Division of Child Care and EarlyChildhood EducationP.O. BOX 1437, SLOT S160 · LITTLE ROCK, AR 72203-1437501-682-8590 · Fax: 501-683-6060 · TDD: 501-682-1550American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)Child Care Supply Building GrantThe Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education (DCCECE) of the Department of Human Services(DHS) is accepting applications for the ARPA Child Care Supply Building Grant. DCCECE seeks applicationsfrom organizations interested in increasing the availability of quality early care and education in communitieswith an identified shortage or no services for infants, toddlers, and school-aged children.The ARPA Child Care Supply Building Grant will provide funding to qualifying organizations and businessesthat want to open a new child care center, child care family home, or out-of-school time program, or for existingproviders that opened after March 11, 2021, that plan to expand a child care center, child care family home,or out-of-school time program.DCCECE anticipates awarding up to twenty-five million dollars ( 25,000,000) in total funding for this projectto selected grantees.The competitive grant process will be overseen by DCCECE with subject matter experts acting as the readers.Funding can be used for start-up expenses, minor renovations, salaries, equipment, and all items necessaryto operate a high-quality early childhood education facility.Applications will be prioritized by the following areas of focus: CCDF ParticipationChild Care DesertsInfant/Toddler CareSchool Aged CareEssential Business PartnershipsNon-Traditional Care HoursPreference will be given to proposals which: Provide a documented need for expanded or new services in the community to ensure that all childrenhave access to a full day, year-round quality program that meets the needs of working parents (verifiedby DCCECE). Provide service in low-income areas. Define a clear collaborative effort in offering quality child care and early childhood services to thecommunity which involves other programs such as health services, local government,business/industry, public schools, Arkansas Better Chance programs, Head Start and EarlyIntervention Services for young children. Reserve facility slots for CCDF voucher participants.1

Requirements: Eligible entities may use grant funds for minor renovations. This funding cannot be used forconstruction of new facilities, major renovations including moving a load bearing wall, or for purchasinga building. Maintenance costs, operation costs, and the purchase of moveable (non-permanent)equipment are eligible for grant funds. The facility must be operated for the purpose of full-service child care. At least 10 children (for familychild care homes) in full day slots must be served by the facility. Programs are required to be inoperation for a minimum of 10 hours per day and offer year-round care. All applicants must agree to obtain Better Beginnings Level 2 or above within one year of the openingof the child care and early childhood education facility. Existing programs must participate in BetterBeginnings. All parties to the proposal should be aware that if DCCECE contributes grant assistance for therenovation of a child care center, the building must remain for that use for at least five years from grantclose out; otherwise, the grantee will be required to repay grant funds. It is the responsibility of prospective grantees to demonstrate efforts/provisions for use of the facilitywhich will ensure that low- and moderate-income persons have equitable and easy access to thefacility. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination against people withdisabilities in employment, transportation, public accommodation, communications, and governmentalactivities. The Child Care Licensing Unit will notify the applicable federal agency at any time theybecome aware of applicable federal laws which may affect the operation of the facility, such as, (ADA).(101: Related Laws and Requirements) Potential grantees must maximize the utilization of other resources in financing the project. Grant recipients must adhere to all state and federal requirements for financial and programmaticreporting including, but not limited to, financial audits and progress updates.Due Date: Applicants for the ARPA Child Care Supply Building Grant must complete and submit their proposalelectronically to [email protected] are due by 4:00 PM on April 15, 2022, for consideration of funding. The projectedgrant award period is July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023, pending legislative approval.Contact:Paige CoxEducation Program ManagerDHS Division of Child Care and Early Childhood [email protected]

ARPA CHILD CARE SUPPLY BUILDING GRANTApplicationApplicantAddressCity/ZipCounty Email AddressContact Name Phone NumberSite NameContact Name Phone NumberAddressCity/Zip CountyFacility NumberProject Summary (Brief overview of the project)Total estimated budgetAmount requested from DCCECEBudgets should comprise of more than this funding amount and/or expenses. Applicants should securefunding from additional sources.Are you willing to accept a partial funding amount? Yes No3

Program Information (check all that apply)Center-based School-basedBefore/after school Infant/Toddler care Preschool (3-5 year)Number of new children to be served as a result of the grant in each age range:Infant: Toddler: School-age:The information listed below must comply with Licensing, Better Beginnings, and the Environment RatingScale Requirements for Child Care Centers.Square footage of usable space for proposed facilityNumber of toilets Number of sinksSquare footage of enclosed outdoor play spaceAttach a diagram/floor plan of the proposed structure to include both the size and proposed use ofeach room. Include a diagram of the proposed playground in relation to the building.Site location (street address) and description of location in relation to population being served:STAFFING/PERSONNELName of Staff PositionEducationLevelCredentialsYears ofExperienceDate of Hire4

If the project is a joint application, list all agencies/organizations involved and identify the type of supportprovided by each agency.CAPACITY/SUBSIDYIdentify the source and number of publicly subsidized child care slots anticipated:Funding sourcefull-time slotspart-time slots5

