Indian Institute of Technology Palakkadभारतीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान पालक्काडSTORES & PURCHASE SECTIONEmail: [email protected]: 04923-226586/87GSTIN: 32AAAAI9910J1ZRTender No. GTE/2022-23/PRJ 008Date of Publication: 24-05-2022Date/Time of Closing: 14-06-2022, 1500 hoursIndian Institute of Technology Palakkad Invites Global Tender under Two-bid system for the:SUPPLY, INSTALLATION,TESTING AND COMMISSIONING OFGPU WorkstationsConforming to the specifications as in BoQ Technical.Tender Documents may be downloaded from the e-Wizard Portal Aspiring Bidders who have notenrolled / registered in e-Wizard should enroll / register before participating through the website are advised to go through instructions provided at “Procedure for Submission of E-tender”. [Special Instructions to theContractors/Bidders for the e-submission of the bids online through this e-Wizard Portal”].Bidders can access tender documents on the website. For searching in the site, kindly go to Live Tenders option, Click “AdvanceSearch” and select Department as ‘IIT Palakkad’. Thereafter, Click on “Search” button to view all IIT Palakkad tenders. Selectthe appropriate tender and fill them with all relevant information and submit the completed tender document online on thewebsite per the timeline below.No manual bids will be accepted. All tender documents including Techno-Commercial, Technical andFinancial bids should be submitted in the e-Wizard portal.S. No.EventsDate and Time1Publication of the Tender Document2Last Date/Time for submission of ONLINE Bids14-06-2022, 1500 hours3Opening of Technical Bids14-06-2022, 1515 hours24-05-2022Page 1 of 11ARUN SDigitally signed byARUN SDate: 2022.05.2412:41:09 IST

TERMS AND CONDITIONS1GENERAL(a) The responsibility of submission of the bids on or before the last dateshall rest with the tenderer. The institute will hold no responsibility forthe non-receipt of the bids or the bids received after the date/timespecified. Any bid received by IITPKD after the bid submission deadlineprescribed by IITPKD, shall be rejected and returned unopened to theBidder.(b) Canvassing or offer of an advantage or any other inducement by anyperson with a view to influencing acceptance of a bid is an offence underthe Laws of India. Such action will result in the rejection of bid, inaddition to other punitive measures.(c) Each bidder shall submit only one bid, either by himself or as a partnerin a joint venture or as a member of the consortium. If a bidder or if anyof the partners in a joint venture or any one of the members of theconsortium participate in more than one bid, the bids (of both theindividual and the partnership/consortium/joint venture) are liable to berejected.(d) The bidder shall bear all costs associated with the preparation andsubmission of his bid and IITPKD shall in no case be responsible orliable for those costs, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the tenderprocess.(e) IITPKD will respond to any request for clarification or modificationof the Tender Document that are received up to TWO DAYS priorto the deadline for submission of bids prescribed by IITPKD. Forthis purpose, the prospective bidder(s) requiring clarification in theTender Document shall notify IITPKD through the ONLINE PortalONLY. Any such clarification, together with all the details on whichthe clarification had been sought, will be published in the ONLINEPortal ONLY. Deviations, if any, observed by the Institute in thesubmitted bids, from the Terms and Conditions of the TenderDocument will not be accepted by the Institute.(f) Except for any such clarification by the Institute, which is expresslystated to be an addendum to the tender document issued by the Registrar,IIT Palakkad, no written or oral communication, presentation orexplanation by any other employee of any of the Sections/Departmentsof the Institute, shall be taken to bind or fetter the Institute.(g) The bidder is expected to examine all instructions, forms, terms andconditions in the Tender Document. In the event of discovery of anymissing pages, the bidder shall inform the same to the Section/Department concerned. Failure to furnish the information required by theTender Document or submission of a tender not substantially responsiveto the Tender Document in every respect will be at the bidder’s risk andmay result in rejection of the bid.(h) The bidder shall not make or cause to be made any alteration, erasure orobliteration to the text of the Tender Document.(i) The Supplier shall not, without the prior written consent of the IITPKD,assign to any third party, the Contract or any part thereof.Page 2 of 11

