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About UsFor 42 years, Talisman SummerCamp has provided exceptionalprogramming for children with AutismSpectrum Disorders, ADHD and similarNeurodevelopmental Disorders in atraditional camp environment. Ouractivities are designed to increaseconfidence, promote responsibility,and enhance communication andsocial skills. We teach problem-solvingand conflict resolution through groupdiscussions, modeling, and practice.Our highly structured schedule andsupportive staff provide a safe environment in which to build friendships andindependence. Most of all, our campers have fun!Our campus is located in Zirconia, NC, between Asheville, NC and Greenville, SCand in easy reach of Atlanta, Charlotte, and Knoxville.The Story of the TalismanA talisman is an object that holds special meaning for its owner. It is meant asa physical token to represent a memorable experience that the holder wants toretain. Each Talisman camper receives a talisman at his or her closing ceremony.The talisman is passed around the group and imbued with memories, praise andencouragement by staff and peers, to act as a reminder of their camp experienceand growth throughout the coming year.Theission:Talisman Midegrams provroPnamsliagTwith learninlepoepgnyoulexceptionadifferenceslfincrease setosieitnurtopponce,, independeconfidenceand socialmotivation,nde in a safe acompetenct.nvironmennurturing e

Our StaffPositive and appropriate relationships are crucial to guiding children effectivelyand safely. Our counselors are carefully screened for competence, responsibility,compassion, and understanding of our camper profile. They are typicallycollege students or graduates planning a career in education, psychology,outdoor leadership or social work. Our comprehensive staff training programincludes certifications in CPR, Wilderness First Aid, and Lifeguarding, as wellas professional-level training on Autism, learning disabilities, and other issuesaffecting our campers. Using our interactive training model and following theAmerican Camp Association guidelines, staff learn to utilize the camp environmentto build social skills, independence, and confidence in our campers. All staff gothrough a national background check and pre-hire drug screen.Base Camp Programs versusTeen Adventures ProgramsAll of our programs work on the same skill sets at every level. We meet ourcampers where they are in terms of developmental skills (social, communication,independent, and conflict resolution) and begin to introduce new skills withpractice and reinforcement. We focus on developing social interactions, frustrationmanagement, and effective communication, thus increasing self-esteem, sensorymanagement, and friendship-making skills. Every day is highly structured andfilled with adventures, plus regular downtime. Greater independence is developedthrough daily goal setting, group living, and problem-solving sessions.“I am still blown away with how much my son liked camp and howwell prepared the camp counselors were to deal with his challengingbehavior at times.”- Parent

Base Camp programs(Discovery, Foundations, Sight, Insight, andYoung Adults) are created and operated aroundour campus. Groups of 9 campers with their 3staff live in the cabin and have daily adventuresboth on and off campus. These groups spendmost nights in a cabin except for their overnightcamp adventures in our on-campus campsites.This provides a strong and consistent structurethat feels more “home-like” than our TeenAdventure programs. This allows for optimumlevels of support and a tighter schedule in termsof consistency.Our Teen Adventure programsfollow an expedition model. These programsstart on-campus as campers and staff get toknow each other. Once the group has formed,they head out on their themed adventures.All Teen Programs spend at least 50% of theirdays camping out and away from campus. Ourteen programs offer wilderness adventuresfocused on skill mastery while building personalresponsibility, leadership and decisionmaking skills. Here we blend campers withAutism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD and similarNeurodevelopmental issues, as a model in whichto teach appreciation for differences and toolsfor living in a diverse peer group. The variety ofprograms allows campers to choose the sessionthat interests them most. Teen Adventures arefor campers who are more advanced, have somecamping experience, want to come to camp andwant to be challenged by the outdoors.All programs(except Discovery & week-long sessions)participate at some level in the following activities:Hiking Science fun! CanoeingGAGA Fishing Field games SwimmingRock climbing Arts & Crafts ArcherySlingshots Technical Tree climbingCampus-Wide eventsLet us help you choose the right program for your child!Call us at 828-697-6313, we are happy to assist you.

