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2TABLE OF CONTENTSIntroduction/Contact Information . 3Club Sport Defined . 4EligibilityInstituting a Club SportClub Sport ActivityClub Sport Penalty Schedule . 5Roster CheckDuties of Club Sport LeadershipUniversity Trademark and Logo . 7GarmentsStandard of ConductHosting Events 8Post SeasonClub AdvisorsClub Sport Volunteer Coach . 9Background Check InformationEmergency Procedures . 10Facility ReservationsRelease and Indemnity Agreement .11Policy on Hazing 12Facility Info / Rules 13Lightning Policy/Blood Policy . 14Incident Report . 15Trip Itinerary Form .16Club Sport Result Report . 17SRC Map 18ShipRec Map .19

3CLUB SPORTS PROGRAM INTRODUCTIONThe Shippensburg University Club Sports Program provides opportunities for students to participate incompetitive sports activities. Each club is formed and governed by students within guidelines established by theShippensburg University Student Government Association (SGA) and the Coordinator of Club Sports (CCS).Within this framework, the focus and programming of each club will vary with the dynamics of student leadership.Individuals participating in club sports do so voluntarily and retain full responsibility for risk or loss, propertydamage, or personal injury that may be sustained as a result of involvement in club activities. Each participant isrequired to verify health/medical insurance coverage and must complete a Club Sports Release and IndemnityAgreement prior to involvement in any club related activity. It is strongly recommended all club members havean annual physical examination.The Club Sports Handbook should serve as a guide for advisors, student leadership, club membership andvolunteers.CONTACT INFORMATIONDirector of Recreation and WellnessMarsha BonnShipRec, Room 101Shippensburg University, 1871 Old Main DrShippensburg PA 17257717-477-1123 [email protected] Director of Recreation and WellnessMelissa HazzardShipRec, Room 102717-477-1123, ext. [email protected] Sports Graduate AssistantTim AtkinsonShipRec, Room [email protected] Government Association OfficeLisa Laughlin, SecretaryCUB [email protected] Services, Inc. (SSI) Fiscal OfficeDena Baer, Accounts PayableCUB [email protected] Hotline717-477-1561#1 - ShipRec and Heiges Field House Pool#2 - Outdoor Lighting schedule for SRC, Tennis Courts#3 - Schedule of Intramural contests and officiating roles#4 - Club Sport list and information#5 - Group fitness class schedulesRecreation

4CLUB SPORT DEFINED:The classification "club sport" applies to organizations meeting the following criteria: A voluntary organization of enrolled students meeting the requirements for recognition by the StudentGovernment Association (SGA). Involved in competition of a physical nature against other institutions or organizations.ELIGIBILITY FOR CLUB SPORT PARTICIPATION:In order to be eligible for club sport participation, individuals: Must be registered students approved by the club constitution and meeting the requirements of theapplicable sanctioning body.Must complete the Club Sports Release and Indemnity Agreement through the Recreation Portal onShipLink, inclusive of proof of personal insurance. This form must be processed by the Department ofRecreation and Wellness prior to participation in any club related activity. It is the participant’sresponsibility to update the information.Considerations:oIt is highly recommended that members of clubs, involving physically demanding play, receive aphysician’s examination prior to participation.oAn injured club member is responsible for all financial obligations incurred related to the injury.oClub members are personally responsible for care and maintenance of all club and personal equipmentused in club activities.oClub Sport participation may affect NCAA eligibility, in the event an individual opts to compete at theintercollegiate level. Completion of the Club Sports Release and Indemnity Agreement will constitutethe use of one year of collegiate eligibility in any sport sponsored concurrently at the NCAA level byShippensburg University. Completion of this form will establish the individual as a club sport participantfor the duration of the academic year as applied to intramural participation.oClub Sport participation will affect eligibility for intramural participation in equivalent or related sport.INSTITUTING A CLUB SPORT:A list of current organizations are listed in Ship Link ( Requests for formation of new studentorganizations should be addressed to SGA.1. shiplink.ship.edu2. In the top right corner, click sign in.3. Search for Shippensburg University in the list of Institutions (Skip this step if you have signed onbefore)4. Use Shippensburg email and password to sign in5. When on the homepage, click on the Groups tab next to the Home tab. Then select “All Groups”.CLUB SPORT ACTIVITY:Club Sport activity is defined as any function other than an organizational meeting in a classroom setting.Activity may take place only after notification is received from the Department of Recreation and Wellness, thatprocessing of the required documentation, submitted through the ShipLink portal, has been completed.Club Sport activity is limited to the period beginning on the first day of fall semester classes through the lastday of spring semester finals. Terminal championships, ending after the completion of the spring semester,may be considered for approval by the department.

