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Introducing thePro Tape range4Tested to the Extreme5Strong Adhesive Tape6Flexible ID Tape7New Self-Laminating Tape8Security Tape9Heat Shrink Tube10Flag Label11Stencil Tape12Choose the right tape for the job13P-touch label printer compatibility14/15Available Pro Tape widths and coloursP-touch Pro Tapes arebuilt with tough anddurable professionalgrade materials andadhesives.Choose the righttape for the jobusing this guide.NewMARK OF A SMARTPROFESSIONAL3

Tapes thatare tested tothe extremeBrother P-touch laminated labels have been built to last, wherever you use them.With excellent resistance to water, abrasion, chemicals, fading and temperature extremes,they’ll never let you down. Meaning when you label something on-site, it stays labelled.Protective coating (PET)Adhesive (acrylic)Coloured base film (PET)Adhesive (acrylic)backingBackingpaper paperLetteringLaminated asionResistantChemicalResistantStrongAdhesionOur laminated tape technologyLaminated TZe tapes consist of six layers of materials, resulting in a thin, extremely stronglabel. Characters are formed with a thermal transfer ink and sandwiched between twoprotective layers of PET (polyethylene film). The result is a virtually indestructible label thatcan withstand even the toughest conditions.4Full testing information at

TZe Strong Adhesive LaminatedFor smooth, rough, textured and powder coated surfaces. With 3 times morestrength on textured surfaces, than Brother standard tape on average.Recommended for: Warning signs and noticesDistribution boardsConsumer unitsControl gear and switch gearElectrical sockets and faceplatesElectrical trunking and conduits Solar panelsEV car charging pointsRacksPortsPatch panelsEquipment and TelecommunicationsoutletsUL recognised as a component to UL9695

TZe Flexible ID LaminatedWith a specially formulated adhesive to wrap securely around wires and cableswith a diameter of 3mm or larger. Barcodes and other detailed information can beincluded on cable flags.Recommended for: Electrical wires and cablesPower cordsLAN cables (patch cord or permanent link)Computer cables (USB cables, Data cables)UL recognised as a component to UL 9696

TZe Self-LaminatingProvides a protective layer over the printed area for cable marking. With ourcost saving solution, text is laminated during printing which means 24mm tape issuitable for the larger diameter CAT6A cables.Recommended for: LAN cables (patch cord or permanent link) Computer cables (USB cables, Data cables) Power cordsØ3.0mm - 6.6mm (24mm), Ø3.0 - 10.4 (36mm)UL recognised as a component to UL 969New7

TZe Security LaminatedWhen the label is peeled, it leaves behind a ‘checkerboard’ pattern indicating thelabel has been tampered with.Recommended for: Equipment after calibrationComputers / electronic devicesOther company property and assetsItems sealed for securityUL recognised as a component to UL 9698

HSe Heat Shrink TubePrintable tube, when shrunk down it ensures a secure fit on wires and cables. Shrinkratio 2:1.Recommended for: Electrical wires CablesSee page 12 for recommended cable diametersUL recognised as a component to UL224Continuous temperature rating: 125 CVoltage rating: 300VFlammability rating: VW-19

FLe FlagDie cut non-laminated flag label. New improved single label design makes itvery simple to apply once printed. Wide printable area for barcodes and otherinformation.Recommended for: LAN cables (patch cord, permanent link, CAT5e, CAT6) Fibre Optic cablesØ2.0mm - 8.0mm10

STe StencilNon-adhesive tape used as a mask to permanently mark (etch) conductive surfacesusing electrolytic marking chemicals and equipment, or to mark (etch) glass using aglass etching paste.Recommended for: Use on metallic and glass surfaces Permanent part marking(e.g. aerospace industry, motor industry, manufacturing, medical/healthcare) Product marking and customisation (e.g. scissors, knives)11

Choose the righttape for the jobStencilSecurityGENERAL IDENTIFICATIONStrong AdhesiveFlagHeat Shrink TubeFlexible IDSURFACESelf-LaminatingWIRE AND CABLE IDENTIFICATIONSmoothsurfacesTexturedsurfacesCable wrapCable flagRecommendedHEAT SHRINK TUBE12AcceptableTapeWidthRecommended cable diametersHSe-2115.8mmØ1.7mm to 3.2mmHSe-2218.8mmØ2.6mm to 5.1mmHSe-23111.7mmØ3.6mm to 7.0mmHSe-24117.7mmØ5.4mm to 10.6mmHSe-25123.6mmØ7.3mm to 14.3mm

P-touch label lf-LaminatingHeat Shrink TubeSecurityFlexible IDMODELMaxtapewidthStrong AdhesiveTAPE TYPE13

TZe-FX621TZe-FX611Black on yellowBlack on whiteSTe STENCIL - 3 MBlack on whiteTZe SECURITY LAMINATED - 8 -FX661TZe-FX261TZe-S26136mmBlack on Ze-S131TZe-S23112mmBlack on whiteTZe SELF-LAMINATING - 8 MTZe-FX221TZe-FX211Black on whiteTZe FLEXIBLE ID LAMINATED - 8 MTZe-S621Black on yellowTZe-S221TZe-S121TZe-S2119mmBlack on transparentBlack on white6mmPro Tape widths and coloursTZe STRONG ADHESIVE LAMINATED - 8 M1414

8.8mm11.7mm17.7mmHSe-211HSe-221* Labels are: 45mm x 21mm when printed. 45mm x 10.5mm once applied.Black on whiteHSe-231HSe-241HSe-25123.6mmFLe-7511*Black on green5.8mmFLe-6511*Black on yellowHSe HEAT SHRINK TUBE - 1.5 MFLe-2511*Black on whiteFLe FLAG (DIE-CUT) - 72 LABELS15 specifications correct at the time of printing and are subject to change. Brother is a registered trademark of BrotherIndustries Ltd. Brand product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.

UL recognised as a component to UL 969 TZe Self-Laminating Provides a protective layer over the printed area for cable marking. With our cost saving solution, text is laminated during printing which means 24mm tape is suitable for the larger diameter CAT6A cables. Recommended for: 7 New Equipment after calibration Computers / electronic devices Other company property and assets .