Greek Mythology PacketName:Period:1

The Gods of Early Man1.2.3.4.Classical Greek Gods1.

For the ancient Greeks, mythology served as science,entertainment, history, and later, religion.Myths1. of the Greek GodsGods did not create the universe; it created them!The Titans are theelder gods who werethe first race.There were 12 total6 men and 6 women.They were enormous insize and strength.No LightNo OrderAND(Uranus)(Gaea)(Rhea & Cronus)The Olympian godslived on top ofMount Olympus anddrank nectar andinteracted withhumans.(The children of Rhea and Cronus)3


Family Tree of the Gods I***First there was chaos***The Universe created the gods;Not the other way around.Parents:Husband and WifeChildren: The TitansThe 12 Elder GodsBrother and SisterHusband and WifeGrandchildren:The OlympiansHusbandAnd WifeGoddess ofhearth andhomeRuler of theUnderworldKing of theGods,Ruled theHeavensQueen of theGods,Protector ofmarriedwomenRuler of theOceanGoddess ofthe Harvestor Corn5

Family Tree of the Gods II**The Olympians**Goddess of Wisdom,War and WeavingSprung from Zeus’s headFully Grown and in armor.God of Smithsand Fire.Goddess of YouthGod of WarBorn from sea foam;Goddess of love and beautyOther Children of ZeusThe Messenger GodHours, Seasons,and JusticeGoddess of the moonand the huntSpun, Assigned,and Cutthe Thread of LifeGod of light, musicand poetryPreside oversocial occasionsNine total for Art& Science6

Study Guide for Edith Hamilton’s MythologyThe bold page numbers correspond with the blue cover “Everbind” Edition.The italicized page numbers correspond with the black cover “Perma-Bound” Edition.Directions: After reading the listed pages, complete the following questions thoroughly.The Underworld of Greek Mythology in “ The Gods” (pp. 39-40 / 39-41)1. Who rules the underworld?2. What are alternative name for the underworld?3. Who is the aged boatman who ferries the souls of the dead across the water?4. Who is Cerebrus?5. Who passes judgment on the wicked?6. What are three rivers that separate the underworld from the world above?The Lesser Gods of the Earth in “ The Gods” (pp. 41-44 / 41-46)Identify the following creatures and give multiple details about each one:1. Pan2. Silenus3. Leda4. The Sileni5. The Satyrs6. The Centaurs7. The Gorgons8. The Graiae9. The Sirens7

The Two Great Gods of Earth (pp. 48-50 / 51-55)1. Who were the two great gods of earth?2. Why are they “altogether different” from other gods?3. Why was it natural that they should be worshiped together? Explain.4. During what season where they different? Why would that season be a time of sadness?Prometheus and Pandora in “ How the World Was Created” (pp. 72-76 /87-92 )1. Why was Zeus angry with Prometheus? What did he give man without permission?2. What parts of the animal was sacrificed to the gods?3. Who is Pandora?4. Who was she given to?5. What happened when Pandora’s curiosity was too powerful to ignore?6. What was Prometheus’ punishment for his misdeeds?The Flower Myths in “The Earliest Heroes” (pp. 89- 95 / 111-120)1. Who is Narcissus and what was his major flaw?2. Who is Echo and what was her fate?3. Where does Echo live now?4. What was Narcissus’ fate?8

5. What is the story of Hyacinthus?6. Who is Adonis?7. What famous goddess loved him?8. What is Adonis’ fate?Eight Brief Tales of Lovers (pp. 105-121 / 135-159)1. Which lovers mistakenly arranged a tryst, thought the other had been killed, and then killedthemselves?2. Identify the lovers in the following summary: He was the son of one of the Muses and agifted musician. She died on their wedding day. He went to the underworld and triedunsuccessfully to bring her back.3. This man was killed at sea. Morpheus appeared to his wife in the form of her dead husbandand told her that her husband was dead. Then she and her dead husband were turned into birds.4. He fell in love with a statue that he had made. Venus brought the statue to life and theymarried. Who were they?5. Who gave hospitality to Jupiter and Mercury when they came to earth in disguise?6. Apollo fell in love with this daughter of the river god, Peneus. She did not love him. Toprotect her, her father turned her into a laurel tree. Who was this?Hercules (pp. 166-179 / 224-244) - on a separate piece of paperAfter reading Chapter 11, write a summary of the actual myth of Hercules. Be sure to useinformation from the text to support your summary. Include a numbered list of “the Labors ofHercules.”9

