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TOTAL REWARDSTable of ContentsIntroduction & 2020 Benefit Plan Overview. 5Summary of Status Changes. 82020 Medical Insurance. 92020 Medical Plan Coverage At-A-Glance. 10Employee Bi-Weekly Medical Premium Contributions. 122020 Dental Insurance. 172020 Dental Plan Coverage At-A-Glance. 17Employee Bi-Weekly Dental Premium Contributions. 182020 Vision Benefit. 202020 Vision Benefit Coverage At-A-Glance. 20Employee Bi-Weekly Vision Premium Contributions. 21Flexible Spending Accounts. 22Life Insurance Plans. 29Legal Plan. 33Milwaukee County Benefit Enrollment System. 34How To Enroll Online: A Screen-by-Screen Guide. 35Short-Term Disability. 38Commuter Value Pass. 40Employee Assistance Program. 41Employee Discount Program. 42Tuition Reimbursement Program. 43Wellness Program. 44Mandatory Direct Deposit of Payroll Checks. 48Retirement Benefits. 49Deferred Compensation Plan. 51Annual Notices. 52Milwaukee County 2020 Benefits 3

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TOTAL REWARDS2020 Benefit Plan OverviewWelcome to Milwaukee County! Milwaukee County recognizes that employees have different needs. That’s whywe offer a benefit program that allows you to choose among a number of benefit options. You can select from theseoptions to design the benefit plan that’s right for you.You are encouraged to carefully consider your personal situation as you evaluate your benefit choices. MilwaukeeCounty benefits include: Health Insurance.Dental Insurance.Vision Insurance.Group Life Insurance.Legal Plan.Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA).Employee Assistance Program (EAP).Deferred Compensation (457 Plan).Short-Term Disability Plan.Commuter Value Pass Program.The information in this booklet provides a summary of your benefits under the County-offered benefit plans. For moredetailed information along with notices of your legal rights, review each plan’s Summary Plan Description (SPD)booklet. The booklets are available through the Milwaukee County website.In the case of conflict between the information presented in this benefit booklet and the plan’s SPD booklets, the plan’sSPD booklets determine the coverage.Employee EligibilityAll Milwaukee County employees appointed to a position with an authorized work week of 20 hours or more and notexcluded by job code or ordinance are eligible to enroll in any benefit plan that is offered by Milwaukee County.Dependent EligibilityAn eligible dependent is considered to be: Your legally married spouse (same or oppositesex), you or your spouse’s child who is under age27, including a natural child, stepchild, a legallyadopted child, a child placed for adoption or a childfor whom you or your spouse are the legal guardian.An unmarried child of any age who is or becomesdisabled and dependent upon you.A child of a dependent child (until the dependentwho is the parent turns 18).PROOF OF ALL DEPENDENTS’ELIGIBILITY IS REQUIREDIf you elect to cover a dependent under MilwaukeeCounty’s health, dental or vision insurance, you willbe contacted by a third party dependent verificationservice to provide documentation that you arecovering an eligible dependent. Please mark/black out any personal financial information on thecopies of your documents before you submit themfor verification.To be eligible for coverage under the plan, a dependentmust reside within the United States.Milwaukee County 2020 Benefits 5