5CLUB SPORT PENALTY SCHEDULE:Penalties assessed will be taken from the organization’s operating budget. A penalty notice will be sent viaemail by the Department of Recreation and Wellness to all club officers, club membership, and advisor. If anorganization has a fully spent budget when a penalty occurs, payment must be made within two weeks or aclub may be suspended from recognition. In the event an operating budget is exhausted for the current fiscalyear, the assessment may be applied to the future budget allocation. 50 per failure to submit required forms by specified deadline. An additional 10 per business day late feewill be assessed for each additional day late. 50 per occurrence for each club when an individual participates in physical activity(practice or game) without a waiver being approved by the department, and club president being notified. 75 per travel itinerary not submitted prior to the deadline determined by the department. 50 per each roster check missed. An additional 10 per business day late fee will be assessed.If a club sport is penalized more than two times, they may lose their recognition and be suspended from clubactivity for the remainder of the semester or school year by a 2/3 vote of the Student Government Association.Clubs cannot incur expenses under Shippensburg University without a Student AssociationOperating Budget.EXPENDITURE REQUESTS:Any expenditure request form requires a signature of approval from the Department of Recreation andWellness prior to submitting the form to SUSSI. Please allow adequate time for signatures and processing.ROSTER CHECK:Completed by a minimum of two club officers in ShipRec. All officers are encouraged to attend roster checksand may invite club members to join but two officers are required in attendance. Calendar of roster check dateswill be provided by Club Sports GA. It is suggested that all officers attend roster checks throughout the year tohave a working knowledge of club functionality. Possess a hard copy of individuals considered to be club members. Will compare that list to the club rostermaintained by the department, and those on ShipLink portal.ShipLink Portal membership list should exactly reflect the list of approved waivers received from thedepartment/designee.Possess a thorough knowledge of practice and competition schedules and be prepared to provide updatesas needed.Submit event results which were not submitted within the 48 hour deadline.Sign a statement verifying all injuries have been reported through submission of an injury/incident reportwithin the required 24 hour period. This verification may expose the individual and officers to liability iffound not to be factual.May be required to verify other statements.Verify only volunteer involvement is by individuals that have received verification of backgroundclearances.DUTIES OF CLUB SPORT LEADERSHIP:Club sport programs are managed by their membership within guidelines established by the SGA and theDepartment of Recreation and Wellness. All club members are instructed to review policies within thisdocument and those listed in the Swataney.PRESIDENT RESPONSIBILITIES:The president of the organization is responsible for ensuring the completion of the following duties and isencouraged to delegate these duties among club leadership:

