FURNITURE REQUEST FOR PROPOSALSINQUIRIES AND PROPOSALS SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO:Norie PrideChief Operating OfficerMailing Address: 2647 Ohio Ave, St. Louis, MO 63118E-mail Address: [email protected]

KIPP St. LouisSchool Furniture Request for ProposalsAbout KIPP St. LouisKIPP St. Louis is charter school network within the City of St. Louis which currently operatesInspire Academy Middle (5-8) and Victory Academy Elementary (K-1). In July 2015, we will add2nd grade to Victory Academy Elementary, and open Triumph Academy Middle (5) and WisdomAcademy Elementary (K-1). It is anticipated that in 2015-16 KIPP St. Louis will serve nearly 960students in 2015-16 (500 K-2 and 460 middle school), and 1,430 student in 2016-17 (900 K-3and 530 middle school). KIPP St. Louis expects to continue to grow over five years to anapproximate of 2,300 total students.Vendor Qualifications1) The vendor who will be chosen is expected to have experience in successful design,sourcing, delivery and installation of furniture in a PK-12 education setting.2) The chosen vendor must be able to effectively execute all four steps of the furnitureprocurement process from design to installation.3) Additionally, the vendor must have the ability to source product from a variety ofmanufacturers and sources.4) The vendor must be able to accommodate a July 1, 2015 delivery deadline.Specifications for KIPP St. LouisKSL requests price schedules and specifications for five categories of products: student chairs,student desks, office chairs, U-shaped/horseshoe tables and teacher desks. Please notequantities below are estimates. If alternative manufacturers are quoted, please provideadditional detail on sks 16”Stackable, at least 5 high18 inch18” x 24” x 22” – 30”Single deskSteel book box – 15” x 20” x4”20" x 27" x 22"-30Single desk20" x 48" x 22"- 30"Double deskManufacturerModel #Smith Systems11848Quantity510Smith SystemsSmith Systems01600120392Smith Systems0165066Smith Systems0166028

KIPP St. LouisSchool Furniture Request for ProposalsHorseshoe tableTeacher chair Teacherdesk Smith Systems019341531.25"D x 26.0"W x 38.5"HMesh backPneumatic seat heightadjustment360 degree swivelTilt lock and tensionHonH57134524"D x 60" W rectangleworksurfaceLAM: Brilliant whiteEDGE: brilliant white,grommetsCLR: white24"D x 28"H O-Leg Supportfor worksurfaceHonHLSLR2460W2021” – 30”Note that additional items will be required based on school specifications. These items will bedetermined during the design phase of the project.DeliveryFurniture will be delivered and installed across three campuses:1) KIPP Victory Academy Elementary School/KIPP Triumph Academy Middle School –955 Arcade Avenue, St. Louis, MO 631122) KIPP Wisdom Academy Elementary School –2647 Ohio Avenue, St. Louis, MO 631183) KIPP Inspire Academy Middle School –1212 North 22nd Street, St. Louis, MO 63106SamplesOn request, and without cost to KSL, any bidder shall submit such full size samples offurniture/equipment which in the opinion of KSL are necessary to judge adequately thecharacter, quality and construction of the product. Failure to comply within the time prescribedshall be deemed sufficient grounds for rejection of the bid.

KIPP St. LouisSchool Furniture Request for ProposalsResponses must includeA. Itemized price schedule for each furniture specification above, including manufacturerand basic specifications. Pricing not to include Sales Tax; KIPP St. Louis is tax exempt.Please utilize negotiated pricing for any applicable associations (educationplus, MissouriCharter Public School Association) where advantageous.B. Detailed services price schedule that breaks out fees for each step of process – design,sourcing, delivery and installation. Please utilize negotiated pricing for any applicableassociations (educationplus, Missouri Charter Public School Association) whereadvantageous.C. Delivery/installation options and capabilities, including warehousing abilities and on-sitesupport.D. Clearly indicate in your proposal any value added proposal, incentives and/orenhancements and additional costs relating to such.E. Your company overview.F. Team Information relative to who would be assigned to our account, and in whatcapacity.G. What do you consider to be your firm's specialties and strengths?H. What other services, in addition to furniture sourcing, delivery and installation, can yourfirm offer to our schools?I. What makes your firm different from others who may submit proposals?J. Examples of innovative solutions your firm has implemented at other schools.K. Three references of other education institutions for which you provide furniture? If so,include the length of time you have worked with the client, the current contact name,company name, title and phone number for each contact.L. What other services your firm provides that will be included in your fees; or if optional,what the cost is for those services.M. Are there are any existing or potential relationships between your firm or any employeeor officer of KSL that could lessen your independence and objectivity because of aperceived or actual conflict of interest?

