“ TO C L E A RVI E W S C H O O L D I S T R I C T C I T I Z E N S ”CLEARVIEW NEWSVolume 22 Number 1Dr. Thomas G. Jama, SuperintendentAugust 2010Message from the Superintendent of SchoolsDr. Thomas G. JamaDear Community Member:I would like to take this opportunity thank the entire Clearview Schools community for giving me the opportunity to serve as the district’s new superintendent. I would additionally like to share some general and personalinformation with you so that you have a better understanding of my background and goals for the district.My name is Thomas G. Jama and this is my twenty third year in the field of public education. These yearshave taken me through many positions in the educational field with a wealth of experiences. I started my educational career in 1988 after graduating with a BS in Education from Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania, where my major was early childhood/elementary education. I landed my first teaching position as a kindergarten teacher in the Lorain City Schools. When the district started having financial difficulties, I wastransferred to a third grade position until that position was eliminated due to financial constraints. I was thenassigned to a program teaching 8th grade math to “at-risk” 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th graders. These studentswere members of the Jump Start Program which was housed in a separate facility. I loved this program andbecame the school’s administrator the following year. At that time, I was also finishing my Masters Degree inEducational Administration from Ashland University. I remained at Jump Start for four years and learned a lotabout kids, their families and how educators can make a difference.I then left Lorain to take an administrative position in the Elyria City School District at Northwood Junior High.Northwood is one of three junior highs that hold approximately 425 seventh and eighth graders. I also servedas an assistant principal for one year and an elementary principal for two years. During my administrativeyears in Elyria I received my Doctor of Education Degree in Organizational Management from NorthcentralUniversity.Most recently, I was the high school principal at Clearview serving for two years. Over these two years, Ihave worked with an outstanding staff, developed friendships with many community members and most importantly had the privilege of watching our wonderful student population achieve and succeed.I would like to share a little personal information with all of you. I am the proud father of two sons ages twentyone and nineteen. My oldest attends Youngstown State University through the partnership at Lorain CountyCommunity College and my youngest just recently graduated from Clearview High School and will attend theUniversity of Toledo in the fall and play in the Toledo Marching Band. I am married to my wonderful wife, Kellyof twenty-two years. My hobbies include family activities, camping, fishing, watching college football(especially the Ohio State Buckeyes) and attending Cleveland Browns games.Finally, I am honored and humbled to be your superintendent. I will assure you that I will do everything in mypower to maintain/improve the lines of communication with the school community, work closely with all staffmembers, and most importantly provide a safe and quality learning environment for each student. Pleasestop in and say Hello!

PAGE 2C L EA RVI EW NEW SVOLUME 22 NUMBER 1News From The Superintendent:I hope everyone had a safe, restful and enjoyable summeras we approach a new and exciting school year. Below aresome news items that I would like to share with the entireschool community:Clearview Schools Academic SuccessesI am very pleased to inform the Clearview SchoolCommunity that the district has raised its academic ratingwith the Ohio Department of Education to EFFECTIVE.This is a major improvement from our previous rating ofContinuous Improvement. Each of the schools alsoreceived a rating of EFFECTIVE by the Ohio Departmentof Education. This major improvement was made possiblethrough hard work and dedication by the student body andthe entire staff promoting academic excellence.Congratulations to the students and staff at Vincent,Durling and Clearview High School.CHS to Offer Advanced Placement CourseClearview High school will be offering its first AdvancedPlacement course during the 2010-2011 school year. Thecourse, English Literature and Composition, will be taughtby Mr. Painter. Students will have the opportunity to earna college credit at the completion of the course by passingan Advanced Placement Exam. For more informationplease go to: ut.htmlClearview Schools Superintendent CommunityEngagement Team.A community engagement team was organized during themonth of May, 2010, and has met on two occasions.Members of this team include: district staff members,parents, local residents, representatives from local supportagencies, a local business owner, a