BASE CAMP PROGRAMSDiscoveryAges 6-7Offered Session 47-day overnight adventureDiscovery is designed for children ages 6 and 7 who may have ASD, ADHD, learningdisabilities, or social anxiety. In just seven days, campers enjoy many of our popularon-campus activities. The Discovery program model emphasizes both consistencyand compassion, as campers build foundational skills in social communication andindependence within a developmentally appropriate peer group. This is a greatintroduction to camp.e best place. So“Talisman is th”ve found you!thankful to ha– ParentFoundationsOffered every sessionAges 8-137-day, 13-day and 19-day sessionsFor children with ADHD, Talisman’s Foundations program is specifically tailored tohelp campers who struggle with social and executive functioning needs. Camperslearn to take responsibility for their own behaviors as they explore the connectionbetween choices and consequences. Special emphasis is placed on focus, goalcompletion, and thoughtful decision-making.“I finally got to camp like my sistersmoreThey think my camp istheyfun than theirs is andre theare right. My staff wer!!!!”best. See you next yea- First timecamper

SightAges 8-13Offered every session7-day, 13-day and 19-day sessionsOur Sight program is designed specifically for young people with an AutismSpectrum Disorder, including Asperger’s Syndrome, PDD, high functioning Autism,and similar Neurodevelopmental Disorders.“She is ready to figure out whatto get her driver’s license. That’sdotosneedshecollegehuge. Then I hear her explaining the re! She isprocess to me. Her words are so matuis hopefulnot depressed and discouraged. She. Thank youand feels like she can be successful ing seeing aso much for lifting her up. It’s amazdifferent child come home.”- ParentInsightAges 14-17Offered every session7-day, 13-day and 19-day sessionsThe Insight program provides an appropriate challenge for teens with an AutismSpectrum Disorder. Insight provides a gradual introduction to adventure activities,with a higher level of structure and support than our Teen Adventure programs.r, and nower campermfoasd how“Aever realize aff toa staff, I nstethpreppedmuch you nd UNDERSTANDsasupport uis campyou for thus! Thankrtunity.”and oppoent staffmper/curr-former ca

Young AdultsAges: 18-22Sessions 1, 2 & 313-day & 19-day sessionsThis program is especially designed for young adults who are on track to achievesupported independence and possibly a post high school educational setting.Focusing on self-care, cooking, cleaning, budgeting, transportation, communityinvolvement, and job readiness. Activities may include planning and prepping a meal,field trips to job resource sites, community service opportunities, social outings andgroup lessons on social, independent living, and transitional skills. Traditional campbased activities add opportunities for developing friendships, socialization, andincreased physical activity.“Just a note to say thank you to you and theentire staff for all that you do for our kids. Hehas started to share about his time at camp.He said that he likes “feeling normal” becauseall of the kids that he is surrounded by are likehim and struggle with the same type of things.He gained confidence, met friends, and sharedthat ALL of the counselors were great!”- Parent

TEEN ADVENTURE PROGRAMSExpeditions for Teens with ASD, ADHD, or similar needsLeadershipAges 16-22This is an invitation-only programSession 1 (19-day session)This program is for returning campers only. Campers must have completed a BaseCamp program and one Teen Adventure program successfully to qualify for theLeadership program. Staff recommendation required.Leadership consists of a self-directed wilderness trip and an on-campus leadershiptraining course. The group functions on their own with guidance from staff, learningimportant leadership skills and roles. Participants fine-tune and build on the social,communication, and group skills that they have learned throughout their time atTalisman, while serving as leaders within the camp community.Note: Successful completion of a Leadership course is required for camperswho wish to be considered for Talisman Krewe.Mountain OdysseyAges 13-17Session 213-day sessionCampers will explore the history, folklore, trails, and tales of Western NorthCarolina. They will travel across the lands of the Cherokee, Pioneers, and Rangersthat made this area the first Wild West. Campers will take day and overnighttrips to discover the courageous, fearless, adventurous, lawless, and fiercelyindependent people and culture of the mountains.

