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. THE 12-WEEK CHALLENGE: REAL RESULTS FOR YOU AND YOUR CLIENTS .CONTENT1What is NutritionPg 0427 Steps to successPg 103Week 1-12 articlesPg 13Week 1: Difference between dietand actual nutrition13Week 7: Take controlof your environment32Week 2: Creating the right mindset16Week 8: Eating out and on the go36Week 3: How to ensure succes20Week 9: Shop for success39Week 4: Understanding calories24Week 10: Plan ahead42Week 5: What are macronutrients26Week 11: Create lasting change45Week 6: Eliminate the hurdles29Week 12: Keeping momentum494DefinitionsPg 535Top 10 nutrition mythsPg 57Share this Ebook!Evolution Nutrition, all rights reserved.2

. THE 12-WEEK CHALLENGE: REAL RESULTS FOR YOU AND YOUR CLIENTS .INTRODUCTIONCongratulations on taking a huge step towards greater health and liberty.Over the course of this program, you’ll learn that real nutrition is actuallyfairly simple. This book will give you the tools to: Cut through the confusion.Reduce the stress associated with trying to eat right.Make the dietary changes you want.Stick to it and get the results you want —not just next week, or next month, but for a lifetime.Use this book as your guide. In it, you’ll find a lot of great information andresources. Go through it at your own pace, come back to it as a reference,and even share it with your friends and family. This is your book, yourprogram, and your life. It gives you everything you need to achieve yourresults.Share this Ebook!Evolution Nutrition, all rights reserved.3

. THE 12-WEEK CHALLENGE: REAL RESULTS FOR YOU AND YOUR CLIENTS .1What is nutrition?There is a big difference between the latest fad, or the opinion of the newestblogger, and a real strategy based on scientific research and proven to getresults. Nutrition is no different.In taking on anything new, there are always questions. And when it comes todiets and eating, it’s hard to cut through all of the noise out there. The actualtruth about nutrition, however, is that it’s fairly simple.REAL, EFFECTIVE NUTRITION FOCUSES ON ONLY FIVE THINGS:1. BalanceYou’re getting the right amount ofthe right things and limiting thethings that can have a negativeeffect on your health.2. Calorie ControlThis isn’t about just reducingcalories; it’s about making sure youhave the right amount of caloriesthroughout the day to keep yoursystem working effectively.3. ModerationYou don’t take in an excess amount of those things that can have a negativeimpact on your health.Share this Ebook!Evolution Nutrition, all rights reserved.4

. THE 12-WEEK CHALLENGE: REAL RESULTS FOR YOU AND YOUR CLIENTS .Chapter 1: What is Nutrition?4. VarietyEnsure proper nutrition but alsoeliminate the monotony of a diet.Variety is the spice of life!5. AdequacyMake sure you’re getting all of theessential nutrients you need tomaintain health and replace what islost on a daily or weekly basis.The meal plan you have in your hands will follow these five guidelines — andit’s a rock-solid foundation. Even if you stray now and then, by using thisplan as a guide, you will be learning to eat better, and creating the changesyou need to develop and maintain the healthy lifestyle you want overthe long haul. You will continue to see dietary trends and advice on late-nightTV, on blogs and maybe from well-meaning friends. Forget all that and justkeeping coming back to these basics.Even the best plan will fail if it’s not executed properly. You will improve yourresults if you remember that your custom meal plan has been designed to be:A road map, not a rulebook.Give your best 80% every day, and even pick a cheat day (probably aweekend day) to take some liberties. With a little flexibility, you’ll find it easierto follow your plan on the other days, and, more often than not, you’ll startdoing better on those “cheat” days over time too.Share this Ebook!Evolution Nutrition, all rights reserved.5

