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About ethosIQ Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ethosIQ’s cloud and premised-based software has deliveredbusiness intelligence to multinational corporations and government agencies since 2009.ethosIQ’s award-winning software collects, correlates and presents data from multiple disparatesystems, empowering organizations to make informed, real-time decisions. ethosIQ softwaresolutions provide analysis and actionable insights that enable enterprise and governmentorganizations to deliver better customer experience while ensuring operational efficiencies andmaximizing technology investments. We provide the data that enables decisions in minutes, notdays or weeks.Visit for more information.NoticeAlthough reasonable effort is made by ethosIQ to ensure that the information in this document iscomplete and accurate at the time of release, ethosIQ cannot assume responsibility for anyexisting errors. Changes and/or corrections to the information contained in this document maybe incorporated in future versions.Limitless Source LibraryThe following document is a compilation of sources that ethosIQ integrates with today. However,we are not limited to the sources listed below. ethosIQ’s data collector, the CustomerEngagement Platform, is source-agnostic, meaning we can connect to any source. This guideshould serve as a reference.2 PageethosIQ LLC, Copyright 2020 Support Media Interfaces

ContentsAbout ethosIQ . 2Notice . 2Limitless Source Library . 2Contents. 3Introduction. 4Restrictions of this Document . 4Table 1: Switch Support . 5Table 2: Interactive Voice Response Support . 8Table 3: Media Gateway Support . 9Table 4: SIP Server Support. 10Table 5: Supported Gateways . 11Table 6: Supported Session Border Controllers . 12Table 7: SIP Trunk Support . 13Table 8: Additional Sources Supported. 143 PageethosIQ LLC, Copyright 2020 Support Media Interfaces

IntroductionEach table in this manual provides specifications of the levels ofsupport for particular components. The following definitions relate totable contents.SupportSupport means the software can run “on top of” or “in conjunctionwith” the specified media component (such as the switch, IVR, andothers), and ethosIQ Customer Care provides answers to questionsand problems, assuming a Maintenance Agreement is in effect.This support does NOT indicate a commitment to support anyparticular features of that media component (such as the switch).The tables in this manual are based on the vendors’ compatibilitystatements. ethosIQ may requirecustomers to upgrade to a particular version level, operatingsystem, or database. Unless specified, all versions between theminimum version and the latest version are supported.Sources DataethosIQ provides support for those applications specificallymentioned in this document. For other applications or solutionsthat are not mentioned, please consult the ethosIQ ProductManager for that application or solution.A single source for which data is being provided. A device or partof the computer in which data have originated.Restrictions of this DocumentThe information contained in this document is provided for summary-ata-glance purposes. Restrictions and prerequisites may apply as perproduct release notes.Although reasonable effort is made to ensure that the information inthis document is complete and accurate at the time of release, ethosIQ,LLC cannot assume responsibility for any existing errors. The changesand/or corrections to the information contained in this document maybe incorporated in future versions4 PageethosIQ LLC, Copyright 2020 Support Media Interfaces

