Technical data for TZe and HGe tapes

Brother P-touch laminated labels have beendesigned to last, wherever you use themWhether you need a professional labelling solution for the office, industryor home, Brother P-touch laminated labels have been designed with you inmind. We’ve thought about exactly when, where and how you might need touse our labels and put them through a series of rigorous tests, which meansthat even when they’re exposed to heavy abrasion, heat, cold, sunshine,water and chemicals, our labels have been designed to last.

Brother P-touch laminated labelsWhy do Brother P-touch laminatedlabels last longer?Unlike ordinary labels, our laminated tape technology ensures that a layer ofsuper-clear polyethylene laminate protects your text.protectivecoating(PET)(PET)38µmprotective coatingadhesive(acrylic)adhesive (acrylic)colouredbasefilm(PET)coloured base film (PET)adhesive(acrylic)adhesive (acrylic)backing paperbackingpaperletteringletteringBrother P-touch laminated TZe tapes consist of six layers of materials,resulting in a thin, extremely strong label. Characters are formed with athermal transfer ink and sandwiched between two protective layers ofPET (polyethylene film). The result is a virtually indestructible label thatcan withstand even the harshest conditions.In fact, we are sure about the durability of our labels because we’ve testedthem to the extreme, against the effects of abrasion, temperature, chemicalsand sunlight. Our results prove that Brother P-touch laminated labelsout-perform competitor labels, staying legible and attached, so you can beconfident of a professional quality label that has been designed to last.The following pages will show you exactly how our labels are tested tothe extreme.Laminationprovides anextra protectiveovercoat

Abrasion TestAbrasion Resistant LabelsBrother’s tape lamination technology ensures that Brother P-touch laminatedlabels can even withstand heavy abrasion.The Abrasion Test ProcedureA 1kg sanding device was passed over Brother P-touch laminated labels,and non-laminated competitor labels. After 50 return passes the charactersunderneath the Brother P-touch laminated label were completely unaffectedand the lamination was only slightly scratched.Abrasion Tests ResultsBrother P-touch laminated TZe label No effect on print qualityCompetitor non-laminated label Print quality affectedBrother P-touch Laminated LabelNon-Laminated Competitor LabelCanwithstandheavyabrasion

Temperature TestTemperature Resistant LabelsWhether you want to use our labels in freezing conditions or extremely warmenvironments, our labels have been designed to last. In fact, results showthat Brother P-touch laminated labels can withstand temperatures from-80 C to 150 C.The Temperature Test ProcedureBrother P-touch laminated labels were attached to stainless steel platesat room temperature, then heated and cooled for a specified time.After 72 hours at -80 C no noticeable change in tape adhesive or colourhad occurred. After 2 hours at 150 C, despite slight discolouration of thetape, the text on the label remained completely intact*. We recommendTZe-M931/951/961 (black on matt silver) as most resistant to discolourationunder high temperatures, and Flexible-ID tapes as most suitable when usedin an Autoclave/Sterilising unit.Test ResultsLabel performance after exposure to heat and coldTemperatureHours72Brother Laminated Labels*When used under extremely high temperatures or forlong periods of time the laminate film may be separated,discoloured or shrink. If in doubt, request a free tapesample from Brother to perform your own testing.722402402402 No noticeable change T ext is legible but there was sometape discolouration. Matt silver tapes are mostresistant to discolouration due to heat, andFlexible-ID tapes as most suitable when used inan Autoclave/Sterilising unitTest: TemperatureTemperature: 100 cDuration: 240 hoursLabels: Brother P-touch Laminated LabelResistant totemperaturesof -80 to 150

