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Replac in g t h e o ld w i t hall - new relia b i l i t yThere are so many ways JELD-WEN can help your homework well for the way you live. Replacing your old windowswith new, energy efficient Premium Wood windows is anexcellent place to begin. The following pages will showyou how easy it is to make the transition from old anddrafty to fresh and new.Easy to install Energy efficient Easy to clean

Custom and standard sizes Aesthetic options

Materials and componentsAll Premium Wood windows and patio doors are craftedfrom solid pine AuraLast wood, which provides protection from wood decay, water absorption andtermite infestation and is warranted for 20 years.We also offer two different exterior options: primedwood and clad-wood. Primed wood can be painted anycolor you choose, and it’s a good choice for moderateclimates. Or you may prefer the added protection oflow-maintenance metal cladding.Energy efficiencyThis is a collection of windows that offer exceptionallevels of radiant efficiency. The glass options madeavailable ensure consistent energy efficiency; Low-Einsulating glass succeeds in blocking 84 percent ofdamaging UV rays and improves performance by 96percent on cold nights. Premium Wood windowsoffer insulating Low-E glass with virtually invisibleenergy coatings that help your home remain cool insummer and warm in winter. Other glass options includeSolar Bronze or Grey tinted glass or tempered glass(or a combination of these options).In warm weather, Low-Eglass reflects the sun’senergy and prevents itfrom entering the home.In cold weather, Low-Eglass reduces the amountof radiant heat loss byreflecting it back inside.

Clad finishesMetal clad finishes are available in six standard colors.Chestnut BronzeDesert SandMesa RedFrench VanillaHartford GreenBrilliant WhiteActual colors may vary from the samples displayed above.SizesOur windows are available in many standard sizes as wellas custom sizes to accommodate the classic double-hungwindows so commonly found in older homes. Please seepages 8 and 9 for a complete list of standard sizes.Divided litesDivided lite options include simulated divided lites (SDL)for an authentic look, full- s urround grilles (FS) that canbe removed for easy cleaning, and maintenance-freegrilles between the glass (GBG). Choose from a varietyof widths and profile designs.2-5/16"bead1-3/8"bead1-1/8"bead7/8"bead

B EF ORE YOU S TA R T, M E AS U R E ,R E A D A N D O R GA N I Z EMeasure existing windowWidth Measure window width from inside jamb to inside jamb.If necessary, remove jamb liners.Height Measure the opening height of your window. If necessaryt o a c h i e ve head jamb to sill measurement, removewood head parting stop (a wood trim that runs horizontally across the head jamb) to take measurements.For single-hung windows (upper sash does not move), support upper sash and remove blocks or brackets that holdit in place; this will permit upper sash to be lowered. Raise the lower sash a few inches and thread your tapebetween both sash. Carefully measure the window height from the pointwhere the upper sash meets the head jamb to the pointwhere the exterior of the lower sash meets the sill.Sill angle The standard double-hung sill slopes to the exterior at a14-degree angle. Use an angle finder (available in most hardware stores)or the cutout templates on page 17 of this brochureto verify the angle of the sill. If sill angle is not 14 degrees, discuss options withyour supplier.

To order, contact the JELD-WEN dealernearest you. To find a dealer, please orcall 800.826.6793.Tools needed for installationHammerFlatheadscrewdriverPutty knifeor pry barPliersNail setMaterials supplied One upper sash withweatherstrip One lower sash withweatherstrip Pine head jamb fillerwith weatherstrip flange Wood head parting stop One pair of vinyl jambliners with balancehardware Common and f inishing nails Metal jamb linerbrackets with nails Two foam head jambliner gasketsPlease refer to page 16 for parts identification.Caution: The unsupported single-hungupper sash will fall. Use help if necessary.7