KIPP St. LouisSchool Furniture Request for ProposalsEvaluation CriteriaThe following criteria shall be employed in the evaluation of proposals and the concurrentdecision to award this contract to the successful bidder. These criteria are, not necessarily inlisted order of importance:1) Overall ability to meet KSL’s needs2) Overall capacity to perform reliably and with integrity3) Cost quoted in proposal4) Ability to meet delivery and installation timetable5) Meeting or exceeding functional specifications6) Warranties and/or guarantees7) Conformance of proposal to instruction for format and contents of proposalAdditional CommentsAll information and material returned with proposals shall become part of any contract whichresults from this proposal. Any proprietary information submitted for review should besubmitted in a separate sealed envelope plainly marked as proprietary information. KIPP St.Louis (KSL) will disclose this information only to the members of the evaluation committee. KSLreserves the right to reject any or all proposals as may be in the best interest of the KSL asdetermined by KSL. Interpretations, changes, modifications or additions to the Request forProposal resulting from any inquiries, shall be published by addenda to all those receiving theoriginal proposal package. All materials submitted become the property of the KSL and will notbe returned.Vendors requiring any interpretations or clarifications regarding the request for proposals shalldirect such questions to Norie Pride at KIPP St. Louis, [email protected].

KIPP St. LouisSchool Furniture Request for ProposalsProposal submission and presentation guidelinesBids shall be plainly marked on the outside of ONE sealed envelope with:Furniture Bid for KIPP St. Louis Public Schools – March 23, 2105and delivered to Norie Pride at 955 Arcade Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63118 by 2:00 PM centralstandard time on Monday, March 23, 2015.The name of the bidder shall be noted on the lower left corner of the sealed envelope.Electronic submissions may be accepted if requested. Any electronic submission requestsshould be made directly to Norie Pride, [email protected] bidder should submit a standard agreement along with the bid. KSL may or may not havesuggested revisions. If mutually acceptable terms and contract language cannot be worked outwith the bidder in question, KSL will consider a different bidder’s proposal.It should be understood that KSL reserves the right to reject any and all proposals submittedand/or to request additional information. Furthermore, the furniture purchased will be fromthe firm, which, in the opinion of KSL, is the best qualified. All bids must be delivered to KIPP St.Louis by bid close date and time. Late bids will be unopened and discarded. Failure to complywill result is disqualification.Bidders NameOfficial TitlePhone NumberAddressCityStateZip CodeBidders SignatureDate

SMITHS YSTEM.COM1 - 8 0 0 - 3 2 8 -1 0 6 1SINGLE STUDENT MODELS:MODEL 01600: 18” X 24”MODEL 01601: 18” X 24” (HARD PLASTIC)2-Student Silhouette 20” x 54”,Model 01661 Shown in AsianNight top with Fuchsia edge andPlatinum frame.MODEL 01650: 20” X 27”MODEL 01651: 20” X 27” (HARD PLASTIC)TWO STUDENT MODELS:MODEL 01660: 20” X 48”MODEL 01661: 20” X 54”SILHOUETTE DESKSOVERVIEWCOLOR OPTIONSThe Silhouette Desk is a contemporary desk for traditional classrooms, combining elegant design, durability andfunctionality. It’s stable and strong, and its leg design allowseasy ingress and egress. A backpack peg is now standard, too.Choose from three Bookbox options.FRAME Cantilevered design allows easy ingress and egress. Adjustable leg height from 22”-30” in 1” increments. Only two(not four) legs to adjust. Choose from three durable desktops, 1 1/4” thick or 3/4” thickwith high-pressure laminate surface, or hard plastic. Choose from several edge band treatments. Rugged powder coat surface on legs resists wear. Lockable endcap/glide combination that resists tampering.BL ACKPL ATINUMEDGE CHOICESAPPLEC H O C O L AT EPERSIAN BLUEBL ACKCLEMENTINEPURPLEBLUEBERRYFOREST PAGNEMOCHAPL ATINUMCHARCOALNAV YLAMINATE CHOICESAMBER CHERRYGOLDEN OAKPEW TER MESHASIAN NIGHTGREY MESHTAN ECHOBLOND ECHOGREY NEBUL AWILD CHERRYFUSION MAPLENEW AGE OAK

