Welding PositionerModel: LD-60R/150R/300ROperating InstructionsIMPORTANTCarefully read and understand these operatinginstructions, as well as instructions for operating ancillaryequipment, before operating, inspecting, or servicingthis product.


§1.Safety InformationBe sure to read the following.WARNING:Be sure to also read the operating instructions for thewelding machine and other ancillary equipment before usingthis product, and protect operators and those around youfrom accident.Electric shock prevention:Note that electric shock can lead to serious accident.1) When handling this product, always wear dry, insulating gloves, shoes, and clothing.2) Whenever the welding machine is ON, electricity flows through the welding rod (or wire), workpiece,and positioner. If your skin or wet clothing comes into contact with the current-carrying part, you riskreceiving an electric shock.3) Shut off the main power supply when not using this product, or when conducting repairs andinspections.4) Do not place this product in places subject to high humidity or on a wet floor.5) Attach the earth conductor properly.6) Be sure to install a fuse or breaker of a designated capacity to the power supply side.Prevention of injury to eyes and skin:Welding arcs and spatters release strong UV rays andtemperatures that can injure your eyes and skin.1

書籍番号DZN-0861) To protect your eyes and face, always wear protective equipment (glasses, goggles, helmet, etc.)that provide a shading effect appropriate to the welding unit.2) To prevent burn injury, always wear long gloves, a safety hat, and appropriate clothing, and makesure no skin is exposed.3) Warn those around you to wear appropriate protective equipment (glasses, goggles, helmet, etc.).We also recommend using protective screens and curtains.Fume and gas disaster:Fumes and gases that are generated during welding arehazardous.1) Do not inhale fumes and gases.Protect your head from covering fumes and gases during welding, and fully ventilate the workplace.When welding materials that contain, or are plated with, metals such as zinc, lead, and cadmium,toxic fumes may be generated. Take additional precautions, and install effective smoke-extractionequipment.2) Do not place nearby, or use, chlorinated solvents while performing welding work.Vapors from chlorinated solvents may react with the heat and sparks from welding arcs and producetoxic gas phosgene or other irritating substances.Prevention of explosion accidents1) Do not weld containers filled with flammable substances. The container may explode.2) Follow proper and appropriate procedures when welding tanks and drums, as flammable or toxicfumes may be generated during welding.3) Do not conduct welding work in an atmosphere contaminated by explosive gases, mists, or dust.Fire prevention:Sparks and spatters that are generated during weldingmay produce flames.When welding, they may spatter the vicinity and encroachon the neighboring area through small cracks and holes.LD-60R,150R,300R manual E0207 22

書籍番号1)2)3)4)5)DZN-086Prepare fire extinguishers or items that can effectively extinguish fire.Move flammables away from the welding worksite, out of reach of welding sparks and spatters.Do not place just-welded metals near flammables.Ventilate atmospheres that contain combustible gas or flammable liquid mists and dust.Even when not welding, excessive heating and fire may occur from the welding rod (or wire),workpieces, positioner, or connections.Usage precautions1) Always wear a safety hat, protective glasses, and safety shoes during installation, operation, andmaintenance/inspection.2) Attach workpieces properly. (See §6. Precautions on Handling Mounted Objects.)3) While operating this product, be careful of accidents caused by touching rotating parts or by bodyparts, clothing, cables, etc. getting caught in the machine.4) Do not dismantle this product when an object is still attached to the table.5) Always keep safety guards and covers in their respective positions on the product. Do not removethem necessarily, or use them if they are damaged.6) Regularly inspect this product, and repair any faults before using it.IMPORTANT:Legally-restricted tasks should only be conducted byqualified personnel.1)2)3)4)5)6)Arc weldingGas weldingElectrical workCrane or forklift operationLifting workHandling high-pressure gas or conducting high-pressure gas fitting workLD-60R,150R,300R manual E0207 23

書籍番号LD-60R,150R,300R manual E0207 24DZN-086

書籍番号§2.DZN-086Packing List1) Confirming the supplied itemsBefore using this product, check whether you have the following items.In the event an item is lacking, please contact the dealer where you have purchased the product.2) List of items suppliedName§3.QuantityPositioner main unit1Control unit1Power cable1Foot switch1Operating Instructions1RemarksThis manualMachine OverviewThe positioner is a product that helps position a workpiece for steady welding. It rotates a table using amotor, and lets you set a speed appropriate to the welding work with the control unit dial, and start/stopthe rotation with a foot switch.The table can be set to the necessary tilt angle using the tilt fixation handle.Main specificationsHorizontalVerticalPower supplyExternal dimension [mm]Max. load [kg]Width Depth HeightTable diameter [mm]Min.Table rotation[rpm]Max.Table tilt angleCenter of gravityHeightduring max. loadEccentricity[mm]Table height in horizontalposition [mm]Tilt axis height [mm]Weight of main unit [kg]Allowable welding current [A]LD-60R,150R,300R manual E0207 2LD-60RLD-150RLD-300R6030150120AC single-phase 100V 50/60Hz300200400 580 385505 515 435570 750 530φ3000.4220.0-135 to 135 0303356050043013550 to 90

