCentrix Solutions and our multilayered approachto security, provide risk management that helpsFIs stay confident in their compliance and theiraccount holders’ safety.

Valuable Customer InsightsQ2 has pioneered machine learning as a way to keep accountholders secure too, and we have built on this technology totransform the way FIs are able to market products to accountholders. We’ve found that when machine learning and behavioralanalytics are used together they provide more insights thanother methods.

Data and AnalyticsAs branch visits decline, the only way to really understand account holders’needs is through their data. But all this data can be overwhelming and difficultto leverage. In fact, only 20 percent of bank executives say their analytics are“somewhat future-ready” – and 22 percent describe their analytics as “notfuture-ready and falling behind.”7RECEIVEGRAPHICAL REPORTSCOLLECTBEHAVIORAL DATAQ2 SentinelQ2 Sentinel , our business andThe policy-focused side ofSentinel also allows you to viewcorporate banking fraud preventionSentinel’s analysis is centered ona queue of all activity, so you cansolution, combines transactionalrecipient monitoring–identifyingquickly and easily respond to heldand behavioral data to identify andsuspicious activity, such as atransactions. You can also receivehalt suspicious transactions–oftenhigh number of transactions withgraphical reports to learn how andbefore the transaction is recipient, or an increasedwhy transactions are flagged, andBehavioral data is collected fromnumber of transactions going tocustomize the messages presentedlogin and endpoint models, as wellan unfamiliar recipient. Monitoredto account holders duringas transaction details and patterns,transaction types include wiresuspicious transactions.with a focus on deviations fromtransfers and ACH (including singlehistorical activity around dollarday) to help with payroll, taxes orAnd Sentinel gets smarter overamounts, authorization processesother important funds–protectingtime, learning from users’ behaviorand protocols, and from common fraud refine its ability to identify whatIn 2016, 30 percent of organizationsconstitutes suspect behavior–were subject to ACH debit fraudhelping you attract and retain newand 11 percent to ACH credit fraud.8customers who can trust you’rekeeping them safe.78Cornerstone Advisors, What’s Going On in Banking, 2017AFP, Payments Fraud and Control Surve, 2017

Q2 SMARTUsing Sentinel as the foundation, we’ve also created an easy-to-use, yet sophisticated targeting and messagingproduct. That’s why we created Q2 SMART. It takes advantage of digital data to enhance your relationships withaccount holders and empower your FI to build highly engaging campaigns that deliver the right offer to the rightpeople at the right time.This groundbreaking data analytics platform received the 2017 Innovation Award from NAFCU Services. FIs usingSMART are running hundreds of targeted marketing campaigns and leveraging the data sets of millions of accountholders, with great success. In fact, SMART recommended audiences are 3X more likely to adopt a product orservice than those that are not recommended.1234COLLECT DATA: We collect and analyze account holders’ online banking activities. They pay bills, submittransfers, and view account balances – and each of these activities creates a data point.IDENTIFY PATTERNS: SMART uses machine-learning algorithms to identify patterns, which optimizesover time, creating even better paths to account-holder conversions and unlocking more productsper relationship.TRANSLATE INTO TRAITS: Using host transactions and generated transactions, traits are defined thatprovide you with actionable insights into products and features each account holder might want.CREATE CAMPAIGNS: Build customized, multi-channel campaigns with SMART to target the right offerto the right customer at the right time. SMART then tells you clearly how each campaign is performing,based on real data about how customers respond.With a deeper understanding of account holder behavior, FIs now havethe ability to better serve account holders as trusted advisors and buildlong-term relationships.WATCH HOW TO GROW YOUR RELATIONSHIPS WITH Q2 SMART

Digital Banking and BeyondQ2 innovates at a remarkable pace. We proudly reinvest approximately20 percent of our revenue into research and development every year,and we’re committed to ongoing improvements, with more than 850upgrades since 2012.