township trustee, and acounty commissioner. The main purpose of this team is toimprove the overall educational program within thedistrict, open the lines of communication between thedistrict and the community, develop a school/communityimprovement plan, and discuss community issues as theyrelate to the district. You are being asked to complete theenclosed community survey.High School TrackThe renovation of the high school track, long jumprunways, and the high jump section took place throughoutthe summer months. This project was made possible witha recycling grant from the Lorain County WasteManagement Department. The surface of the track isrecycled tires which permitted us to qualify for therecycling grant. The school community is encouraged toutilize the track for walking and/or jogging.New Staff MembersI am pleased to inform you that there will be some newfaces within the district along with current staff membersmoving into new positions.Franco GalloHigh School PrincipalJames KohlerHigh School Assistant Principal/Athletic DirectorEric BakerDistrict Technology CoordinatorSean HoganIntervention Specialist (Durling)Stephanie Brindza-LeonhardtIntervention Specialist (Vincent)Molly StreatorScience Teacher (Durling)Community Wide Tailgate GatheringThere will be a community-wide tailgate gathering onFriday, August 27, 2010, prior to the start of the BIGfootball game between the Clearview Clippers and theElyria Catholic Panthers. This event will take place in thehigh school cafeteria with hamburgers, hotdogs, pop, andother food items. The tailgate gathering will start at 5:00p.m. and conclude at 6:30 p.m. Please come and shareyour team spirit with other Clipper fans prior to theopening kick-off of high school football. Please contactthe high school at 440-233-6313 for more information.

Clearview Local Schools-November Levy IssuesDear Clearview Community Member:On November 2, 2010, the Clearview Local Schools will have two levy issues on the ballot. The renewal of theemergency levy will not raise your taxes and assist in the general operations of the district. The second issue onthe ballot will be a 1 mill permanent improvement levy which will assist in the following areas: improving &equipping school buildings, technology/computer up-grades, bus replacement, up-dated instructional materialsand textbooks. The 1 mill permanent improvement levy WILL NOT be used for salaries, supplemental contracts or general supplies. The 1 mill levy will cost the homeowner of a 100,000 home approximately 26.00per year or 2.20 per month.The example below will show the calculation of a 1 mill levy on a 100,000 home: 100,000Real value of homex 35%Homes are taxed at 35% of their value 35,000Taxable value of homex 0.0011 Mill levy 35.00Sub total- 8.75State rollback (12.5% owner discount-money paid by State of Ohio) 26.25Amount of taxes paid annually for 1 mill on a 100,000 home/12 2.20Amount of taxes paid monthly for 1 mill on a 100,000 -------------------------Name:Phone #:Address:My child(ren) are open enrolledEmail Address:Student(s) Name if Applicable:School(s) Attending if Applicable:I am willing to volunteer my time for the two levy issues in the following areas:Chair Sub Committee Co-Chair Sub CommitteeSign Distribution Phone Calls Door to Door Letter to the EditorVolunteer at Special Events Voting Day Poling OtherI Do Not want a levy sign in my yard.Please mail response to or call: Thomas G. Jama, Superintendentc/o Levy Sheet440-233-5412Clearview Local Schools4700 BroadwayLorain, Ohio 44052

C L EA RVI EW NEW SPAGE 4VO LU ME 22 NU MBER 1It’s Happening at Vincent Elementary School .Vincent School TimesCAR RIDER PICK UPAttention Vincent Parents!!!!ARRIVAL8:25 First Bell(Breakfast Time)8:50 Second Bell(Breakfast Clean-up)8:55 Tardy BellPlease remember to sign up for a Car Rider StudentPick-Up Pass.The passes will be available in our school office onAugust 21st.If you do not wish to have a Car Pass, your child willhave to be signed out in the school office. Car RiderPasses are for students who are picked up from school ona daily basis.Questions?DISMISSAL3:15-3:35Contact our secretary, Mrs. Panchak at233-7113.Reminder to Vincent ElementarySchool Students:Give Me 3!Be ResponsibleBe RespectfulBe a Positive Role ModelThe only 3 rules at Vincent School Theywork at home too!Latchkey(This is a before/after school programthat parents must pay for. A child mustbe registered with the latchkey monitorbefore attending.)7:00- 8:25 AMOpen House atVincent Elementary SchoolAugust 23rd3:30-5:00pmFirst Day of Kindergarten is August 27th!Kindergarten ScreeningYou will be notified by mail as to the date your child is scheduled for Kindergarten screening .There will be 3 days of screening beginning August 24-26th.More information will be coming by mail. If you have any questions regarding the process, please call our school office at233-7113.Children must be 5 years old by August 1, 2010 to attend Kindergarten.Welcome to Kindergarten!

