VolkswagenUsed VehicleWarrantyThis Policy is provided to you by Provident Insurance Corporation Limited, Crown Centre, Ground Floor, 67 Hurstmere Rd,Takapuna, Auckland 0622, New Zealand. Email: [email protected] Phone: 0800 676 864

YOUR RIGHTS UNDER THE CONSUMER GUARANTEES ACTThe Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 sets minimum standards guarantees for goods/products andservices bought for personal use. In particular, it provides that products sold to consumers come witha guarantee of “acceptable quality”, which means that the products must: be fit for their purpose (do all the normal things that people would expect them to do); be durable for as long as most people would expect them to last; be free from minor and major faults; and do what you the consumer have been told they do be safe and durable.The test for deciding whether your Vehicle is of “acceptable quality” will depend on a number ofthings including its age and distance travelled and the price you paid for it.If you as a consumer have a serious problem with a product, you have the choice between a refund,replacement, repair, or compensation from the business that sold you the product, as long as youcomply with certain requirements. If you have a problem with a product that is not serious, thebusiness that sold you the product can choose to refund, repair or replace it with products of identicaltype, as long as you comply with certain requirements. If you would like more information on yourrights and remedies under the Consumer Guarantees Act, please refer to the Commerce Commission’sfact sheet on extended warranties available at: gact-fact-sheets/extended-warranties/This Policy is designed to provide you with certainty by helping pay the costs of unforeseen mechanicalbreakdowns, and to reduce inconvenience to you by getting you and your vehicle back on the road asquickly as possible. This Policy does not affect or limit your rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act,but provides benefits over and above the Act’s guarantees. In summary, subject to the terms of thePolicy, these additional benefits include (but are not limited to):1

The Policy gives you the peace of mind of knowing exactly how long the cover applies, what benefits you are entitled to,and how to make your claim to ensure it can be settled promptly. If your Vehicle breaks down or suffers a fault, we are just one phone call away (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) to assessthe problem and help you get back on the road quickly with the least inconvenience. No matter where you may break down, our nationwide network of Authorised Volkswagen New Zealand Dealers andVolkswagen New Zealand Approved Service Agents will assist you. You are also entitled to Volkswagen Roadside Assistance benefits (including flat battery, flat tyres, key replacement/vehicle lockout, and out of fuel assistance,) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Allowances for accommodation or car hire/transport costs if you as the owner/driver breakdown more than 100 kms awayfrom your home and your vehicle is unable to be used for at least 24 hours due to the repair work required.COOLING OFF PERIODYou can cancel this Policy within 5 working days after the date on which you purchased the Policy by giving us notice ofcancellation. In addition, if we have failed to comply with our disclosure requirements relating to extended warranty agreementsunder the Fair Trading Act 1986, you may cancel at any time. In any case where you are entitled to cancel this Policy, you cangive us notice of cancellation by phoning us, notifying us in writing by post or email, or in person by visiting our office. Uponcancellation within this 5 day cooling off period we will provide you with a full refund of the premium you have paid.QUALIFYING VEHICLESTo qualify for a Volkswagen Used Vehicle Warranty, your Volkswagen used vehicle must:a) Be sold by an Authorised Volkswagen New Zealand Dealers or Volkswagen New Zealand Approved Service Agent; andb) Have travelled less than 200,000 kilometres; andc) Be less than 10 years old from the date of first registrationEXCLUDED VEHICLESThe Volkswagen Extended Warranty does not apply to any vehicles used as taxis, rental vehicles, couriers, goods deliveryor other fare paying passenger vehicles.2

