PAC4200Power MeterPower quality monitoring for electricalpower systemsThe PAC4200 is a feature packed power monitoring devicethat is suitable for use in industrial, government andcommercial applications where basic to advanced metering,logging, and I/O is required. The meter may be used as astand alone device monitoring over 200 parameters or aspart of an industrial control, building automation or globalenterprise wide monitoring system.Advanced power quality monitoring and logging applicationsrange from single low voltage breaker / building metering tosub-station main feeder monitoring, sub-billing or costallocation installtions with multiple tariffs. The PAC4200 canalso be used to support LEED certifi cation and provide theneeded energy metering data for federal/local governmentEPACT 2005 energy reduction programs.Whether your goal is to reduce operation cost, reduce yourcarbon footprint or to maintain your power assets, the PAC4200 meter should be an important part of your powermonitoring system.The PAC4200 provides open communication using thestandard built-in Ethernet Modbus TCP, Optional ModbusRTU, PROFINET or PROFIBUS-DP protocols for easy integrationinto any local or remote monitoring system.The gateway functionality of this device reduces installationcost by replacing other gateway devices and simplifyingwiring. Simple confi guration of the meter can be done fromthe front display or by using a PC with powerconfig setupsoftware, supplied with the

PAC4200 PROFIBUSDP, MODBUS RTU,PROFINET andIn / Idiff, analogexpansion modulesfor remote datatransmissionTwo Digital Input and twoDigital Outputs as standardMODBUS TCPintegrated into themeter as standard Each digital input andoutput module provides4 additional digital inputsand 2 digital outputsPower management and PAC4200The PAC4200 can easily be integratedinto a power management systemusing Modbus RTU (option), PROFINET(option) or PROFIBUS DP (option). Withcommunication, the PAC4200 transmitsmeasured values to the supervisorysystems, where the data can be furtherprocessed for display and control. As aserial to Ethernet gateway, this devicecan reduce cost by replacing otherdevices and simplifying wiring whilegiving visibility to down stream devices.The PAC4200 can also serve three mastersvia the TCP connection, so multiplesupervisory systems can access the data.This helps to reduce system cost byeliminating the need or duplicate devices.Siemens offers a low cost Powermanageror enterprise level WinPM.Net powermonitoring software which can provideeasy integration to the PAC4200 meter.Powermanager or WinPM.Net providestandard overview displays allowingdetailed analysis of the electrical power,which allows for easy allocation of powerconsumption and cost. Additionally,unexpected operating conditions canbe detected on a timely basis.2PAC4200 makes consumption apparentTo accomplish a sustainable reduction ofpower costs, you must fi rst analyze theelectrical system’s current consumptionand power flows. The PAC4200 powermeter precisely and reliably delivers therequired information of power valuesto put you on the path to reduce yourpower cost and provides logging for40 days at 15 minute intervals innon-volatile RAM.Applications Summary Ideal for replacing multiple analogmeters. Use it for external (enclosure)or embedded automatic meter readingin panels, switchboards, switchgear,transformers, and more, to allocateenergy costs on a building bybuilding basis. Basic MeteringThe PAC4200 offers high-accuracy power,energy and demand measurements.These revenue-accurate values can beused for bill verifi cation, monitoringbackup power on critical systems andoffering cost effective energy solutions. Cost Allocation / Energy MonitoringPerfect for monitoring right down tothe tool level, the meter can help monitorcost centers, identify opportunities fordemand control and check energyconsumption patterns. The acquisitionof power or energy can be based on acertain time frame (15 min. time interval)or controlled by a signal. Automation integration monitors criticalequipment processes and ties directlyto the Siemens family of PLCs andautomation networks. Full integrationinto the Simatic system is made easyusing one of several methods. Onemethod is powerrate a premium add-onfor WinCC and PCS7. It can be usedfor energy management and control.Another is pre-engineered faceplatesintegrated into the Simatic library or bysimply using the GSD fi les available forthe meter. Sub-MeteringLow cost, high accuracy and simpleretrofit installation enables economicalmeasurement of commercial and

96mm3.78in.77 mm3.03 in.1)96 mm3.78 in.1)residential tenant space. Integratethe PAC4200 with existing energymanagement systems and RTUs. Reduceenergy consumption by eliminatingpreviously uncontrolled expenses.Example of the PAC4200 menu99mm, 3.90 in., with expansion module.Large graphic LCD display provides: Display title or designation of thedisplayed measurements Custom default screen Phase angles and measurements Measured real-time and min/max values All reading with appropriate units Custom labeling for function keys Bar charts showing up to the63rd harmonic Four user defined custom screens withnumeric or bar chart values1)Languages included as standard in themeter are English, German, French, Spanish,Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Russianand Chinese.Example of operating menu: The texts can bedisplayed in several languages, which can beselected directly on the device.2) The large graphicLCD display facilitates reading even from a distance.For optimum visibility even in poor light conditions,the PAC4200 comes with a gradually adjustablebackground illumination3