PROGRAM ABSTRACTDescribe in ten (10) pages or less the proposed program. This abstract should address the overallproject and proposed program and must include, at a minimum, the following information:1. Statement of Need – a description of the community and population to be served. Definethe need for funding for development of a child care early childhood facility. Justify theneed for the project and present the data used to determine the need. The results of yourneeds assessment must be included. Data will be verified with census and DCCECEdatabases.2.Overall objectives of the project.3.Description of the proposed program, site, number, and ages of children to be served,and curriculum/program model. Provide specific information regarding the “proposedoperators/managers” of the program. Describe the operational relationship between theparties applying for funding.4.Collaboration with other service/public/private agencies. Must include partnerships withother early childhood programs and public school. Explain specific collaboration activitieswith each partner. Describe how other funding sources have been and will continue to begenerated and integrated into the overall program to ensure a comprehensive program.Provide verification and a listing of other resources for financing the project which havebeen approved, those which are pending and those which have been denied.5.Justification of grant request including line-item budget that identifies eligible costs.Programs must include a letter from the Child Care Licensing Specialist regarding the facility andwhether the program, as proposed, is eligible to receive a child care license. If the program (or theproposed program operator) is currently licensed, a letter from the Licensing Specialist must not onlyaddress the new proposal but also the status of the child care license held by the applicant. Verificationof appropriate approval (or preliminary contacts) from the City Planning Commission, Health and FireDepartments must also be attached.Include appropriate information (including specific time lines and projected goals) regarding the plansthis program will implement to obtain Better Beginnings Approval status by DCCECE for thedevelopmentally appropriate educational program provided to children. If you are currentlyparticipating in Better Beginnings, please provide information on how you will maintain yourBetter Beginnings status and/or your plans for advancement. Include Implementation Plan andScope of Work.CERTIFICATIONThe Authorized Official, who signs this grant application, needs to be an officer of the organization whohas the authority to sign agreements and approve budgets.I certify that all information in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I have reviewedand approved all information in this proposal and will adhere to all guidelines and terms set forth for theARPA Child Care Supply Building Grant.Name/TitleSignatureDate6

PROGRAM FUNDING RATING CRITERIAThe maximum score for any proposal is 253 points.I. Priority Status of Need (80 points maximum)Program must be full day/full year to qualify. Programs are to be in operation for a minimum of10 hours per day. Participation (20 points)Infant/Toddler care/full day/full year (20 points)School-age care/full year (20 points)Non-Traditional Care Hours (20 points)Full day/full year not planned or no documentation (0 points)II. Documentation of Need (20 points maximum)DCCECE will review all available data to support need.1. No programs offering full day/full year services in area (20 points)2. No programs offering full day/full year services including infant/toddler care in area(15 points)3. No programs offering full day/full year services including school-age care in area(10 points)4. No documentation of need (0 points)III. Collaboration with Other Agencies and/or Essential Businesses (35 pointsmaximum)This can be cash match, in-kind or a combination of the two. with more than 4 agencies (35 points)Collaboration with 3 to 4 agencies (25 points)Collaboration with 1 to 2 agencies (10 points)No collaboration documentation (0 points)IV. Quality Services (30 points maximum)Better Beginnings Status will be verified.1. Better Beginnings Quality Accreditation Approval Status is level 3. Documentationis included (30 points)2. Better Beginnings Quality Accreditation Approval Status is level 2. Documentationis included (20 points)3. Better Beginnings Quality Accreditation Approval Status is level 1. Documentationis included (5 points)4. Detailed plan for meeting Better Beginnings Quality Accreditation/Approval status isincluded. At a minimum this plan should address staff qualifications, plan forprofessional development, plan for parental and community involvement and planfor program/educational standards (5-10 points)5. Plan for meeting Better Beginnings Quality Accreditation/Approval status isincomplete or not included (0 points)7

V.Attachments Required (18 points maximum) to begin renovation or services (3 points)Service Area/Site Location map (3 points)Licensing approval (3 points)Indoor/Outdoor diagrams (3 points)Planning Commission/Zoning approval (3 points)Health and fire approval (3 points)VI. Budget (50 points maximum)1. Budget included and complete (30 points)2. Program sustainability addressed (20 points)VII. Other (20 points maximum)1. All areas of proposal included and complete including age-appropriate staff/programplans (20 points)2. All areas of proposal included but incomplete age-appropriate staff/program plans(10 points)3. No documentation included (0 points)8

ARPA CHILD CARE SUPPLY BUILDING GRANTTABLE OF CONTENTS (Proposal Checklist)ApplicationPageTable of ContentsPageProgram Abstract (not to exceed 10 pages)PageService area/Site location map (8 ½” X 11”)PageLetter(s) from funding agency(ies) regarding the status ofapplication and/or funding commitmentsPageDiagram/Floor plan for structure (8 ½” X 11”)including square footagePageDiagram/Proposed use of outdoor spaceincluding square footagePageBudget for proposed projectPageLicensing approval letter/Copy of current licensePagePlanning Commission/Zoning approvalPageHealth approval/Confirmation of contactPageFire approval/Confirmation of contactPageConfirmation letters regarding collaborationPageInstructions: Service Area/Site Location Map – Provide a legible letter sized map locating the site of the proposed and/or current facility.This map should also indicate the area of need. This is the geographic area served by this center. It is imperative that the map providedclearly marks proposed and/or current facility.Table of Contents: Use this as a checklist of the items required to submit a Child Care Proposal. Number the pages consecutively in theorder listed.9

The ARPA Child Care Supply Building Grant will provide funding to qualifying organizations and businesses that want to open a new child care center, child care family home, or out-of-school time program, or for existing providers that opened after March 11, 2021, that plan to expand a child care center, child care family home,