書籍番号LD-60R,150R,300R manual E0207 26DZN-086

書籍番号§4.DZN-086Installation1) Confirming the packaged componentsSee §2. Packing List.2) Installation location(1) Well-ventilated locationsFumes and gases must be ventilated during welding.(2) Flat floor that is strong enough to support the weights of the mounted items and the positioner.If the floor is weak, unbalanced loads may cause the positioner to fall over.(3) Do not place the positioner in the following locations:・Locations subject to rain・On a wet floor・Locations subject to high temperatures・Locations near dangerous inflammable objects・Locations where welding sparks and spatters may cause fireWARNING:Beware of electric shock from steel plates.When installing the positioner on a steel floor, protect the operator’s body with insulating material,and insulate the workpiece and positioner from the operator.3) Equipment installation(1) Installing the main unitPlace the main unit in a flat installation location.Secure the unit by inserting anchor bolts in the two holes toward the back of the main unit.Adjust the level with the two vertical adjusting bolts, so that the unit does not wobble.If the main unit is not steady, it may sway during operations. This is very dangerous, and mayalso cause the machine to fall over.(2) Connecting the operation unit (pendant switch)Connect the relay cable of the operation unit to the control unit on the main unit.Secure the connection with a screw.(3) Connecting the foot switchConnect the relay cable of the foot switch to the control unit on the main unit.Secure the connection with a screw.LD-60R,150R,300R manual E0207 27

書籍番号DZN-0864) Earth conductor and welding earth cable(1) Properly connect the earth conductor on the positioner main unit (labeled with asticker).(2) Directly attach the welding earth cable for the welding machine power supply to the welding earthcable connector on the leg of the positioner, and secure it with a bolt.M8 boltWelding earth cableWelding earth cable attachment diagramWARNING:Be sure to connect the earth conductor, to prevent anelectric shock accident in the event of a short circuit.1) Work involving an earth conductor or ground-fault interrupter requires specialized work (by anelectrician).2) To connect an earth conductor or ground-fault interrupter, observe technical criteria for electricfacilities.3) When using an existing earth terminal, check whether it provides sufficient earth connection.5) Connecting the power supplyUse specified power supply only.The standard specification is 100V, 50/60Hz.To ensure safety, strictly observe our safety standards for matters not sufficiently described herein.LD-60R,150R,300R manual E0207 28

書籍番号DZN-086CAUTION1) Route the power supply cable so that it will not be stepped on.Also be careful not to place anything on the cable.2) Install a switch that can interrupt the power supply or a thermal breaker.3) Connect the power supply cable only after confirming the safety of the surrounding area.4) Ground the power supply cable properly, and fully plug it into its receptacle.5) Do not connect the earth conductor to a conduit, gas pipe, or flammable liquid pipe system.6) Supply power only after confirming that the toggle switch is “off.”§5.OperationsPOWER SWMOTOR FUSE 3APOWER FUSE 3A1) Control unit functionsThe control unit contains a lamp that lights when operational power is on and a speed setter for adjustingrotation direction and speed.SPEED SELECTHIMIDLOWSPEEDPOWERPositioner ControllerLD-60R,150R,300R manual E0207 29LDR-A

書籍番号LD-60R,150R,300R manual E0207 210DZN-086

書籍番号NoDisplayType1Lock switch2Toggle switch3Rotary switch4Lamp (white)5DialDZN-086FunctionSwitches the main power supply on/off.Switches the table rotation direction.Switches the table rotation speed.LOW: (near) 0 – low rotation speedMID : (near) 0 – medium rotation speedHI: (near) 0 – high rotation speedNote: The machine may not stop even when the speedadjusting dial is set to MIN.Lights when power is on.Sets the table rotation speed.Turning the dial clockwise increases the speed.SPEED6LD-60R,150R,300R manual E0207 2Foot switchRotates the table when pressed, and stops the rotationwhen released.11

書籍番号DZN-0862) Operational procedureOperate the machine as described below.Operation unit1Turn on your company’s main power switch andthe power to the operation unit.Main unit234Select a rotation direction using the “rotationdirection changeover switch.”5Set the “rotation speed adjustment dial” tominimum.67Step on the foot switch to rotate the table.Adjust the rotation speed using the “rotationspeed adjustment dial.”10Make the table horizontal, and attach aworkpiece to the table.Loosen the tilt fixation handle to set the tableangle, then re-tighten the handle. (ForLD-60R)Turn the tilt fixation handle and adjust thetable angle. (For models other than LD-60R)8Perform welding work by operating the “footswitch.”9Make the table horizontal, and remove theworkpiece.Turn off the operation unit.Precautions when using a TIG welding machineThis machine is made to control TIG welding noise, but to ensure safety, be sure to observe thefollowing precautions.1) Use separate power supplies for the main unit and welding power.2) During operations, do not allow the main unit cable and torch cable to cross each other.Precautions when switching speed and rotationLD-60R,150R,300R manual E0207 212