Lesser GodsPAGES 36-44 / 34-46GreekRomanSymbol1. Goddess of corn or agriculture2. God of wine and revelry3. God of nature and flocksOrigin of “panic”4. God of love: son of Venus5. Goddess of Youth: cupbearer6. Goddess of the RainbowMessenger to the Gods7. Three Graces, Goddess of joy and gratitude, and bringers of beauty to young girlsSplendor: Mirth: Good Cheer:8. Three Fates, Goddesses of DestinySpinnerDisposer of Lots Cutter9. Nine Muses, goddesses of song, poetry, and the arts and science:History: Comedy: Tragedy: Dance:Lyric Poetry: Epic Poetry: Love Poetry:Astronomy: Songs to Gods:10. The “Old Man of the Sea” His daughters11. The “Trumpeter of the Sea”12. King of the WindWinds: North South East West13. Nymphs – nature goddesses, usually depicted as a beautiful woman.Sea Water Nymphs: Water Nymphs (Brooks Streams):Mountain Nymphs: Tree Nymphs:14. Who is the Roman God of good beginnings?10

Mythology: “Common Craft” Style Video ProjectGroup Members:Myth:Directions: Your groups will be creating a “Common Craft” style videos that tell the story of yourmyth. This project will require that each of your group members know and understand your mythcompletely. Your first task is to read the myth as a group and summarize the story. Be sure that youaccurately describe the events in the myth in chronological order using specific details.Step 1: Read and summarize:If you need more room, use a separate sheet of paper and staple it to this packet11

Step 2: Plot Diagram: Complete the following plot diagram chart:Plotline worksheet for “ ”Diagram the plot for the Myth using the spaces for each element of the story.Climax:FallingAction:Rising Action:Conflict:Setting:Resolution:2. Main Characters:3. Basic Information:12

Step 3: BrainstormingAfter viewing several examples of “common craft” style work, you will now begin to brainstorm aboutwhat you think your movie will look like. Discuss with your group which scenes from the story shouldbe included. Remember, we want our movies to be about 3 minutes long. Sketch some of the characters.Try to get a “big picture” understanding of what your movie will entail.Step 4: Storyboard: On the next page, you will create a storyboard. A storyboard is like an outline foryour movie. You will draw a rough sketch of each scene from your movie in the boxes with a briefdescription of what is happening on the lines under the box. Some of your scenes will require severalboxes, that is good (Number your boxes). Really, you should make a new box each time something inyour scene changes. (I have more story board sheets if you need them)13


Step 5: Arts and Crafts!It’s time to create the various two-dimensional figures you will use to tell your story. Most of yourfigures should be around 5 inches tall (some may be larger or smaller). Decide on a background color(white, black, yellow, or brown - whatever I can get from the library). Your figures may be colored andcut from regular paper or colored construction paper. It is a good idea to sketch your figures before youdraw them so you know just what you want. You may use any coloring utensils provided. This is a greatopportunity for every member of the group to be involved and have a job. If you are not the best artist(this project doesn’t require great artwork), then you can cut out the figures and organize them asnecessary – or get started on step 6. Work Diligently! Work Together!Step 6: ScriptYour group must write a script for your movie. Narration will be the primary method of delivery but youmay wish to include some small bits of dialogue. I encourage you to have more than one speaker (oneperson may be the narrator while others will play the voices of the other characters). Your script shouldbe hand written. It may be a good idea to assign each scene to a group member or two and then gettogether and edit. How your structure your script is up to you.Step 7: Rehearse! Rehearse! Rehearse! Rehearse! Rehearse!Before filming, your group must practice running through the entire script several times. You will needone person to film, probably two people to move the cut-out figures on and off of the screen, a narrator,a director, etc. Pretend the camera is there. Run through the entire script, using all the cut-outs andaction, and time yourself. This process will most likely include some revision of the script, scenes, etc.Step 8: Lights, Camera, Action!When your group is confident with the script and execution, it is time to film your movie. We willdesignate a “quiet” area where only filming will take place. You must be respectful of the videoequipment. When your group finishes filming, you will copy your video files to your teacher’s computerso we can access them for editing later.Step 9: Editing15

Mythological Products – Business LetterBackground: Many products today have mythological names: Atlas tires,Midas muffler, Ajax cleanser, Mercury automobiles. Many products alsohave symbolic logos to represent mythological allusions: FTD Florists, theNike swoop,Assignment:1. Research a product whose name or logo is an allusion to Greek or RomanMythology. You will need to have a full understanding of what the product is,how it works, who it would be sold to, and what the mythology allusion is – beable to explain it.2. Create a references page (Works Cited) to indicate where you found yourinformation about this product. Use for this page.3. Write a properly formatted business letter introducing the product tothe Wal-Mart Corporation. You should write one paragraph introducing yourproduct, one paragraph that indicates why Wal-Mart should carry yourproduct, and one paragraph that asks the company to follow-up with you.4. You will need to do some research to find the correct address to the WalMart Corporate Office (not your local store) and address the letter to thecurrent president and CEO (this is public information – but you will have tobe resourceful to find it).16