sizi ng c h a rt – sta nda rd s i zesSash OpeningWxH2 Lt. GlassSizeSash OpeningWxH16" x1'- 8" x 2'- 10"3'- 2"3'- 6"3'- 10"4'- 2"4'- 6"4'- 10"5'- 2"5'- 6"5'- 10"6'- 2"6'- 6"5'- 6"24" x2'- 4" x 2'- 10"3'- 2"3'- 6"3'- 10"4'- 2"4'- 6"4'- 10"5'- 2"5'- 6"5'- 10"6'- 2"6'- 6"5'- 6"20" x2'- 0" x 2'- 10"3'- 2"3'- 6"3'- 10"4'- 2"4'- 6"4'- 10"5'- 2"5'- 6"5'- 10"6'- 2"6'- 6"5'- 6"26" x2'- 6" x 2'- 10"3'- 2"3'- 6"3'- 10"4'- 2"4'- 6"4'- 10"5'- 2"5'- 6"5'- 10"6'- 2"6'- 6"5'- 8"30"32"34"36"24/36"M a ke sure e xi sti n gframe is s qu a re Measure from upper left corner to lower right cornerof existing frame with tape measure. Measure from upper right corner to lower left corner;compare measurements. If measurements are within 1/4", the frame is withintolerance; if more than 1/4" difference, the frame isnot within tolerance. Call a contractor to adjust.8WIDTH ADJUSTMENT: This sash replacement kit can be adjusted to openings up to1/4" wider than the standard opening. For openings that are more than 1/4" wider,place a 1/8" shim behind all the metal jamb liner brackets.2 Lt. GlassSize

IMPORTANT: As with any retrofit project, SashPackreplacement kit installations may vary and require flexibilityin methods and materials. This SashPack kit is designed tobe installed into a structurally sound, plumb and squareopening. Failure to do so will hinder the fit and performanceof this product. 2 Lt. GlassSizeSash OpeningWxHSash OpeningWxH2 Lt. GlassSize28" x2'- 8" x 2'- 10"3'- 2"3'- 6"3'- 10"4'- 2"4'- 6"4'- 10"5'- 2"5'- 6"5'- 10"6'- 2"6'- 6"5'- 6"36" x3'- 4" x 2'- 10"3'- 2"3'- 6"3'- 10"4'- 2"4'- 6"4'- 10"5'- 2"5'- 6"5'- 10"6'- 2"6'- 6"5'- 6"32" x3'- 0" x 2'- 10"3'- 2"3'- 6"3'- 10"4'- 2"4'- 6"4'- 10"5'- 2"5'- 6"5'- 10"6'- 2"6'- 6"5'- 6"40" x3'- 8" x 2'- 10"3'- 2"3'- 6"3'- 10"4'- 2"4'- 6"4'- 10"5'- 2"5'- 6"5'- 10"6'- 2"6'- 6"5'- 8"30"32"34"36"24/36"M ake sure e x i sti n gJAM B is s T RAIGH T Place a level or straightedge against jamb. Look for gaps anywhere between level and jamb. If the gap is greater than 1/16" for every 2" (not toexceed 1/8"), the surface is not straight. Call acontractor to adjust.I M P O R TANT: The replacement sash should be finishedeither before installation or immediately after (whicheveris more convenient).9

remove old s a s hThere are two types of old windows: those builtwith a weight and pulley balance system and thosewith jamb liners. Each requires special instruction.For windows with jamb liners Remove upper and lower sash and both jamb liners.For windows with weight and pulley balance system Use a utility knife to carefully score inside stops, (whichrun vertically on side jambs in front of lower sash) wherethey meet frame. Gently pry off inside stops with putty knife. Set asidefor reuse. Cut the cords running to the lower sash (see caution). Remove lower sash. If present, score and remove jamb parting stops. Support upper sash. If upper sash is fixed (nonmoving), remove blocks orbrackets that hold window in place; this will permitupper sash to be lowered. If upper sash is operational, cut cords running to sashand remove them from frame. Remove the upper sash. Use a utility knife to carefully score wood head parting stop (which runs horizontally on the head jamb fillerbetween the two sash). Gently pry off with putty knife.C au t i o n : Many older windows have hidden sashweights attached to the sash with a cord. Before youremove the sash, cut these cords with extreme caution.Ease the weights down until the cord goes slack. Leaveweights inside the frame. If pulleys are visible, removethem from the frame to allow proper jamb linerinstallation or use a hammer to carefully knock themthrough the jamb. Fill holes with loose-fill insulation.


prepare fra me Position a jamb liner (without brackets) against theside jamb. Measure the distance between the top of the jamb linerand the head jamb. If that distance is 3/8", proceed withyour installation using the head jamb filler. If the gap isless than 3/8", you will only use the wood head partingstop, not the head jamb filler. Position head jamb filler in place with the front weather strip flange facing the exterior of the home. Nail it inwith finishing nails provided in the kit.1/16"Apply the jambliner bracketsApply thejamb liners12