6 Supplying the information, as required by the SGA, to maintain status as a recognized student organizationthrough ShipLink.Submitting funding requests, through ShipLink, by deadline established by SGA.Educating all members and prospective members, of SGA and University policies and proceduresregarding conduct and facility usage.Assuring that no individuals engage in any activity until the Club Sports Release and Indemnity Agreementis properly completed and notice is provided to the club leadership by the Department of Recreation andWellness.Attending meetings as requested by the Department of Recreation and Wellness or SGA.Establishing a mailbox at the CUB, through the SGA office, to be checked weekly.Establishing a Restricted Account at the Student Services, Inc. Fiscal Office, to be the sole financialaccount maintained by the club or any individual representing the club. Clubs may open an SU FoundationDiscretionary Account in addition to the Student Services account.Establishing a protocol for dispersal of club funds.Submitting facility requests for practice and/or competition. EMS,, is the method ofrequesting University facilities for competitions. In specific circumstances, particularly at the beginning ofthe Fall semester, when high volume of similar requests are expected, Clubs may be instructed to emailrequests to the Department of Recreation and Wellness or Club Sports GA for review. After review, Clubsmay be notified to proceed with EMS entry, or the Department of Recreation and Wellness will enter initialschedule. EMS submittal is expected two weeks in advance of the requested date.Providing the Department of Recreation and Wellness with all items purchased with SGA funds for summerstorage, prior to spring finals week.Maintaining a current membership list through the Department of Recreation and Wellness. Membershiplist is generated by the department from completed Club Sport Release and Indemnity Agreements. Therepresentative for roster check must have complete knowledge of the roster.Submitting Trip Itinerary through the Recreation Portal on ShipLink no later than 8am on the last businessday before departure, or hand delivering to Club GA by that deadline. Electronic submittal is preferred (TripItinerary form is also located at schedule change requests to the Club Sports GA.Filing of Department of Recreation and Wellness Incident Report to the Club Sports GA within 24 hours ofany injury/incident relating to practice or participation (Form is located on the ShipLink Recreation Portal, orat, and at the ShipRec entrance desk).Implementing "blood policy" during practice or competition.Planning of events hosted by SU within guidelines of the Department of Recreation and Wellness. Refer tosection on "hosting events”.Submits eligibility verification as requested by appropriate sanctioning bodies.Submits Club Sport Result Report to the Department of Recreation and Wellness within 48 hours of theevent. ((Form is located on the ShipLink Recreation Portal, or at, and at theShipRec entrance desk).Supply information to the Department of Recreation and Wellness relating to physical support for hostedevents no less than 10 business days prior to the event in order for the department to prepare workrequest.Verifies that club sport volunteer coaches have submitted all required volunteer forms and have beengranted clearance by SU Office of Human Resources through the Department of Recreation and Wellness.Verifies, subject to audit by the Department of Recreation and Wellness, that all those providing clubtransportation are licensed drivers.Submits documentation of sanctioning body request for academic records to SU Registrar, when mandatedas a condition of advancement to post-season competition or academic recognition.Assures all organizational references use “Club” as an identifier.Submit all materials, related to allocation requests, to the Department of Recreation and Wellness forreview, prior to presentation to SGA Budget and Finance Committee.VICE PRESIDENT RESPONSIBILITIES: In the absence of the president, the vice president shall assume presidential responsibilities.