TOTAL REWARDSThe definition of dependent is subject to the following conditions and limitations: A dependent includes any dependent child under 27 years of age who is not eligible for coverage under a grouphealth benefit plan offered by their employer and for whom the amount of the dependent’s premium contribution isno greater than the premium amount for his or her coverage as a dependent under the participant’s plan.A child who meets the requirements set forth above ceases to be eligible as a dependent on the last day of the monthof the child’s 27th birthday.A dependent also includes a child for whom health care coverage is required through a Qualified Medical Child SupportOrder or other court or administrative order.Effective Date of InsurancesThe following insurances become effective the first of the month following your hire date: Health Insurance. Dental Insurance. Vision Insurance. Legal Plan. Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA). Short-Term Disability. Employee Assistance Plan (EAP). Commuter Value Pass Program.If elected, basic life insurance and optional term insurance will begin on the first of the month following six months ofcontinuous employment.For example, If you were hired on April 11, your insurance coverage begins on May 1 and the basic life insurance andoptional term insurance coverage begins on November 1.Employees must enroll within 30 days from their hire date. If an employee does not enroll during their 30-day window,he or she must wait until the following open enrollment period to enroll in benefits for the following year.Premiums for your insurance coverage are deducted over 26 pay periods. 500 Opt-Out AwardEligible employees can choose to waive medical coverage through Milwaukee County if they have group coveragethrough a spouse or other employment. Waiver elections can be completed online in the Benefit Enrollment System.IMPORTANT INFORMATION You must enter the name of your other insurance in the Benefit Enrollment System in order to be eligible for the 500 opt-out award. The lump-sum taxable 500 opt-out award will be paid on a paycheck with a separate direct deposit issued justprior to April 1 of each year. Opt-outs after April 1 will be paid out quarterly. To be eligible for the award, the employee must waive medical coverage for the entire plan year. Re-entry for medical coverage between annual open enrollment periods is allowed with proof of involuntary loss6 Milwaukee County 2020 Benefits

TOTAL REWARDS of coverage through the other group plan due to termination of employment, layoff, legal separation or divorce,death of spouse or retirement.The full 500 award must be returned in the event you terminate employment, retire or enroll in aMilwaukee County health plan.Special Enrollment NoticeIf you are declining enrollment for yourself or your dependents (including your spouse) because of other healthinsurance or group health plan coverage, you may be able to enroll yourself and your dependents in this plan if you oryour dependents lose eligibility for that other coverage. However, you must request enrollment within 30 days afteryour or your dependents’ other coverage ends.In addition, if you have a new dependent as a result of marriage, birth, adoption or placement for adoption, you may beable to enroll yourself and your dependents. However, you must request enrollment within 30 days after the marriage,birth, adoption or placement for adoption.Annual Open EnrollmentEach year in the fall, a two-week period is designated as the Open Enrollment period. Elections made during OpenEnrollment are effective January 1 of the following year.The following is a partial list of what you can do during the Open Enrollment period each year: Add or remove coverage. Add or remove dependents. Increase, decrease or request optional life insurance coverage. Participate in the Flexible Spending Account.COBRACOBRA, the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, is a federal law that permits eligible employees anddependents whose medical, dental and/or vision insurance would otherwise terminate to continue coverage for specificperiods of time under certain conditions. Employees may continue single or family coverage through Milwaukee County for a maximum of 18 months if: Employment is terminated (including lay-offs) for any reason other than the employee’s gross misconduct. Or, the employee’s work hours are reduced or work status is changed such that the employee is no longereligible for coverage.Dependents may continue their coverage through Milwaukee County for a maximum of 36 months if coverage isterminated: Due to the death of the employee. Or, due to divorce or legal separation of the dependent from the employee. Or, with respect to a dependent child, the child is no longer eligible as a dependent under MilwaukeeCounty’s eligibility rules.Milwaukee County 2020 Benefits 7

TOTAL REWARDSSummary of Common Change of Status Eventsand Mid-Year EnrollmentCHANGES ALLOWED FOR EMPLOYEES UNDER BENEFIT PLANSIf you experience thefollowing life/family event:You may make the following change(s)within 30 days of the event: MarriageDivorceGain a child due to birthor adoption (effective dateof birth or adoption placement)Child requires coveragedue to a QMCSOLoss of a child’s eligibility(e.g., child reaches themaximum age for coverage)Enroll yourself, if applicable. Drop health coverage andEnroll your new spouse and other eligible dependents.not enroll in spouse’s plan.Drop health coverage (to enroll in your spouse’s plan).Change health plans. Drop your spouse from your health coverage. Enroll yourself and your dependent children if youwere previously enrolled in your spouse’s plan. Drop health coverage foryourself. Enroll yourself, if applicable. Enroll the eligible child and any other eligibledependents. Drop health coveragefor yourself or any othercovered individuals. Add child named on QMCSO to your health coverage Make any other changes,(enroll yourself, if applicable and not already enrolled).except as required by theQMCSO. Drop the child who lost eligibility from your healthcoverage. Child will be offered COBRA. Drop coverage for the person who became entitled toCovered person has becomeMedicare or Medicaid.entitled to (or lost entitlement Add the person who lost entitlement to Medicare orto) Medicare or MedicaidMedicaid.Spouse obtains healthbenefits in another grouphealth planSpouse loses employment,experiences a terminationof their employer’scontribution, or otherwiseloses coverage for healthbenefits in another grouphealth planYou return from military leaveYOU MAY NOTmake thesetypes of changes: Drop health coveragefor yourself or any othercovered individuals. Drop health coveragefor yourself or any othercovered individuals whoare not newly Medicare orMedicaid eligible. Drop your spouse from your health coverage. Drop your dependent children from your healthcoverage. Drop coverage for yourself. Add any eligible dependentsto your health coverage. Enroll your spouse and eligible dependent children inyour health plan. Enroll yourself if previously not enrolled because youwere covered under your spouse’s plan. Drop health coveragefor yourself or any othercovered dependents. Enroll yourself. Enroll your spouse and other eligible dependents.You become newly eligible for Enroll yourself.benefits due to change Enroll your spouse and other eligible employment statusThis chart is only a summary of some of the permitted changes and is not all inclusive.8 Milwaukee County 2020 Benefits