The Volkswagen Used Vehicle Warranty gives you the following benefits: The Volkswagen Used Vehicle Warranty is backed by Volkswagen New Zealand (subject to theterms and conditions detailed in this document). The Volkswagen Used Vehicle Warranty is available for periods of 12, 24 or 36 months withunlimited mileage. The Volkswagen Used Vehicle Warranty is fully transferable by the original owner of the policyduring the warranty period – provided no claims have been made against the policy. The Volkswagen Used Vehicle Warranty comes with Volkswagen Roadside Assistance (pleaserefer to the “Roadside Assistance” section below for more details, terms and conditions). Services provided pursuant to the Volkswagen Used Vehicle Warranty are to be providedby our Authorised Volkswagen New Zealand Dealers or Volkswagen New Zealand ApprovedService Agents. The Volkswagen Used Vehicle Warranty ensures only genuine new replacement parts are usedduring repairs.The Volkswagen Used Vehicle Warranty is provided to you by Volkswagen New Zealand andunderwritten by Provident Insurance Corporation Limited. “Volkswagen New Zealand” is a trading division of European Motor Distributors Limited of 1Nixon Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1140. Postal Address is P.O.Box 959, Auckland 1140. Phone0800 577 599 Email [email protected] Provident Insurance Corporation Limited, Crown Centre Ground Floor, 67 Hurstmere Road,Takapuna, Auckland 0622, Phone 0800 676 864 Email: [email protected] policy consists of your Registration Certificate, this policy document, the information youprovided when you applied for this insurance and any changes we may agree with you in writing.3

WHAT YOUR USED VEHICLE WARRANTY COVERSOnce you have paid the premium amount due, this Policy covers your Vehicle for the Period of Cover on the following terms,subject to the exclusions and other terms of this Policy.Mechanical BreakdownThis Policy covers your Vehicle for the reasonable costs of the repair or the replacement of components of your Vehicle requiredas a result of it suffering a sudden and unforeseen mechanical or electrical breakdown in New Zealand.Claim Limits and ExcessA Claim limit of 12,000 including GST per any one claim will apply, inclusive of parts, labour and outwork, and provided alwaysthat the amount of the claim does not exceed the market value of the vehicle.A Nil excess will apply if all vehicle servicing and maintenance is carried out by an Authorised Volkswagen New Zealand Dealeror Volkswagen New Zealand Approved Service Agent. Where servicing and maintenance is not carried out by an AuthorisedVolkswagen New Zealand Dealer or Volkswagen New Zealand Approved Service Agent a 500 including GST Excess will applyWHERE TO HAVE USED VEHICLE WARRANTY REPAIRS CARRIED OUTAll Authorised Volkswagen New Zealand Dealers and Volkswagen New Zealand Approved Service Agents are able to carry outwarranty repairs on all Volkswagen vehicles. When a warranty repair is required, it is the responsibility of the owner/customer ofthe vehicle to report the defect to an Authorised Volkswagen New Zealand Dealer or Volkswagen New Zealand Approved ServiceAgent as soon as possible, together with this document. For a list of current Authorised Volkswagen New Zealand Dealers andVolkswagen New Zealand Approved Service Agents and locations please visit

WHAT IS NOT COVERED BY THE USED VEHICLE WARRANTYExcluded ComponentsThe following components of your Vehicle are not covered: Trim, paint, upholstery, heated seats, communication systems, entertainment systems (unlessfactory fitted), remote controls, GPS (unless factory fitted) or any cosmetic items. Batteries, tyres, exhaust, chassis, panels, manual clutch, fly wheel, catalytic converters, dieselparticulate filters, fuel tanks, bulbs, keys, air bag suspension, mountings, seating and seatingmechanisms, brake pads, brake shoes and brake linings. Cambelt repair or replacement, and any damage resulting from a defective cambelt wherethe defective cambelt was not previously replaced in accordance with the manufacturer’srecommendationsGeneral ExclusionsThis insurance does not cover:5 Routine maintenance or servicing including but not limited to: warrant of fitness checks,maintenance and servicing that the manufacturer recommends carrying out at specified timesor after a specified period of use, or any other routine maintenance required irrespective ofwhether there has been a mechanical or electrical breakdown of the Vehicle. Repairs or replacement of components required to vehicles that do not have a valid warrant offitness at the time the claim is made, or vehicles that have not been serviced in accordance withthe Servicing Requirements set out by Volkswagen New Zealand. Any design fault or any fault or defect existing at the time the Vehicle or this Policy waspurchased, and any damage resulting from those faults or defects. Repairs or replacement of components carried out without our prior authorisation.

