Welcome to Ohlone71CHAPTERWELCOME TO OHLONEWelcome to Ohlone! We are honored that you have chosen to pursue your education at Ohlone College andare excited to have this opportunity to share our campuses, programs, and services with you. We hope thatyou will take advantage of the many programs and services available at Ohlone.GOOD NEWS ABOUT OHLONE!At Ohlone we are proud of the accomplishments made by our dedicatedstudents, faculty, and staff. We are pleased to share several of the highlights ofthe past year at Ohlone, which are a mere sampling of the great things that aregoing on at Ohlone.Student AccomplishmentsThe Ohlone Forensics Team had another very successful year, with numerouswins in numerous competitions. Ohlone student Kivraj Singh tied for CCCFAState Championship Keeling-Fricker Award for Top Speaker of OralInterpretation of Literature. This award is for the whole state of California! Ofspecial note are the final two competitions of the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015Semesters. In April 2015 the Forensics Team closed out the year by participatingin the Phi Rho Pi National Tournament in Cleveland, Ohio. Manveer Singhearned a Bronze in IPDA Debate (and was undefeated!); Kivraj Singhwon a Bronze in Poetry and a Silver in Program Oral Interpretation;and Sarah Goulart won a Silver in Prose. On December 6-7, 2014the Team participated at the UC Berkeley Individual Eventstournament. At this tournament Kivraj Singh earned a firstplace in Dramatic Interpretation and Poetry; a secondplace in Prose; and a third place in Program OralInterpretation and After Dinner Speech.Manveer Singh went from competing in novice toopen (the big leagues!) and placed sixth inImpromptu. Jose Perscale earned a third place in Informative and a fourth placein Novice Extemporaneous. A complete listing of the 2014-2015accomplishments of the Forensics Team is available on the Forensics Team’sWeb page am.html).Congratulations to the Forensics Team for their impressive and very victoriousyear!The Ohlone College Monitor won First Place for On-Site Opinion Writing, FirstPlace for Column Writing, and Second Place for Feature Story Writing at theNovember 2014 Journalism Association of Community Colleges’NorCal conference in Sacramento.2015-2016 OHLONE COLLEGE CATALOGDr. Jeff Watanabe and twelve students spent Spring Break inMarch 2015 on a Study Abroad trip in Bahia de Los Angeles inBaja California, Mexico. The students experienced both landbased and aquatic adventures. This was the first Study Abroad tripfor the Environmental Studies Department.Once again, Ohlone’s Respiratory Therapy Program hasbeen chosen among a select group to be recognized bythe Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Careto receive the Distinguished RRT CredentialingSuccess Award. Criteria for selection includeholding accreditation without a requiredprogress report; credentialing success of 90% orhigher; and meeting or exceeding establishedthresholds for credentialing success, low attrition,and successful job placement.

81 WELCOME TO OHLONEFaculty and Staff AccomplishmentsRose-Margaret Itua, Associate Professor in Engineering, has created an interestgroup with her students for the Society for Women Engineers (SWE). SWE is thelargest professional body of women engineers; women serve as role modelsand provide support not only to their peers but to students who want to enterthe field of engineering. During the 2014-2015 academic year ten femalestudents from Ohlone attended a Society for Women Engineers conference withProfessor Itua, where Ohlone wasrecognized as the first communitycollege in Northern California tohave a SWE group on campus. Theyoung women who attended theconference were able to interactwith women in their chosen careerpath, who mentored andencouraged them to persevere.Jeff Roberts, Associate Professorand Athletic Trainer, attended the2015 Super Bowl in Phoenixwatching the game but, moreimportantly, watching the playersfor potential head injuries. Since2011 Professor Roberts has beenthe “spotter” for the NFL’sConcussion Protocol Managementprogram at the Coliseumduring all Oakland Raiders homegames. Based on his excellentperformance as a spotter for theOakland Raiders, the NFL invited Roberts to work at the Super Bowl. ProfessorRoberts is dedicated to keeping Ohlone at the frontlines of concussionmanagement technology. A recent example is the use of Sway mobile softwarewhich uses the motion detection in smartphones to detect balance deficit, anindicator that an individual has suffered a traumatic brain injury. Roberts hasnoted that there aren’t many four-year schools that are using the Sway programyet and to his knowledge there isn’t a single community college in the nation.David Topham, Computer Science professor, was awarded a 2014 SummerFellowship from Industry Initiatives for Science and Math Education (IISME).During a very competitive year, Professor Topham was selected from 300applicants. The fellowship offers recipients hands-on math, science, andtechnology