Functional featuresInstantaneous valuesVoltagePhase-phase / phase-neutralPCurrentsPer phase and neutral (calculated)PApparent, active and reactive power(kW, kVAR, kVA)Per phase and totalP(PF) and displacement power factor(cos phi)Per phase and totalPFrequency45.64 HzPTHD for voltage and currentPer phasePIndividual harmonicsThrough the 63rd for volts and ampsPMin. / max. valuesVoltage – phase-phase, phase-neutralCurrent / Power / Power factor / THD ϕ per phaseFrequency, phase angleThree phase average voltage and currentOdd harmonics for voltage and current per phase up to the 31stDemand values for active, apparent and reactive powerPPPPPPAverage valuesVoltage – phase-phase, phase-neutralVoltage min. / max. for phase-phase-phase-neutralCurrentCurrent min. / max.PPPPReal (active) energy (kWH)Import / export; high / low tariffPReactive energy (kVARH)Positive / negative; high / low tariffPApparent energy (kWH)High / low tariffPEnergy demand per measuring periodThree phase average rating for active and reactive power1 to 60 min.Event logging4000 events in non volatile memoryPkW, kWd and Min. / max. logging40 days Non-volatile log file @ 15 minutesPMeter running counterUptime in hoursPUniversal counterPulse counting of external devices like water, gas, etc.PEnergy measurement – loggingMeasurement accuracyZero blindMeasurement per IEC 61577-12PSampling rate170 samples/cycle at 60Hz (1) 1)PTrue RMS measurementFor voltage and current harmonics up to the 63rdPVoltages 0.2%Currents 0.2%Power factor / Power /-2% / /-0.2%Active energyClass 0.2 according to IEC61557-12and/or class 0.2S according toIEC62053-2ANSI C12.20Reactive energyClass 2 according to IEC61557-12and/or IEC62053-23Monitoring functionsSet point monitoringV, I, power, VAR, VA, Freq. THD, PFSimple logic functions for alarmingAlarm via digitalPhase unbalanceVoltage and / or current1)4Per IEC61557-12, which defines the accuracy as percentage of reading.Up to 12 valuesP

Functional features (continued)CommunicationEthernetIntegrated into meter as standard and supports up to 32 Modbusserial devices in gateway mode with Modbus RTU module.(can support two masters simultaneously)10/100 Base-T (100 Mbit/sec)Modbus TCPIntegrated RJ45 port10/100 Base-T (100 Mbit/sec)PROFIBUS DP expansion moduleOptional Parameterization via device frontor with powerconfig software Transition of data via GSD fileModbus RTU expansion moduleOptional – required for gateway feature Parameterization via device front orwith powerconfig software Transition of data via MODBUSregister based pointsPROFINET expansion moduleOptional Parameterizatio via device frontor with powerconfig software Transition of data via GSDML file Support of all baud ratesfrom 9600 BPS to 12 MBPS(9.6 Kbit/ sec to 12 Mbit/sec) Support of all baud rates of4800, 9600, 19.2K and 38.4KBPS (4.8 / 9.6 / 19.2 and38.4 kB/sec Support of 10 and 100 Mbit/sbaud ratesGeneralPassword protectionPInputs / OutputsInput voltage / at digital input initial value for signal 1 -recognition at DC / rated value at DC / maximum Full-scale value for signal 0 recognition19 V24 V30 V10VNumber of digital outputs2Number of digital inputs2Digital output versionSwitching or pulse output functionType of switching outputsolid stateInput current / at digital input for signal 1 4 mAOutput current at digital output / with signal 0 / maximum at digital output / for signal 1 / minimum at digital output / for signal 1 / maximum at the digital outputs / at DC / limited to 100 ms / maximum at the digital outputs / at DC / maximum0.2 mA10 mA27 mA300 mA100 mAOutput delay / at digital output for signal 0 to 1 / maximum for signal 1 to 0 / maximum5 ms5 msOperating conditions for digital inputs / external voltage supplyYesOperating voltage / as output voltage / at DC /maximum permissible30 VProperty of the output / Short-circuit proofYesInput delay time / at digital input for signal 0 to 1 / maximum for signal 1 to 0 / maximum5 ms5 msInternal resistance / at the digital outputs55 ΩMeasuring category / for digital signalsCATISwitching frequency / at digital output / maximum20 Hz5