Place the head filler Install metal jamb liner brackets on each side of theframe. These are included in your kit—use half thebrackets on the left side and half on the right side. Position the first one 1/16" from the blind stop andapproximately 4" down from the head jamb. Securethe bracket with the common nails included in thekit. Secure a second jamb liner bracket 1/16" fromthe blind stop and 4" above the sill. Secure with thecommon nails provided. Repeat on the other side of the frame. Secure the remaining brackets, spacing them evenlybetween the upper and lower brackets. A foam gasket pad is provided for each jamb liner.Remove the paper backing from the adhesive andposition the pads at the top of each jamb liner. We recommend applying a bead of silicone along theinterior side of the blind stops to seal the jamb linersin place. Starting from the top, press one jamb liner onto thebrackets, making certain they snap into place. Installthe other jamb liner the same way.13

i nsta ll s as h(You may need a helper for this part of the installation.) With the bulb weatherstrip facing the exterior, positionthe wood head parting stop horizontally between thejamb liners on the inside tracks. Slide the parting stopall the way to the top and check for proper fit. Foruneven surfaces, a bead of quality caulking in thecaulking groove of the wood head parting stop isrecommended. Tack parting stop into position with thefinishing nails provided. Do not nail tight at this time. Install the upper sash first. Hold the sash horizontallywith the left side slightly lower than the right side. Insert the pivot pin into the jamb liner track nearest theexterior of the house.The pivot pin must be positioned above the clutchinside the track. Being careful that the pivot pin remains above the clutch,lower the right side of the sash into the jamb linertrack nearest the exterior side of the house until the sashis horizontal. Tilt the sash up into place while depressing the jamb lineron both sides. Slide it down until the pivot pins contact the clutch inboth jamb liners. Now the upper sash should moveup and down. With the upper sash in the closed p osition, check thealignment of the wood head parting stop to the sash forproper fit. Now the parting stop may be s ecurely nailed.Install the upper sash14Install the woodhead parting stop

Install the lower sash To install the lower sash, repeat the previousstep s with one important exception: pivot pinsmust be placed in the jamb liner track nearest theinterior of the house. With left side of the sash lower than the right, insertthe left pivot pin in the track.The pivot pin must be positioned above the clutch. Lower the right side of the sash into the track. Tilt the sash up and engage the clutches.Final steps Now, slide both sash up and down to checkfor proper fit and smooth operation. Work the sashlock to make sure both sash arein the correct alignment. To finish off the new look, you may wantto replace the interior trim.Tilting out the sash for cleaning To access the sash for cleaning, simply unlock thewindow and open the lower sash about six inches. While gripping both ends of the lower sash top,depress the jamb liners and tilt the sash inward. Repeat for upper sash.

G L OSSA RYClutch: a part of the balance system into which the pivotpins are inserted or engagedGrille: a decorative grid on the interior or exteriorof theglass, between the glass panes, or in any combinationHead Jamb: the horizontal frame element at the top of thewindowPivot Pin: the pin on the bottom corners of single ordouble-hung sash that engages the balance system and alsoallows the sash to pivot for easy removal and installationRails: the horizontal elements of the sashSash: a combination of stiles, rails and glass in a windowSashlock: the primary lock on the sash that secures thewindow openingSide Jambs: the vertical frame elements on either side ofthe windowSill: the horizontal frame element at the bottom ofthe windowStiles: the vertical elements of the sashWindow Frame: the assembly of frame elements (sidejambs, head jamb and sill) that holds the sash and attachesto the rough openingWood Head Parting Stop: wood trim that runshorizontally across the head jambCutout Templates for Checking Sill AngleThis side upStandard 14-degree sill slope14 This side up10 Cut along dotted line.