Repairs or replacement of components required as a result of wilful damage, or neglect or abuse of the Vehicle. Repairs or replacement of components required as a result of the failure to take reasonable care of the Vehicle, includingfollowing a mechanical or electrical breakdown. Repairs or replacement of components required as a result of the Vehicle being involved in an accident. Repairs or replacement of components required as a result of the use of incorrect fuel or fluids (including bio-fuel) outside ofthe manufacturer’s recommendations. Repairs or replacement of components covered under any other policy of insurance or warranty. Repairs or replacement of components required as a result of external or extraneous forces including, without limitation,contamination, water damage, fire, natural disaster, atmospheric conditions, rodent damage, stone strike, corrosion, rust orthe perishing of any part of the Vehicle. Any consequential loss or damage. Diagnostic costs to determine the cause of the breakdown, including dismantling and reassembly, if the repairs orreplacement of components required to fix the Vehicle are not covered under this Policy. Any mechanical or electrical breakdown occurring while the Vehicle is being driven by anyone who does not have a validlicence to drive that type of Vehicle. Repairs or replacement of plastic components required as a result in gradual deterioration or perishing.6

WHAT THE CUSTOMER MUST PAY FORIn addition to repairs that do not fall under the term “defects from manufacture”, the VolkswagenUsed Vehicle Warranty does not cover the costs of routine maintenance of your vehicle. You must payfor the following in addition to your purchase of the Volkswagen Used Vehicle Warranty:a) Prescribed maintenance and service adjustments to your vehicle andb) Parts or fluids used in connection with these.c) Wheel alignments, wheel balancing and other adjustments relating to normal wear and tear.d) Any parts that wear out as part of their normal operation (e.g. clutch linings, brake discs andpads, brake linings, wiper blades, globes of all types (including Bi-Xenon and LED), fuses,trims, brakes, diesel particulate filters, catalytic converters, all belts, tyres, wiper blades, sparkplugs, filters, Satellite Navigation update disks and all other parts of your vehicle that havebeen subject to normal wear and tear).e) Damage to DVD/Navigation units caused by misuse or using copied CDs, DVDs and SD cards.SERVICINGYour vehicle must be serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s technical guidelines. Anydamage to, or defect in, the vehicle caused by poor or insufficient servicing will not be remediedunder the vehicle’s warranty. Please ensure that you maintain sufficient records to enable theAuthorised Volkswagen New Zealand Dealer or Volkswagen New Zealand Approved Service Agent toconfirm that the vehicle has been appropriately serviced. In any event, please ensure that the serviceschedule book in your vehicle is stamped by the Authorised Volkswagen New Zealand Dealer orVolkswagen New Zealand Approved Service Agent carrying out the service work.7

YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATIONWe collect personal information from you in providing you with this policy, in order to: Evaluate your application for insurance under this policy; Set your premium and excess; Assess and process claims you make; and Provide you with other related services.We are the intended recipients of your personal information, and will hold this information (Provident Insurance CorporationLimited, PO Box 33 743, Takapuna, Auckland 0740). We are required to collect your personal information under common law dutyimposed on you (as a person seeking insurance) to tell us (as an insurer) material facts relevant to the insurance you seek. It isup to you to supply us with this information. However, if you choose not to provide all or any part of the information we requestfrom you, your application for insurance under this Policy may be denied, or your claims may not be paid out.We may provide your personal information to third parties to the extent necessary to provide the benefits available to you underthe Policy, including but not limited to: Volkswagen Roadside Assistance, Authorised Repair Facilities, the dealer who sold youthe Vehicle, any financier of the Vehicle, other insurers of the Vehicle, our legal advisers, our agents and assessors, and othersimilar entities for the purposes of providing the benefits available to you under this Policy.You are entitled to access and correct the information we hold about you.FINANCIAL STRENGTH RATINGProvident Insurance Corporation Limited’s financial strength rating is set out in your Registration Certificate.8

