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Saf-T-Graf Graphite Rupture DisksTMIntroductionSaf-T-Graf graphite rupture disks are manufactured from highquality graphite impregnated with an environmentally friendly hightemperature resin. Saf-T-Graf disks may be applied in gas, liquid ortwo phase flow applications. At the heart of the Saf-T-Graf productis its monobloc construction. This rupture disk device is both diskand holder in one unit, designed for simple installation betweencompanion flanges. Depending upon the application, differentmodels of Saf-T-Graf monobloc disks are available. Their performanceis described in the table below:Performance s available0.5-24 inches(15-600mm)0.5-24 inches(15-600mm)0.5-24 inches(15-600mm)0.5-24 inches(15-600mm)0.5-24 inches(15-600mm)0.5-24 inches(15-600mm)Vacuum resistant 22 psi ( 1.52bar) 22 psi ( 1.52bar) 22 psi ( 1.52bar) 22 psi ( 1.52bar) 22 psi ( 1.52bar) 22 psi ( 1.52bar)Standardtemperature range-100 F to 400 F(-73 C to 205 C)-100 F to 400 F(-73 C to 205 C)-100 F to 400 F(-73 C to 205 C)-100 F to 400 F(-73 C to 205 C)-100 F to 400 F(-73 C to 205 C)-100 F to 400 F(-73 C to 205 C)ASME “UD”stampedYesYesYesYesYesYes“CE” markedYesYesYesYes--*Vacuum supportType MBV diskType AMBV disk----Fluoropolymerliner--Type IMBL DiskType AIMBL Disk--High temperatureservice-Type AMB-HTADisk 800 F (427 C)-Type AIMB-HTADisk 800 F (427 C)--option*Note: Required for disks rated below 22 psig (1.5 barg) where the disk may be exposed to a vacuum.ArmoringArmor is recommended for all graphite disks for added safety, easierinstallation and elimination of breakage during installation. Armorconsists of a steel ring encircling the outside diameter of the graphiterupture disk. This design reduces the possibility of a premature burstdue to uneven or excessive torquing of the flange studs.Armor is standard on disks with burst pressures in excess of 150psig or to fit ANSI Class 300 / 600 flanges. Carbon steel armor isstandard with 300 series stainless steel as an option. BS&B stronglyrecommends armor for applications where lateral blow out / loss ofcontainment represents a safety concern (for example at higher burstpressures and whenever personnel may be present).BS&B strongly recommends armor for disks sizes shown when ratedpressures equal to or exceed values in chart.Size2Burst 075755.212-2450503.5Saf-T-Graf Model Description MB - Monobloc AMB - Armored monobloc IMB - Inverted monobloc AIMB - Armored inverted monobloc IMBL - Inverted monobloc with liner AIMBL - Armored inverted monobloc with liner FSM - Fail-Saf monobloc AFSM - Armored Fail-Saf monobloc