experience while working side by side with the Bay Area’s leadingindustry, research, and university professionals.College AccomplishmentsThe Deaf Studies Division had a record-breaking and largest number of newDeaf students—49—in the program during Fall 2014. Most of the Deaf classeswere filled to capacity in the first week.Ohlone has been listed in Entertainment Designer Magazine as one of nineinnovative programs for Entertainment Design and Technology.The Ohlone College Foundation received the donation of an antique Wurlitzertheatre pipe organ from Cliff and Judy Luscher of Union City. The three manualkeyboard organ was originallyinstalled in the Lyric Theatre inMonrovia, California in 1925 and isvalued in excess of 200,000. Theworking organ will become apermanent installation in theJackson Theatre in the Gary SorenSmith Center for the Fine andPerforming Arts, where the organwill be used for orchestral concerts,theatre productions, silent movies,and individual organ concertevents.One of the metrics on the CaliforniaCommunity Colleges’ StudentSuccess Scorecard is improvementin basic skills math; that is, thepercentage of students whose firstmath class was basic skills whoeventually completed a collegelevel math course. There are 25California Community Colleges that are grouped together as peers, and Ohlonehad the highest performance rate of all 25 colleges. Ohlone’s 46.1% rate ofbasic skills math students completing a college-level math course with a gradeof C or higher was the only rate above 40%, with a peer average of 28.1% anda statewide average of 31.0%. Additionally, both Ohlone’s African American andHispanic students had the highest rate among its peers and both far exceededthe statewide rates. Ohlone is #1 among its peers and #2 compared to all 112community colleges in preparing basic skills math students to succeed incollege-level math courses!Ohlone has received funding from the United Way for a math accelerationprogram for students pursuing engineering. This program will allow students tomove from Algebra II through the first semester of Calculus in just twosemesters. These funds are being used to develop the curriculum and teach thefirst cohort. Future cohorts are being supported by the recently awardedDepartment of Labor “Ready to Work Grant,” in which Ohlone will receive 1million of the 5 million awarded to this regional consortium.The Academic Core Buildings Project has been awarded the 2015 SCUPExcellence in Planning Honor Award. Each year the Society for College andUniversity Planning (SCUP) recognizes excellence in planning, design, andimplementation efforts of firms and higher education institutions. The AcademicCore project was one of seven projects honored nationwide. This is aprestigious award, and it is fairly uncommon for a community college project tobe recognized.Ohlone was named #8 on the list of the Top 30 Community Colleges in theUnited States in the October 2014 edition of the Chinese magazine CollegeStudent. Ohlone was selected on the basis of high transfer rates and transferagreements with University of California campuses.The new Communication Lab opened at the Newark Campus during Fall 2014,so Ohlone has another great resource to assist students’ learning! The Lab isfocused on Public Speaking students but students in any communication classescan find useful resources and valuable student mentors there. The Lab canassist students with research, organization, delivery techniques, as well as visualaids creation and use.In March 2015 Radio magazine, a widely-read source for up-to-date informationon the latest in radio broadcast technology, published an article about KOHL,the Ohlone College radio station, and its innovative method for conductingremote broadcasts. The article cites Tom Briseno, adjunct faculty member inKOHL’s radio program. Briseno, a faculty member at KOHL for more than 20years, has been a driving force in keeping Ohlone up-to-date in the technologyarena. The article in Radio has generated quite a bit of interest from other radiostations. KOHL immediately began getting calls from other radio stations aboutthe Web technology used by KOHL for their remote broadcasts.Ohlone’s Communication Labs and Tutor Training Program received nationalcertification in Spring 2015. The certification comes from the NationalAssociation of Communication Centers (NACC). Of the thirteen communicationlabs certified by NACC nationally, Ohlone is the only college in California toearn this certification and one of only two community colleges nationwide. Toqualify for national certification Ohlone developed in-depth training andpreparation materials and procedures, which included writing twocommunication lab and tutor training manuals, and creating a training programfor peer-tutoring geared towards instructors and tutors in the lab.Ohlone’s exceptional online program was listed by Affordable Colleges Onlineas #7 in the Top 40 Online Community Colleges for 2014-2015.Ohlone, which is already in the top 10% of community colleges statewide forcompletions (degrees awarded and transfer students), witnessed a substantialincrease in program awards at the close of the 2013-2014 academic year. Sixhundred eighty-five associate degrees were awarded (compared to 545associate degrees for 2012-2013), and there were 821 certificates awarded(compared to 271 certificates for 2012-2013). That’s 1506 program awards in2013-2014 compared to 816 in 2012-2013!2015-2016 OHLONE COLLEGE CATALOG

