1st Quarter Report ͠ ͞ ͟ ͤREPORT TO THE COUNTY EXECUTIVEFIRST QUARTER, 2016The following reports for the 1st quarter of 2016 are presented to the County Executive:ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICESProviding timely and effective communication with departments, divisions, elected officialsand the citizens of Bay County is the goal of Administrative Services. With that as a focus,key areas include responding to and facilitating requests for information (FOIA Coordination),research and resolution of complaints, risk management coordination and writtencorrespondence from the County Executive. Assisted the Veterans Offices in their financial expenditures and resolving any issuesthat arose including vehicle repair & maintenance and future planning issues. Attended Bay Veterans Foundation meeting. Learned of Michigan Veterans Trust Fund (MVTF) closing Bay County’s office afterretirement of Karen Miller which resulted in many discussions with staff onreorganization of veteran services. Worked cooperatively with various County offices in processing numerous Freedom ofInformation Act responses for the first quarter including multiple responses thatrequired extensive hours and records from various Bay County offices anddepartments. Continued to work with Corporation Counsel on pending and potential litigation,distribution of agreements and electronic storage of agreements on CherryLan anddepartments involved. Worked cooperatively with other departments in resolving constituent concerns onvarious departmental issues and drafting correspondence in response to complaintsand inquiries. Worked with the Sheriff’s Office in requesting Board approval and preparing a RiskAvoidance Grant Application for the Bay County Court Facility x-ray scanner. Theapplication resulted in a successful grant award from Michigan Municipal RiskManagement Authority for half of the cost of the replacement. Regular discussions and coordination with Animal Control Manager and staff oncurrent issues.1

1st Quarter Report ͠ ͞ ͟ ͤ Participated in interviews for Retirement Coordinator position. Attended multiple meetings and an on-site visit to Midland (MCTV) regarding Bay 3TV. Assisted staff in preparation of monthly County Executive newsletter. Finalized updates to Veteran Reference Manual. Attended Michigan Public Risk Management Association (MIPRIMA) Board of Directorsplanning meeting in Brighton and assisted in Membership Committee planning session. Attended MIPRIMA Educational Meeting in E. Lansing Attended Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority (MMRMA) EducationalMeeting in Lansing. Attended State of the Community Luncheon with County Executive Tom Hicknerpresenting the State of the County segment.Animal Control The Shelter took in 215 cats and 220 dogs and 3 other animals for a total of 438animals.o2 cats and 66 dogs were claimed by their owners.o56 cats, 79 dogs, and 2 others were adopted.o11 cats and 20 dogs were euthanized per owner’s request.o66 cats and 18 dogs euthanized due to aggressive behavior, lack of interest,and illness. Field Activity: Officers went out on 895 calls, this quarter, which include thefollowing:o47 Animal biteso74 Cruelty callso123 Loose and Aggressiveo27 Barking We are still promoting our adoptable animals on the various websites, Facebook,, Bay3 TV, etc. and working with other shelters and rescues willing topull animals when the shelter is filling up. Several special interest groups such as theFriends of Bay County Animal Shelter and Shelter Angels help promote the shelterthrough internet media and special events. Shelter Angels is continuing the free rabies certificate with a shelter animal that isalready sterilized but needs to still receive a rabies vaccination in order to beadopted. And promoting their sponsorship program for shelter animals in need of apermanent home. When a shelter animal is being “sponsored” for adoption that meansthat the new owner will receive a certificate at the time of adoption, that they willtake to the veterinarian listed on the certificate and the veterinarian will sterilize andrabies vaccinate their new pet for free. After the animal is sterilized and vaccinated,2