Saf-T-Graf Graphite Rupture DisksTMOperating RatioTemperatureExtended service life for operating pressures up to 80% of the diskminimum burst pressure in a static environment. Operating ratiocan vary depending upon operating conditions. A cyclic duty fromvacuum to positive differential pressure with a low burst pressuregraphite rupture disk may be limited to a 60% operating ratio. Asburst pressure increases and range of pressure cycling decreases, thelimit of 80% is achieved. Consult factory for more details.Saf-T-Graf graphite disks are available with coincident temperaturesfrom -290 to 800 F (-179 to 427 C). Above 400 F (205 C) a hightemperature assembly (HTA) is required and may be used with disktypes AMB, AIMB, or AFSM. The HTA acts as a thermal barrier, reducingthe temperature at the AMB, AIMB, or AFSM disk by up to 200 F (93 C).HTA’s are armored. Up to two HTA’s may be deployed in series, upstreamof an AMB, AIMB, or AFSM rupture disk device.Expedited DeliveryThe following standard type MB sizes and burst pressures areavailable for quick delivery: 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 inches (25, 40, 50,80, 100, 150 and 200mm); 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 75, 100, 125,150 psig (0.7, 1, 1.4, 1.7, 2, 2.8, 3.4, 5.2, 6.9, 8.6, and 10.3bar).Burst Alert SensorA GASTM (graphite alert sensor) is available to provide warning of aburst graphite disk when connected to an appropriate monitoringcircuit.GasketsStandard gasket material for all Saf-T-Graf disks is Klinger-Sil C-4401. Optional materials include PTFE Solid, Neoprene, Garlock 3000, Grafoil and Gylon 3510. Gaskets are always attached formodels MB, AMB, MBV and AMBV. For all other models, gaskets aresupplied attached unless specially ordered without gaskets.Note: The gasket contributes to burst pressure control for models MB,AMB, MBV and AMBV.Note: HTA’s shall not be used with graphite disks having a vacuumsupport. The vacuum support will block the release of the HTA insulationmaterial, restricting flow.Burst ToleranceMarked burst pressureBurst tolerance 1 psig(0.07bar)-0/ 0.75 psig(-0/ 0.05bar)1-15 psig(0.07-1.03bar) /-0.75 psig( /-0.05bar) 15 psig(1.03bar) /-5%For sizing, see the BS&B website or contact BS&B for appropriate KR valuesExample: If a Saf-T-Graf MB type disk is ordered with a 29 psig (2bar)burst pressure, it will burst between 27.5 psig (1.9bar) and 30.5 psig(2.1bar).For reduced tolerances contact BS&BCompanion Flange RatingSaf-T-Graf monobloc rupture disks are supplied for installationbetween companion flanges of all international standards includingANSI / ASME, EU / DIN / AFNOR and JIS. The flange standard and itspressure rating must be identified at the time of order.3

Saf-T-Graf Graphite Rupture DisksTMMBType MBTM SeriesModel MBTM , MBVTM, AMBTM, AMBVTMThe type MB monobloc satisfies most applications requiring the capabilitiesof a low burst pressure, full opening, broadly corrosion resistant rupturedisk where the application can accept the fragmentation of a graphite diskactivation. The armored version is called the AMB.Sizes 0.5 to 24 inches (15 to 600mm)withtemperature range to 400ºF (205º C)Model MBV(dial)Model MBV(bar)Monobloc graphite disks require vacuum supports underthe following application conditions: Burst pressure is below 22 psig (1.52barg) and fullvacuum may be present (-14.5 psi / -1barg) Vaccum exceeds 30% of burst pressure. For example, a10 psig (0.7barg) burst pressure disk will experience a -3psig (-0.2barg) vacuum Cycling between vacuum conditions and positivepressure may occur and burst pressure is below 22 psig(1.52barg) Vacuum supports are needed for disks rated below 22psig (1.52bar) and where a vacuum condition exists.Model MBV or AMBV vacuum supports are not requiredon 0.5 and 0.75 inch (15 and 20mm) monobloc disks Temperature ranges -100º to 400ºF (-73º to 205ºC). Forfurther clarification on when to use a vacuum support,consult factoryModel MBSpecificationsBurst ratingsNominal 3.07615010/16246000.25500.023.43.07615010/16The monobloc type MBV may include either a ‘bar’ or ‘dial’type vacuum support. Both types are non opening whenthe MBV rupture disk activiates. The ‘bar’ type supportis supplied for MBV disks having burst pressure between10 and 22 psi (0.69 and1.52bar). The ‘dial’ type supportis supplied for MBV disks having burst pressures below 10psi (0.69bar). The adjustment in free flow area varies bysupport type and MBV disk nominal size; see table. Whenarmored the disk type becomes AMBV.Vacuum Support FactorsSize1/23/4111/22346Dial type-Bar .58.60 . . type 1/4-9 psig (0.02-0.6bar); Bar type: 10-22 psig (0.7-1.5bar)Note: See photograph above to view difference between “dial” and “bar” type vacuum supports.4