A Focus on InnovationWe are putting the power to innovate in our customers’ hands. Get creative withsimplified and cost-effective access to our open APIs and software developmentkit, giving you the technology to create the products and tools your accountholders need and want.Q2 OpenYour bank or credit union will benefit from new tools,Open represents a “test and learn” innovationapps, and features that engage account holders inenvironment. Q2 customers can utilize our CorePro APIsan increasingly tech-forward world. However, legacyto build product prototypes quickly and inexpensively –banking systems are rigid, making true innovationwithout disrupting their primary digital banking channel.overwhelming and expensive.Q2’s in-house development team also uses thoseQ2 Open eliminates those barriers. It’s a set ofsame APIs to develop powerful payment and depositopen-API technologies that allow you to develop new,products into the Q2 Platform – including featuresgame-changing features simply and rapidly – helpinglike Q2 Biller Direct and CardSwap – at anyou solve some of your toughest business challenges.unprecedented rate.CoreProLooking for a way to lower your cost of funds or acquire new deposits without navigating the tangled technology ofyour core? Q2’s CorePro API is the simplest and most cost-effective core processing platform available to deploy bankaccount and debit card products. With CorePro you can build:A direct bankHigh-yield savings accountsCorePro provides all the backend administration, compliance,CorePro’s cost savings let you offer more competitive rates onand processing you need to launch a direct bank–at a fraction ofsavings accounts, attracting new account holders and drivingthe cost of a traditional branch.deposit growth.Goal-based savings accountsBranded debit cardsCorePro offers limitless, low-cost account creation, allowing youExtend your brand and monetize your accounts with brandedto build differentiated deposit, facilitated by CorePro.Thanks to its simple, flexible API, CorePro can help you build creative and differentiated deposit products–just add your imagination.WHAT CAN CorePro DO?

Q2 Biller DirectOnly 27 percent of online consumer bill payments arethose bills with their FI-issued debit or credit card, youmade using legacy online banking bill pay. Customersgenerate interchange revenue on every bill paid, flippingpay almost all of the rest directly to their billers.9the economic model of traditional bill pay solutions.Q2 Biller Direct is designed to solve that problem. ByBiller Direct shows users’ bills and payments in a singleallowing account holders to aggregate all their bills intoview. What’s more, your FI can build bill presentment,a single, modern user experience, Biller Direct can helpaggregation, and bill pay functionality into youryou drive bill pay adoption, particularly among youngerapplications. Execute bill payments from more thansegments who are increasingly paying billers directly.5,000 direct billers nationwide, and offer two-way,And because Biller Direct enables account holders to payactionable push notifications.RETHINK BILL PAYCardSwapWhen your debit or credit card is lost, stolen, or replaced,subscriptions and online vendors. Account holders enterit’s a complicated and time-consuming task to updatetheir new card information just once. Then CardSwapevery website where you’ve stored card details with yourtakes care of the rest, automatically updating theirnew information. Most of us have dozens of bills tied tofavorite subscriptions and digital services in a single,online services and vendors, and forgetting to updateelegant workflow.your card information for just one of them could result inmissed payments or cancellation of service.By offering a fintech-like card management experience,CardSwap will delight your account holders with itsCardSwap eliminates these “new card” headaches.ease of use and make your FIs credit or debit card theThis convenient, secure tool allows your account holderstop-of-wallet choice for their non-traditional billers liketo easily switch their preferred payment method forAmazon, Netflix, Spotify, iTunes, and more – earningyour FI valuable and recurring interchange revenue.CAPITALIZING ON TOP-OF-WALLET OPPORTUNITYWhen you reduce your dependency on inflexible legacy technology,a whole new world opens up. Q2 Open allows you to create modern,digital-first financial services experiences for long-term success.9Aite, U.S. Bank Bill Pay: An Update, 2017