1st Quarter Report ͠ ͞ ͟ ͤthe new pet owner brings us the paperwork showing that it has been done and thenthey receive their license for the year. This program has been such a success in 2015at the shelter, that the shelter was able to receive a grant from the Department ofAgriculture for 5100.00 to help with the sponsorship program, with this grant we arehoping to sterilize at least 46 cats and 10 dogs. We are focusing on the cats due to thefact we receive more cats in the shelter than we do dogs. The ratio is usually 2.5 catsper 1 dog. This will help with people to consider an unsterilized cat, that wouldnormally not to be considered for adoption. Friends of the Bay County Animal Shelter is still promoting the Spay/Neuter Clinic whoset up their traveling operation room at St Albans one Saturday a month through 2015and 2016. The Spay/Neuter Clinic offers less expensive cost for sterilization andvaccinations. The clinic sterilized 678 animals last year for the residences of BayCounty. BAISD Program is in full swing, we have had 14 surgeries and have 6 more to go and wewill be done with the season. Dr. Franke of Bay Animal Hospital volunteers on a monthly basis to check the welfareof the animals and offering officers instructions on any areas of concerns.CENTRAL DISPATCH 9-1-1 9-1-1 answered: Emergency calls in the month of January 5,481; Emergency calls inthe month of February 5959; and Emergency calls in the month of March 6,648. Intotal, Central Dispatch has answered 18,088 Emergency calls for 2016. Conducted numerous Critical Testing sessions as well as several 9-1-1 “Sit-Alongs” aspart of the hiring and recruitment process. This is part of our revamped employeerecruitment program that we began in the last quarter of 2015. Congressman Kildee, Tom Hickner and several Board of Commissioners paid a visit to9-1-1. We discussed several successes as well several challenges facing 9-1-1. Theofficials also spent some time on the dispatch floor allowing for an opportunity to view9-1-1 operations. Bay County 9-1-1 completed the installation of the Intrado Viper 9-1-1 call handlingequipment, at the backup dispatch location.o3The Great Lakes Bay 9-1-1 Consortium has begun phase 2 of the 9-1-1 phoneproject. During the 2nd phase, the 9-1-1 telephony and location services are tobe migrated from AT&T to PFN. The migration is from telephone lines to fiberoptics for the delivery of 9-1-1 services. The completion of the project willmove 9-1-1 services from 1950s technology to a Next Generation 9-1-1Emergency Services IP Network (ESINet)

1st Quarter Report ͠ ͞ ͟ ͤoThe NG9-1-1 phone system services Bay County 9-1-1, Midland County 9-1-1,Huron County 9-1-1, Sanilac County 9-1-1, Iosco County 9-1-1 and TuscolaCounty 9-1-1. This collaborative effort increases capabilities and increasesnetwork redundancies; while at the same time reducing costs. Bay County 9-1-1 has partnered with McLaren Bay regional EMS. The partnership is thesharing of Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD). The project has begun in earnest and whencomplete, the system will enhance EMS system’s in among other things it’s efficiencyand situational awareness. Bay County 9-1-1 completed the installation, training and testing of the Smart911application. The “go live” date for the Smart911 software is April 5th 2016. Amarketing plan was also developed in anticipation of the launch. Updated radio equipment and software to enable Fire Tones over the 800MHz radiosystem. This function was previously lost with the move to 800MHz and has now beenre-established. Met with School Safety Officials as well as School Resource Officers to enhance thedelivery of Secure the Building or lockdown Notifications. Emergency ManagementConducted a Training and Exercise Planning Workshop for the responding agencieswithin Bay County. The outcomes from this workshop will help shape the training andexercise schedule for the next three years. Conducted a safety review with the Bay Arenac ISD Lifelong Learning Center. Wereviewed the current plan for an Active Shooter incident. Several suggestions wereprovided for several areas of the facility. Several staff training options were alsooutlined. Participated in several meetings with the workgroup tasked with implementing thenew county phone system. Chaired 2 LEPC meetings and 1 LPT meeting. Worked with radio vendor to develop and start implementation of a short-range radiorepeater to be installed on the Incident Command Trailer for use by public safetyresponders. As a board member of the Michigan Emergency Management Association, participatedin a 2 day strategic planning session for the association. Provided coordination assistance for the launch of the Bay County Heroin Taskforcebeing implemented by the Bay County Health Department.4

1st Quarter Report ͠ ͞ ͟ ͤ As part of the Region 3 Incident Management Team, traveled to Flint to provide inputto the new Emergency Management Coordinator responding to the water crisis.Worked with Central Dispatch to develop and implement a strategic plan for thelaunch of Smart911. This included logistical planning as well as developing a marketingplan. Participated in several meetings with the workgroup addressing extreme storm hazardsin the Saginaw Bay watershed. The initial survey results were reviewed and severalaction items came out of the meetings. My office will be assisting with a visualdeliverable to help educate the public on the effects of flooding in the Saginaw Baywatershed. Attended a 3 day Incident Management Team Taskbook Workshop. Helped coordinate the search for a missing person. The Midland Search and RescueTeam assisted the Bay County Sheriff’s office and Bay City Public Safety with searchefforts with support from the Bay Area Amateur Radio group. Presented the Fundamentals of Emergency Management to 5 Saginaw Valley StateUniversity students working towards their B.S.N. degrees.CORPORATION COUNSEL Reviewed contracts or provided legal opinions to:Central DispatchHealth DepartmentEnvironmental Services/AffairsPersonnel and Employee RelationsBoard of CommissionersCounty ExecutiveAnimal ControlProsecutorDistrict CourtAdministrative ServicesRegister of DeedsBuilding and GroundsRecreation and FacilitiesSheriffFinanceRetirement BoardISDResponded to more complex FOIA requests and/or AppealsAttended Board of Commissioners MeetingsAttended Retirement Board MeetingsAttended VEBA Board MeetingsAttended Quadrant MeetingsProvided legal opinions and guidance on employee issues5