1 WELCOME TO OHLONECommunity Outreach9ACCREDITATIONSeven Ohlone College Nursing students participated in the Kaiser FremontChemical Disaster Drill in September 2014. The students were dressed in fullHaz-Mat suits and worked side-by-side with Kaiser physicians to triage,diagnose, and treat simulated patients. This is the fifth year the Nursing studentshave participated in a Kaiser Disaster Drill, which have also been conducted atKaiser Hayward and Kaiser Oakland.Five Nursing students, accompanied by Nancy Dinsmore, Associate Professor inNursing, volunteered their time at the American Legion 40 et 8 convocationheld in 2014 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The students were preparedto handle minor emergencies. The veterans appreciated the Nursing students’presence and reported that they had peace of mind that nurses were on thepremises. The faculty and students happily reported their nursing skills were notneeded.During late Spring 2015 Ohlone was able to attend the Heald College TransferFair that was called in response to the closing of Corinthian Colleges. Ohlonehad three staff cover this event that served approximately 675 students.College EventsA record 80,000 was raised at the30th Annual Ohlone College GolfTournament in September 2014, a54% increase over the previous2013 high water mark. The eventwas supported by 26 majorsponsors, also more than previousyears. The Ohlone CollegeFoundation has designated 50,000to be used to support Collegeathletics and 30,000 to supportother college programs. OhloneCollege Outstanding Alumni andprominent TV news anchor andreporter Dina Eastwood emceedthe banquet, and there was specialrecognition for Fremont Bank’s 30years of support.Ohlone College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Communityand Junior Colleges (ACCJC) of the Western Association of Schools andColleges, an institutional accrediting body recognized by the Council for HigherEducation Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education. The ACCJC islocated at 10 Commercial Boulevard, Suite 204, Novato, CA 94949, (415) 5060234.THE COMMUNITY COLLEGE SYSTEMJoliet Junior College in Illinois was founded in 1901, making it the oldest publicjunior college in the nation. In 2001 community colleges in the United Statescelebrated 100 years of serving students.According to the American Association of Community Colleges, in 2015 thereare 1123 community colleges in the United States, with 992 of those institutionsbeing publicly controlled. In Fall2013 there were 12.4 millionstudents attending communitycolleges in the United States,representing46%ofallundergraduate students in theUnited States and 41% of all firsttime freshmen in the United States.In 2012-2013 community collegesawarded more than 750,399associate degrees and 459,073certificates.The California Community Collegesystem of two-year publicinstitutions is composed of 112colleges statewide organized into72 districts. During the 2013-2014academic year the CaliforniaCommunityCollegesystemenrolled more than 2.09 millionThe HR Department collaboratedstudents; 95,633 students earnedwith the Speech and Communicationan associate degree; 11,839 studentsStudies Department to facilitate aearned an associate degree for transfer;“Community Dialogue on Race andand more than 44,660 students earnedDid you know?Social Injustice” in February 2015.a certificate. Additionally, almost 16,000The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects thatSpeech and Communication faculty andstudents transferred from a CaliforniaHR facilitated thought-provokingoccupations that require an associate degree will growCommunity College to a University ofexercises to encourage students, faculty,California campus; more than 56,500by 18 percent through 2020 — faster than the newstaff, and administrators to be openstudents transferred from a .with their perspectives and experiencesCommunity College to a CaliforniaSource: California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Officewith race issues. The forum ended withState University campus; and 11,000an exercise to display the value ofCalifornia Community College studentsinterconnectedness no matter thetransferred to a private college within California. The California Community College Systemrepresents the largest system of higher education in the world.On March 16, 2015 the Counseling Department hosted its annual High SchoolCounselor Conference, an event that has promoted collaboration betweenOhlone College is a part of the Ohlone Community College District withOhlone