FAIR INSURANCE CODEAs a member of the Insurance Council of New Zealand, we must comply with the Fair Insurance Code,which sets service standards for insurance companies. We have certain responsibilities to you, suchas acting fairly and openly in all our dealing with you, and giving you clear information when youmake a claim.You can request a copy of the Fair Insurance Code from us at any time.VOLKSWAGEN HAS YOU COVERED 24/7If your Volkswagen is immobilised for any reason, one call to 0800 577 599 will have you up andrunning in no time.All Volkswagens purchased new from an authorised New Zealand dealer are covered free of chargefor the period of the warranty. We want every Volkswagen driver to have peace of mind on the road.Volkswagen Roadside Assistance is operated in conjunction with First Assistance, the leading supplierof first line assistance services.WE PLAN FOR THE UNEXPECTEDYou can count on Volk swagen Roadside Assistance in the following situations and more. Anytime,anywhere in New Zealand.9 You’re stranded with your vehicle and need to get home. Your battery goes flat. Your windscreen shatters. You accidentally run out of fuel. You have a flat tyre.

You lose or break your key, or lock it in the car. You require medical or personal assistanceHOW VOLKSWAGEN CAN HELPIf you need assistance far away from homeIf your vehicle breaks down 100kms or more from home, and it cannot be reasonably repaired within 24 hours, we will providethe following:Vehicle RecoveryWe will transport your vehicle to the nearest authorised Volkswagen Dealer or Volkswagen New Zealand Approved ServiceAgent. If you are towing a boat, caravan or trailer that can be transported using the same recovery vehicle dispatched for yourVolkswagen, we will transport the attachment for free. If another recovery vehicle or second trip is required, we can transportthe attachment at your own expense.Emergency AccommodationWe will provide up to three nights accommodation for you and those travelling with you (up to a maximum of 120 per night,GST included).Alternative TransportationWe will arrange for alternative ground transport to help you and any travel companions return home or reach your nextdestination within New Zealand. This can include a rental car for a maximum of three days (up to 120 per day, GST included)or a taxi up to a cost of 50, GST included. We will provide a combination of alternative transport and accommodation up to amaximum overall value of 360, GST included.For breakdowns within 100kms of home or if the vehicle can be repaired within 24 hours, elements of the VolkswagenRoadside Assistance may not apply. Representatives at 0800 577 599 will advise how Volkswagen can best assist you inhaving your vehicle repaired or recovered10

Accident / Collision AssistanceIf the vehicle is involved in a motor vehicle accident, after ensuring all parties are safe VolkswagenRoadside Assistance can provide/organise an accident tow provider to attend and transport the vehicleto a Volkswagen approved repairer or place of safety. Any costs will be at the driver’s/Insurers expense.If you require emergency lock and key assistanceLockoutWe will send a service provider to your location to open your vehicle. You or your authorised drivermay be required to sign an indemnity releasing the service provider and First Assistance from liabilityshould the forced entry cause damage to your vehicle.Lost or Broken KeysIf you need a replacement key, we will do one of the following: Send a locksmith to your location to make a replacement (where possible). Arrange for your vehicle to be transported, free of charge, as per conditions listed under‘Vehicle Recovery’. Have your key couriered from your home or your original dealer within 24 hours (dependingon the availability of courier services). The cost of actual replacement keys will be at thedriver’s expense.If you accidentally run out of fuelWe will provide you with free delivery of up to 10 litres of fuel. Free of charge.If your windscreen shattersWe will refer you to the nearest authorised Volkswagen Dealer or Volkswagen New Zealand ApprovedService Agent. You’ll be required to pay the repairer directly, but you may be able to claim the cost onyour motor vehicle insurance.11