1st Quarter Report ͠ ͞ ͟ ͤ Participated in employee interviewsParticipated in the Treasurer foreclosure hearingsParticipated in the RFP processAttended meetings regarding reorganization of the Public Defender DepartmentAttended the Michigan Association of Municipal Attorneys Annual Advanced InstituteDrafted and/or reviewed and filed pleadings in Gills vs. County lawsuitDrafted and/or reviewed and filed pleadings in Walraven vs. County lawsuitManaged and reviewed attorney correspondence, filings and billings in Clerk vs. BayCounty et al (circuit court case)Managed and reviewed attorney correspondence, filings and billings in Clerk vs. BayCounty et al (court of appeals case)Managed and reviewed attorney correspondence, filings and billings in Payne vs. BayCounty et al (Federal Court case)Managed and reviewed attorney correspondence and filings in Joseph Groulx vs. BayCounty (Circuit Court Case)Responded to subpoenas and drafted various motions and responses in Groulx vs. Stateof Michigan et al (Court of Claims case)Managed and reviewed attorney correspondence, filings and billings in Clerk vs. BayCounty et al (circuit court case)ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS & COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENTDirector’s Report (L. Ogar)Saginaw Bay Coastal Initiative (SBCI): Continue to facilitate the monthly SBCI Meetings that take place on the third Thursdayof the month in the Personnel Conference Room located on the 3rd floor of the BayCounty Building from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.Interns: The Environmental Affairs & Community Development Department has two new internsMariah Kelly and Preston Weber, both students at SVSU.Friends of Bay City State Recreation Area (BCSRA): Continue to participate and attend the Friends of BCSRA Meetings that took place onJanuary 21st and March 4th.DOW CAG: Participated in the annual DOW Community Advisory Group (CAG) Retreat on January19, 2015. The meeting was held at the EPA Saginaw Community Information Office.DOW CAP Meeting: Attended the DOW Community Advisory Panel Meetings on January 20th, February 17th,and March 17th. The mission of the Dow Community Advisory Panel (CAP) is to activelypromote a mutually beneficial relationship between the communities surrounding theDow facility and the company through ongoing interaction, supporting shared goals anddedication to identifying and resolving issues of concern.6

1st Quarter Report ͠ ͞ ͟ ͤState of the Community Luncheon: Attended the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce State of the Community Luncheon thattook place on February 17th at the Bay Valley Resort and Conference Center.5th Floor Renovations: The fifth floor got a new coat of paint and new carpet, along with a reorganization ofthe floor. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (J. Anderson & M. McBain)Continued maintenance on 9-1-1 GIS data and CAD MapContinued update of GIS Mobile Application for First Responders with ArcGIS OnlineContinued working with Saginaw and Midland Counties on the digital orthophotographyprojectWorked with Drain Office on applying for USGS LiDAR grantHeld monthly meetings with the City of Bay City and Bay County Road Commissionabout sharing data, a new web mapping site, and syncing data standardsCoordinated with county agencies and City of Bay City on ideas for a new GIS webviewer for both the county and city to share through AmalgamPerformed Quality Control for 2015 AerialReviewed Fetch GIS viewer and coordinated public launch.Helped 911 with new phone system vendor for mapping componentMisc GIS Projects and GIS tech support for: Transportation Planning, Bay CountyTreasurer, City of Auburn, City of Pinconning, Frankenlust Twp, Bay City PublicSchools, Hampton Twp., Gibson Twp, Kawkawlin Twp, Williams Twp, Beaver Twp,Midland Area Transportation Study, Equalization, Environmental Affairs & CommunityDevelopment, 9-1-1, Emergency Management, Register of Deeds, Bay County RoadCommission, Buildings & Grounds, Clerk’s Office, East Michigan Council ofGovernments, County Executive, MSU Extension, Health Dept., Mosquito Control,Gypsy Moth, and various public GIS requests.Update of control corners for RemonumentationAttended MiCAMP Board Meetings.Worked with Saginaw, Midland, and Gratiot Counties on Environmental Health GISapplication.Work with Environmental Affairs & Community Development staff on advising internsfrom SVSU for county projects.Attended Department/Division Head Meetings.Created foreclosed property layer for County Treasurer.Gypsy Moth Program (A. Wallace)Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Treatment Project: The Request for Proposals for the EABTreatment Project was developed, published on February 26, 2016 and the resultingnine (9) bids. Five bids were complete and evaluated. The remaining four wereincomplete so were rejected A full report of the evaluation was sent to the FinanceDepartment for final review and award. The low bid was submitted by BayLandscaping Inc of Essexville, MI. The contract for this work is pending finalapprovals. The contract will include the treatment of up to 716 ash trees in 2016 andup to 2,5 ash trees in 2017. The trees are scattered throughout the County. Maps andLists of the trees to be treated will be provided to the applicator late in April after the7