7SECRETARY RESPONSIBILITIES: Record club meeting minutes and supply club advisor and Department of Recreation and Wellness a copywithin 1 week of the meeting date.TREASURER RESPONSIBILITIES: Collects club dues as required by club constitution/by-laws.Assures all financial transactions are within the Student Services Fiscal Office, and that all funds collectedwill be deposited and distributed through that entity. Will maintain detailed financial records forexamination by membership, or authorized SUSSI and University personnel.Works within the protocol for the dispersal of club funds as established by the President.Prepares funding requests in collaboration with the club president and consistent with Student ServicesFiscal Office policies.Acquires approval of expenditures from the Department of Recreation and Wellness when required.Assures timely submittal of billing information to the SSI Fiscal Office.Pays officials and obtains receipts as required by the SSI Fiscal Office.Acquires SGAC permits for events and all fundraising activities on ShipLink.Monitors SGA allocation and Restricted Account status with Dena Baer, SSI Accounts payable.UNIVERSITY TRADEMARK AND LOGO:Shippensburg University, to ensure that it maintains an identity and image that reflects its quality and mission,has an institutional identity guide that sets standards for all usages of the university’s official marks such as thelogo, logo type, the university's name, plus supplemental marks including Raiders, SHIP, and SHIP Happens.This guide is to be followed by all university-related organizations, including student organizations.All University logos and signatures are registered trademarks of the university and may be used only inaccordance with the Shippensburg University Institutional Identity Guide, available at Additional rules also apply to any commercial or promotional use of the logo,text or name of the university.The Director of Licensing is responsible for ensuring the correct use of all university marks. Any use of theuniversity’s logo, text or name by all university-related organizations must receive approval from the Director ofLicensing or her/his designate prior to that usage.For approval of or questions concerning logo usage, contact the Office of Marketing and Publications [email protected] or 717-477-1201.GARMENTS:Game and casual garments, those not worn as a component of a competition uniform, must comply with theaforementioned Institutional Identity Guide. The University Bookstore does not offer garments representingClub Sport programs, so fundraising opportunities, related to apparel sales, are available solely to therespective club. The requisite filing and approval of the Application for Profit Making Permit, must take placebefore any fundraising activity. Design of casual apparel should include “Club” as an identifier, whilecompetition garments do not. Game and casual garments may include any design consistent with therequirements found within the Institutional Identity Guide and approved by the Director of Licensing.STANDARD OF CONDUCT:Participants, support personnel, and fans are subject to the standards established by the ShippensburgUniversity Code of Conduct and Judicial Process as listed in the a/swataney) and posted online with the Dean of Students( of students/student conduct/student code/). Alleged violation of the policy mayresult in adjudication by the University Judicial System in addition to immediate disciplinary action imposed bystaff members reporting to the Department of Recreation and Wellness.

8Since the conduct of all individuals associated with a club may impact the participation status of that club, it isimperative that club leadership make all parties aware of the expectations related to conduct in the club sportvenue. The Shippensburg University Policy on Hazing is included in this document and should be shared withall participants.HOSTING EVENTS: Use of SU venues must be approved by the Department of Recreation and Wellness, before scheduling.Submittal of requests at is required a minimum of two weeks prior to event.EMS,, is the method of requesting University facilities. In specific circumstances,particularly at the beginning of the Fall semester, when high volume of similar requests are expected,Clubs may be instructed to email requests to the Department of Recreation and Wellness or designatedGA for review. After review, Clubs will be notified to proceed with EMS entry, or that the department willenter the request.POST SEASON:Post Season Tournament Funding requests must be reviewed by the Department of Recreation and Wellnessbefore approaching the Budget & Finance Committee. The request must provide the protocol for advancementand documentation of all season results. Events must have objective sequential advancement criteria leadingto a terminal championship to meet the threshold for a funding recommendation by the department. Fundingmay be requested for meals, lodging, entry fees and public transportation. Club Sport programs may be deniedpost season funding if more than one penalty is imposed on the club during the regular season.CLUB ADVISORS: Club advisors must be faculty or staff members at Shippensburg University.The advisor is not required to attend all club functions, but should attend the initial organizational meetingand the final meeting of the academic year.Must be aware of club activity schedule.Should provide guidance to club leadership to ensure local, state, and federal laws are followed andUniversity guidelines are applied.Club advisors should be the constant which promotes stability within the club as undergraduate leadershipchanges from one academic year to another.Must provide an authorization signature on documents required by the SGA.May not make any agreement, contract or financial transaction with any agency as an agent ofShippensburg University, or the Shippensburg University Student Services, Inc.Do not have administrative access to ShipLink.