Software Development KitAlmost one-third of FIs are pursuing open APIs,10 andA developer’s community: With the Caliper SDK, youfor good reason – software development kits are a greatreceive so much more than documentation or samples.way for customers to customize their digital bankingWith unprecedented access, training, tools, andexperiences and add new features. But many SDKssupport, our SDK is intended to be a robust communityare confining – granting very limited tools, access, andfor developers, where they can leverage pre-builtsupport.customizations or collaborate to create new workflows.With the Q2 Caliper SDK, you receive full access toBenefits and features: The Caliper SDK contains athe same environments and powerful tools we usevariety of components and levels of access, including:here at Q2, allowing your FI to develop digital bankinga full-stack dev environment; API access; trainingsolutions quickly and easily.and certification; code review and deployment; anddevelopment support.Comprehensive and tested: We originally built ourSDK for our own developers. These are the sameWith Q2’s dedication to research and producttools that we’ve used internally since 2011. Over time,development – as well as our tools for quickly and easilywe’ve improved, expanded, and polished it into thebuilding new products, services, and customizationscomprehensive toolkit it is today – one we’re proud to– we can help you deliver the solutions your accountshare with our FI customers.holders want and drive your FI’s growth.MAXIMIZE THE Q2 PLATFORMCREATE INNOVATIVE EXPERIENCES FOR YOURACCOUNT HOLDERS WHEN CONSIDERING AN SDK10The Financial Brand, The Programmable Bank: Opportunities for Open Banking, 2016

Our Mission is Your SuccessQ2’s mission is to build stronger communities by strengtheningthe FIs that serve them. To achieve this, we work closely with you –tailoring innovation to meet your needs, offering our expertise andan unmatched commitment to partnership.

AWARD-WINNING Q2CREATIVE SERVICES TEAMFULL-SERVICE ADVERTISINGAGENCY TREATMENTFRIENDLY, HANDS-ONAPPROACHServicesQ2’s unique customer services pair your FI with seasoned,full-service teams – experts who truly listen to your needsand use that information to build custom solutions.Our services team combines the client-first attitude ourpartners have come to expect from Q2, with actionableideas to drive your business into the future.

Creative ServicesOur award-winning Q2 Creative Services team drawsAutomatically optimize your messaging for any screen.on extensive experience in several areas, including webShowcase new offers. Choose the migration that suitsdesign and development, branding, social, and overallyou, whether that’s simply converting your existing sitemarketing. The team provides full-service advertisingor launching a complete redesign – there are both pre-agency treatment with a friendly, hands-on approachdesigned and custom themes to suit your budget and– ensuring your account holders enjoy engagingneeds.experiences, while providing your FI with meaningfulgrowth opportunities.In addition to web design, Q2 Creative Services alsoprovides guidance on accessibility requirements and canFull-service web development and cost-effectiveconduct accessibility audits of your website. The teamthemes: Q2 Creative Services provide both premiumclosely monitors Web Content Accessibility Guidelinesweb design and development solutions, delivering(WCAG) 2.0, doing the heavy lifting to help ensure yourelevated website experiences for your account meets WCAG 2.0 conformance.Creative Services leverages the Q2 Composer content management system which harnesses the latest inBranding and marketing: Q2 Creative Services fuelsresponsive design technology to build and deliver abusinesses by leveraging both traditional and digitalcohesive online experience across all to increase account holders’ loyalty and reachtargeted prospects.LEARN MOREHE RE A RE SOM E OF T HE WAYS WE C AN HELP YO UBrandingSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)VideoThis team can help define your brandCreative Services specialists canWith its high engagement rates, videoto achieve wider recognition andimprove your page ranking on Googleis one of the most popular types ofdifferentiate your institution in theand other engines for a valuablecontent available. Creative Servicesmarketplace.competitive advantage.offers several video formats, includingmotion graphics, animations, and thepopular “how-to” style.Creative marketing and end-userSocial mediamarketing campaignsGet the word out about your FI onThe team offers copywriting and designTwitter, Facebook, Instagram, andexpertise for your print materials,elsewhere – plus, the team can helpwebsite pages, online ads, and end-integrate these services into youruser campaigns, customizing them to fitwebsite.your needs.