TOTAL REWARDS2020 Medical InsuranceADMINISTERED BY UNITEDHEALTHCAREChoice Plus Plan (PPO Comparable)As a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) participant: You can choose which doctor or specialist to see and an in-network or out-of-network provider. Note: you paysubstantially less when you go to a doctor in the network.You don’t need to select a primary care physician and you don’t need a referral to see a specialist.Whether you choose an in-network or out-of-network provider, certain services require that you satisfy a copay,deductible, and/or coinsurance. If you receive care from an out-of-network provider, your coverage will be at a lowerbenefit level and you will have to pay a higher deductible and coinsurance.FINDING A UNITEDHEALTHCARE NETWORK PROVIDERTo confirm if your physician, hospital or other provider is included in the UnitedHealthcare network, or to find anetwork physician, please contact UnitedHealthcare at the customer service number provided on the back coverof this booklet, or confirm online using the following steps: to and select the “Find Medical and Mental Health Providers and Facilities” linklocated under the “Links and Tools” heading in the upper right corner.Select the type of provider you are looking for (e.g., Medical Directory or Mental Health Directory).Select the search criteria you want to search (e.g., Doctors, Clinics or Facilities).Under the “Select a Plan” field, choose the “UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus” option for the PPO comparableplan.You can narrow the search by entering the provider’s name, but this step is optional.Indicate the location where you would like to find providers (e.g., your zip code), and search by Health Careby Category.You may also narrow your search by gender and/or languages spoken by the provider or staff.When you are finished entering your search criteria, indicate if you are searching for a specific specialtyon the next screen.Click to view the results.Milwaukee County 2020 Benefits 9

TOTAL REWARDS2020 Medical Plan Coverage At-A-GlanceNetworkAnnual DeductibleSingle:EE Child(ren):EE Spouse:EE Family:Non-Network 1,250 1,500 2,250 2,500Single:EE Child(ren):EE Spouse:EE Family: 2,250 2,750 4,250 4,750Office Visits 30 copay 60 copayOffice Visits-Specialist 40 copay 80 copayInpatient Hospital80% of eligible charges60% of eligible chargesOutpatient Surgery80% of eligible charges60% of eligible charges 200 copay 200 copay100% of eligible charges60% of eligible chargesEmergency RoomPreventive ServicesMedical Out-of-PocketMaximumIndividual:Aggregate Family: 3,000 6,000Individual:Aggregate Family: 4,600 9,200Pharmacy Copay—Retail(up to 30-day supply)Tier One:Tier Two:Tier Three: 10 30 50Tier One:Tier Two:Tier Three: 10 30 50Pharmacy Copay—MailOrder (up to 90-day supply,required for mainetenancemedications)Tier One:Tier Two:Tier Three: 25 75 125Tier One:Tier Two:Tier Three:N/AN/AN/ASpecialty Pharmacy—MailOrder (up to 30-day supply)Tier Four: 75Individual:Aggregate Family: 2,000 4,000Pharmacy Out-of-PocketMaximumNot coveredIndividual:Aggregate Family:Note: this at-a-glance guide is intended as a summary only.For specific terms, provisions, conditions, limitations or exclusions, please refer to the Summary Plan Description.10 Milwaukee County 2020 Benefits 2,000 4,000