1st Quarter Report ͠ ͞ ͟ ͤtrees are evaluated and marked for treatment. Gypsy Moth Suppression Program: The Request for Proposals for Aerial Treatment toControl Gypsy Moths was developed during this quarter, published on February 26,2016 and resulted in qualified and complete bids. The low bidder was HamiltonHelicopters of Hamilton Michigan. Gypsy MothEgg masses were collected for winter mortality and they Began hatching on March 26,2016 after 15 days at 70̊F. They continued to hatch through the end of the Quarter.Indications are that the population has done well over the winter and little wintermortality occurred. This indicates that hatch in the open is likely to occurred late inApril with treatment likely the second to third week of May depending ontemperatures during April. Educational ProgramsStaff members attended live and web based training programs about furtherdevelopments in the EAB invasion into other areas; new invasive species such as theAsian Longhorned Beetle that attacks maples and other trees, Hemlock wooly adelgidand Thousand Canker disease which kills black walnut trees; and the development of anew Pollinator Protection Plan. The coordinator also attended the Michigan MosquitoControl Association Conference to learn about changes to the new National PesticideDischarge Elimination Permit being published in 2016 and other pest control relatedissues.Programs about the Gypsy Moth, EAB and other none native invasive species were alsopresented to the Bay City Noon Optimist Club and students at Auburn Area CatholicSchool and the Bay Arenac Career Center Career Center.The Coordinator also helped develop and new Phragmites Flier that tells homeownershow to deal with the non-native invasive variety of this pest. Green Schools ProgramArea schools were kept abreast of updates to the Michigan Green Schools Program.Auburn Area Catholic School, All Saints Catholic School, Bay-Arenac ISD and JohnGlenn High School submitted application and will be recognized as Evergreen LevelMichigan Green Schools for all their hard work to encourage EnvironmentalStewardship, Energy Conservation and Recycling.Mosquito Control (T. Putt & Staff)Though the calendar says “Spring”, we’re patiently awaiting the end to winter and areturn to woodlot patrol. We officially found first instar larvae on March 15 as wechecked some of the woodlots that historically produce mosquitoes. Water levelswere average or slightly above-average at that time. Looks like, at this point, springtreat will begin in early-April compared to the historical mid-April start date.Since announcing that applications were being accepted for seasonal employment inmid-January, we have lined up interviews beginning in mid-March and most positionsare full. About half of last year’s employees plan to return.After holding two scrap tire drives in 2015 that were sponsored by the Michigan DEQ’sScrap Tire Cleanup Grant, we received the 4200 reimbursement in January. We’re8