. THE 12-WEEK CHALLENGE: REAL RESULTS FOR YOU AND YOUR CLIENTS .Chapter 1: What is Nutrition?Used throughout a threeto four week period, eventhough it’s a seven-day plan.Human nature says we like patterns,so you’ll use the plan as a guide dayto-day and week-to-week for a while.It’s typical that around week four,two things will happen: you’ll beginto want a something new; and theresults you’re creating in your weight/body composition and activity level willproduce new recommended calculationsthat will require a new meal plan.OK, you’ve got your own customized meal plan, and you’re committed tofollowing through with it, but you can boost your odds of success byknowing the five key factors about what we’re putting in our bodies:FIRST, THE MACRONUTRIENTS1. CarbohydratesThe main purpose of carbohydrates is to give us the energy we need tofuel our activities. This energy comes from the breakdown of starches andsugars to their simplest forms, which your cells can then easily convert tousable power. Although protein and fat can also supply you with energy, yourcells prefer the calories from carbohydrates. Remember: carbs can come fromShare this Ebook!Evolution Nutrition, all rights reserved.6

. THE 12-WEEK CHALLENGE: REAL RESULTS FOR YOU AND YOUR CLIENTS .Chapter 1: What is Nutrition?fruits, vegetables, grains — not just the doughnut everyone’s afraid of. In fact,some organs – your brain and kidneys, for example – have a specific need for acarbohydrate fuel source.2. ProteinFound in meats, milk, eggs, soy, legumes and whole grains, protein suppliesyour body with a pool of amino acids — the building blocks of all your cells.As part of muscle, bone and skin tissue, it supports your body’s structure.It also repairs cells if they become damaged and provides antibodies to copewith inflammation and infection. Your dietary protein helps keep your cellularmachinery running smoothly.3. FatFat supplies more than twice thecalories per gram as protein orcarbohydrates and is a highlyconcentrated source of energy yourbody can store for later. It providesstructure to cell membranes andcushions your internal organs tohelp prevent damage to tissues.Fat serves as a vehicle for deliveringvitamins, and it can store thesenutrients as insurance against a deficiency. Dietary fats can come from bothanimal and plant sources, with plant-based foods, nuts and fish offering ahealthier version.Share this Ebook!Evolution Nutrition, all rights reserved.7

. THE 12-WEEK CHALLENGE: REAL RESULTS FOR YOU AND YOUR CLIENTS .Chapter 1: What is Nutrition?4. Vitamins and MineralsThese are small-molecule food componentsyou need in order to support your health.Vitamins are involved in energy production,healing wounds, eye and skin health,bone formation and immunity. Mineralsprovide structure to your skeleton, maintainyour cardiovascular health, and help transmitnerves. Eating a well-balanced diet with avariety of fruits and vegetables helps ensureyou have plenty of these nutrients in your body.5. Water and FluidOf the all nutrients in foods, the mostimportant is water or fluid. It assists withmaintaining normal body temperature,lubricates and cushions your joints,protects your spinal cord and removeswastes through urination, perspiration,and bowel movements. You need waterto replace what your body loses throughnormal everyday functions.All of your plans balance these fivefactors to make sure you’ve got acomplete solution.Share this Ebook!Evolution Nutrition, all rights reserved.8

. THE 12-WEEK CHALLENGE: REAL RESULTS FOR YOU AND YOUR CLIENTS .Chapter 1: What is Nutrition?NOW FOR A DEEPER DIVE INTO THE SCIENCE BEHIND YOUR MEAL PLAN.You meal plan falls within the Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Range(AMDR) outlined by The Institute of Medicine of The National Academies, asreferenced in the Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs). This is a fancy way of sayingthey have the right things in them, in the right amounts.They also subscribe to the accepted approach of No Bad Foods.“Remember, there are no bad foods, just healthier ones to eatregularly. Weight loss requires a commitment to change your lifestyle.Keep up the exercise as it increases your metabolic rate and helpsmaintain your muscles, which burn more calories than body fat does.Jaime Ackerman Foster, MPH, RD, LDExtension Nutrition Associate, The Ohio State University”This is the big one. You shouldn’t be worried about the occasional treat, or,barring real health issues, even carbs, gluten, soy, or whatever the latest bloghas told us to fear. The real impact of food comes from regular patterns andbehaviors. A slice of cake now and then is a great thing to enjoy, but cake forbreakfast everyday wouldn’t be the way to go.Nutrition, like exercise, takes effort if you’re going to get results. Your job is todo better today than yesterday. Keep it simple, and keep moving forward,and you’ll make changes that will last a lifetime.Share this Ebook!Evolution Nutrition, all rights reserved.9