書籍番号DZN-0861) Do not change the rotation direction while the table is rotating. Doing so may cause the machine tomalfunction.2) Stop the table rotation before switching the speed. Switching the speed while the table is rotating isdangerous, as the speed may suddenly increase.LD-60R,150R,300R manual E0207 213

書籍番号§6.DZN-086Precautions on Handling Mounted ObjectsWARNING:Mounted objects may fall or move, and cause seriousaccident or damage the product.1) When conducting attachment work, always wear a helmet, protective glasses, and safety shoes.2) Attach and align workpieces properly.3) When rotating the table, pay special care to the surrounding area and make sure there are noimpediments.CAUTION1) When placing a workpiece on the table (and particularly when using a crane or other machine), becareful not to create a large impact.2) Do not place a load exceeding the allowable load on the table.Operating the machine with an overload may burn out or damage the motor and control devices.3) An unbalanced load may cause uneven rotation and interfere with the welding beat.If this happens, attach a balance weight. However, make sure the balance weight does not causean overload.θ: Tilt angleT: Rotation torqueE: Eccentricity ofthe center ofgravityH: Height of thecenter of gravityW: Load weight: The weight of all objects on the table (including the chuck, attachment fittings, etc.)E: Eccentricity of the center of gravity: Distance from the center of the table to the center of gravity of themounted objectT: Rotation torque: Load weight eccentricity of the center of gravityH: Height of the center of gravity: Distance from the top of the table to the center of gravity of themounted object・ Calculating allowable load weight and eccentricity when the table is verticalLD-60R,150R,300R manual E0207 214

書籍番号DZN-086Use the machine in a state where load weight eccentricity of the center of gravity is less thanmaximum rotation torque.W: Max. loadweight [Kg]Center of gravity ofmax. load [mm]HorizontalVerticalH: Height of center ofgravityE: Eccentricity ofcenter of gravityAllowable rotation torque Kg·mmLD-60R,150R,300R manual E0207 2540150030008000

書籍番号§7.DZN-086Maintenance and InspectionsConduct maintenance and inspections, and always use this machine in best condition.WARNING1) Conduct periodic maintenance and inspections on this machine.2) If any faults are found, be sure to remedy them before use.3) Have this machine inspected by personnel who possesses sufficient knowledge of electrical mattersand comprehensive knowledge of this type of maintenance inspection.4) When repairing or inspecting the machine, shut off the main power supply or unplug the powersupply cable.5) Do not conduct maintenance or inspections while an object is still attached to the table.6) When the machine has been repaired, make sure all repairs have been completed and the machineworks properly, before use.1) Daily inspectionInspection itemsIs there any adhesion of foreign matter on the topsurface of the table?Is the operation unit dirty?Does the foot switch move smoothly?Is there any damage to the cables?Countermeasures in the event of an abnormalityRemove the foreign matter.Clean the operation unit.If not, replace or clean the foot switch.If so, replace or repair the relevant cable.CAUTION:Repair cable damage immediately upon discovery.LD-60R,150R,300R manual E0207 216

書籍番号DZN-0862) Periodic inspectionInspection locationTable rotationCountermeasures in the event of anabnormalityInspection item・ Is there any foreign matter stuckbetween the gears?・ Is the backlash precisionappropriate? Is the table steady?・ Clean and remove the foreign matter.Table rotationbearing・ Is the table axis steady?・ If not, replace the bearing inside thebearing housing of the table.Table tiltmechanism・ Does the table tilt smoothly?・ If not, remove spatters, etc. and applygrease.Reduction gear・ Check the oil level gauge of thereduction gear.・ Is the oil degraded?・ Replenish oil.Reduction gear oilAmbient temperatureISO viscosity grade (ISOVG)Exxon MobileCosmo OilIdemitsu KosanShowa Shell SekiyuNippon OilJapan Energy・ Tighten and adjust the bearing nut on thespindle.・ If so, replace the oil.-15 C to 5 CVG 320Mobile Gear 632Cosmo Gear SE 320Daphne Super Gear Oil 320Omala Oil 320Bonnock M 320JOMO Reductase 3205 C to 40 CVG 460Mobile Gear 634Cosmo Gear SE 460Daphne Super Gear Oil 460Omala Oil 460Bonnock M 460JOMO Reductase 460CAUTION1) A welding current flows through the rotation spindle of the table.Tighten and adjust the spindle so that it is tighter than normal. If it is not tightened strongly, thecontact points will produce sparks and damage the bearing.2) Immediately wipe away any oil that has spilled. Additionally, properly dispose of objects that have oilon them.LD-60R,150R,300R manual E0207 217