9CLUB SPORT VOLUNTEER COACH:GUIDELINES FOR CLUB SPORT VOLUNTEER COACH: Club leadership must communicate anticipated 19-20 volunteer candidates to the Club Sports GA.Any individual interested in providing volunteer support to a club sport program, must have a backgroundcheck on file with the Department of Human Resources.Volunteer coaches may not participate in club activities until background checks are completed andauthorization is given by the Department of Recreation and Wellness.May not make any agreement, contract or financial transaction with any agency as an agent ofShippensburg University or Shippensburg University Student Services, Inc.Is encouraged to purchase personal liability insurance since none is provided by SU, or Student Services,Inc (SSI).Serves at the discretion and invitation of club membership, subject to approval of the Department ofRecreation and Wellness and Student Government Association (SGA)Must carry personal injury insurance.May not receive payment/financial compensation for services.Should not be involved in the administration of the club.Must keep all application information current with SSI and Department of Recreation and Wellness.Must adhere to state, local, federal, and University regulations during all club activities.References must be a format including both “Club” and “Volunteer” in any reference to their title. Preferredformat: “Volunteer Head/Assistant Coach Shippensburg University XXX Club.”May not perform duties identified as those of undergraduate student leadership.BACKGROUND CHECK INFORMATION: Any/all volunteers will need to submit a completed Volunteer/Contractor Form 2019 ( identified as volunteer coaches, who completed the background checks, and providedassociated documentation to SU Human Resources within the last 5 years, are not required to repeat thebackground check procedures.Individuals with current background checks secured by another agency may provide that document to SUHuman Resources for consideration. Document must be provided to Human Resources directly from theapplicant.Any other candidate must complete the clearances below and submit with the Volunteer/Contractor Form:*Volunteers may order background clearances on their own, for FREE, /index.htm)CLEARANCES REQUIRED:1. PA State Police Criminal Record CheckA tip: when ordering and obtaining the PSP (Clearance #1) please be sure you click all the wayto the actual certificate. This will require a few clicks (clicking on the Control #, then on the nextpage clicking on the Certification Form).2. Child Abuse History Certification3. Volunteer Exemption FormIf the volunteer has lived within the state of Pennsylvania for the past 10 consecutive years, theindividual will need to complete and submit the Volunteer Exemption Form (located to the HR Office. This will allow the individual to seek exemption from the

10requirement to submit a report of federal criminal history record information (FBI fingerprint backgroundcheck).If the volunteer has NOT lived within the state of Pennsylvania for the past 10 consecutive years, thevolunteer will need to complete and submit the BGC Authorization Forms (located at the HR Office to begin the FBI background check process. HR will order the FBI clearance for theindividual. There is no cost for the individual to complete this background check as the university willpay for that clearance. Prints may be done at SUPD during their scheduled walk-in hours.EMERGENCY PROCEDURES: Emergency callers, using other than an on-campus “emergency” phone, will dial 911. The 911 operator islocated at County Control, and may not be familiar with your venue. Please be prepared to provide detail.Emergency phones are located adjacent to the Student Recreation Complex. Closest emergency phone toEckels Field located on the brick pillar to the left as one enters from the steam plant. An additional phone islocated along Old Main Drive. Robb/See emergency phone is located on the backstop of the varsity softballfield, behind home plate and on the pedestal adjacent to the ticketing/storage building. These phonesprovide direct communication to SUPD.Club leadership assumes responsibility for identifying emergency phone locations to participants.FACILITY RESERVATIONS:All home facility use requires pre-approval by the Department of Recreation and Wellness. Facilities may berequested by club sports when not used by intramurals or open recreation. Practice requests should beemailed to [email protected] and home competition requests should be entered in EMS ( clubs should not expect availability of indoor practice facilities.PRACTICE REQUESTS:Clubs may provide a preferred practice schedule to [email protected], subject Club Practice Request,defining venue/days/times preferred, which will be reviewed for potential conflicts. Please be specificwith preferred starting and ending dates. The granted practice starting date will be contingent uponcompletion of required steps established by our office and those requirements established within theShipLink network. Club leadership will be notified of a confirmed start date by a representative of ouroffice. We will notify Clubs if any practice request compromise is required, after which we will enter inEMS and send confirmation to club leadership. Those familiar with EMS may look at specific availabilityto assist in determining practice patterns or game availability. Familiarity with EMS will be an essentialstep as we progress through the academic year. EMS has a help page and instructions may also befound at COMPETITIONSClub competitions may be requested through EMS. Competitions entered in EMS must list the specificClub vs opponent. A sample event name would be “Men’s Club Lacrosse vs Susquehanna”. Clubsmay designate contests as Public Events on EMS, which will add them to the University publiccalendar. Please be specific, as someone seeing “Game vs TBD” would define no sport or opponent.EMS requests should span the expected duration of the game, until the venue is available for the nextuser. The department will add 1 hour of setup time unless otherwise indicated by club leadership in theEMS request. Set-up time is permitted only as facility availability allows. Clubs should not request agame time which fails to allow that transition/setup period from a prior user, and should not confirmgames with opponent until confirmation from our office confirms facility access time.