Table 1: Switch SupportNotes: If a switch release is not shown in this table, contact your Account Executive for aquote.Vendor NameDescription13511ProtocolInterface‘3500 Protocol Interface’2Aastra MX-ONE (formerly Ericsson MX-ONE)3Alcatel Office/A42004Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise (OXE)/A44005Alcatel OmniPCX Office (OXO)/A42006Alcatel5020OPSI‘Alcatel 5020 OPSI’7AlcatelA4200‘Alcatel A4200’8AlcatelA4400DHS3‘Alcatel A4400’9AlcatelBTSCPGateway'Alcatel BT SCP Gateway'10 AlcatelDTAGSCPGateway'Alcatel DTAG SCP Gateway'11 AlcatelSCPGateway'Alcatel SCP Gateway'12 AlcatelTISCPGateway'Alcatel Telecom Italia SCP Gateway'13 Aspect ACD14 AspectCallCenter'Aspect CallCenter'15 ATT800ICPGateway'AT&T 800 ICP Gateway'16 Avaya INDeX (formerly Lucent SDX)17 AVAYA Media Server (S8XXX series), G3 R, G3 Si, G3 CSi (Prologi x)18 AvayaDefinityECS(MV)'Avaya Communication Manager'19 AvayaIPOffice'Avaya IP Office'20 BellAtlanticISCPGateway'Bell Atlantic ISCP Gateway'21 BellCanadaATFGateway'Bell Canada (Stentor) ATF Gateway'22 Broadsoft BroadWorks23 Cisco CallManager (CM) IP PBX24 Cisco Unified Communications Manager25 Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) with Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM)26 CiscoCallManager'Cisco Call Manager'27 Concert800Gateway'Concert 800 Gateway'28 DatavoiceDharma'DataVoice Dharma'29 DelcoACD'Delco ACD'30 DigitroAXS20'Digitro AXS/20'31 EADS Telecom Intecom E Series32 EADS Telecom Intecom M6880 PointSpan33 EADS Telecom M6500/ Aastra Matra M6500 / NeXspan 5034 eOneQueue'eOn eQueue'35 Ericsson MD11036 EricssonACP1000'Ericsson ACP1000'37 EricssonMD110'Ericsson MD110'38 Fujitsu'Fujitsu F9600'39 Gateway01'WorldCom 800 Gateway'40 GenericSwitch'Generic Switch'41 GenSpec'GenSpec'5 PageethosIQ LLC, Copyright 2020 Support Media Interfaces

GVPDIDGroupHarrisVoiceFrameHitachiCX8000Huawei NGN IndexSDXMadgeMatraMC6500Mitel Networks MN-3300Mitel Networks SX-2000MitelMN3300MitelSX2000MultimediaSwitchNEC (OAI SDK)NEC Large HybridNEC Large TDMNEC Small HybridNEC Small TDMNEC SV7000NEC SV7000NGSNNortel Communication Server 1000Nortel Communication Server 2000/2100Nortel TOPS DMS n'GenSpec XML''GVP DID Group''Teltronics 20-20''Hitachi CX8000''Huawei C C08''Intecom IBX80''Internet Gateway''KPN Network Gateway''K-Worker Gateway''LG Starex-ACS''Lucent 5ESS''Avaya INDeX''Madge''EADS Telecom M6500 Succession''Mitel MN-3300''Mitel SX-2000''Multimedia Switch''NEC NEAX''NEC NEAX SV7000''NGSN''Nortel Communication Server 2000/2100''Nortel Meridian 1''Nortel Communication Server 1000 lipsSophoiS3000'Philips Sopho iS3000'RockwellGalaxy'Rockwell Galaxy'RockwellSpectrum'Rockwell Spectrum'SamsungIPPCXIAP'Samsung IP PCX IAP'Siemens Hicom 300E (including family: 330E and 350E)Siemens Hicom 300H (including family: 300, 330 and 380)Siemens HiPath 4000 (including family: 4000, 4300, 4500, 4900)Siemens HiPath DX (formerly RealitisDX, formerly iSDX)SiemensGECiSDX'Siemens GEC iSSDX'SiemensHicom150'Siemens Hicom 150'6 PageethosIQ LLC, Copyright 2020 Support Media Interfaces

atewayTadiran Telecom Coral Flexicom (formerly ECI alVoIPSMCPSwitch'Siemens Hicom 150E''Siemens Hicom 150H'‘Siemens Hicom 300 ACL-H3''Siemens Hicom 300E''Siemens Hicom 300H''Siemens Hicom 300''Siemens HiPath 3000''Siemens HiPath 4000''Siemens RealitisDX iCCL''SIP Network Switch''SIP Switch''Sprint SiteRP Gateway''Tadiran Coral''Telera''Tenovis I55''Tenovis Integral 33''Verizon ISCP Gateway''Virtual Switch for IVR In-Front''Voice Portal''Voice over IP SMCP Switch'7 PageethosIQ LLC, Copyright 2020 Support Media Interfaces

Table 2: Interactive Voice Response SupportNotes: If an interactive voice response system is not shown in this table, contact yourAccount Executive for a quote.123456789101112VendorAspect CSS 7.1Avaya Conversant 9Avaya MPS 500 3.5Avaya MPS 1000 3.5Edify 10Envox 6.2IBM WebSphere Voice Response Windows 3.1Intervoice-Brite Intersoft 2.3Microsoft Speech Server 2.0 with Intel NetMerge Call ManagerNortel MPS 500 3.5Nortel MPS 1000 3.5Nortel Periphonics 5.4.28 PageethosIQ LLC, Copyright 2020 Support Media Interfaces