Functional features (continued)Technical dataTwo-quadrant (import) /four-quadrant (importand export) measuring4QMeasurement types1 ph, 2 ph or 3 phApplicable for network typeTN, TT, ITMeasured voltagewithout transformerDirect connection up to max. delta/wye690 V / 400 V (CAT III) for IEC600/347 for UL / CSACurrent inputsSettable on device1A or 5A nominalPower supplyAC/DC95.240V AC ( 10%) /110.340V DC ( 10%)22.65V DC ( 10%)DimensionsL x W x D in mmInstallation depth without module (mm)Installation depth with module (mm)96 x 9677 mm / 3.03in.99 mm / 3.90 in.Degree of protectionFrontRearIP65 - NEMA 12IP20 - NEMA 1AOperating temperatureºC / ºF–10. 55 / 14. 131DisplayTypeBackground-illuminatedgraphic LCD128 x 96Resolution (pixels)Text displaysOptional portsMultilingual1Two ports are available foroptional modulesMTBF169.7 YearsConnectionsType of electrical connection at the measurement inputs for voltage of the fast Ethernet interfacescrew-type terminalsRJ45 (8P8C)Mechanical DesignHeight96 mmHeight / of the display54 mmWidth96 mmWidth of the display72 mmDepth56 mmMounting positionverticalInstallation depth51 mmMounting type / panel mountingYesNet weight451 gEnvironmental conditionsInstallation altitude / at height above sealevel / maximum62 000 m

Functional features (continued)Standard for EMC for industrial sectorIEC 61000-6-2 respectively IEC 61326-1:2005, table 2 for EMC against unloadingIEC 61000-4-2: 2001-04 for EMC against high frequency fieldsIEC 61000-4-3: 2006-02 for EMC against conducted LF disturbancevariables (industry)IEC 61000-6-4, Group 1 Klasse A / CISPR11 Gruppe 1 Klasse A FCCPart 15 Subpart B Class A for EMC against conducted disturbance variablesvia HF fieldsIEC 61000-4-6: 2001-12 for EMC against magnetic fields with powerengineering frequenciesIEC 61000-4-8: 2001-03 for EMC against quick, transient electrical disturbancesIEC 61000-4-4: 2005-07 for EMC against voltage drops and interruptionsIEC 61000-4-11: 2004-03 for EMC against surge voltagesIEC 61000-4-5: 2001-12 for free fallIEC 60068-2-32: 1975 for pulse emitteraccording to IEC62053-31 for cyclic, environmental damp heat checkIEC 60068-2-30 for environmental coldness checkIEC 60068-2-1 for environmental dry heat checkIEC 60068-2-2Relative humidity / at 25 C / without condensation /during operation minimum5% maximum95 %Ambient temperature during operation / minimum-10 C during operation / maximum55 C during storage / minimum-25 C during storage / maximum70 CCertificatesCertificate of suitability as EC declaration of conformityIEC 61010-1: 2001 (2nd Ed.) with Corr. 1, EN 61010-1: 2001 (2nd Ed.) andDIN EN 61010-1:2002 with “Berichtigung 1” as approval for CanadaUL 61010-1, 2nd Ed. CAN/CSA-C22.2 NO. 61010-1-04 as approval for USAUL 61010-1, 2nd Ed. CAN/CSA-C22.2 NO. 61010-1-04Reference identifier / acc. to DIN EN 61346-2PGeneral Product ApprovalDeclaration of ConformityOrder informationProductOrder Number1)PAC4200 compression terminals not suitable for use with ring tongue terminals, AC/DC7KM4212-0BA00-3AA0PAC4200 Compression Terminals and 24VDC power supply only7KM4211-1BA00-3AA0PAC PROFIBUS DP expansion module7KM9300-0AB01-0AA0PAC PROFINET module7KM9300-0AE01-0AA0PAC MODBUS RTU expansion module7KM9300-0AM00-0AA0PAC I/O module 4DI 2DO7KM9200-0AB00-0AA0Adapter Plate for 4700/4720 meter cutout93-47ADAPTERPAC3xxx/4xxx Meter DIN Rail adapter – Meter display will not be seen7KM9900-0YA00-0AA0PAC3xxx/4xxx Meter Front Facing DIN Rail adapter7KM9900-0XA000-AA0PAC4200 In / Idiff, analog expansion module7KM9200-0AD00-0AA0SITOP Power Supply AC 99-264VAC, 24 VDC, 0.5A6EP1331-5BA001) Omit dashes from part numbers when ordering except on 93-47ADAPTER.7

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Power management and PAC4200 The PAC4200 can easily be integrated . Property of the output / Short-circuit proof Yes . Two-quadrant (import) / four-quadrant (import and export) measuring 4Q Measurement types 1 ph, 2 ph or 3 ph Applicable for network type TN, TT, IT