Fade TestFade Resistant LabelsWherever you use P-touch laminated labels, they have been designed tostay as clear and legible as the day they were applied.Several Brother P-touch laminated labels in various colours were attachedto stainless steel plates, and exposed to simulated outdoor UV radiation ofapproximately 12 months, and changes in the base colour of the tape couldbe observed (test compliant with JIS K7350-2/ISO 4892-2).The printed text on all tapes remained unchanged and was perfectly legible.The red, yellow and fluorescent tapes, however, showed some fading to thetape background colour. Other tape colours showed little or no change.Fade Test resultsE*90* E (Delta E) results showing theamount of fading on various coloursof TZe tape when placed in one yearof simulated sunlight.80Fade Meter (Time - E)70Tape .831.583.18Red1.655.9554.61Yellow50Fluorescent 22.5955.5757.220Green1.241.623.7710Fluorescent Orange46.5750.3354.430Fluorescent Yellow81.0285.0984.66Black0.550.181.11Extra Strength Adhesive - White0.831.583.18Flexible ID - White1.492.353.94*472 hours approximates to 1 year in outdoor sunny conditionsFluorescent Yellow60WhiteGreenExtra Strength Adhesive - WhiteFlexible ID - WhiteBlack0h118h236hHoursResistant toultravioletexposure478h*

Water and Chemical Submersion TestWater and Chemical ResistanceWater and chemical resistance tests were conducted in two stages:Stage 1 - The water and chemical submersion testStage 2 - The water and chemical abrasion testStage 1Water and Chemical Submersion Test ProcedureTo test Brother P-touch laminated labels against the effects of water andchemicals, the tapes were firstly attached to glass slides and immersed in avariety of liquids for 2 hours. No change in the print quality occurred, and thelabels remained affixed to the slides.Although some labels soaked in certain chemicals showed slight separationof the laminate film, rubbing the labels with the same chemicals had no effectat all. So even if chemicals are spilled on your Brother P-touch laminatedlabels, a quick wipe should be enough to prevent any damage.Test Results for Brother P-touch Laminated LabelsTolueneHexaneEthanolEthyl AcetateAcetoneMineral SpiritWater0.1NHydrochloric0.1 SodiumHydroxide no print discolourationTest: Water and ChemicalChemical: Ethanol SubmersionDuration: 2 hoursLabels: Brother P-touch Laminated LabelWaterresistantResistant toa wide rangeof industrialchemicals

Water and Chemical ResistanceStage 2Water and Chemical Abrasion Test ProcedureBrother P-touch laminated tape was affixed to several glass plates.A 500g weight with a chemical and solvent infused cloth was passedover each label 20 times. As the results below show, the print quality ofBrother P-touch laminated labels was unaffected, unlike our competitor’snon-laminated labels.HexaneEthanolAcetoneEthyl acetateWater0.1NHydrochloricMineral spirit0.1 SodiumHydroxideTestResultsTolueneWater and Chemical Abrasion TestP-touchLaminated Label Non-LaminatedCompetitor Labelx xx Print quality unaffectedx Print quality affectedLabels After TestingTest: Chemical AbrasionChemical: AcetoneBrother P-touch Laminated LabelNon-Laminated Competitor LabelWaterresistantResistant toa wide rangeof industrialchemicals

Strong AdhesionThe Adhesion Test ProcedureTo test the adhesive strength of Brother P-touch laminated tapes,12mm standard, extra strength adhesive, flexible ID and security tapewere affixed to a variety of materials at room temperature and left for30 minutes. Adhesive strength was tested by removing the tape at anangle of 180 degrees. This testing method complies with JapaneseStandard JIS Z0237 testing.Test ResultsThe table explains that an adhesive strength of approximately 6 Newtons*was maintained with most materials. Our strong adhesive tape maintainedan average of 50% more adhesive strength compared to our standard tapeand is suitable for more demanding surfaces such as Flexible ID tape7.66.47.876.26.6Security tape2.84.3* Results in Newtons for 12mm width tapeStrongadhesionto a widerange ofsurfacesPolyesterCoated WoodPolypropylene7.6PVCStandardTZe TapeExtra StrongAdhesive TZe tapeGlassAcrylicStainless SteelStrong Adhesion Test