If you require emergency travel assistanceWe can assist in booking accommodation or making alternative travel arrangements if you are unexpectedly delayed. If yourtravel documents are lost or stolen within New Zealand, we can assist in cancelling and reissuing them for you. We can also offeradvice if you’re lost on the road.If you require medical assistanceWe provide 24 hour access to trained medical staff who will advise you by phone. We can refer you to a local doctor, dentist,chemist or hospital as required. We can also help arrange hospital admission, transfer of your medical records, repatriation to aplace of treatment closer to home, or communication with your family doctor, relatives and friends from anywhere in New Zealand.If you need to contact friends or familyWe will pass on any urgent messages so friends and family won’t worry about you.Please note:1. Volkswagen Roadside Assistance does not cover your vehicle following an accident. In the case of a motor vehicleaccident, the Volkswagen Roadside Assistance benefits of vehicle recovery, emergency accommodation and rental car donot apply. Your comprehensive motor vehicle insurance should cover this event.2. The Volkswagen Roadside Assistance is limited to the assistance benefits outlined in this booklet. All costs relating tomaintenance and repair of the vehicle remain the responsibility of the owner.3. Refer General Exceptions.4. In most cases the roadside assistance will be provided by a representative of First Assistance. Their job is to get youmobile again or to the nearest dealer where more in-depth repairs can be carried out12

GENERAL CONDITIONS1. The Volkswagen Roadside Assistance programme reserves the right to decline assistance if yourvehicle:a) Has a re-occurring electrical or mechanical fault arising from abnormal use or beingdriven against the recommendation of the authorised dealer, and/or if the vehicle hasnot been serviced to the manufacturer’s recommendation and maintained in a safe androadworthy condition.b) Is temporarily disabled by floods, snow affected roads, bogged or embedded in sand ormud or is not easily accessible due to other adverse conditions.c) Not on public or legally formed roads.2. The Volkswagen Roadside Assistance emergency operations centre must be contacted whena breakdown or other incident arises that may be the subject of a claim, as the scheme cannotprovide reimbursement unless the Volkswagen Roadside Assistance programme has givenauthority for the goods and/or services to be provided.3. In the event of ownership change please complete the form in the back of this booklet andreturn it to the address listed on the form.GENERAL EXCEPTIONSThe Volkswagen Roadside Assistance programme will not offer assistance or reimbursement in theevent of a call arising as a result of:1. The use of your vehicle for motor racing, rallies, speed or duration tests, time trials or anyabnormal vehicle use.2. Loss or damage to the contents of your vehicle.13

3. Any goods, services or arrangements supplied by an agent or person not acting on our behalf.4. Snow chains on your vehicle. We will refer you to a local service provider.5. The owner, the driver or a passenger:a) Causing intentional damage or injury.b) Participating in a criminal act or offence.c) Wilfully exposing themselves to danger (exempt in an attempt to save a human life).d) Being under the influence of intoxication from liquor, solvent abuse or drugs (other than drugs taken under medicalsupervision and not for the treatment of drug addiction).e) Voluntarily not observing the transport regulations in New Zealand where the breakdown, or any other incident,occurs or the practice of activities not authorised by the local authorities.f) Leaving your vehicle unattended while waiting for roadside assistance.6. The owner, the driver or passenger entering into any agreement where, or which could mean, additional liabilities are incurred.7. The owner, the driver and any passengers incurring costs:a) Which would normally have been incurred on the journey (such as petrol or hotel accommodation).b) Which are reimbursed from another source unless specifically specified.8. The owner, the driver and any passenger incurring costs for:a) Petrol, insurance and ancillary charges relating to vehicle rental.b) Meals, beverages and ancillary charges relating to accommodation unless specifically authorised.9. Consequential loss of any kind.10. War, terrorism, civil unrest, act of God, forces of nature, radioactivity, falling objects, or other aerial devices.14

Volkswagen Assistance0800 577 599LOCAL78VW/USED/10/16

The Volkswagen Used Vehicle Warranty gives you the following benefits: The Volkswagen Used Vehicle Warranty is backed by Volkswagen New Zealand (subject to the terms and conditions detailed in this document). The Volkswagen Used Vehicle Warranty is available for periods of 12, 24 or 36 months with unlimited mileage.