and local high school counselors in the community since the earlycampuses in Fremont and Newark, as well as the virtual campus of online2000s. This year the event was held at the Newark campus, and Ohlone hostedcourse offerings. During 2014-2015 the Ohlone Community College District35 attendees representing 16 schools from the Tri-Cities, Milpitas, and Haywardserved six high schools, two continuation high schools, two adult schools, andareas. The group discussed new student requirements, concurrent high schoolthe Regional Occupational Programs, and over 16,000 students. Ohlone isenrollment, transfer and degree programs, Career Training Education programsproud of its role in the community college system—both in the United Statesand job-training services, and resources available through Disabled Studentsand California—and honored to be able to provide its students with a qualityPrograms and Services. By sharing such information with the local high schools,educational experience.the college hopes to better prepare and support students as they enter Ohlone.The Ohlone College Foundation announced its Spring 2015 scholarshiprecipients. This year 91 students were awarded a total of 151,250 inscholarships. Of these scholarships, 90,000 will be for the Ohlone Promise, afull-ride scholarship for incoming freshmen from the District’s high schools.2015-2016 OHLONE COLLEGE CATALOG

101 WELCOME TO OHLONEIMPORTANT FACTS ABOUT OHLONEnOhlone enrolls over 16,000 students per year at our Fremont andNewark campuses and online.nOhlone offers 182 degrees and certificates, including 21 associatedegrees for transfer (ADT), 49 associate degrees (AA or AS), 24Certificates of Achievement, and 88 Certificates of Accomplishment.nIn 2013-2014, 960 Ohlone students transferred to baccalaureate collegesand universities, including 508 students to California State Universities,204 students to Universities of California, 113 students to in-state privatecolleges and universities, and 135 students to out-of-state colleges anduniversities.nIn 2013-2014, 685 Ohlone students graduated with associate degreesand 821 students earned certificates.nOhlone College employs approximately 450 part-time and full-timefaculty and 215 support and management personnel.HISTORY OF OHLONEOhlone Community College District opened its doors in September 1967.Classes were first held at a temporary site in the former Serra Center Home forGirls on Washington Boulevard in Fremont. A year later, the Huddleson Ranchproperty, located in the Mission foothills just south of old Mission San José, wasselected as the permanent campus site. The 2011-2012 academic year markedOhlone’s 45th anniversary of serving the Tri-cities community with highereducation opportunities.In January 2005 the College introduced a new logo to more fully represent theOhlone heritage of its name. The logo represents two eagle feathers suspendedfrom the sun. The rays shooting off from the sun look like arrowhead pointsaimed in the four compass directions, a traditional Native American symbol. Thewhite band around the sun represents the “O” in Ohlone. The two feathers,another traditional symbol, also serve as a reminder of the Native Americantraditions that Ohlone has emulated with the goals of being moreenvironmentally aware in its building and its practices and celebrating andpromoting cultural diversity.THE OHLONE CAMPUSESFremont CampusEstablished in 1965, Ohlone College serves the cities of Fremont and Newarkand is located in the southeast area of the San Francisco Bay Area, California.Ohlone College is part of the Ohlone Community College District. The Fremontcampus is located on Mission Boulevard off Highway 680 on a beautiful 534acre hillside site just south of historical Mission San Jose. The Newark campusis located on Cherry Street west ofHighway 880 on a 31-acre siteadjacent to the San Francisco Bay.The name “Ohlone” was suggestedby Mr. Felipe Galvan to thefounders of the College in 1967 as afitting and appropriate name, thusgiving the College a proud heritageand tradition which has enduredamong faculty, staff, students, andadministration since the opening ofthe College over 40 years ago. Mr.Felipe Galvan was a descendantand an Elder of the Ohlone Peoplewho once inhabited not only thearea where Ohlone College is nowlocated, but the Ohlone People alsolived and thrived throughout theSan Francisco Bay Area forthousands of years. Mr. Galvan wasa man respected and admired forhis work in preserving the memory,the heritage, and the dignity of theancestral Ohlone people throughhis efforts in the community, hislife, and his daily example.The Fremont campus opened in September 1974 and is located on a beautiful534-acre hillside above southern Alameda County between Highways 680 and880. With 300 acres reserved for open space, the campus offers a peacefullearning environment for students. Natural features including black oak,chaparral, and seasonal springs dominate the landscape and welcome wildlifealongside the academic environment.The