VO LU ME 22NU MBER 1C L EA RVI EW NEW SLunch Price ChangeFrom the desk of Darlene Baker.We will be raising the lunch prices this year. ClearviewHigh School will be 2.75, Durling Middle School willalso be 2.75, and Vincent Elementary School will be 2.50. With the cost of everything going so high, wehave no other choice but to raise prices. You will alsobe seeing some changes in our Ala Carte Menu. Wewill offer more healthy snacks likefruits, vegetables, and baked chips.Milk prices will remaine .50. Adultsprices will be 3.50.PAGE 5BOOK FEES 2010 - 2011KindergartenOpen Court Decodable BooksSaxon Math MaterialsClassroom Art Supplies 29.00 10.00 14.00 5.00First GradeOpen Court Decodable Book 1Open Court Decodable Book 2Saxon Math MaterialsAR/AM Homework Folders 42.00 10.00 10.00 20.00 2.00Second GradeOpen Court WorkbookSaxon Math MaterialsAgenda 39.70 17.00 20.00 2.70Third GradeAgendaAccelerated Math/FolderAccelerated Reader/FolderSaxon Math Materials 36.20 2.70 4.60 5.90 23.00Fourth GradeAgendaAccelerated Math/FolderAccelerated Reader/FolderLanyardsMath Facts in a Flash 16.00 2.70 4.60 5.90 .50 .70What’s New at Vincent Elementary?Technology, Technology, TechnologyEach classroom at Vincent Elementary will beequipped with either a Mimeo or Smart Boardthis year. These interactive white boards allowstudents to manipulate math problems, read,and create stories and writings. The possibilities for improving a student’s learning areunlimited with these new tools. Mimeos andSmart Boards also help in making Vincent a“Greener” place. It helps to cut back on paper.Hopefully during Open House or Conferences,community members will be able to view thesetechnology tools in action.School TimeScheduleVincent - 8:55 - 3:15(Breakfast - 8:25 - 8:50)Durling - 8:10 - 2:50(Breakfast - 7:50 - 8:05)Clearview - 7:30 - 2:40(Breakfast - 7:00 - 7:30)

PAGE 6C L EA RVI EW NEW STransportation willbeprovided for:All students in kindergarten through grade 8 residing in theClearview District who live one mile or more from the building of attendance, including Vincent, and DurlingStudents attending the Lorain County JVS will be transportedfrom Clearview High, departing at 6:40 a.m. and return toClearview High at approximately 2:40 p.m.The pick up points and times printed on this schedule will bein effect for the opening of school. Routes are subject tochange due to new enrollment or withdrawals of students andpickup - drop off locations may also be changed.Times listed may vary by ten minutes for approximately twoweeks after school starts.Please remember when bad weather occurs the buses willleave 5 minutes early. This also includes the JVS bus.Your understanding is appreciated.Students are not authorized to change buses unless writtenapproval from the building principal is obtained by the parent.A parent, with any concerns or not sure of his child’s eligibility under this policy, can contact the bus garage at 233-6084.VO LU ME 22NU MBER 1Clearview parents andstudents:Busing routes for 2010 - 2011 have been revisedfor the Clearview Local Schools:Vincent Elementary, Kindergarten - 4th gradeDurling Middle, 5th grade - 8th gradeTo determine your student’s time, place of pickup,and bus number:Locate the stop nearest to your residence with thepick up time next to it.Please have your student at the pickup location 5minutes before the printed time on the schedule,located on the next 2 pages.Permanent places of pickup may change toinsure the safest and mostefficient bus routing of allstudents.If you have questions,please call the Transportation Department at 2336084.CLEARVIEW TRANSPORTATION TOPRIVATE and/or CHARTER SCHOOLSClearview resident students attendingArts-Science AcademyLorain Community AcademyWill ride Bus #11 departing from the Clearview Bus Garage at 7:45 a.m.Lorain Preparatory AcademySummit Academy-BroadwayWill ride Bus #10 departing from the Clearview Bus Garage at 7:45 a.m.Students may ride the Durling morning buses from there residence to the Clearview Bus Garage or report to Garageno later then 7:40 a.m.Clearview resident students attendingSt. JudesOpen Door ChristianWill ride Bus #10 departing from the Clearview Bus Garage at 7:00 a.m. Students should report to the ClearviewBus Garage no later than 6:55 a.m.Clearview resident students attendingSummit Academy- St. John’s CampusWill ride Bus #14 departing from the Clearview Bus Garage at 7:45 am. Students may ride the Durling a.m. bus toThe Clearview Bus Garage or report to Garage no later than 7:40 am.