TOTAL REWARDSBENEFIT PLAN DEFINITIONSUnderstanding how our plans work is a critical first step in taking action to manage costs. Keep these key benefit termsin mind when comparing the plans and coverage available to you.Coinsurance: This is the percentage of the cost you pay when you receive certain health care services. Example:For in-network services under the County’s Choice Plus plan, plan participants pay 20% and the County pays 80% ofcovered expenses for most services. The 20% share is the employee’s coinsurance.Co-payment: This is the flat-dollar amount you pay when you receive certain medical care services. Co-pays aretypically due at the time you receive the service. Example: \enrollees in the plan pay a 30 primary care or 40 specialtycare co-pay for in-network doctor’s office visits.Deductible: This is the amount you are required to pay each year before the plan begins to pay benefits. You beginaccumulating expenses toward the satisfaction of your deductible at the beginning of each benefit year (January 1).Example: With each new benefit year, employees who elect self only coverage under the Choice Plus Plan pay the first 1,250 toward services subject to the plan’s deductible. Employees who elect coverage for themselves, their spouseand dependent children pay the first 1,250 per individual, up to a maximum of 2,500 per family, toward servicessubject to the plan’s deductible.In-Network: This is care or services provided by doctors, hospitals, labs or other facilities that participate in thenetwork of providers assembled by UnitedHealthcare. Generally, you pay less when you receive care in-networkbecause the providers in the network agree to charge a pre-negotiated, lower fee. This reduces your out-of-pocketcosts and the overall claims costs.Out-of-Network: This is care or services furnished by doctors, hospitals, labs or other facilities that DO NOTparticipate in the UnitedHealthcare’s provider network. If you are enrolled in the Choice Plus Plan and use an outof-network provider, your share of the cost is based on the reasonable and customary charges allowed by the plan.Amounts charged over the reasonable and customary do not count toward annual deductibles and out-of-pocketmaximums.Be sure you understand the amount you will be required to pay out of your own pocket if you seek care out-of-network.Out-of-Pocket Maximum: When you meet the annual out-of-pocket maximum, the plan will pay the full cost ofcovered expenses for the remainder of the benefit year. Covered expenses (e.g. deductible and co-insurance amounts)apply towards the out-of-pocket maximum. Prescription drug co-payments are NOT applied toward the out-of-pocketmaximum. In addition, out-of-pocket costs incurred for non-covered services or supplies in excess of the plan’s coveredexpenses (e.g., expenses incurred for out-of-network services that exceed the reasonable and customary chargesallowed by the plan) are NOT applied toward the out-of-pocket maximum; these non-covered charges are the planparticipant’s financial responsibility.Milwaukee County 2020 Benefits 11

TOTAL REWARDSEmployee Bi-Weekly Medical Premium ContributionsEFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2020All Employees (except Deputy Sheriffs & Firefighters)Milwaukee County Choice Plus Plan (PPO Comparable)Employee OnlyEmployee Child/ChildrenEmployee SpouseEmployee FamilyNot Participatingin Wellness Program 63.69 89.08 127.38 140.31Participatingin Wellness Program 44.77 66.00 104.31 117.23Deputy SheriffsMilwaukee County Choice Plus Plan (PPO Comparable)Employee OnlyEmployee Child/ChildrenEmployee SpouseEmployee FamilyNot Participatingin Wellness Program 64.62 76.62 107.77 120.00Participatingin Wellness Program 45.69 53.54 84.69 96.92FirefightersMilwaukee County Choice Plus Plan (PPO Comparable)Employee OnlyEmployee Child/ChildrenEmployee SpouseEmployee Family12 Milwaukee County 2020 BenefitsNot Participatingin Wellness Program 67.85 80.54 113.08 126.00Participatingin Wellness Program 47.49 57.46 90.00 102.92