2COMPOSITION OF THETENDER DOCUMENT3DOCUMENTSCOMPRISING THE BID4EARNESTMONEYDEPOSIT (EMD)(a) The Tender Document comprises of:Instruction to the bidders including terms and conditions1. Technical Specifications (Annexure-I)2. Undertaking by the Bidder (Annexure-II)3. Fall Clause Notice Certificate (Annexure-III)4. Self Certification form (MII Order) – (Annexure IV)(a) The Technical, Techno-commercial and Commercial Bids (CoverOne) and Commercial Bid (Cover Two) shall be submitted ONLINEthrough the e-Wizard Portal.(b) Bids submitted in any mode other than ONLINE will be rejectedoutright.(c) Documents establishing the conformity of the terms and conditions ofthe Tender Document shall be provided along with the bid. Theoffer/bids should be sent only for a system or that is available in themarket and supplied to a number of customers. A list of customers inIndia and abroad with details must accompany the quotations.Quotations for a prototype machine will not be accepted.(d) Original catalogue (not any photocopy) of the quoted model duly signedby the principals must accompany the quotation in the Technical bid. Noprices should ever be included in the Technical bid.(e) Compliance or Confirmation report with reference to the specificationsand other terms and conditions should also be obtained from theprincipal.(f) Information related to the agency/bidder such as photocopies of theRegistration/PAN/GST/TIN shall be furnished.(g) The technical bid should consist of all technical details along withcommercial terms and conditions. No prices should be included in thetechnical bid. Mentioning of Prices in the Technical Bid shall lead toDISQUALIFICATION.(h) Bidders who are bidding for this tender shall,1) Should have implemented at least three orders of GPUWORKSTATIONS/LAPTOPS/COMPUTERS during previousthree financial years (2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20) from CentrallyFunded Technical Institutes (IITs, NITs, IISc, IISER), DRDO, ISRO,CSIR labs or Government Firms in India. Copies of the most recentpurchase orders and user certificates of successful implementationmust be included. Copies of financial statements or evidence ofturnover must be furnished.2) Have an Average Annual Turnover of Rs 25,00,000 (RUPEESTWENTY FIVE LAKH ONLY) during the last THREE financialyears (2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20). The bidder shall enclose theaudited statements of the indicated financial years, which should havebeen certified by a Chartered Accountant or a Competent Authority.3) Digitally signed Tender Document should be submitted in CoverOne.(a) The bidder shall furnish EMD of Rs 50,000 /- (Rupees Fifty ThousandOnly) through online payment gateway in the E-Wizard.(b) Bids not accompanied by EMD shall be DISQUALIFIED.Page 3 of 11

5PERFORMANCESECURITY6BIDPRICESCURRENCYAND(a) The performance security shall be submitted within FIFTEEN DAYS ofreceipt of the material by the IITPKD. The successful bidder shallfurnish the Performance Security equal to 3% of the order / contractvalue (excluding the value of annual maintenance charges). ThePerformance Security shall be valid all along the warranty period andshall extend upto SIXTY DAYS after the date of completion ofwarranty period. It shall be ensured by the successful bidder that thevalidity of the Performance Security submitted is extended depending onthe date of commencement of the Warranty.(b) The performance security shall be a bank guarantee (in the format asprovided) issued by the Indian Scheduled bank acceptable to the IITPKDor a Demand Draft favoring, INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYPALAKKAD payable at PALAKKAD.(c) The performance security shall automatically become null and void onceall the obligations of the Supplier under the Contract have been fulfilled,including, but not limited to, any obligations during the Warranty Periodand any extensions to the period. The performance security shall bereturned to the Supplier not later than fifteen (15) days after itsexpiration.(d) Failure of the successful Bidder to comply with the requirements shallconstitute enough grounds for the annulment of the award and forfeitureof the EMD, in which event the IITPKD may make the award to the nextlowest evaluated bid submitted by a qualified Bidder or call for newbids.(a) Prices must be quoted separately for each equipment/item identified.(b) Price quoted for equipment/items shall include all the costsassociated with packing, local transportation from the point ofclearance to IITPKD, insurance, loading, unloading and associateddelivery charges. The delivery shall be on DOOR DELIVERY basisto the institute including its installation, commissioning, integrationand validation. It is the sole responsibility of the supplier to ensurethat the equipment is delivered on DDP mode to IIT Palakkad. Anundertaking to this effect as in Annexure-II.(c) Prices quoted by the bidder shall be fixed during the validity of the bid.(d) Prices of the equipment/items shall be quoted in Indian Rupees(INR) / Foreign Currency.Page 4 of 11