VO LU ME 22 NU MBER 1C L EA RVI EW NEW SPAGE 7TRANSPORTATION SCHEDULEFOR DURLINGAda Ave & E 36th St7:26 amBus # 8Albany Ave & E 36th St7:25 amBus # 85315 Elyria Avenue7:19 amBus #2Fleming Ave & Mayfield St7:25 amBus #9Berkshire Apartments7:34 amBus #2Frankfort St & Liberty Ave7:26 amBus #9Bond Ave & Mayfield St7:27 amBus #9Garfield Ave & Clinton Ave7:19 amBus #13Canton Ave & E 36th St7:21 amBus # 8Garfield Ave & Oakwood Ave7:21 amBus #13Cleveland Ave & Clinton Ave7:17 amBus #13Grant Ave & Clinton Ave7:20 amBus #13Cleveland Ave & Oakwood Ave7:23 amBus #13Grant Ave & Oakwood Ave7:21 amBus #13Clifton Ave & DeWitt St7:29 amBus #2Grove Ave & Wilson Ave7:13 amBus #13Clifton Ave & E 36th St7:20 amBus # 8Harrison Ave & Clinton Ave7:18 amBus #13Clifton Ave & E 39th St7:28 amBus #2Harrison Ave & Oakwood Ave7:22 amBus #13Clifton Ave & E 45th St7:36 amBus #15Hecock Ave & School St7:30 amBus #13Clifton Ave & Harriet St7:31 amBus #2Lexington Ave & W 37th St7:30 amBus #154210 Clifton Avenue7:35 amBus #15Liberty Ave & N Ridge Rd7:30 amBus #9Dallas Ave & E 36th St7:23 amBus # 8Livingston Ave & W 37th St7:32 amBus #15Dayton Ave & W 38th St7:29 amBus #15Louis Ave & N Ridge Rd7:27 amBus #13Denver Ave & E 36th St7:18 amBus # 8Lowell Ave & E 36th St7:24 amBus # 83903 Elyria Ave7:28 amBus #2Mayfield St & Ridgeland St7:15 amBus #133854 Dunton Rd7:27 amBus # 8Mayfield St & Ridgewood St7:23 amBus #93946 Dunton Rd7:28 amBus # 8Mayfield St & Vincent Ave7:24 amBus #94029 Dunton Rd7:29 amBus # 8McKinley Ave & Oakwood Ave7:23 amBus #134109 Dunton Rd7:30 amBus # 82532 N Ridge Rd7:29 amBus #9Dunton Rd & 4597 Elyria Ave7:31 amBus #8Omaha Ave & E 36th St7:22 amBus # 8E 37th St & Pearl Ave7:35 amBus #12Orchard Ave & School St7:31 amBus #13E 38th St & Pearl Ave7:34 amBus #12Pearl Apartments & E 40th St7:31 amBus #12E 39th St & Pearl Ave7:33 amBus #125259 Pearl Ave7:26 amBus #12E 41st St & Pearl Ave7:30 amBus #12Pine Hollow & Glenn Oaks Apartments7:36 amBus #2E 43rd St & Pearl Ave7:27 amBus #12Queen Anne Ave & W 45th Pl7:26 amBus #15Elfleda St & Globe Ave7:28 amBus #13Reid Ave & W 38th St7:31 amBus #15Elfleda St & Hecock Ave7:30 amBus #13Ridgeland St & Wilson Ave7:14 amBus #13Elfleda St & Orchard Ave7:29 amBus #13Rolling Ave & School St7:32 amBus #13Elfleda St & Rolling Ave7:33 amBus #13Roosevelt Ave & Oakwood Ave7:24 amBus #135237 Elyria Av7:20 amBus #2Sheffield Meadows Apartments7:33 amBus #24047 Elyria Ave7:26 amBus #2Taft Ave & Oakwood Ave7:25 amBus #134671 Elyria Ave7:22 amBus #2Toledo Ave & E 36th St7:19 amBus # 84783 Elyria Ave7:21 amBus #2Vincent School7:31 amBus #9Elyria Ave & Grace St7:25 amBus #2623 W 36th St7:28 amBus #155070 Elyria Ave.7:32 amBus # 84820 Washington Ave7:24 amBus #154223 Elyria Avenue7:25 amBus #24491 Elyria Avenue7:23 amBus #2