. THE 12-WEEK CHALLENGE: REAL RESULTS FOR YOU AND YOUR CLIENTS .2CHAPTERSeven steps to successYou want yourself to succeed. The good news is: you’re already on your way.The fact that you’re already working to hit your goals means the hardest step,committing, is already behind you.WHEN IT COMES TO NUTRITION, WHAT’S THE BEST WAYTO ENSURE YOU’VE GOT EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO SUCCEED?1. Keep it simpleAs we’ve already talked about in our What is Nutrition guide, there is a lot ofmisinformation and noise out there. Virtually everyone who walks into a gymcan give you some sort of advice on what to eat, when to eat, how cavemenlived, why fish are never fat, . the list goes on.But, as we’ve outlined, real nutrition is fairly simple.No matter what you hear, read, find on a blog,whatever — it’s critical to return to the basics. Thisis about making a change that will last, but youwon’t want to take it on if it’s too complicated orconfusing.2. Stay consistentJust like you can’t buy a set of dumbbells andwalk away, you can’t just print out a meal planand expect results. Put in regular effort andcelebrate your wins.Share this Ebook!Evolution Nutrition, all rights reserved.10

. THE 12-WEEK CHALLENGE: REAL RESULTS FOR YOU AND YOUR CLIENTS .Chapter 2: Seven steps to success3. Use your trainerYou came to them because of their expertise, but they’re also there to beyour coach. You’ve paid them with your hard-earned money, so ask them forhelp, tell them what you think, and use them to get what you want:Tell them how well you are following it.This is about your trainer grading you on your homework; this is a chance tocelebrate any change you’re making.Tell them how you’re feeling.What do you like, what you don’tlike, if you are sleeping better,whether or not you have moreenergy — anything, really. You aremaking a lifestyle shift. There aregoing to be changes. Acknowledgethat, focus on your wins, and yourtrainer will help you adapt your planas needed going forward.Tell them what you like and don’t like about the plan.There’s no way for them to make the changes you want unless they knowwhat is and isn’t working for you.4. Be your own cheerleaderRemember: just like working out, this is not about doing it perfectly; it’sabout doing it better than you were doing before. With each new smallShare this Ebook!Evolution Nutrition, all rights reserved.11

. THE 12-WEEK CHALLENGE: REAL RESULTS FOR YOU AND YOUR CLIENTS .Chapter 2: Seven steps to successstep, you’re heading towards the overallgoal, which is a change that will lastforever. Don’t focus on the days youcheat, or the things you don’t like.Celebrate the fact you’re doingthis. Over time, you’ll learn to lovethe change and be more and morecommitted to the details.5. Follow the programYou know what exercises you’re doing each week, and why. The same goesfor your meal planning. Remember: the combination of exercise and nutritionis more than 400% more effective than exercise alone, so if you’re going tosucceed, you’ve got to tackle your nutrition too. Luckily for you, we’ve givenyou the framework.6. Build on the changes you’re makingExample: if you typically don’t eat breakfast but are starting to now, keepit going, and focus on the next change. What’s the only way to eat anelephant? One bite at a time.7. Keep the momentum goingThis is not a diet with an end point, this is a new approach to healthy living,and you want to ensure you keep the momentum going. If you’re seeingresults, the decision should be a simple one. Keep working out and keepeating right.Share this Ebook!Evolution Nutrition, all rights reserved.12

. THE 12-WEEK CHALLENGE: REAL RESULTS FOR YOU AND YOUR CLIENTS .3Week 1-12 Articles: Week 1The difference between diet and actual nutritionAuthor: Lauren Rezende, M.P.H., RD. Lauren is a registered dietitian with a master’s degree in publiche