Table 3: Media Gateway SupportNotes: If a media gateway system is not shown in this table, contact your Account Executivefor a quote.12345678910VOIP Gateway GenesysSiemens HiPathSonusModel50207515Mediant 1000, 2000, 8000 and TP26054xx53xx3725, 37452821, 2851, 3845SIP Server4000GSX/PSXVersionCSC 2.4.1 CSC 2.4.1 9 PageethosIQ LLC, Copyright 2020 Support Media Interfaces

Table 4: SIP Server SupportNotes: Table 4 indicates SIP Server support for Soft Switches, Media Gateways, and other types of deviceswhich communicate using SIP. Please contact your ethosIQ representative for more information.ethosIQ has conducted interoperability tests. Each device has passed our testing before being included in thesupported list. Due to large variations of configuration, testing of every configuration is not practical.1234567Vendor/ProductAsteriskAlcatel ALABroadSoft BroadWorksCisco UCMGenesys TelecommunicationMicrosoft Lync 2013Siemens HiPath 8000/Siemens OpenScape VoiceProduct Version1. 137.1 (2), 8.x7.x, 8.x5.0 3.1, 4, 510 P a g eethosIQ LLC, Copyright 2020 Support Media Interfaces

Table 5: Supported GatewaysNotes: If a media gateway system is not shown in this table, contact your Account Executivefor a quote.1234567891011121314Supported GatewaysAlcatel ALA 7515Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise (OXE)Aastra MX-ONEAudioCodes Mediant Gateway Family (1000/2000/etc.)AudioCodes IPM 260Avaya Communication Server 1000 (CS1000)Avaya SESAvaya Session ManagerBroadSoft BroadWorksCisco (all models)Cisco Call Manager (CCM)Mitel MN-3300 ICPSiemens HiPath 4000 HG35xxSonus EMS/GSX/PSX7.x, 8.x3.2, 4.15.x, 6.x65.0, 5.2x6.xR13IOS v12 releases (.)2,3,4,55.193EMS v06/GSX v06/PSX Manager v0611 P a g eethosIQ LLC, Copyright 2020 Support Media Interfaces

Table 6: Supported Session Border ControllersSupported Session Boarder Controllers1Acme Net-Net 4000 Series42Acme Net-Net 2600 Series (formerly Covergence Eclipse)33Acme Net-Net Hardware-based SBCs (38xx/4xxx/9xxx series)64Acme Net-Net Hardware-based SBCs (38xx/4xxx/9xxx series)65AudioCodes Mediant E SBC6.x6Sonus NBSGSX 4000 version 7.03.05R000PSX Version 712 P a g eethosIQ LLC, Copyright 2020 Support Media Interfaces

Table 7: SIP Trunk Support123456SIP Trunk ProviderAT&TAT&TAT&TAT&TSkypeVerizonProvider ServiceIP LD and IP LocalIP Toll-FreeIPXCIP Transfer Connect (IPXC)Skype ConnectIP Toll-Free (part of IP Contact Center)13 P a g eethosIQ LLC, Copyright 2020 Support Media Interfaces

Table 8: Additional Sources SupportedNotes: If a source is not shown in this table, contact your Account Executive for a quote.Source1SFDC2eGain3Web Services4Kronos5Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software6Oracle7Sugar CRM8SAP CRM9ZOHO10Avaya Call Management System (CMS)11Avaya Oceana14 P a g eethosIQ LLC, Copyright 2020 Support Media Interfaces

1 Acme Net-Net 4000 Series 4 2 Acme Net-Net 2600 Series (formerly Covergence Eclipse) 3 3 Acme Net-Net Hardware-based SBCs (38xx/4xxx/9xxx series) 6 4 Acme Net-Net Hardware-based SBCs (38xx/4xxx/9xxx series) 6 5 AudioCodes Mediant E SBC 6.x 6 Sonus NBSGSX 4000 version 7.03.05R000 PSX Version 7