PAGE 8C L EA RVI EW NEW SVO LU ME 22NU MBER 1TRANSPORTATION SCHEDULEFOR VINCENT5445 1/2 Elyria Ave7:59 amBus #12Elfleda St & Orchard Ave8:03 amBus #12Albany Ave & E 36th St8:05 amBus #8Elfleda St & Rolling Ave8:02 amBus #12Berkshire Blvd & Oneil Blvd8:10 amBus #94671 Elyria Av8:09 amBus #84425 Broadway7:56 amBus #133903 Elyria Ave8:04 amBus #94765 Broadway7:55 amBus #133904 Elyria Ave8:07 amBus #95065 Broadway7:54 amBus #134047 Elyria Ave8:02 amBus #98:10 amBus #85200 Broadway7:56 amBus #24724 Elyria Ave5340 Broadway7:57 amBus #25070 Elyria Ave8:11 amBus #8Broadway & Jefferson St7:54 amBus #22085 Grant Ave8:10 amBus #124480 Broadway Ave7:55 amBus #2Grove Ave & Wilson Ave8:15 amBus #12Buckingham Dr & Queen Anne Ave8:01 amBus #15Harrison Ave & Oakwood Ave8:11 amBus #12Canton Ave & E 36th St8:01 amBus #85200 Hecock Ave8:12 amBus #8Cityview Center Clifton Ave & E 39th St8:00 amBus #9Hecock Ave & School St8:01 amBus #12Cleveland Ave & Oakwood Ave8:11 amBus #12Hoover Blvd & Cooper Foster Pk Rd W 7:54 amBus #157:57 amBus #9Clifton Ave & DeWitt St8:01 amBus #94203 Elyria AveClifton Ave & E 36th St8:00 amBus #8Lexington Ave & W 37th St8:07 amBus #15Clifton Ave & E 45th St8:12 amBus #13Lexington Ave & W 38th St8:07 amBus #15Clifton Ave & Harriet St8:02 amBus #9Livingston Ave & W 37th St8:10 amBus #155297 Clinton Ave8:08 amBus #12Lowell Ave & E 36th St8:04 amBus #8Clinton Ave & Harrison Ave8:09 amBus #12Mayfield St & Ridgeland St8:17 amBus #12Dallas Ave & E 36th St8:03 amBus #8McKinley Ave & Oakwood Ave8:12 amBus #123607 Dayton Ave8:04 amBus #15195 North Ridge Road West7:56 amBus #128:13 amBus #12Dayton Ave & W 38th St8:06 amBus #15Oakwood Ave & Taft AveDenver Ave & E 36th St7:58 amBus #8Omaha Ave & E 36th St8:02 amBus #8Denver Ave & E 39th St8:05 amBus #9Oneil Blvd & Pine Hollow Blvd8:12 amBus #93946 Dunton Rd8:07 amBus #8Pearl Apartments8:04 amBus #24029 Dunton Rd8:08 amBus #85259 Pearl Ave8:02 amBus #2E 37th St & Pearl Ave8:08 amBus #24536 Queen Anne Ave8:00 amBus #15E 38th St & Pearl Ave8:09 amBus #2Reid Ave & W 37th St8:08 amBus #15915 E 39th St7:59 amBus #9Ridgeland St & Wilson Ave8:16 amBus #127:58 