1st Quarter Report ͠ ͞ ͟ ͤhoping to hear soon if we have been awarded another grant for the current season. The 2016 Program Plan was compiled in January while February had us attending theMMCA 30th Annual Conference in Ann Arbor at Weber’s Inn. BCMC hosted the MidMichigan Technical Advisory Committee meeting on March 9. The comprehensivecommunity outreach program plan was submitted to MDARD, and we’ve been workingon other community outreach documents as we gear up for the season. A narratedPowerpoint was paired with a live interview on Bay 3-TV to discuss the 2015 season;this was broadcast to Bay County citizens. Control material bids were opened in January with prices seeing nominal changescompared to 2015. Staff continue to update training materials, tune into various webinars (recently manyhave provided updated information on the Zika virus), revamp presentations that willsoon be broadcast on our local Bay 3-TV, order supplies, continue with maintenanceprojects and monthly storm water inspections, gather supplies for seasonaltechnicians, and send announcements to media and government offices in preparationfor the upcoming season. Office staff is busy sending and receiving no spray, medical,and long-driveway notices as well as myriad other duties. We’ve also been focusing on meetings with county administrators regarding ourupcoming millage that will be on the November general election ballot. Lookingforward to a successful 2016 season. Transportation Planning Division (J. Anderson)Held various BCATS Technical and Policy Committee meetingsAmendments to BCATS 14-17 TIP as required.Attended monthly MTPA meetings in Lansing.Attended Great Lakes Bay Regional Trail meeting.Attended Regional Prosperity Initiative Strategic Team MeetingsRegular updates to the BCATS website.Began coordination with MDOT, BCRC, DNR, Environmental Affairs & CommunityDevelopment on a non-motorized project at BCSRA.Attended various Roadsoft Training classes/webinarsContinued recording 2015 traffic countsContinued reviewing and approved GLBR Model – Future Year Socio-economic dataReviewed and approved future projects for 2017-2020 TIP documentBegan drafting chapters for the FY 2017-2020 TIP documentBegan drafting chapters for the 2045 Long Range PlanContinued working with EMCOG on Regional Transit MobilityMet with the Midland & Saginaw MPOsCoordinated with Bay City and MDOT on potential NFC updatesCoordinated discussions with Bay City, the Bay County Road Commission and MDOT onpotentially extending M-15 north of Center Avenue along Trumbull Street and WilderRoad to I-75 in Monitor TwpAttended PASER training in Saginaw.Continued review of new state and federal transportation bills.Attended Pre-UWP meeting in Lansing.9

1st Quarter Report ͠ ͞ ͟ ͤ Began drafting FY 2017 UWP.Completed FY 2015 Final Acceptance Report.Attended Riverwalk/Railtrail Committee meetings.Completed BCATS Quarterly reports and billings as required.EQUALIZATION Finalized Sales Studies and Appraisal Studies and published the tentative equalizationratios in the newspaper. Met with State Tax Commission District Representative as to our yearlysales/appraisal studies. His recommendation is to use ours versus their limitedstudies. Reviewed Register of Deeds recordings, checking for full or partial coverage ofparcels and print pertinent documents for Assessors. Assigned new parcel numbers on split or combined properties, write thosedescriptions and update the Equalization Maps, as well as the GIS parcel layer. Assisting in updating GIS parcel layer for new parcels and parcel corrections. Assisted in reconfiguring the GIS parcel layer to fit newly acquired remonumentationcoordinates for a more precise fit. Assisted local assessors in developing their state required land value maps. Assisted Township/City Officials, attorneys, title researchers and individual propertyowners with assessment and legal description questions. Redrafted problem portions of the Equalization maps. Worked with Township/City Assessors after the Board of Review to finalize theirAssessed and Taxable Values. Added new reports & removed old reports from the Equalization web pages on theinternet. Prepared the Equalization Reports for the Bay County Board of Commissioners. After approval from the Board of Commissioners, the final values will be submitted tothe State Tax Commission. Reviewed older sales in our database and update them to show correctedinformation. Currently have 106,400 document references for public and Departmentuse.10

1st Quarter Report ͠ ͞ ͟ ͤFINANCE Accounting/BudgetMeetings ensued between Finance, the Bay County Treasurer and administrators of theDepartment of Water and Sewer to continue the coordination and assistanceconcerning financing, accounting and depository of funds associated with the bondissues and the transfer of debt and assets from the City of Bay City to Bay County.DW&S new water plant construction estimated to be completed in 2016. Assisted the consultants and corporation counsel in updating the investment policy forVEBA. This includes the guidelines associated with separately managed investmentmanagers. Staff attended the State of the Community Luncheon and a luncheon related to Stateof Current Affairs for Bay County and Bay City. Staff attended the MGFOA and MMTA Spring 2016 seminar in Lansing. Staff attended a 2016 Governmental GAAP Update (webinar) on January 27, 2016. Staff attended Financial Webinar for Office of Highway Safety Planning Grant. Researched and held meetings to prepare for GASB 68, new pension accounting.Consulted with the actuary and compiled data for the completion of the actuaryassociated with these standards that are required for the 2015 Audit. Finance/Purchasing working on making the vendor self-serve module more known andaccessible. Met with individuals from Soldiers and Sailors and Bay County Administration regardingtheir budget and develop way to stream line their processes. The Finance and Budget Department met with DOA and Health Department to go overcash handling procedures. Four hundred and twenty eight (428) 1099’S were issued for the year ending 2015,totaling 8,103,550, which is a 15% increase over 2014. Met with the following departments to review their financial statements as well astheir budgets: Division on Aging, Health Department, Probate Court, and CommunityCenter. Met with Health Department regarding cash receipts processes for EnvironmentalHealth. Preparing for the 2015 audit in anticipation of early issuance. Working on various cash handling/internal controls and procedures.11