7LETTER OF CREDIT8PERIOD OF VALIDITYOF BIDS(a) Upon the successful Bidder’s furnishing of the copy of the PurchaseOrder duly signed on each page and the Performance Security, for theequipment ordered in foreign currency, IITPKD will open a letter of credit(LC) in a convenient Nationalized Bank in India. For opening of LCnecessary information shall be provided by the supplier or its authorizedagents.(b) In case the successful bidder is a foreign company and wishes to submitPerformance Security in the form of Bank Guarantee, the Bank Guaranteeshould be routed through the Beneficiary Bank to the end user bank.Otherwise, the Indian Agent of the foreign vendor shall submit a BankGuarantee from a Nationalized Bank of India. The following documents shallbe submitted in case of an Indian agent submitting the Performance Securityon behalf of his principal: Foreign principal’s proforma invoice indicating the commissionpayable to the Indian agent and nature of after-sales service to berendered by the Indian agent. Copy of the agency agreement with the foreign principal and theprecise relationship between them and their mutual interest in thebusiness.(c) For imported equipment, a Letter of Credit (LC) shall be opened for100% CIP price on receipt of the acknowledgment of the purchase order.However, 80% of the LC amount only shall be released on proof of theshipment of the consignment with necessary documents to be provided indetail at the time of placing of the purchase order. Balance 20% of the LCamount shall be released upon the receipt of a performance security of 5% ofthe total value of the purchase order and installation, commissioning,integration, validation and installation report/certification jointly given by theend user and the supplier.Any costs associated with the amendments made in the LC as per therequest made by the Supplier s should be borne by the supplier.Any fluctuation in rates / rate conversions arising due to the amendmentrequests made by the supplier shall be on the supplier and not on theinstitute.(d) Bids shall remain valid for a period of 180 DAYS after the date of thedeadline for submission of bids prescribed by IITPKD.(e) If the deadline is extended due to unforeseen circumstances, the bidvalidity shall be deemed to have extended accordingly.Page 5 of 11

9TIME FOR SUPPLY,INSTALLATION,COMMISSIONING ANDVALIDATION OF THEEQUIPMENTS/ITEMS10PRODUCT UPGRADES11PENALTIES12UP-TIME GUARANTEE/DOWNTIME PENALTYCLAUSE13LIQUIDATEDDAMAGES(a) The Supplier shall supply the equipment/items within the periodspecified in the tender document i.e. within THREE MONTHS ofsigning the purchase order or within the period mutually agreed betweenIITPKD and supplier. All the equipment and accessories should bedelivered at IIT Palakkad (Nila Campus), Kanjikode-MalampuzhaRoad, Pudusserry West, Kanjikode, Kerala 678623.(b) The Supplier shall thereafter proceed with the installation,commissioning, integration and validation and demonstrate operationalacceptance of the equipment/items within the period specified. Theequipment/items shall be installed and commissioned by the successfulbidder within 20 to 25 days from the date of its receipt.(c) The tenderer should indicate clearly the time required for delivery of theitem. In case there is any deviation in the delivery schedule, liquidateddamages clause will be enforced or penalty for the delayed supply periodwill be levied.(d) In the event of failure of supply of the item/equipment/items within thestipulated delivery schedule, IITPKD has all the right to purchase theitem/equipment/items from other sources on the total risk of the Supplierunder the risk purchase clause.The Supplier shall continue to support and maintain the version/model of theEquipment supplied by upgrading the software and the hardware as and whenamendments are carried out in the existing version or the product is upgraded.Whereas upgrades to the software shall be supplied free of cost, the Supplier maycharge for upgrade in hardware provided it is of major nature. An upgradedhigher version of the instrument and software related with the instrument shall besupplied.If the Supplier fails to complete any of the activities in accordance with the timespecified for it, or any extension of time granted by IITPKD, LiquidatedDamages Clause shall be invoked.(a) The Supplier should provide up-time guarantee of 95% [24 (hours) X 7 (days)X 365 (days)] basis during the warranty period.(b) The Supplier should provide up-time guarantee of 95% (24 hours/day basis)both during warranty. If downtime exceeds the 5% limit, extension of thewarranty period will be twice the excess down time period.If a firm accepts an order and fails to execute the order, in full or part, as perthe terms and conditions stipulated therein, it will be open to the Institute torecover liquidated damages from the firm at the rate of 1% of the value of theundelivered goods per month or part thereof, subject to a maximum of 5% ofthe value of the undelivered goods. It will also be open to the Institutealternatively, to arrange procurement of the required stores from any source,at the risk and expense of the firm, accepted and failed to execute the orderaccording to stipulations agreed upon. This will also entail the removal of thedefaulters’ name from the approved/registered list of Suppliers.Page 6 of 11