S M I T H S YS T E M S I L H O U E T T E D E S K S3/8” BumperT-Mold3/8” BumperT-Mold3mm Edge3mm Edge4mm T-MoldSilhouette Single-Student Desks4mm T-MoldHave Top and Edge Choices3/8” BumperT-Mold3mm Edge3/8” BumperT-Mold3mmEdgeCCHOICE 1Model 01650. Shown in Blond Echo top with Platinumedge and Platinum frame. Optional SW tote tray,Model 30925 and optional 18" Flavors Stack Chair,Model 11849.V3mm Edge4mm T-MoldD4mmT-Mold3mmEdgeCHOICE 34mm T-MoldT-MoldBulletCHOICE 4CHOICE 2Bullet T-MoldMODELDESCRIPTIOND"W"H"F.C.01600Silhouette DeskSingle Student182422-307001650Silhouette DeskSingle Student202722-30704mm T-MoldCUBE3mm 4mm T-MoldBullet T-MoldHARD PLASTIC DESK TOP COLOR CHOICECHERRYGREYMAPLESANDHard plastic is not on ourQuick Ship program.OAKModel 01650. Shown in Golden Oak hard plastic top,with Platinum houette DeskHard Plastic top182422-30701.336*01651Silhouette DeskHard Plastic top202722-30701.340*F O R M O R E I N F O R M AT I O N C A L L 1 - 8 0 0 -3 2 8 -1 0 6 1O R V I S I T W W W. S M I T H S YS T E M . CO M

S M I T H S YS T E M S I L H O U E T T E D E S K SSilhouette Two-Student Desks HaveTop and Edge Choices3/8” BumperT-Mold3/8” BumperT-Mold3mmEdgeCHOICE 12-Student Silhouette 20” x 54”,Model 01661 Shown in AsianNight top with Fuchsia edge andPlatinum frame.3mm Edge4mm T-MoldDCHOICE 24mm T-Mold3mm EdgeMODELDESCRIPTIOND"W"H"F.C.01660Silhouette DeskTwo Student*204822-307001661Silhouette DeskTwo etT-Mold4mm T-Mold*Available in 1 1/4" top only.Bullet T-MoldOPTIONAL ACCESSORIES:Steel BookboxDurable Steel Bookbox inrugged Black or Platinumpowder coat finish. Specialorder Champagne.MODELWire BookboxWire Bookbox inrugged Blackpowder coat finish.DESCRIPTIONExtra Wide Tote TrayTranslucent EW tote trayinterfaces withCascade Storage Unitsthat hold EW Trays.D"W"H"F.C.CUBEWT.UPS15204703.08**Silhouette Desk Accessories17190Steel Bookbox - for 18 x 24 & 20 x 27 desk17192Steel Bookbox - for 18 x 24 & 20 x 27 desk15174703.0817200Wire book basket15183.5703.05*30925SW (Standard Width) tote tray with housing16.813.53701.138*30926EW (Extra Wide) tote tray with housing16.819.63701.1310*175732.5" Dual-Wheel Caster Pack - Set of 4, 4 Locking442700.52*F O R M O R E I N F O R M AT I O N C A L L 1 - 8 0 0 -3 2 8 -1 0 6 1O R V I S I T W W W. S M I T H S YS T E M . CO M