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TOTAL REWARDSGet access to care online.Anywhere. Any time.When you don’t feel well, or your child is sick, the last thing you wantto do is leave the comfort of home to sit in a waiting room. Now, youdon’t have to.A virtual visit lets you see and talk to a doctor from your mobile deviceor computer without an appointment. Most visits take about 10 to 15minutes and doctors can write a prescription*, if needed, that you can pickup at your local pharmacy. And, it’s part of your health benefits.Conditions commonly treated through a virtual visitDoctors can diagnose and treat a wide range of non-emergencymedical conditions, including: Bladder infection/Urinary tract infection Bronchitis Cold/flu DiarrheaFeverMigraine/headachesPink eye RashSinus problemsSore throatStomachacheAccess virtual visitsLog in to and choose from provider sites where you canregister for a virtual visit. After registering and requesting a visit you will paythe 10.00 copay, and then you will enter a virtual waiting room. Duringyour visit you will be able to talk to a doctor about your health concerns,symptoms and treatment options.To learn more, login to myuhc.com14 Milwaukee County 2020 BenefitsUse virtual visits when: Your doctor is not available You become ill while traveling You are considering visiting ahospital emergency room for anon-emergency health conditionNot good for: Anything requiring an exam or test Complex or chronic conditions Injuries requiring bandaging orsprains/ broken bones

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TOTAL REWARDS2020 Dental InsuranceADMINISTERED BY DELTA DENTALThe summary below does not cover all plan details. Further information can be found in the summary plan descriptionor dental benefit handbook. That document provides a thorough explanation of your dental plan, including anylimitations or exclusions that might apply. If there are any discrepancies between information found here and the groupcontract, the group contract shall govern.2020 Dental Plan Coverage At-A-GlanceDelta Dental PPO or PremierNoncontractedWhen you see a Delta DentalPPO or Premier dentistWhen you seea noncontracted dentist 3,000 1,000 per personindividual 25 50family 75 150Individual Annual MaximumDeductibleDependent EligibilityDependents are eligible through the end of the monthin which they attain age 27DIAGNOSTIC & PREVENTIVE SERVICESExams100%80%Cleanings100%80%Fluoride Treatments100%80%X-rays100%80%Sealants100%80%Space Maintainers100%80%Deductible applies?NoNoEmergency Treatments to Relieve Pain100%70%Fillings100%70%Endodontics — Nonsurgical100%70%Endodontics — Surgical100%70%Periodontics — Nonsurgical100%70%Periodontics — Surgical100%70%Extractions — Nonsurgical100%70%Extractions — Surgical & Other Oral Surgery100%70%Crowns, Inlays, Onlays80%50%Bridges & Dentures80%50%Repairs & Adjustments to Bridges & Dentures80%50%Implants80%50%Deductible applies?YesYesBASIC & MAJOR SERVICESCONTINUEDMilwaukee County 2020 Benefits 17

TOTAL REWARDS2020 Dental Plan Coverage At-A-GlanceCONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGEORTHODONTIC SERVICESCoverage CopaymentIndividual Lifetime Maximum75%0% 5,0000Deductible applies?YesSPECIAL PLAN PROVISIONSEvidence-Based Integrated Care PlanYesYesCheck Up PlusYesYesEmployee Bi-Weekly Dental Premium ContributionsEFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2020All Employees (except Deputy Sheriffs & Firefighters)Conventional Dental Plan (Delta Dental)Employee OnlyEmployee Child/ChildrenEmployee SpouseEmployee Family 11.54 23.08 23.08 23.08Deputy SheriffsConventional Dental Plan (Delta Dental)Employee OnlyEmployee Child/ChildrenEmployee SpouseEmployee Family 5.54 9.23 9.23 9.23FirefightersConventional Dental Plan (Delta Dental)Employee OnlyEmployee Child/ChildrenEmployee SpouseEmployee Family18 Milwaukee County 2020 Benefits 6.92 16.15 16.15 16.15