amBus #9E 39th St & Pearl Ave8:10 amBus #24135 Russell AveE 40th St & Pearl Ave8:11 amBus #2Sheffield Meadows Apartments8:09 amBus #9E 42nd St & Toledo Ave8:00 amBus #134870 Toledo Ave8:06 amBus #13E 43rd St & Pearl Ave8:13 amBus #24964 Toledo Ave8:07 amBus #13E 43rd St & Toledo Ave8:01 amBus #13Toledo Ave & E 36th St.7:59 amBus #8E 44th St & Toledo Ave8:03 amBus #135080 Toledo Ave.8:08 amBus #13E 46th St & Toledo Ave8:04 amBus #13Trailer Park & Josephine St8:13 amBus #15E 47th St & Toledo Ave8:05 amBus #13219 W 38th St8:09 amBus #158:12 amBus #15E 48th St & Oroszy Ave8:10 amBus #13198 W 39th St370 East 41st Street7:58 amBus #134520 Washington Ave7:59 amBus #151637 Elfleda St8:04 amBus #124820 Washington Ave7:58 amBus #15Elfleda St & Globe Ave8:03 amBus #124850 Washington Ave7:57 amBus #15

VOLUME 22 NUMBER 1CLEARVIEW NEWSDress Code RegulationsTop TenGraduates 2010Dress code regulations should include the following statements: Students and their parents are responsiblefor students’ proper dress and personal appearance while at school; Any dress or grooming that interferes withthe cleanliness, health, welfare or safety ofthe students, or that disrupts the educationalprocess by being distracting, indecent orinappropriate, is expressly prohibited; Sponsors and teachers of elective classes oractivities may require standards that aremore strict regarding dress and appearancefor participation in their programs or activities; Principals, in conjunction with otheradministrators andteachers, are responsible for enforcingthe dress code; The principal’s decision about dresscode issues is finalPAGE 910. DziakAshley NibertEric ThompsonAllyson CzarneyRachel SuhyAdrienne WardSam WilhelmColin WatsonTodd OsbornKevin 14.453CELL PHONE POLICYAUGUST 23, 2010FreshmanOrientation6:30 pmIn the AuditoriumWith the constant changes in technology brings changesin school policy. Cell phone cameras and text messaginghave brought academic, security, and privacy issues toschools. To address these concerns, we will be implementing a new cell phone policy for the coming schoolyear. Students will be asked to keep cell phones turnedoff during the scheduled school day. Cell phones maybe used before or after school in the school building.Students who violate the policy willhave their cell phones confiscated until they are picked up by their parents.Failure to give a cell phone to a staffmember when requested will result indisciplinary action.