Saf-T-Graf Graphite Rupture DisksTMIMBTM Inverted MonoblocThe type IMB satisfies higher burst pressure requirementsthan the type MB disk. Inverting the recess location fromupstream to downstream, the graphite structure withstandsthe higher stresses associated with higher burst pressure.At the higher burst pressure of the type IMB disk, a vacuumsupport is not required. Armored inverted monobloc disks aretype AIMB.IMBLTMIMBLInverted MonoblocAn optional fluoropolymer liner can be provided on the inletside of the inverted monobloc graphite disk to enhancecorrosion resistance and non-stick properties. The lined typeis designated IMBL or when armored, AIMBL.IMBIMBLFSMTM Fail-Saf MonoblocHaving the same burst pressure capability as the IMB disk, thetype FSM has a recess on both sides resulting in the same burstrating when actuated from either direction, hence ‘fail-saf’monobloc. When armored, the disk type is AFSM.FSMIMBFSMFSM, IMB, AIMB, IMBL and AIMBL SpecificationsBurst 5010/165

Saf-T-Graf Replaceable Element, Graphite Rupture DisksReplaceable element graphite disks combine the low burst pressure, fullopening, broad corrsion resistance of the monobloc Saf-T-Graf tehcnologywith a metal safety head. The replaceable element rupture disk and themetal safety head combined comprise the rupture disk device. For thosewishing to avoid risk of lateral blowout, the BS&B replaceable elementgraphite disks are all armored.Note: Safety heads are available in graphite upon requestModel REThe unique fail safe design of the RE type disk assures the disk cannot beinstalled incorrectly in the safety head as the disk will burst at its ratedburst pressure in either direction. A disk with a burst pressure of 22 psig(1.52bar) or above will withstand full vacuum.Model RELAn REL type disk with a fluoropolymer liner permanentlyattached to the process side of the disk can be supplied for extraprotection against corrosive fluids or to prevent product buildup.Model REVThe REV type disk is suitable for applications where vacuumconditions exist and when the burst pressure is less than 22Performance Features Replaceable ElementRE, REL and REV Burst Pressure CapabilityREArmoredYesFail safe-Vacuum resistant 22psi( 1.52bar)inmmBurst ratings @ 72 F(22 C)psigTotal assembly thickness 02170.2151.1281.332Vacuum supportoptionType REV disk2.5653.01740.2121.2301.537Standardtemperature range-100 to 400 F(-73 to 205 High temperatureserviceType AIMB-HTA Disk 800 F (427 uoropolymer linerType REL diskSizes available6Nominalsize1 to 24 inches(25 to 600mm)ASME “UD”stampedYes“CE” 11For proper sizing, see the BS&B website or contact BS&B for appropriateKR values.

Saf-T-Graf Replaceable Element, Graphite Rupture DisksREV / REV-7RRE / RE-7RType REV graphite rupture disk in REV-7R safetyhead (type REL / REL-7R excluding vacuum support)Type RE graphite rupture disk in RE-7R safety headRE-7R Safety HeadREV-7R Safety HeadFlange RatingsVacuum supports are designed utilizing the latest computer softwareto maximize venting capacities while maintaining structural strength.Flow arrows on the side of the safety head facilitate correct installationbetween pipe flanges. Safety heads are machined to meet ANSI B16.5standards.The insert type RE-7R safety head installs inside the companionflange bolt circle and is designed to accept either type RE or type RELrupture disks.The safety heads are designed to fit between companion flanges of allinternational standards. (Refer to glossary)MaterialThe REV-7R safety head is provided with an integral non-openingvacuum support on the process side and is designed to accomodate theREV disk only. The REV-7R vacuum support reduces the free flow areaaccording to the table.Safety heads are available in carbon steel, 316ss or impregnatedgraphite as standard.Vacuum Support FactorsSize1/23/4111/22346810121416182024Dial type-Bar . type 1/4-9 psig (0.02-0.6bar)Bar type: 10-22 psig (0.7-1.5bar)7

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Saf-T-Graf graphite disks are available with coincident temperatures from -290 to 800 F (-179 to 427 C). Above 400 F (205 C) a high . Note: See photograph above to view difference between "dial" and "bar" type vacuum supports. Saf-T-Graf TM Graphite Rupture Disks. FSM IMB IMBL 5