34918117102561. Upper Sash7. Sashlock2. Lower Sash8. Lock Keeper3. Head Jamb Filler9. Foam Head Jamb Liner Gasket4. Wood Head Parting Stop10. Jamb Liner Brackets5. Jamb Liner11. Clutch6. Pivot Pin (installed)17

jeld-wen l im ited wa rra nt yJ E L D-WENW OOD and METAL CLAD W O O DW i nd o w & Pa t io Door War r ant y O U R WAR RANT Y T O YOUJELD-WEN Wood and Metal Clad Wood Window and Patio Door products aredesigned to create lasting value for your home. This warranty is effective forall JELD-WEN wood and metal clad wood products manufactured by us on orafter October 1, 2005 for use in the United States and Canada. Any previouswarranties will continue to apply to products manufactured by us prior to thisdate. For additional information, including care, maintenance, and installationinstructions, refer to W hat Th i s War r a nt y Cover s :We warrant that your products as identified below will be free from defects inmaterial or workmanship from the date of initialinstallation for the time periodsdescribed below. This warranty includes free replacement parts to replacecomponents of the window or door. Skilled labor (where deemed necessary byus) to replace the insulating glass unit or component is provided for two years(unless specified otherwise).Twenty Year for Window & Patio Door Products (insulating glass,metal clad and wood parts, and hardware unless specified otherwise):We warrant your window, patio door and component parts (e.g. exterior casingprovided by JELDWEN) thereof for twenty (20) years. This includes coveragefor twenty (20) years for wood cellular level breakdown (often referred to as“wood cellular structure failure” or “fungal infestation”) caused by decay and/ortermites in JELD-WEN manufactured pine wood products. Warranty coverageoutside the contiguous 48 states and Alaska is contingent upon approval fromthe JELD-WEN Customer Care Department. Please contact us.Clad Finish*: Under normal atmospheric conditions, the clad finish on yourmetal clad window or patio door manufactured by us will be free from defectsas follows: Custom Collection “Kynar” finishes are warranted for twenty (20) years andwill not peel, check, crack, chalk, fade or change color All other products that include “polyester” finishes are warranted for ten (10)years and will not peel, check, crack, chalk, or change color*The term “clad finish” means the painted finish on metal cladding. Clad productsinstalled within one mile of a salt-water source (or other corrosive environment)require additional and specific maintenance requirements. Refer to our full careand maintenance instructions.Special Coverages:Laminated Glass/Hurricane Glass/Special Glazings: We warrant laminatedglass, hurricane (impact) glass and special glazings (glass options not listed in ourproduct literature) for five years.Electric Operators: We warrant electric operators provided by us for one year(to include free replacement parts and skilled labor necessary to replace theoperator for one year).TRANSFERABILITY: In the event you sell your residence/building, this warrantyis transferable to subsequent owners.H ow to Ge t As s is t a nce :If you have a problem with your JELD-WEN product, contact the dealer/distributoror contractor from whom you purchased your product or contact us directly:Mail:JELD-WENAttn:Customer Care Department – Wood/Metal Clad WoodP.O. Box 1329Klamath Falls, OR -2617Phone:800-JELD-WENWe can respond quickly and efficiently if you provide the following: a) Notethe JELD-WEN product you purchased and the window identification number(found on corner of glass), b) how to contact you, c) the address of where theproduct can be inspected, and d) a description of the problem and the product(photographs are helpful).W hat We Will Do:Upon receiving your notification, we will send out an acknowledgement withinthree business days. We will investigate your claim and will take appropriateaction within 30 days after notification. If it is determined that the productdoes not have a defect covered by the warranty, we may charge an inspectionfee for any onsite inspection that is required or requested by you. Becausemanufacturing materials and techniques can change, replacement part(s)may not be an aesthetic match to the original. If we are unable to providereplacement parts and repair is not practicable or cannot be made timely, then