activity table - horseshoemodel #: 01933, 01934, 01935horseshoe activity table 60” x 66”DIMENSIONS 0”704.2WEIGHT130 lbs.0193460”66”15”-24”704.1130 lbs.0193560”66”11”-16”704.1129 lbs.carton60”67”1.5”70OVERVIEW:This classroom standby is perfect for small groupinstruction. Sturdy and stable with gracefully stronglegs. The line’s height ranges are adequate forstudents from pre-K through adult. Legs availablein a choice of three height ranges (21”-30”, 15”-24”or 11”-16”).21” - 30”ADJ. HEIGHTACTIVITY TABLE TOP & EDGE PROFILE1 1/4” TOP3/8” BUMPER T-MOLDD4MM T-MOLD3/4” TOPCV4MM T-MOLDBULLET T-MOLD57””The UPPER LEG is made of an 18-gauge 1”diameter steel tube that is protected by a durablepowder coat finish (available in 8 different colors)and a 16-gauge mounting plate which adds stabilityand strength. Legs attach to an easy-on bracketthat is already mounted to the desktop, requiringonly one screw per leg for secure assembly. The12-gauge LOWER LEG is a chrome-plated tube toresist scuffing. The telescoping leg adjusts in 1”increments, and is swedged to accept our outsidehold design which stays longer and lasts longeras well as features a chrome-plated swivel base &nylon contact pad.29MATERIALS:The 1 1/4” thick WORK SURFACE consists of a45 lb. density particle board core with a .030”high-pressure laminated surface and a .020”melamine backer sheet. The edge of the worksurface features 3/8” bumper edge molding that ismechanically fastened every 6 to 8 inches to assurea long lasting fit.31”MODEL #22”66”58”LAMINATE CHOICESAMBER CHERRYGOLDEN OAKPEW TER MESHASIAN NIGHTGREY MESHTAN ECHOBLOND ECHOGREY NEBUL AWILD CHERRYFUSION MAPLENEW AGE OAKACTIVITY LEG COLOR CHOICEBL ACKNAV YPURPLECHAMPAGNEPERSIAN BLUEREDFOREST GREENPL ATINUMYELLOWACTIVITY EDGE COLOR CHOICEAPPLECHAMPAGNEFUCHSIAPURPLEBL ACKCHARCOALMINTREDBLUEBERRYC H O C O L AT EMOCHAWHITEBURGUNDYCLEMENTINENAV YYELLOWCERULEANFOREST GREENPERSIAN BLUEPL ATINUM

flavors stack chairmodel #: 11845, 11846, 11847, 11848, 11849OVERVIEW:*BIFMA compliant.Comfortable seat helps students keep properposture and provides support for back and legs. Flatseat pan with waterfall front edge. Available in 6sizes, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16” and 18”. Chair shell comesin 18 colors and frame in Chrome or Platinum.MATERIALS:The SHELL is 100% virgin polypropylene material with a shallow seat pan allowing four-positionseating for infinite seating styles. The back suppliesrigid support while being specifically designed withadded flexibility that adapts to individual requirements and supplies long lasting comfort. The shellincludes an integrated handle molded in for easymovement of the chair.G”B”A”The FRAME is constructed of strong 1” x 18-gaugetubing that is chrome plated for long lasting,durable finish is capped off with our durable nylonbase swivel glides (steel and felt also available). Theshell is attached to 16-gauge brackets via a metalto metal steel riveted connection and includes anintegrated handle molded in for easy pick-up andmoving of the chair.D”OPTIONS:Nylon glide is standard.Felt glide option : Add ‘F’ to follow Model No.Steel glide option : Add ‘S’ to follow Model No.(set of 4 installed - upcharge for felt or steel glide).F”E”C”DIMENSIONS FREIGHT:* product is UPSable.MODEL #SHELL (H”)ABCDEFGF.C.CUBEWEIGHT11844C (8”)18”12”13.5”12”15”8”11”1251.26 lbs.11845C 7 lbs.11846C 7 lbs.11847B �1252.09 lbs.11848B �1252.09 lbs.11849A .710 lbs.FRAMECHROMEPL ATINUMSHELLAPPLECHARCOALMINTREDBL ACKC H O C O L AT EMOCHAWHITEBLUEBERRYCLEMENTINENAV YYELLOWBURGUNDYFOREST GREENPERSIAN BLUECERULEANFUCHSIAPURPLE