C L EA RVI EW NEW SPAGE 10DMS DATES TO REMEMBERAugust 16thAugust 17thAugust 24thAugust 25thSeptember 6thSeptember 21stSeptember 29thOctober 8thOctober 5thOctober 15thOctober 27thOctober 28thNovember 3rdNovember 10thNovember 11thNovember 24thNovember 25th-26thDecember 1stDecember 20thFall Sports Pictures (cheerleading, volleyball,football)5th grade and new student orientation at10a.m1st day of school for studentsOpen House (3:30-5:00)No School Labor Day!8th grade panoramic pictures/ Autumn BeginsConferences Interim Reports DistributedHomecoming Varsity FootballFall Picture DayNo School NEOEA DayEnd of the 1st grading periodStart of the 2nd grading periodYearbook Candid PicturesPicture RetakesVeterans DayNo School PC No Students or StaffNo School ThanksgivingConferences .Interim Reports DistributedChristmas Break BeginsRemember to RecycleCelebrate the start of summer by being kind to the Earth. The Recycling Crew at Durling Middle School worked very hard this year.They collected recycled paper from the classrooms and officestwice a week. Being part of the Recycle Crew is a great way forstudents to demonstrate leadership, practice communication skills,and exercise responsibility while being part of a positive schoolactivity. It also encourages the students to recycle at home and inthe community.Durling Middle School is equipped with an Abitibi bin for recycling paper, cardboard, newspapers, magazines, and home/officepaper. Community members are encouraged to recycle their paperat the school’s green and yellow Abitibi bin located at the rear ofDMS. The school receives a nominal contribution based on theamount recycled. This program is entering its fifth year andDurling Middle is proud to be on the cutting edge of green awareness.CALLING ALLMEMBERSOF THECLASS OF 1960The Class of 1960 will be honored at theHomecoming football game on October 8, 2010.Please spread the word among your classmates sowe can have a great turnout!VO LU ME 22 NU MBER 1SCHOOL FEESSchool fees will vary by gradelevel. Checks can be made out toDurling Middle School. Payments can also be made via creditcard or cash. Please be advisedthat all fees must be paid in orderfor your child to participate in anyextra curricular activities.5th GRADE and NEW STUDENT ORIENTATIONDurling will hold a 5th grade and new student orientation onTuesday, August 17th at 10:00am. There will be a shortmeeting followed by a tour of the building. This will allowour incoming students an opportunity to see the building,which should make the transition a little more comfortable.LOCKERSEach student at DMS will have a locker. It is highly recommended that new students purchase a combination lock andpractice opening it before the start of the school year. Theschool lockers work the same as combination locks.“GIVE ME A HIGH 5”Durling Middle School will continue with its motto of “GiveMe A High 5”! Give me a high 5 stands for: 1. Respect 2.Responsibility 3. Role Model 4. Reliable and 5. Receptive. The High 5 concept is reinforced every chance we get.The 5 R’s represent what is expected here at Durling. Muchof what we do throughout the school year is based on theconcepts of the “High 5”Parents are encouraged to reinforce the concepts of the“High 5” at home as we will continue to reinforce them atDurling Middle School.SPORTSAny student participating in athletics must have a currentphysical examination and emergency medical authorizationform on file. Forms can be picked up in the Durling MiddleSchool office.**All games start at 4:30 pmPRACTICE SCHEDULESFootball (7th and 8th grade) begins on Wednesday, August11th from 9-12 pm. Please wear athletic shorts, a t-shirt, andrunning shoes. Come prepared to work hard.Volleyball (7th and 8th grade) tryouts will be held on August11th and 12th from 5:30-8:30 pm.Cross Country practice begins on August 10th at 10 am.Students will meet on the bleachers by the softball field.