1st Quarter Report ͠ ͞ ͟ ͤ Finance participated in trainings for the Bank of America credit card download systemand is ongoing.PurchasingBids in Development: Register of Deeds Software Jail Inmate Phone System Emerald Ash Borer Gypsy Moth Aerial Spray Treatment Mosquito Control Work Truck Health Department/Court Facility Roof Replacement Law Enforcement Center Parking Lot Repair Emergency Management Mobile Data Terminals Waste RemovalBids Released: Register of Deeds Software Emerald Ash Borer Gypsy Moth Aerial Spray Treatment Mosquito Control Work Truck Law Enforcement Center Parking Lot Repair Health Department/Court Facility Roof ReplacementBids Awarded: Register of Deeds SoftwareOther Items: Attended various meetings regarding the above RFP’s/RFQ’s Prepared and entered journal entries for credit card allocation Assisted various departments and vendors with purchasing questions/bid preparations Prepared monthly invoices for: cell phones, phones, credit card and waste removal Met to discuss the review/replacement of the telephone system (ongoing) Attended the meeting of the IT Users group. Participated meetings relating to Vendor Self-Serve web link and Bank of Americadownload Attended the Residential Target Market Analysis introductory meeting Participated in a meeting with Corporation Counsel and the Finance Officer to discussRFP/Contract roles and responsibilities Began regular meetings with Office Depot representative prior new ordering platformroll-out Attended software presentation for Register of Deeds software finalists Conducted the walk-through for the Law Enforcement Center Parking Lot RFP Met with our Verizon Representative to discuss program changes and status of account Participated in the following trainings:oBank of America GRAM Introduction WebinaroBank of America GRAM – Account Manager WebinaroBank of America GRAM – User Management WebinaroBank of America GRAM – ReportingoBank of America GRAM – Cost Allocation12

1st Quarter Report ͠ ͞ ͟ ͤoTyler Technologies new access portal roll-out Housing RehabilitationAttended Board Meetings at Bay Area Housing. Continued day to day oversight of the program. Continued to work on next phase of the grant. Answered various questions and supplied documentation to program participants. Information Systems DivisionIn quarter one of 2016, 923 work orders were closed. The number of projects has been increasing as more work is being done with differentdepartments.Build of the Enterprise Content Management, OnBase software was performed forProbate to start user acceptance testing first week in April. Meetings were held to discuss and work on the County new VOIP phone system. Request for Proposals were reviewed and worked on for the Register of Deed’ssoftware project, the Sheriff Department’s phone system project and new mobiletablets for law enforcement. ISD worked with Finance on various projects such as Vendor Self-Serve, launchingsoftware for Commissary software for the Jail and year-end close.New software for Campaign Finance was launched and ISD assisted with the export ofthe existing information. New backup storage was purchased to increase the speed and capacity to enhance thebackup processes. ISD unveiled new Tyler technical support through a portal.HEALTH AdministrationThe Bay County Health Department Administration continues to implement itsStrategic Plan to provide a framework for future growth and direction. A dozen keystaff from the Health Department were chosen by management to assist on thesteering committee, which is also known as the FAB TEAM (short for Forever AchievingBetter, Together Everyone Achieving More). The BCHD Strategic Plan has three maingoals:o The Health Department will increase the community’s knowledge of Programs& Services provided by October 2015.o The Health Department will develop & implement a fiscal strategy that meetsthe needs of our clients, while promoting fiscal responsibility by October 2015.13

1st Quarter Report ͠ ͞ ͟ ͤoo The Health Department will establish a workforce development plan byOctober 2015.BCHD continues to revise its Orientation Operations Manual.BCHD has implemented a series of client satisfaction surveys for analysis.Key accomplishments during this period include: The Health Department has been notified that it has received Accreditation withCommendation from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. TheHealth Department under went its triennial accredita

Bay County 9-1-1 completed the installation of the Intrado Viper 9-1-1 call handling equipment, at the backup dispatch location. o The Great Lakes Bay 9-1-1 Consortium has begun phase 2 of the 9-1-1 phone project. During the 2nd phase, the 9-1-1 telephony and location services are to be migrated from AT&T to PFN.