architecture is designedto complement the hillsidesurroundings. At the center of thecampus are buildings comprisingthe academic village, with classroombuildings dedicated to music, art,Deaf studies, athletics, and sciencelabs. The central campus alsofeatures a student newspaper,cafeteria, and bookstore.Additions to the Fremont campusare the fine and performing artscenter, the Gary Soren SmithCenter for the Fine and PerformingArts (which opened in 1995); thebusiness and technology center, theMorris and Alvirda Hyman Centerfor Business and Technology(2002); and the Student ServicesCenter (2009), located at thesouthern end of the campus wherethe original Building 7 was formerlylocated.Officially named Ohlone College onJune 18, 1967, the college honorsthe early Ohlone People of the Costanoan tribe, who inhabited the Fremont andNewark area. Long before they were named Costanoans by the Spanish priests,they were known by a neighboring Miwuk tribe as the Ohlones or “people ofthe West.” Distinguished by peaceful pursuits, especially in agriculture, theyheld profound reverence for the earth, believing it was theirs for living and notfor the taking. They aided the Franciscan Fathers in building the Mission SanJose de Guadalupe in the late 18th century and prospered until 1806-1833 whena series of epidemics virtually destroyed the tribe. Some descendants, however,still reside in the Fremont-Newark area.A new core of academic buildings atthe Fremont campus will housemost of the educational offerings atOhlone. As a result of the 2012District Facilities Master Plan it wasidentified that many of the existing buildings needed to be replaced and allowthe campus to become more accessible to students as well as meeting currentcodes and energy efficiencies. Academic programs that will be included in thenew buildings include science, arts, general education (math, English, etc.), andlearning resources (tutoring, library, study areas, etc.). The new core buildingswill replace Buildings 1, 2, 3, 4, and 8. The project is currently being designedand demolition of the old buildings started in Spring 2015.2015-2016 OHLONE COLLEGE CATALOG

111 WELCOME TO OHLONENewark CampusThe Smith Center has three stages:the Jackson Theatre, a 400-seatproscenium theatre; the NUMMITheatre, an intimate black box stagewith adjustable seating; and theOhloneCollegeOutdoorAmphitheatre with a breathtakingview of the Bay Area. The LouieMeager Art Gallery displays a widerange of professional art exhibitsfrom Skateboard Art to Kinetic NeonSculpture. The television facilitiesprovide staging, shooting, postproduction, and broadcast of newsand entertainment programming.KOHL Radio is a popular Bay Areatop-40 station broadcasting on 89.3FM.The Newark Center for HealthSciences and Technology (NCHST)opened in January 2008. AwardedLEED Platinum Certification fromthe U.S. Green Building Council,the highest achievable level ofsustainability, the campus serves asa model for other colleges tofollow. It is a campus that teachesresponsible, sustainable resourcemanagement both by example andby intentions. The campus design istailored to meet the academic andservice needs of students oncampus, with circulation routes inand around the building topromote student interaction andease of access. The building hasfour wings that come together at acentral hub. This feature creates aCampus Commons area withaccess to the café, computer kiosks, individual and groupstudy areas, and wireless access. The latest educationaltechnology features and ergonomic furniture are foundthroughout the colorful learning environments. TheNCHST offers degree and certificate programs in healthsciences, biotechnology, and environmental studies. Avariety of courses to meet general educationrequirements are also offered.The Gary Soren Smith Center forthe Fine and Performing Arts is thelargest performing arts theatre inthe southern end of the East Bay.Each season Smith Center Presents! offersprofessional artist performances; a children’stheatre series; Louie-Meager Art GalleryExhibits; and performances by the OhloneMusic and Theatre and Dance Departments. Inaddition, the Gary Soren Smith Center is theprimary performance site for the FremontSymphony Orchestra.Learning Resource Center (LRC)Ohlone Network Television (ONTV)The Learning Resource Center (LRC) has two locations,one on each campus. The Newark LRC is located on thefirst floor of wing 1 in Room NC1124. The Fremont LRCis located in Hyman Hall, first floor. The LRCs print andmedia collections are primarily housed on the Fremontcampus and are accessible to Newark campus studentsand faculty through an inter-campus loan system.Registered students may access the LRCs manyelectronic resources, including electronic books andperiodicals, through the LRCs Web site LRCs on both campusesprovide group and individual study space, access topersonal computers, and wireless Internet service.Hochler Student CenterThe Hochler Student Center in Building 5 on the Fremont campus houses theOhlone College