VOLUME 22 NUMBER 1CLEARVIEW NEWSDURLING MIDDLE SCHOOLATHLETIC 09/27/1009/29/1010/04/1010/11/10VolleyballLANGSTON MIDDLESCHOOLBrooklyn Middle SchoolKEYSTONE MIDDLESCHOOLMCCORMICK MIDDLESCHOOLOPEN DOORBLACK RIVERBROOKSIDEOPEN DOORBUCKEYE7th GradeTri Match KeystoneandBrookside at DMS8th GradeTri Match Brookside,Durlingat KeystoneLANGSTON MIDDLESCHOOL8th Grade VB vs. BrooklynMCCORMICK MIDDLESCHOOLBUCKEYE10/13/10 Columbia Middle School10/14/10 KEYSTONE MIDDLESCHOOL10/16/10 8th Grade Volleyball atOberlin10/16/10 7th Grade Volleyball PM1516AwayTBAAwayTBATime09/01/10KEYSTONE MIDDLEAway 4:30PMSCHOOL09/07/10 MCCORMICK MIDDLE Away 4:30PMSCHOOL09/14/10 7th Grade FB vs. Brookside Home 4:30PM09/14/108th Grade FB vs. BuckeyeHome 5:30PM09/21/10Columbia Middle SchoolAway 4:30PM09/28/10 8th Grade FB VS. Brooklyn Home 5:30PM10/05/10LUTHERAN WEST10/12/10BROOKSIDE10/19/10 8th Grade FB vs. LangstonAway 4:30PMAway 4:30PMHome 4:30PM10/19/10Away 4:30PM7th Grade FB vs. BlackRiverCHS CALENDAR 2010 - 2011PlaceHomePlacePAGE 11242728293131Teacher InService DayOpen House – CHS 6:00 – 7:30 pmFreshman Orientation – 6:30 pm – AuditoriumFIRST DAY OF SCHOOOLClearview High School Picture Day - Ohio School PicturesBoys Varsity Football vs Elyria Catholic (H) 7:30 pmBoys JV Football @ Elyria Catholic 10:00 amClearview High School Picture Day – Ohio School PicturesBoys Varsity Football vs Vermilion (H) 7:30 pmGirls JV Volleyball vs Columbia (H) 6:00 pmGirls Varsity Volleyball vs Columbia (H) 7:00 pmSeptember23467101117181920212324252728Girls JV Volleyball @ Brooklyn 6:00 pmGirls Varsity Volleyball @ Brooklyn 7:00 pmBoys Varsity Football vs Vermilion (H) 7:30Coed Varsity Cross Country @ Avon Lake Early Bird Invitational 8:00 amGirls Varsity Volleyball @ Celina Tournament 9:00 amBoys JV Football @ Vermilion 10:00 amLabor Day – NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS/STAFFGirls JV Volleyball @ Lutheran West 6:00 pmGirls Varsity Volleyball @ Lutheran West 7:00 pmBoys Varsity Football vs Fairview 7:00 pmCoed Varsity Cross Country – PAC 10 Tiffin Carnival TBAGirls Varsity Volleyball @ Avon (Avon Invite) 9:00 amBoys JV Football vs Fairview (H) 11:00 amGirls JV Volleyball vs Oberlin (H) 6:00 pmGirls Varsity Volleyball vs Oberlin (H) 7:00 pmCoed Varsity Cross Country @ Lutheran West 4:00 pmJunior/Senior Class Cookie Dough Fundraiser BeginsGirls JV Volleyball vs Keystone (H) 6:00 pmGirls Varsity Volleyball vs Keystone (H) 7:00 pmBoys Varsity Football @ Wellington 7:30 pmCoed Varsity Cross Country - VASJ Invitational (A) 9:00 amBoys JV Football vs Wellington (H) 11:00 amGirls Varsity Volleyball @ Vermilion 11:00 amBoys Varsity Football vs Black River High (H) 7:30 pmGirls JV Volleyball @ Buckeye 6:00 pmGirls Varsity Volleyball @ Buckeye 7:00 pmRed Cross Blood DriveGirls JV Volleyball @ Brookside 6:00 pmGirls Varsity Volleyball @ Brookside 7:00 pmCoed Varsity Cross Country – @ Open Door Invitational4:00 pmGirls JV Volleyball vs Black River (H) 6:00 pmGirls Varsity Volleyball vs Black River (H) 7:00 pmBoys Varsity Football vs Buckeye 7:30 pmCoed Varsity Cross Country – JB Firestone Invitational 9:00amGirls JV Volleyball @ Lakewood (Quad) 10:00 amBoys JV Football @ Buckeye 11:00 amJunior/Senior Class Cookie Dough Fundraiser EndsClearview High School Parent/Teacher Conferences 3:00 pm –7:00 pmGirls JV Volleyball @ Wellington 6:00 pm

PAGE 12CLEARVIEW NEWSVOLUME 22 NUMBER 1CHS CALENDAR 2010 - 2011(CONT.)30Girls Varsity Volleyball @ Wellington 7:00 pmGirls JV Volleyball @ Columbia 6:00 pmGirls Varsity Volleyball @ Columbia 7:00 pmChoir Fundraiser BeginsDecember14October125Boys Varsity Football @ Columbia 7:30 pmBoys JV Football vs Columbia (H) 11:00 amJostens – Sophomore Ring Or

Clearview High school will be offering its first Advanced Placement course during the 2010-2011 school year. The course, English Literature and Composition, will be taught . High School will be 2.75, Durling Middle School will also be 2.75, and Vincent Elementary School will be 2.50. With the cost of everything going so high, we