11SHIPPENSBURG UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIACLUB SPORTS RELEASE AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT – 2019-2020THIS IS A LEGAL DOCUMENT WHICH AFFECTS YOUR RIGHTS.READ IT CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNINGIn partial consideration for being permitted to participate in the Shippensburg University club sports program andfor using the associated practice and playing facilities and equipment, and in consideration of the voluntarynature of such participation and use, I hereby release, hold harmless, and forever discharge ShippensburgUniversity and Shippensburg University Student Services Inc., its employees and agents, from any and allliability, claims, demands, actions, and causes of action whatsoever arising out of or related to any loss, propertydamage, or personal injury, including death, that may be sustained by me, or otherwise, while participating insuch activity. Such participation includes practice, club functions, and travel to and from all club sports activitiesand functions.I am fully aware of the risks and hazards associated with participation in and the use of the facilities andequipment for any club sports I elect. I hereby elect voluntarily to participate in said activities and fullyacknowledge that I retain the full responsibility for any risk or loss, property damage, or any personal injury,including death, that may be sustained by me or any loss or damage to property owned by me as a result ofbeing engaged in such activities, whether caused by negligence of the University or Shippensburg UniversityStudent Services Inc., its employees and agents, or otherwise. I further acknowledge that I have procured myown adequate insurance for such loss, damage, or injury. I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless theUniversity and Shippensburg University Student Services Inc., its employees and agents, from any loss, liability,damage or cost, including court costs and attorney’s fees, that may incur due to my participation in said activitieswhether caused by the negligence of the University or Shippensburg University Student Services Inc., itsemployees and agents, or otherwise.This release and hold harmless agreement is binding on myself, my heirs, assigns, and personal representatives.Completion of this form, a prerequisite for Club Sport participation, will constitute the use of one year of collegiateeligibility in any sport sponsored concurrently at the NCAA level by Shippensburg University.Prior to signing this document, I have had an adequate opportunity to read and understand it.Agreed, this day of , 20 .Participant’s Printed NameParticipant’s SignatureClub SportSU ID#EmailClass Status (FY, So )Local Address (Include St, Apt, City, Zip)Local Phone #Participant’s Health Ins. CoHealth Ins. Policy #Parent Signature(if participant is a minor)

12POLICY ON HAZINGShippensburg University prohibits hazing in all forms. When it is determined that hazing has occurred, sanctionsand stipulations may include, but are not limited to, those outlined within the Shippensburg University Student Codeof Conduct. Alleged violations of the hazing policy, as defined below, will result in the University initiating disciplinaryand/or legal action against the organization and/or all involved students. Each campus organization is responsiblefor informing all members and all guests, including alumni members, of the hazing policy. The ShippensburgUniversity Anti-Hazing policy is as follows and was written to comply with thePennsylvania Anti-Hazing Law, Act 175 (December 1986), taking effect January 1994 as revised.A. All individuals in

required to verify health/medical insurance coverage and must complete a Club Sports Release and Indemnity Agreement prior to involvement in any club related activity. It is strongly recommended all club members have an annual physical examination. The Club Sports Handbook should serve as a guide for advisors, student leadership, club .