14EFFECT OFMAJEUREFORCE15EXTENSION OF TIMELIMITS FOR SUPPLYANDMAKINGOPERATIONAL,THEEQUIPMENT16GOVERNING LAWANDSETTLEMENTOFDISPUTES(a) If the Supplier is prevented, hindered, or delayed from or in performingany of its obligations under the Contract by an event of Force Majeure,then it shall notify the IITPKD in writing of the occurrence of such eventand the circumstances of the event of Force Majeure within FIFTEENDAYS after the occurrence of such event.(b) The Supplier, when affected by the event of Force Majeure shall usereasonable efforts to mitigate the effect of the event of Force Majeureupon its performance of the Contract and to fulfill its obligations underthe Contract, but without prejudice to IITPKD’s right to terminate theContract.(c) No delay or non-performance by the Supplier caused by the occurrenceof any event of Force Majeure shall:i.Constitute a default or breach of the Contract;ii.Give rise to any claim for damages or additional cost orexpense occasioned by the delay or non-performance.(d) If the performance of the Contract is substantially prevented, hindered,or delayed for a single period of more than THIRTYDAYS or anaggregate period of more than SIXTY DAYS on account of one or moreevents of Force Majeure, the IITPKD shall have the right to terminatethe Contract by giving a notice to the Supplier.(a) The time limit for supply, installation & commissioning, integration &validation shall be extended if the supply is delayed or impeded in theperformance of any of its obligations under the Contract by reason ofany of the following:i.Any occurrence of Force Majeure;ii.Any other matter specifically mentioned in the Contract;(b) By such period as shall be fair and reasonable in all the circumstancesand as shall fairly reflect the delay or impediment sustained by theSupplier.(a) The Contract shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance withthe laws of India.(b) Any dispute or claim arising out of/relating to this Contract of thebreach, termination or the invalidity thereof, shall be settled by theHon’ble Courts of Justice at Palakkad.(c) The page number should be marked in all pages serially (including allsupporting documents enclosed with the tender document) and thedeclaration for the same shall be submitted by the bidder as inAnnexure-II.(d) IITPKD reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the tenders inpart or whole or may cancel the tender at its sole discretion withoutassigning any reason whatsoever. No further correspondence in thisregard will be entertained.Page 7 of 11

AWARD OF CONTRACT12AWARD CRITERIAAWARD OF PURCHASE ORDER1.IITPKD will award the Contract to the Bidder whose bidhas been determined to be substantially responsive and asper the Order No. P-45021/2/2017-PP(BE-II) dated 1609-2020 from Department for Promotion of Industryand Internal Trade (Public Procurement Section),Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India.2.The Institute reserves the right to buy differentitems/quantities from different bidders considering price ofindividual/group of equipment/items or any other factorsas decided by the Committee.1.Prior to the expiration of the period of bid validity,IITPKD will issue the Letter of Intent / Purchase Order tothe successful Bidder in writing.Any amendment(s) in the Purchase Order will bepermitted within SEVEN DAYS of its issuance. Noamendments will be permitted beyond this period.The Purchase Order will constitute the foundation of theContract.Within SEVEN DAYS of receipt of the Purchase Order,the successful Bidder shall sign and date its copy on eachpage and return it to the Purchaser.Copy of Purchase Order duly signed and dated by thesuccessful Bidder on each page shall constitute theContract Agreement.All documents forming part of the Contract (and all partsof these documents) are intended to be correlative,complementary and mutually explanatory. The Contractshall be read as a whole.The order of precedence of the Contract documents shallbe as follows:(i) Contract Agreement/Purchase Order(ii) All Forms/Annexures(iii) equipment/items and their requirement(iv) Supplier’s Bid(v) Tender DocumentNo amendment or other variation of the Contract shall beeffective unless it is in writing, is dated, expressly refers tothe Contract and is signed by a duly authorizedrepresentative of each party to the Contract.2.3.3CONTRACT AGREEMENT1.2.4CONTRACTDOCUMENTS/AMENDMENT TO CONTRACT1.2.3.REGISTRARPage 8 of 11

ANNEXURE–ITECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Processor: Intel Core i9 (at least 10 core, 20M cache and at least3.7 GHz)Graphics : NVidia GeForce RTX 2080/3080, at least 10GB, (founders edition) RAM: at least 32 GB DDR4 SSD : at least 256 GB HDD : at least 2TB Monitor : 23.8” / 24 “ Full HD LCD,IPS with VGA, HDMI Ports Keyboard: USB Slim keyboard(English) Audio: 1 microphone, 1 headphone,PS2, Displayport Port : HDMI, RJ45, serial, audio in,audio out, 4 USB, VGA OS: Ubuntu: 18.04 or higher LTS version Networking: 802.11ac, bluetooth,Gigabit Ethernet Chassis: Towers convertible to 5U rack mountable with optional mounting rails Software:a. CUDA toolkit,CUDA tuned Neural Network (cuDNN), Primitives TensorRTInference Engine,b. DeepStream SDK Video Analytics,c. CUDA tuned BLAS,CUDA tuned Sparse Matrix Operations (cuSPARSE),d. Multi-GPU Communications (NCCL),e.Kubernetes TensorFlow,f. Caffe,Pytorch,Theano,g.Keras,CNTK Support: 3 years of comprehensive warranty (onsite Labour Parts.)Page 9 of 11