Dentists agree to repair or replaceDentists agree to a maximum fee –Dentists file claims on yourdental restorations should they failif their normal charge is higher thanbehalf. Payments go directly to thewithin 24 months.the maximum fee, they can’t passdentist. No work for you!TOTAL REWARDSthe balance on to you.Example Savings for a Common gePaid byDelta Dental82580% 98580% 92550%Delta DentalPPONetwork 1,200 Delta DentalPremierNetwork 1,200 Out-ofNetwork 1,200 AmountDelta DentalPaysAmountDentist canBalance BillTotalAmountYou Pay660 0 788 0 462.50 275YourYourTotalTotalCostCostSavingsSavings165 375 197 737.50 375215215 0 0AADelta Dental makes itfor you to log on,findtheinformationyouand getDelta Dental makes itfor you to log on,on withfind the information youand yourget day.theserviceson with your day.theservicesAccess extensive dental benefits and utilizationCheckAccess extensive dental pays andRequest electronic EOBs Review claimcopays andPrint IDReview claimPrint IDyou inyou in20Milwaukee County 2020 Benefits 19

TOTAL REWARDS2020 Vision BenefitDELTAVISION BENEFIT PLAN ADMINISTERED THROUGH EYEMED VISION CAREThe DeltaVision benefit plan is administered through EyeMed Vision Care, one of the nation’s leading vision providers.The plan includes coverage for important preventive eye care and discounts on laser vision correction.The benefit summary below does not cover all plan details. Further information can be found in the Summary ofBenefits within the DeltaVision Benefit Handbook. That document provides a thorough explanation of your vision plan,including any limitations or exclusions that might apply. If there are any discrepancies between information found hereand the group contract, the group contract shall govern.Accessing Your DeltaVision BenefitReceiving your vision benefit is as easy as visiting your nearest EyeMed Vision Care network provider. Inform yourprovider you are a DeltaVision member with EyeMed and give them your full name and date of birth. You may presentyour ID card, but it is not required to receive services.2020 Vision Benefit Coverage At-A-GlanceNetwork Benefit/Select NetworkFrequency —Exams/Lenses or Contacts/FramesComprehensive Eye ExamNon-Network Reimbursement12/12/24 monthsFrequency based on date of service, not benefit plan yearMember pays 10, plan pays balance 40Member pays up to 40 010% discount off retail 015% off retail priceor 5% off promotional pricenone 125 allowance, then 20% off balance 90Member pays 25, plan pays balance 30 50 70UV CoatingMember pays 15noneTint (solid or gradient)Member pays 15noneStandard Scratch ResistanceMember pays 15none(one every 12 months)Contact Lens Fit & Follow-UpStandard — Lenses that are spherical power only,soft lens materials, including planned replacement andconventional lenses. Lenses are to be used in a dailywear (removed prior to sleep) mode onlyContact Lens Fit & Follow-UpPremium — Includes all lens powers and designsother than spherical powers (e.g., toric, multifocal, etc.),modes of wear that are extended or overnight schedulesand rigid or gas permeable materialsLaser Vision CorrectionLasik or PRKGLASSESFramesany available frame at provider location(one every 24 months)Standard Plastic Lenses:(one every 12 months)Single VisionBifocalTrifocalCONTINUED20 Milwaukee County 2020 Benefits

TOTAL REWARDS2020 Vision Coverage At-A-GlanceCONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGENetwork Benefit/Select NetworkNon-Network ReimbursementMember pays 40noneMember pays 90, plan pays balancenoneStandard Anti-Reflective CoatingMember pays 45noneOther Add-Ons & Services20% off retail pricenoneStandard PolycarbonateStandard Progressive(add-on to bifocal)CONTACT LENSES(In lieu of eyeglass lenses; one every 12 months. Contact lens allowance covers materials only.Conventional 150 allowance, then 15% off balance 150Disposable 150 allowance 150Paid in full 210Medically NecessaryDependent Age Limitation — dependents covered to age 26Employee Bi-Weekly Vision Premium ContributionsEFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2020All Employees (except Deputy Sheriffs)DeltaVisionEmployee OnlyEmployee Child/ChildrenEmployee SpouseEmployee FamilyAdditional In-Network Discounts 20% discount on items not covered by the plan at network providers. This discount maynot be combined with any other discounts or promotional offers. This discount does notapply to an Eye Med provider’s professional services (e.g. exams) or contact lenses.Retail prices may vary by location. 40% discount on complete eyeglass purchases after your plan benefits have