VOLT Seating

ACCOMPLISH MORE. RELAX MORE. SPEND LESS.With a wide range of adjustments for personal comfort,distinctive styling, and a complete family of task seatingthat works wherever you do, Volt is an affordable solutionthat offers more for less. The stylish V-shaped back designis paired with a choice of fabric, leather or breathablemesh, allowing users to achieve any desired aesthetic.The personalized controls and generously proportionedseat and back deliver greater comfort, and are designedsupport to a wider variety of users. Volt delivers the lookyou desire, the comfort you demand, and the quality youexpect. All at an unexpected price.VOLT 5700 SERIESUPHOLSTERED OPTIONSCustomize Volt with an optional breathablemesh back for all-day comfort. The 5700Series features four high-quality fabrics,including upscale Black leather. The 5720Series is available in an array of versatiletextiles, from vibrant primaries tosophisticated neutrals.MESHUPHOLSTEREDLEATHERCOMFORT AT YOUR FINGERTIPSSB11 Black LeatherGA42 CrimsonGA90 NavyGA10 Black1. Pneumatic lift. Allows the user toeasily move the seat up and downto reduce pressure on the legs andimprove circulation.2. 360-swivel. Provides freedom ofmovement in any direction, andpromotes adjustment and comfortthroughout the day.H5701 TASK CHAIR CENTER-TILT1 2 3 5 6 7H5703 TASK CHAIR SYNCHRO-TILT1 2 4 5 6 7H5705 TASK STOOL1 2 7 8VOLT MESH SERIESSB11 Black LeatherGA42 CrimsonGA90 NavyGA10 Black3. Center-tilt. Reclines the chair from apoint at the center of the seat, allowingthe user to comfortably recline.4. Synchro-tilt. Reclines the back at ahigher ratio than the seat, encouragingproper back alignment and increasedcirculation for greater comfort.5. Tilt tension. Adjusts the resistancewhen reclining to accommodateindividual’s weight and work styles.H5711 MESH BACK TASK CHAIRCENTER-TILT1 2 3 5 6 7H5713 MESH BACK TASK CHAIRSYNCHRO-TILT1 2 4 5 6 7H5715 MESH BACK TASK STOOL1 2 7 8VOLT 5720 SERIES*6. Tilt lock. Locks the chair in an uprightposition for constant back supportwhen not reclining.7. Optional height-adjustable arms.Easily move the arms up and down toreduce stress on neck and shoulders.8. Extended height/Adjustable footring.Provides access to standing-heightworkstations and high tables, andfootring supports the feet andlower body.H5721 TASK CHAIR CENTER-TILT1 2 3 5 6 7*Available in hundreds of HON fabrics.H5723 TASK CHAIR SYNCHRO-TILT1 2 4 5 6 7H5725 TASK STOOL1 2 7 8The HON Company200 Oak StreetMuscatine, IA 2013 The HON Company. Form No. H4331 (10/13)HON and Volt are registered trademarks of HNI Technologies,under license to the HON Company. Indoor Advantage isa trademark of Scientific Certifications Systems. level is atrademark of BIFMA International. Models, upholstery, andfinishes are subject to change without notice.

Furniture Bid for KIPP St. Louis Public Schools . NEW AGE OAK PEWTER MESH TAN ECHO WILD CHERRY LAMINATE CHOICES EDGE CHOICES FRAME BLACK PLATINUM TWO STUDENT MODELS: MODEL 01660: 20" X 48" MODEL 01661: 20" X 54" 2-Student Silhouette 20" x 54", Model 01661 Shown in Asian