TEEN ADVENTURE PROGRAMSExpeditions for Teens with ASD, ADHD, or similar needsQuestAges 14-17Sessions 2 & 313-day sessionsBringing treasure hunt adventure games to life! Complete the Quest by conqueringlakes, rivers, and trails by learning wilderness skills, map & compass, and navigationon a multiday expedition on a lake. Stay on various islands, seeking hidden treasureswhile learning cooperation, problem-solving, and teamwork. Utilize tandem canoesas a time to strengthen communication skills when navigating the lake.Caves & MiningAges 13-17Session 313-day sessionAttention rockhounds! Did you know the first ever gold rush in the United Stateshappened here in North Carolina? Explore new depths and geology this summer.Exploration of several caves across the Southeast will focus on proper technique,environmental education, and the geology and biology of caves. Campers will alsoexplore rock and gem mines to learn, practice, and pan for gemstones. Visits mayinclude both commercial mines and panning in nearby mountain streams. No priorcaving and mining experience is necessary.“We have not seen her thisexcited for something inyears. She made friends,tried new things, and hadfun! She is begging to returnnext summer.”- Parent

TEEN ADVENTURE PROGRAMSExpeditions for Teens with ASD, ADHD, or similar needsTri-AdventuresAges 14-17Session 119-day sessionExperience three popular outdoor adventure activities: backpacking, canoeing,and rock climbing. These activities provide natural opportunities to incorporatesocial interactions among peers. Learn wilderness skills such as tarp set-up,water purification, packing a pack, and “Leave No Trace” principles. Participantsrefine their interactions and decision-making skills, while building self-esteem, asthey face the challenges posed by these adventure activities. This program is forcampers who are excited about all 3 activities and have prior outdoor campingexperience.

APPLYING TO TALISMANThank you for your interest in Talisman Programs. We are proud of the wide rangeof programs that we offer. Contact us for assistance in choosing the right ones foryour child. 828-697-6313HOW TO APPLY: Fill out application on We will contact you after application review 300 deposit is required upon acceptance Complete online enrollment forms Full tuition due by May 1st (or upon acceptance after May 1)INCLUDED IN TUITION: All activity costs, meals and snacks Nurse-based care and oversight Transport to and from the Greenville/Spartanburg (GSP) or Asheville (AVL)airport on opening and closing days (between the hours of 8am and 3pm, outsideof time parameters for additional fee).ADDITIONAL COSTS: Special diets (GF, CF, Dye-Free, Vegan, etc.) Medical costsBetween-session fee of 260 daily if attending multiple sessions. Limited spaceavailable for between-session stays.PAYMENT OPTIONS:MasterCard, Visa, AmEx, Discover, E-Check, and cashier’s check. Credit card on filefor incidentals and emergencies required for all campers.

REFUND POLICY:REFUND POLICY:Deposits are nonrefundable once the camper is accepted. Full tuition is due by May 1stto retain your spot. Cancellations will be refunded (minus the deposit) at the followingrate: 100% refund or credit until April 1st 75% refund or full credit until May 1st 50% credit after May 1stThere is no refund for early discharge of a camper.EXCLUSIONARY CRITERIA: Verbal IQ 85 and below Physical aggression or self-injurious behavior Drug or alcohol use/abuse Conduct Disorder Sexually acting out/inappropriate sexual behaviorsFunctioning Level: Language must be comprehensible by others and appropriate toage level. Able to participate in group activities that require conversation skills, followverbal directions, and participate in simple discussions.

2022 TALISMAN OPEN HOUSES,WEBINARS, AND E-CAMPFIRESOPEN HOUSECome to camp this spring to check out our facilities, try some of our on-campusactivities, and meet other families!April 2nd, 2022 from 10am until 2pmPlease RSVP: Light Lunch will be provided*Individual visits by appointment onlyPARENT WEBINARS & CAMPER E-CAMPFIRESIn an effort to help you and your camper transition to camp, we offer severalonline webinars for parents of enrolled campers. Learn details, ask questions, andalleviate any anxiety and fears you have prior to camp. Camper E-Campfires areyour child’s version of a webinar. Your camper will meet some of their staff priorto camp, get answers to any questions they have, and learn more about what toexpect while at camp. Enrolled campers and families will receive an invitation.“Get to know Talisman” Webinar for prospective familiesFebruary 9th (Wednesday) at 6:30 ESTParent WebinarsSight & Foundations: May 11th, Wednesday at 6:30pmInsight, Teens & Young Adults: May 12th, Thursday at 6:30pmSession 4 (7-day) Webinar: July 12th, Tuesday at 6:30pmE-CampfiresSight & Foundations E-Campfire: May 26th, Thursday at 6:30pmInsight, Teens & Young Adults E-Campfire: May 30th, Monday at 6:30pmSession 4 (7-day) E-Campfire: July 21st, Thursday at 6:30pmPARENT SEMINARSTalisman offers parent seminars at the end of every session, free to our Talismanfamilies. We explain the activities we offer our campers, why we do them, andwhat we hope to achieve from them. We describe our group problem-solvingprocess and other tools used to help our campers develop socially. This allowsparents the opportunity to learn the skills, elements, and principles of our campphilosophy for use in their home so that each camper’s growth and progress cancontinue beyond the camp experience. We also provide current information onAutism, ADHD, and neuro-development. Finally, the seminar offers the opportunityto build a community of support with other families.Parent Seminars 1pm – 5pmSession 1: June 28th (No Mini session seminar)Session 2: July 13thSession 3: July 28thSession 4: August 6th