ANNEXURE-IIUNDERTAKING BY THE BIDDER(TO BE SUBMITTED ONLY THROUGH ONLINE MODE IN APPROPRIATE FORMAT)We here by accept all the Terms and Conditions of the Tender Document and strictly adhere to thesame in the event of getting Purchase order. We also declare that the Technical and Financial Bidssubmitted by us has NO DEIVATION from the Tender Terms and Conditions.We here by accept that the PRICES OF THE EQUIPMENT/ITEMS QUOTED IS AS PER THECLAUSE NO.6 OF THE TENDER DOCUMENT.We hereby undertake that there are pages, serially numbered, in the submitted tenderincluding the supporting documents. (Please serially number all the pages including blank page, if any).We have submitted our principal’s exclusive authorization letter which is specific for this tenderNo. dated .Note:This letter should be on the letterhead of the quoting firm and should be signed by a CompetentAuthority.ANNEXURE-IIIFALL CLAUSE NOTICE CERTIFICATE(TO BE SUBMITTED ONLY THROUGH ONLINE MODE IN APPROPRIATE FORMAT)This is to certify that we have offered the maximum possible discount to you in our Quotation No.dated (Please do not reveal the prices here, which will lead to outright rejection ofyour bid).The prices charged for the Stores supplied under tender should under no event be higher than thelowest prices at which the party sells the items of identical description to any other Govt.organization/PSU’s/Central Govt, /State Govt. Autonomous bodies/Central/state Universities/Central/StateEducational Institutions, failing which the “FALL CLAUSE” will be applicable. The institute will look into areasonable past period to ensure this.In case, if the price charged by our firm is found to be more, IIT Palakkad will have the right to recoverthe excess charged amount from the subsequent/unpaid bill of the supplier.Note:This letter of authority should be on the letterhead of the quoting firm and should be signed by aCompetent Authority and having the power of attorney.Page 10 of 11

ANNEXURE-IVFORMAT FOR SELF-CERTIFICATION UNDER PREFERENCE TO MAKE IN INDIA(TO BE SUBMITTED ONLY THROUGH ONLINE MODE IN APPROPRIATE FORMAT)Format for Affidavit of Self-Certification regarding Minimum Local Content in line with “Make in India” Policy vide GoIOrder no. P-45021/2/2017-PP (B.E.-II) dated 15.06.2017 (subsequently revised vide orders dated 28.05.2018, 29.05.2019,04.06.2020 and 16-09-2020)Date:I/We S/o, D/o, W/o,Resident ofHereby solemnly affirm and declare as under:That I will agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the Public Procurement (Preference to Make in India) Order, 2017(hereinafter PPP-MII order) of Government of India issued vide Notification No:P-45021/2/2017 -BE-II dated 15/06/2017,its revision dated 28/05/2018 and any subsequent modifications/Amendments, if any andThat the local content for all inputs which constitute the said goods/services/works has been verified by me and I amresponsible for the correctness of the claims made therein.Tick () and Fill theAppropriate CategoryI/We [name of the manufacturer] hereby confirm in respect of quoted items(s) thatLocal Content is equal to or more than 50% and come under “Class-I Local Supplier” category.I/We [name of the manufacturer] hereby confirm in respect of quoted items(s) thatLocal Content is more than 20% but less than 50% and come under “Class-II Local Supplier” category.I/We [name of the manufacturer] hereby confirm in respect of quoted items(s) thatLocal Content is less than or equal to 20% come under “Non-Local Supplier” category.For and on behalf of (Name of firm/entity)Authorized signatory (To be duly authorized by the Board of Directors) Insert Name, Designation and Contact No. [Note: In case of procurement for a value in excess of Rs. 10 Crores, the bidders shall provide this certificate fromstatutory auditor or cost auditor of the company (in the case of companies) or from a practicing cost accountant orpracticing chartered accountant (in respect of suppliers other than companies) giving the percentage of local content.]Page 11 of 11

Tender No. GTE/2022-23/PRJ_008 2Date of Publication: 4 -05 2022 Date/Time of Closing: 14 -06 2022, 1500 hours . Contractors/Bidders for the e-submission of the bids online through this e-Wizard Portal"]. . The performance security shall be a bank guarantee (in the format as provided) issued by the Indian Scheduled bank acceptable to the .