※8.8mm※11.7mm※17.7mm※23.6mm24 mm36 TZe-651TZe-751TZe-5613.5 mm※5.8mm9 1TZe-621TZe-72112 mm18 mmTZe-365TZe-461HeatShrink6 mmStandard Laminated - 8mTZe-111SecurityBrother P-touch laminated tapes are available in a wide range of tapecolours, widths and styles. Your application and your choice of P-touchmodel should guide your ultimate tape selection. The table below will alsohelp you to determine the correct tape for your applications.Flexible IDTape OptionsStrongAdhesiveChoose the right tape for the jobTZeLaminatedChoose the right tape for the Ze-B31TZe-C31SmoothCurvedSurfaceFluorescent Laminated - 5mTZe-B51TZe-C51TexturedMatt Laminated - bleFlagMetallic Laminated - 8mTZe-M931Non-Laminated - 8mTZe-N201TZe-N221Flexible ID Laminated - 8mTZe-FX211TZe-FX221TZe-FX611TZe-FX621Strong Adhesive Laminated - 8mTZe-S121TZe-S211TZe-S221TZe-S621Fabric - Ze-S261RecommendedTZe-SE4High Grade Laminated *** - 8mHeat Shrink Tube - 1.5m ****HSe-211※HSe-221※HSe-231※Actual tape colours may differ slightly from the printed colours.The availability of TZe tapes may also vary in different countries.*4m, **5m, ***PT-9700PC / PT-9800PCN****PT-E300VP / -241※CableWrapTexturedSecurity Laminated - -M961HGe -261V5AcceptableNot Recommended† Model nameWidthRecommended cable diameterHSe-2115.8mmØ1.7mm to 3.2mmHSe-2218.8mmØ2.6mm to 5.1mmHSe-23111.7mmØ3.6mm to 7.0mmHSe-24117.7mmØ5.4mm to 10.6mmHSe-25123.6mmØ7.3mm to 14.3mmHSe-251※Choose the righttape for the job††

Further TestsFurther TestsThe Autoclave Adhesion Test ProcedureThe Oil Submersion and Adhesion Test ProcedureBrother P-touch flexible ID tape was affixed to flat and smooth stainless steel at roomtemperature. The condition of the tape was observed after it was processed inan autoclave under the following test conditions.Brother P-touch laminated tapes were firstly attached to stainless steelplates and immersed in various oils for 2 hours at room temperature.The tapes were then wiped with a cloth soaked in each of the various oils.Autoclave test machine: Steam sterilizer GETINGE HS22Test program: B cycle P11 *EN (European Standard) prEN13060 standard compliantTest ResultsPre-vacuum: 4 timesStandard laminated/TZeSterilizing temperature: 134 CExtra StrengthAdhesive/Flexible IDOil typeInsoluble coolantSoluble coolantABCDEFGHImmersed(2 hours) Wiped Sterilizing duration: 5 minutesDrying duration: 20 minutesTest ResultsTZeFlexibleIDDuring both tests, no change to the print quality occurred, and the labelsremained affixed to the slides.1cycle5cycles10cycles20cycles30cyclesText blurring Tapediscolouration *1Laminate filmseparation *2Tape peeling *1 some tape discolouration may be observed*2 some separation off the laminate film may be observedThe table shows high durability of our flexible ID tape during the test. After severalprocess cycles, some slight discolouration was observed. Nevertheless, the printedtext stayed legible.Oil type: CASTROL synthetic coolantsA Honilo 981B Variocut B30C CareCut ES1D Iloform BWN205E Hysol XF Alusol BG Syntilo 81 EH Syntilo 9954

Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked QuestionsHow accurate are the tests in simulating real-world examples?Can TZe tapes be submerged in alcohol?Every effort was made to ensure the tests accurately simulatereal-world examples. However when tapes are used in the real-world,many factors could change the results of these tests, such as surfacematerial, heat, moisture, pressure, chemicals etc. If in doubt, always testBrother P-touch laminated tapes in your own environment to ensure theymeet your requirements.Submersion of TZe tapes in alcohol is not recommended for extendedperiods due to the possible deterioration of the tape adhesive.How thick are TZe tapes?Do TZe tapes contain silicone?Since the tape liner itself is silicone coated on both sides, there is a chancethat small amounts of silicone may remain on the adhesive layer underneaththe label even after the liner is peeled off.TZe tapes are around 160 micro metres in thickness, but this varies slightlyby tape type.Do TZe tapes contain latex?Which colour tape is recommended for high temperatures?Does TZe tape contain lead?We recommend TZe-M931/951/961 (Black on matt silver) as most resistantto high temperatures in terms of discolouration.There is no lead in the cassette case, tape or ink.When I remove the label will messy adhesive remain?How can I remove it?Tapes can be removed from most materials with relative ease leaving littleor no adhesive on the material. Extreme heat, humidity and certain chemicalsmay result in some residual adhesive being left but this can be removed inmost cases with Ethanol.TZe tape uses acryl based adhesive materials and do not include latex.Can TZe tapes be used on circuit boards?We do not recommend that TZe tapes are used on circuit boards due to thesensitivity of circuit boards to dust, static electricity and acid (although theseare at very low levels in TZe tapes)Can TZe tapes be used to label food?TZe tape can be used safely on food packaging but should not be in contactwith the food itself.Which tape is recommended for cable labelling?TZe Flexible ID tape for wrap or flag labelling or HSe Heat Shrink Tube.Can TZe tapes be used on copper?Do TZe tapes create any outgassing?As adhesive materials used in our tape are acrylic and weakly acid we do notrecommend that TZe tapes are used on copper.The following gases may be produced when labels are in a hot environmentsuch as in front of an air conditioner: toluene, n-butanol, 2-ethylhexyl alcohol,butyl carbinol acetate. These levels are however very low.Laminationprovides anextra protectiveovercoatLaminationprovides anextra protectiveovercoat

Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked QuestionsHow long should security tape be attached before peeling off?Are TZe tapes RoHS compliant?We recommend that TZe security tape is affixed for at least 24 hours in orderto work effectively.TZe tape cassettes themselves do not fall under the definition of EEE, but areconsidered as consumables and not subject to the directive requirements.However, Brother works closely with our supply chain partners and othersin the industry, including material and component suppliers, to ensure theRoHS compliance for TZe tapes.Do TZe tapes contain chloride?Chloride materials are used in TZe tapes (except clear or silver).Where is the chloride contained in the TZe tape layers?It is contained in the coloured base film layer.Do TZe tapes contain polyvinyl chloride (PVC)?There is no PVC in the cassette case, tape or ink. The colour layer of thebase film includes some chlorine compound which means TZe tapes cannotbe categorised as halogen-free.UL CertificationA number of our TZe tapes have been tested by UnderwritersLaboratories, a renowned independent testing laboratory. Our tapeshave passed their rigorous safety standards and gained UL certificationand we continue to test more tapes. For latest certification details and alist of certified tapes please contact your local Brother office.Do tapes contain REACH SVHC?Please see for the latest information.Do the tapes contain recycled material?TZe tapes contain at least 5% of recycled material.Can TZe tapes be used for the marking of electrical and electronicequipment (EEE) that is covered by the RoHS Directive?TZe tapes are in conformity with the requirements of the RoHS Directive, anddo not contain restricted substances (lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalentchromium, polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) and polybrominated diphenylethers (PBDE) above the allowed limit values.Laminationprovides anextra protectiveovercoatLaminationprovides anextra protectiveovercoat

Notes1. A random sample of tape types were selected and used to perform these tests.Accordingly, results may have differed slightly, depending on the type of tape used.2. The actual test results were acquired under specific conditions configured by Brother,with the sole aim of providing information contained within this booklet. Brother does notguarantee the strength, safety or accuracy of numerical data.3. Since tape adherence performance is affected by the material the tape is attached to,the material’s surface condition, whether it is greasy, dusty, rough or curved, and theenvironmental conditions, the customer should confirm adherence performance underactual usage conditions after purchasing the tape required, and use the product undertheir own responsibility.4. Brother accepts no responsibility for injuries or lost earnings resulting from application ofthe information contained in this document.

Water and chemical resistance tests were conducted in two stages: Stage 1 - The water and chemical submersion test Stage 2 - The water and chemical abrasion test To test Brother P-touch laminated labels against the effects of water and chemicals, the tapes were firstly attached to glass slides and immersed in a variety of liquids for 2 hours.