書籍番号§8.DZN-086TroubleshootingDealing with mechanical problemsSymptomCauseThe table does not rotate.(1) Insufficient tightening of themetal plug of the connectingcable(2) Disconnection of theconnecting cable(3) Switch or foot switchmalfunction(4) Control unit malfunction(5) Motor burnout(6) Burning of the gear toothsurface(7) Spindle key damage(8) Bearing damageThe table does not rotatesmoothly.The lubricant leaks.Welding failureLD-60R,150R,300R manual E0207 2Remedy(1) Tighten securely.(2) Replace the cable.(3) Replace the switchcomponent.(4) Replace the control unit.(5) Replace the motor.(6) Replace.(7) Replace the key.(8) Replace the bearing.Note: In regard to items (4) and (5), pursue and eliminate the causebefore taking the countermeasure and replacing the component.(1) The bearing has burned out(1) Replace the bearing.due to an overcurrent of thewelding current.(2) Spatters and slugs are adhered (2) Clean and apply grease toto the rotation drive unit.the rotation drive unit.(3) The carbon brush on the motor (3) Replace and adjust theis worn or not properlycarbon brush.connected.(4) A load greater than the(4) Use the table within theallowable load is placed on theallowable load limit.table.(5) The center of gravity of the(5) Attach a counterweight.workpiece is eccentric.(1) Oil seal damage(1) Replace the oil seal.(2) Packing defect(2) Replace the packing.(3) Insufficient tightening of the(3) Securely tighten the plug.waste oil plug(4) Oil gauge damage(4) Replace the oil gauge.(1) The welding table earth cable is (1) Securely connect the earthnot securely connected.cable.(2) The bearing nut is loose and(2) Tighten the bearing nut.has created a gap between theinner and outer wheels of thetapered roller.18

書籍番号§9.DZN-086Warranty1) When a failure has occurredBefore calling for repair service, read the instructions on maintenance/inspections and troubleshootingprovided in this manual, and take the appropriate measures.If the cause is unclear, please consult with your dealer or our sales offices.2) Warranty・The warranty term for this product is a year from the date of purchase.In the event a malfunction occurs, we will promptly repair it and return it to its original complete state.However, please note that some repairs may not be free of charge, even if they are made during theinspection period.・For repairs needed after the expiration of the warranty term, please consult with your dealer orour sales offices.If a damaged function can be restored by repairing it, we will undertake the repair by request from ourcustomer, for a fee.・Please note that we will not be responsible for accidents and malfunctions that occur as a resultof a repair or supply of components by companies other than our company or our designated partnercompanies.3) Term of warranty for partsWe will continue to retain performance parts for maintenance of this welding positioner for at least 6years after termination of their production.LD-60R,150R,300R manual E0207 219

書籍番号LD-60R,150R,300R manual E0207 220DZN-086

書籍番号§10.Cable System DiagramPositionerControl unitFoot switchCTS 3x0.75, approx. 1mCTS 3x0.75, approx.1.2mCTS 3x0.75, approx. 5mInput power supplyAC 100V 50/60HzLD-60R,150R,300R manual E0207 221DZN-086

書籍番号§11.External and Assembly Diagrams of the Main UnitExternal diagram of LD-60R40020040094.2φ 300200114.8232400400LD-60R,150R,300R manual E0207 222DZN-086

書籍番号LD-60R,150R,300R manual E0207 223DZN-086

書籍番号External diagram of LD-150R235190φ 380235100190335120326515LD-60R,150R,300R manual E0207 247024DZN-086

書籍番号LD-60R,150R,300R manual E0207 225DZN-086

書籍番号External diagram of LD-300R500300φ 450?430530195?310300416500LD-60R,150R,300R manual E0207 226DZN-086

書籍番号LD-60R (1/2)27DZN-086

書籍番号LD-60R (2/2)28DZN-086

書籍番号LD-150R (1/2)29DZN-086

書籍番号LD-150R (2/2)30DZN-086

書籍番号LD-300R (1/3)31DZN-086

書籍番号LD-300R (2/3)32DZN-086

書籍番号LD-300R (3/3)33DZN-086


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4) Earth conductor and welding earth cable (1) Properly connect the earth conductor on the positioner main unit (labeled with a sticker). (2) Directly attach the welding earth cable for the welding machine power supply to the welding earth cable connector on the leg of the positioner, and secure it with a bolt. M8 bolt . Welding earth cable