Advisory ServicesOnly seven percent of bank executives rate their digital banking capabilities as “very future-ready.”11 At Q2, we helpyou grow with confidence. Our Q2 Advisory Services team helps FIs become future-ready with a variety of strategicreview, tactical planning, and implementation assistance engagements. This team brings depth of experience toour customers in complex project areas, including business banking services and client-side project management.The Advisory Services team can assist with needs that are not always directly related to the digital banking platformimplementation, but are still critical to overall success.Strategic ReviewServicesTactical Planningand ExecutionWe help you describe yourOnce you know the programsAs you educate your staff anddigital vision of the future andand projects you’ll need toaccount holders, you’ll want tothen determine the programsachieve your vision, Advisoryconvey your FI’s unique valueand projects necessary toServices can help you planproposition and voice. Wemake that vision a reality.and execute the next steps.can help you plan and deliverAdvisory Services can helpOur experience comesbranded communications andyou understand and achievefrom undertaking hundredstraining materials for internalrevenue goals or cost reductionof specialized projectsand external audiences intargets, prepare your teamfor financial institutions,either document or videofor the road ahead, or assistconsultants, and vendors. Ifformats. We also understandyou with messaging andyou’re missing mission criticalthat packaged messagingcommunications to reach yourresources or expertise, we’redoesn’t always fit the bill, soretail and business bankingthe team you can lean on.we’ll gladly help tailor youraudience.11EducationalAssistanceCornerstone Advisors, What’s Going On in Banking, 2017training to match your needs.

A Culture of PartnershipWhether creative or advisory, Q2 Services is committed to providing your FI thetools you need to achieve your most important business goals and stay alignedwith your core mission. In fact, Q2 is dedicated to learning what your needs areso that we can build strategies, solutions, and conversations that address thechallenges you face. From usability research to in-person events and user groupengagement, listening to you is at the heart of everything we do.The Q2 Experience Research CenterThe Q2 XRC (Experience Research Center) is a one-of-a-kind facility at our Austin headquarters that enables Q2and our customers to get hands-on experience with account holders, helping us understand how account holdersinteract with technology. Our commitment to continual improvement has resulted in more than 500 usability tests,interviews and focus groups since the XRC’s opening in 2016.LEARN MORE ABOUT THE XRCThe Q2 User Group is a growing,Q2 hosts events for attendeesQ2’s annual customerhighly-engaged, self-governedranging from FI technologistsconference, CONNECT, providescustomer advisory board thatto executives at our Austinan important opportunity forprovides a way to engage andheadquarters. These uniquecurrent and prospective Q2 andconnect with each other. The UserCollaborate sessions provideCentrix customers to engageGroup gives our customersopen-forums for Q2 leaderswith our team, share theira collective voice, while helpingto share their thoughts onchallenges and insights, andthem maximize their Q2 partnershipstrategic direction, and ournetwork with industry colleagues.and networking opportunitiescustomers to share their FI goalsacross the industry.and successes.OU R APPRO ACH IS S IMPLEThe industry calls it design thinking; we call it problemWe believe this approach, and our focus on financialperspective–that of account holders and FI employeesexperiences, increase efficiency, and drive growth.solving. We approach every task from the user’salike. Our unique problem-solving process helps us lookjourneys, helps us–and our FI partners–create betterdeeper than the symptoms to discover the heart ofusers’ needs. We ask, understand, and deliver results–and we’re never satisfied, never finished.BE A PART OF YOUR ACCOUNT HOLDERS’ JOURNEYS.CONTACT Q2 TODAY.

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80 percent of FIs believe their business is at risk to innovators.2 With the Q2 Platform, community-focused FIs can offer account holders relevant experiences. It was the first true omnichannel approach to banking, helping FIs meet their various digital banking needs with a single piece of software.