Cover LettersPurpose:The essential purpose of a cover letter is to introduce and generate interest in readingyour resume by showing how your background is a match to the job and how you are afit for the company you are targeting. The name “cover letter” came from the idea that itis a covering or jacket that goes over your resume. Like an effective book cover or bookjacket, it advertises that there is something worth reading inside! Every time you sendyour resume in response to a job or internship opportunity, you must pair it with atailored cover letter to that employer.Where to Start:At the Graduate Career Center, we recognize that writing a unique cover letter for eachresponse to a job posting can be challenging, especially if English is not your nativelanguage. Because we believe cover letters are of critical importance to landing aninterview, we strongly recommend that you follow these 3 steps:Step 1.Watch the Cover Letter Webinar (Link to .ppt) COVER LETTER ORIENTATION WEBINAR - 20140731 105528 14.html? ga 1.174329890.1299186303.1416009812Step 2.Create the necessary component parts for your cover letter by filling out theCover Letter Worksheet (Link to .pdf) andStep 3.Meet with one of our career coaches to assemble and polish your finished cover letter.You can schedule an appointment on WPC Connect (Link to WPCC) where theschedules and availability of our career coaches are posted.Additional Resources:The following samples are provided to show what a good finished cover letter may looklike. They are not “templates,” however, and cannot substitute for creating your ownoriginal content.Sample Cover Letter 1 (FT job)Sample Cover Letter 2 (Internship)Sample Cover Letter 3 (Internal Posting)

Cover Letter WorksheetHow did you find out about this job opportunity?Why are you excited about this position?Why are you excited about this employer?What responsibilities of this position are a strong match for your skills and knowledge?Which of your traits and goals are a good fit for this employer's culture, vision and values?What specific accomplishments and experiences at work and school prove that you have the skills andknowledge to be successful and contribute in this job?

COVER LETTER SAMPLE 1: APPLYING TO A POSITIONCandace Hilligloss1243 Mill Avenue, Tempe, AZ b/c023/(480) [email protected](Date)Mr./Ms. First Name Last NameCompanyStreet AddressCity, State, ZipDear Mr./Ms. Last Name:Please accept my application for the Accelerated Leadership Program at Global Technologies. Global is my firstchoice employer because I admire its commitment to diversity, environmental sustainability and continuedexcellence in technology innovation. My experience and education meet the requirements of the program and haveprovided me the skills and knowledge to succeed in this endeavor. Additionally, I am confident my emotionalintelligence, cross-cultural skills and strong communications skills will make me an excellent fit for Global’sdynamic, international, team-oriented environment.As my attached resume details, my background includes: Supervising a new business unit as it absorbed processes from multiple other units.Launching a new data intensive unit with only five weeks to learn existing processes, transform procedures,coordinate transfer of duties, set up offices, and hire and train staff.Using problem-solving skills to identify and implement process improvements.Fostering collaboration by leading cross-functional and cross-facility teams.Driving complex analysis and strategic synthesis using advanced computer skillsExperience designing and creating databasesI would appreciate the opportunity to interview with you and explore how my capabilities and experience wouldenable me to contribute to Global’s goals.Sincerely,Candace HilliglossW. P. Carey MBA, Class of 20

COVER LETTER SAMPLE 2: APPLYING FOR AN INTERNSHIPRama Patel500 E. University Dr, # A476, Tempe, AZ [email protected](Date)Ms. Clara BowChief of Staff, Analytics & Business IntelligenceBig Box Mart (BBM)1 BBM WaySteerhorn, TX 78682Dear Ms. Bow,After speaking with you at the W. P. Carey School of Business Company Networking Night and reviewing the descriptionof your summer internship, I am confident that my past experiences coupled with my supply chain managementcurriculum would allow me to add value to your organization. I am excited about the idea of working for BBM because ofits proven commitment to developing global SCM leaders.My experience in procurement, as well as my proven ability to build strategic relationships within cross-functional teams,aligns well with the requirements of the position. As my attached resume details, my last job required me to undertakechallenging responsibilities regularly, and this allowed me to learn numerous aspects of business as well as influencestrategy. Over the course of my three years at Firestone, I successfully executed a variety of initiatives that improvedclient service and satisfaction scores for the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial aircraft. Much of my successcentered on my ability to leverage my technical expertise and SCM principles to improve processes and advisemanagement on ways to improve efficiency.I am a motivated self-starter and eager to engage the variety of challenging responsibilities this internship offers. I wouldappreciate the opportunity to speak with you again to discuss how my background would enable me to contribute toBBM’s goals while learning from an industry leader.Thanks in advance for your consideration.Sincerely,Rama PatelW. P. Carey MBA, Class of 20

COVER LETTER SAMPLE 3: INTERNAL CANDIDATE SEEKING PROMOTION(Date)Vince Furnier, Human ResourcesIntegrated Semiconductor Corporation (ISC)987 East Horseshoe DriveChandler, AZ 85248Dear Vince,Hank Harvey, my supervisor at ICS, has recommended that I apply for the Sales and MarketingController position because the combination of my controllership experience, proven ability to interacteffectively with executives and personable manner would enable me to make a larger contribution to thefirm in this senior role. As my attached resume details, my qualifications to succeed in this role includethe following accomplishments:Process improvement and detailed analysis.Overhauled the official corporate analytics “Fast Facts” package used for 10-Q and 10-K reporting,earnings calls, and investment analyst Q&A sessions by the CEO and CFO to be more flexible, allowingthe incorporation of new acquisitions as well as reducing the time required to prepare and increasingaccuracy.Broad Accounting and Finance experience.Developed manual calculations for inventory reserves, including controls to ensure SAB 100 and otheraccounting rules were properly applied. Provided accounting, analysis, and Excel consulting foraccounting management during Japanese carve-out acquisition to ensure correct US GAAP reporting.Leadership experience and management potential.Lead several project teams in implementation of new systems or processes. Contribute as the fundraisingcommittee chair for the ICS yearly golf tournament. Obtaining an MBA with an emphasis in Leadershipfrom Arizona State University.Internal knowledge and experience.Trained several hundred ICS employees on systems, including the Corporate Cost Model for new productdevelopment, Oracle Hyperion reporting, Oracle EBS, and Excel/Data cubes.I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about this position. Thank you for yourconsideration.Sincerely,George RomeroFinancial [email protected]

Cover Letter Worksheet (Link to .pdf) and . Step 3. Meet with one of our career coaches to assemble and polish your finished cover letter. You can schedule an appointment on . WPC Connect (Link to WPCC) where the schedules and availability of our career coaches are posted. Additional Resources: The following . samples. are provided to show what .