Bookstore; Cafeteria; facilities for the Monitor, the OhloneCollege student newspaper; classrooms; and serves as the hub of studentactivities. Building 5 was dedicated to the memory of the Ohlone TrusteeAbraham (Abe) Hochler on June 17, 1976. Mr. Hochler had served the FremontNewark Community College District as a trustee from July 1, 1966 until April 2,1976, and is remembered for his exceptional leadership in development andconstruction of the College. He was a staunch supporter of students during hisyears of service to the District.Gary Soren Smith Center for the Fine and Performing ArtsThe Gary Soren Smith Center for the Fine and Performing Arts was built on theFremont campus in 1995 to serve student and community needs for aprofessional performing arts facility. An impressive architectural creation, theGary Soren Smith Center for the Fine and Performing Arts can be seen on thehills above Fremont from as far away as the San Mateo Bridge. The Gary SorenSmith Center for the Fine and Performing Arts boasts state-of-the-art facilities inthe areas of radio and television production and broadcast, a dance studio,stages for theatre productions and music performance, as well as a professionalart gallery.With two fully equipped studios and control room,Ohlone College’s Broadcasting Department offersinstruction to students for a career in televisionfrom instructors who have spent their careersworking in commercial television news andentertainment. Students use professional gradeSony DV Cam and Beta Cam cameras and AVIDdigital editing equipment. The department’sAVID Xpress Elite Non-Linear Editing Suite andmultiple AVID DV Editing Bays give students thechance to receive extensive hands-on editingtime and to develop editing skills that are inshort supply in the broadcast industry. TheBroadcasting Department’s Live News Productionclass produces a weekly newscast throughout most of the academic year,broadcast live over ONTV Channel 28 in the cities of Fremont, Newark, andUnion City. A Producing and Directing Live Television class is also offered forstudents interested in the technical side of broadcasting, as well as a LiveProduction Crew class in which students cover live theatre, sporting, andpolitical events.Radio Station KOHLKOHL 89.3 FM is a commercial broadcast training program focusing on thebusiness of radio broadcasting. KOHL is a 24-hour operation with on-air staffprimarily provided by students in a controlled and formatted broadcast labenvironment. The station’s operational platform is a computer businesssoftware program fully integrated with digital broadcasting equipmentconsidered state-of-the-art in the industry. This rigorous program preparesstudents for a wide variety of positions including on-air talent, production,programming support, and broadcast sales to meet business and industrystandards.2015-2016 OHLONE COLLEGE CATALOG

121 WELCOME TO OHLONEMorris and Alvirda Hyman Centerfor Business and TechnologyThe mission of the Morris and Alvirda Hyman Center for Business andTechnology on the Fremont campus is to provide quality, cost-effectiveeducation and training for the fieldsof business, computer science,office technology, and softwareapplications. Hyman Hall serves toadvance economic development inthe greater Fremont-Newark region.Hyman Hall’s programs performthree important functions:1. Prepare students for entry-level,re-entry, mid-level, or advancedjobs requiring a communitycollege education.As an important complementary program, Ohlone has one of the largest andmost comprehensive ASL/Deaf Studies associate degree and certificateprograms available in the United States. In addition, Ohlone has nationallyrecognized Interpreter Preparation associate degree and certificate programs.The large Deaf and ASL student populations at Ohlone allow for a widevariety of extracurricular activities,including special interest clubs.There are many activities forstudents within the local and BayArea Deaf communities as well.The close proximity of the OhloneCollege Center for Deaf Studiesto the California School for theDeaf in Fremont provides uniquecollaborative opportunities forDeaf, Hard-of-Hearing, and hearingstudents.The program is staffed by full-timeand part-time instructors, alleducated and experienced in thearea of education of Deaf andHard-of-Hearing people. Counselorsfor Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing studentsprovide assistance with registration;personal, academic, and socialconcerns; and educational, vocational,and career guidance. The DeafStudies Division is located in Building 6, secondand third floor on the Fremont campus( Registrationinformation and appointments with a counselormay be obtained by calling (510) 344-5700 (VP)

During late Spring 2015 Ohlone was able to attend the Heald College Transfer Fair that was called in response to the closing of Corinthian Colleges. Ohlone had three staff cover this event that served approximately 675 students. College Events A record 80,000 was raised at the 30th Annual Ohlone