For more information please will refund the purchase price. This guarantee gives you specific legal rights,and you may have other rights that vary from state to state.Wh at This Wa r r ant y Does Not Cov er :JE LD -WEN is not liable f o r : Normal wear and tear; and natural weathering of surfaces (note: naturaltarnishing of copper clad is not considered a defect). Naturally occurring corrosion or tarnishing of hardware finishes; damage tometal surfaces caused by chemicals (e.g. brick wash) or a harsh environment(e.g. salt spray or airborne pollutants) unless otherwise stated above. Glass breakage; failure due to misuse or abuse; and damage caused by failureto properly finish and provide maintenance, by alteration or modification tothe window (e.g. customer applied tints or films, paint finishes, securitysystems), or as a result of any cause beyond the control of JELD-WEN (e.g. fire,flood, earthquake, other acts of nature). Slight imperfections or wavy distortions in the glass that don’t impairstructural integrity. Improper installation not in conformance with JELD-WEN installationinstructions (note: see for current installation instructions);operational problems and problems related to water and/or air infiltration/leaking as a result of improper installation or flaws in building designor construction. Damage or poor product performance resulting from installation into acondition that exceeds product design standards and/or certified performancespecifications and/or is not in compliance with building codes. Condensation or damage as a result of condensation (Note: most condensationproblems are related to excessive humidity levels in a structure; contact aheating/air conditioning specialist for help). Labor and materials for repainting or refinishing activities, or the removal ordisposal of defective product(s). Wood cellular structure failure for wood components other than of pinespecies and any components (including pine) that come in direct contactwith soil. Note: superficial mold/mildew does not indicate wood cellularstructure failure. Incidental or consequential damage. Some states do not allow the exclusionor limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so this may not applyto you.Note: Variance in color or texture of natural wood parts is not considered adefect. ”Chalking” of the clad finish is not a defect unless it exceeds a numericalrating of eight (8) when measured in accordance with the standard proceduresspecified in ASTM D4214. Fading or changing in color of the “clad finish” is not adefect unless it exceeds five (5) E units (NBS), calculated in accordance with ASTMD2244, paragraph 6.3. Color change shall be measured on an exposed “cladfinish” that has been cleaned of surface soils and chalk, and the correspondingvalues measured on the original or unexposed “clad finish.” Fading or colorchanges may not be uniform if the surfaces are not equally exposed to the sunand elements. If the above ASTM standards change, the standard in effect atthe time of purchase applies. As an option to replacement, we may choose torefinish the product.Impo rtant Le gal Inf o rm ati o nThis War r ant y s et s f or t h o u r ma x i mu m l i a b i l i t y f o r o u r p ro d ucts.We sha ll not be liable f o r s p e c i a l , i n d i re c t , c o n s e q u e n t i a l , o ri n c i d e n t a l d a m a g e s . Yo u r s o l e a n d e x c l u s i v e re m e d y w i t hre s p e c t t o a n y a n d a l l l o s s e s o r d a m a g e s re s u l t i n g f ro ma ny ca u s e w hat s oever s h a l l b e a s s p e c i f i e d a b o v e . We ma k eno othe r w ar r ant y or g u a r a n t e e , e i t h e r e x p re s s o r i m p l ie d ,includin g im plied w ar r a n t i e s o f me rc h a n t a b i l i t y a n d f i t ne ssfor a p a r t i c u l a r p u r p o s e t o t h e o r i g i n a l p u rc h a s e r o r t o anysubsequ e n t u s e r o f t h e p ro d u c t , e x c e p t a s e x p re s s l y c o n t a inedhe re in. I n t he event s t at e o r p ro v i n c i a l l a w p re c l u d e s e x c l u sio nor limit a t i o n o f i m p l i e d w a r r a n t i e s , t h e d u r a t i o n o f a n y suchwa rra nt ies s hall be no lo n g e r t h a n , a n d t h e t i m e a n d ma n n e rof pre sent ing any c laim t h e re o n s h a l l b e t h e s a m e a s , th a tprov ided in t he expres s w a r r a n t y s t a t e d h e re i n .No distributor, dealer or representative of JELD-WEN has the authority tochange, modify or expand this warranty. The original purchaser of this productacknowledges that they have read this warranty, understand it and are boundby its terms and agrees to provide this warranty to the original owner of thestructure into which the product is installed.“JELD-WEN Wood and Metal Clad Wood Window and Patio Door products” asnoted in this warranty shall refer to products produced in the United States andmarketed under the JELD-WEN name. 2005 JELD-WEN is a registered trademark of JELD-WEN, inc., OREGON, USA

The JELD-WEN Web site is your ultimate resource for learning aboutour reliable windows and doors. It has all the product information anddesign advice you need. Visit us at today. 2004 JELD-WEN, inc. JELD-WEN, AuraLast, SashPack and Reliability for real life are trademarks or registered trademarks of JELD-WEN, inc., Oregon, USA. All other trademarks arethe property of their respective owners.JELD-WEN reserves the right to change product specifications without notice. Pleasecheck our Web site,, for current information.11-144 4/06 (SB5M 11/07)

There are so many ways JELD-WEN can help your home work well for the way you live. Replacing your old windows with new, energy efficient Premium Wood windows is an excellent place to begin. The following pages will show you how easy it is to make the transition from old and drafty to fresh and new. REPLaciNg ThE oLD WiTh aLL-NEW RELiabiLiTy