2022 DATES & RATESSession 1LengthOpeningDayClosingDayPriceBase Camp ProgramsFoundations, Sight, Insight,Leadership, & Young Adults19-daysJune 11thJune 29th 4940.00Teen Adventure ProgramsTri-Adventures19-daysJune 11thJune 29th 5,225.00Mini Camp ProgramsSightInsight7-days7-daysJune 13thJune 22ndJune 19thJune 28th 1925.00 1925.00Session 2LengthOpeningDayClosingDayPriceBase Camp ProgramsFoundations, Sight, Insight,Leadership, & Young Adults13-daysJuly 2ndJuly 14th 3380.00Teen Adventure ProgramsQuest or Mountain Odyssey13-daysJuly 2ndJuly 14th 3575.00

2022 DATES & RATESSession 3LengthOpeningDayClosingDayPriceBase Camp ProgramsFoundations, Sight, Insight,Leadership, & Young Adults13-daysJuly 17thJuly 29th 3380.00Teen Adventure ProgramsQuest or Caves & Mining13-daysJuly 17thJuly 29th 3575.00Session 4LengthBase Camp ProgramsFoundations, Sight, Insight,& Discovery7-daysOpeningDayAugust 1stClosingDayAugust 7thPrice 1925.00FOLLOW!LIKE!SHARE!Talisman Summer

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Talisman Open House (10-2pm)All tuition dueSight & Foundations webinar (6:30pm)Insight, Teens, & YA webinar (6:30pm)All S1 forms dueSight & Foundations E-Campfire (6:30pm)Insight, Teens, & YA E-Campfire (6:30pm)All S2 forms dueS1 Opening DayMini Sight Opening DayMini Sight Closing DayMini Insight Opening DayAll S3 forms dueMini Insight Closing DayS1 Parent SeminarS1 Closing DayApril 2ndMay 1stMay 11May 12May 20thMay 26thMay 30thJune 10thJune 11thJune 13thJune 19thJune 22ndJune 27thJune 28thJune 28thJune 29thAugust 7thAugust 6thAugust 1stJuly 29thJuly 28thJuly 21stJuly 17thJuly 14thJuly 13thJuly 12thJuly 11thJuly 2ndS4 Closing DayParent seminar for S4 (1-5pm)S4 Opening DayS3 Closing DayS3 Parent Seminar (1-5pm)S4 Camper E-CampfireS3 Opening DayS2 Closing DayS2 Parent Webinar (1-5pm)Parent webinar for S4 (6:30pm)S4 forms dueS2 Opening DayImportant Talisman Dates to remember

Contact UsTalisman is an equal opportunity providerunder permit from the US Forest Service.Love our camp? Facility rentals availableCall for more informationPh: 828-697-6313Fax: 828-697-6249Email: [email protected]: www.talismancamps.comPhysical Address: 64 Gap Creek RoadZirconia, North Carolina, 28790

Talisman, while serving as leaders within the camp community. Note: Successful completion of a Leadership course is required for campers who wish to be considered for Talisman Krewe. Mountain Odyssey Session 2 Ages 13-17 13-day session Campers will explore the history, folklore, trails, and tales of Western North Carolina.